The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, November 11, 1943, Image 7

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    Marines Celebrate 168th Birthday—Fighting
“In the air, on land, and sea” the men of the United States marine corps are fighting at America’s
battlefronts over the world as they celebrate their 168th birthday. Left: On Guadalcanal marine artillery ex
perts shell a Japanese position. Their weapon is a 75 mm. pack howitzer, a favorite with marines because of
its mobility. Center: Lieut. Gen. Thomas Holcomb, the highest ranking officer ever to command the marines.
He served in much of the heavy fighting of World War I. Right: On a lonely hill overlooking one of the numer
ous Alaskan inlets, a marine machine gun crew is on the alert for any attempted landing by enemy troops.
‘Khaki Farmers’ Help Gather Matanuska Harvest
The American spirit of co-operation is clearly in evidence at Matanuska Valley, Alaska, where soldiers
from nearby camps are helping farmers harvest the bumper 1943 potato crop. Top left: Soldiers operate
;the community’s unique digging machine designed by the farmers which digs potatoes, sorts them from the
dirt, and drops the spuds in sacks. Top right: Two soldiers aid a farmer load sacks of potatoes onto his
truck. Bottom: Nestled in the valley is the town of Palmer. Its main street is pictured here.
New York Yanks Vote in Panama Jungle
New York troops take time out from jungle maneuvers to go to the
polls. In their camouflage suits they mark ballots which were returned
in time to be recorded in the election returns of their home town. Left
to right: Pfc. Lewis Tunkel, Bronx; Corp. Leo Kirshenbaum, Brooklyn; |
Private Thomas Mitelli, New York City; Corp. Frances J. Hurley, Brook
lyn; and (on tree) John D. Alesandro, New York City.
Von Csata of Hungary on the Spot
As the United Nations press back German troops on all fronts, as
Allied raids over Naziland increase daily, and as native populations or
Hitler’s satellite countries revolt openly, puppet leaders of these little na
tions are constantly on the spot. Gen. Ludwig von Csata of Hungary Is
pictured explaining something to Hitler.
Fancy Telephone Pole
A statue on the estate of the queen
of Italy serves a practical purpose
as Corp. Melvin Jewell uses its hand
to support a telephone line. The next
day Jewell was fighting with the
troops that forced the Germans
across the Volturno river.
Hero Salutes Hero
Private George Moorfoot, an Aus
tralian who fought with Americans
at Buna, New Guinea, kneels at the
grave of Yankee buddy located near
their former battlefield.
Sign of the Times in Southwest Pacific
I toMp^ewi
I me of them*
Two entertainers and their chauffeur read a prediction by President
Roosevelt on this huge sign posted along one of our invasion routes in
New Guinea. Reading the message are Ray Bolger, atop the rear seat,
“Little Jack Little,” left, and Col. C. S. Meyers. The entertainers have
been putting on shows for the Allied troops In the Southwest Pacific.
Ancient and Modern Locomotion in Italy
Italian peasants with their bullock cart present a strange contrast to
the lightning-fast, streamlined fighter planes of the Royal Air force at an
air field near Naples. The bullock team was loaned by a local farmer to
clear the field for use by the RAF. This is a typical example of the co
operation Italian and Sicilian peasants have given the Allied armies as our
forces steadily move northward toward Rome and Berlin despite desperate
German resistance.
Modern Armor for Knights at Sea
Three views of the navy’s new battle dress. It protects the wearer ,
from small fragments, flash burns, drowning, and underwater explosions.
It weighs 3 pounds 12 ounces, is made of gray-green poplin, covers the
entire body except the face and hands, and is padded from neck to thighs.
Many Zeros in Their Batting Average
A few of the fighter pilots of the 14th C. 8. air force in China who broke
up a big force of Jap bombers attempting to destroy the 14th’s air field.
The total enemy loss was 15 bombers and 2 Zeros confirmed, 7 bombers
and 2 Zeros probably destroyed, and 3 bombers and 4 Zeros damaged. The
raid was attempted on Japan’s “aviation day."
1st Sea Lord Feted
Admiral Sir Andrew Browne Cun
ningham and Gen. Dwight D. Eisen
hower are pictured as the admiral
was saluted by bis men after he was
appointed Britain’s first sea lord and
naval chief of staff succeeding Ad
miral Sir Dudley Pound.
Grid Dean Honored
Amos Alonzo Stagg, coach of the
famed Pacific Tigers, receives a
scroll from Dr. Rufus B. von Klein
Smld, president of the University of
Southern California, during a game
between the two schools.
Triple Sub Launching
For the first time in ship launching
history, three submarines were
launched simultaneously. The scene
was the Portsmouth, N. H., navy
yards. Pictured is the ‘‘Pomfret,”
one of the new submarines.
Czech Minister
Jan Masaryk, Czechoslovakia's
minister of foreign affairs and lead
er of that country’s liberation forces,
is pictured as be arrived in the Unit
ed States after a London conference.
% 5 ® Y* T ^
»i U 25s 8
May Be Hollow
"I’ve kept my head above water
so far.”
"Didn't you know wood floats?”
Nowadays, where there’s smoke,
they’re often jaytalkers playing
with fire.
Most Likely
"And when I sing everybody
:laps their hands.”
“Over their ears?”
Defendant—I don't know what
I’d have done if it hadn't been for
'Business Is—*
When the youngster applied for
his first job his mother went with
him. After various questions, the
prospective employer asked:
“Are you truthful, my boy?”
Before the lad could answer, his
mother spoke for him.
“Yes, he is,’’ she said; “but, of
course, he understands that busi
ness is business.”
Here and There
The bride had finished throwing
dishes at her hubby, then started to cry.
“But for one thing. I’d go home and
stay with mother” she said.
“If hat’s that one thing?” demanded
her husband.
“Mother's coming here to live with
us. She’s left father!”
How To Relieve
Creomulsion relieves promptly be
cause It goes right to the seat of the
trouble to help loosen and expel
germ laden phlegm, and aid nature
to soothe and heal raw, tender. In
flamed bronchial mucous mem
branes. Tell your druggist to sell yon
a bottle of Creomulsion with the un
derstanding you must like the way it
quickly allays the cough or you are
to have your money back.
for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis
Newspaper Letters
Some years ago, when it cost 25
cents to send a letter by mail,
some people sent' newspapers in
stead, at a much lower rate, and
underlined words to form mes
Ship UsAUihe
This is one season yea should
ship to the house that yon can rely ea
• Our expert ending sets you every cent of
value in your furs. Our checks have pleased
4 and satisfied thousands of trappers. Ne
commission avar char gad. Check
. mailed immediately.
t dbip mil your catcb to
b 326 Clark Av«. Jf .
BUST. LOUIS - "O^jjadC
Ceylon, Africa and tropical
America are expected to pro
vide the U. 5. with 54,000 long
tons of crude rubber during
1943. In 1939, it Is estimated,
499,473 long tons of crude
were imported by this coun
Para, Brazil, was the first great
rubber center. Founded In 1615,
It became an Important port for
foreign trade about 1775. A hun
dred years later it was the rubber
capital of the world.
Rubber obtained from a na
tive wild vine in the Belgian
Congo made Leopold II of
Belgium wealthy during the
1890-1910 period. Plantation
rubber development killed
the Congo vine boom.
nM 4%