The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, November 11, 1943, Image 3

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    Gems of Thought
There is knowledge of the
way from walking in it, and a
walking in the way through
knowledge of it.—Swedenborg.
Economy is the poor man's
It hain’t no use to grumble and com
It's jest as cheap and easy to re
When God sorts out the weather and
sends rain,
W’y rain’s mv choice.
Man is created free, and is
free, even though born in
He who toils with pain will
eat with pleasure.—Chinese.
rrftTlirn<»OLD or NEW—WANTED.Tup
H* U I 41 Years Satisfactory
I Lft III LllW Dealing. Skip Hzprttt or Writ*
PILLOW MFC. CO, 2219 Cole Street, St. Louis, Me.
body feathers and quills. We also buy
dressed geese and ducks. Send to—
FARMERS' STORE - Mitchell. 8. D.
Grade I, II. Ill Permits
424 8. Commerce - Wichita, Kan.
Sweet Clover, Alfalfa. Red Clover and field
seeds of all kind. Mail identical samples
giving amount for sale. Top prices paid.
Kollman-Warner Co, Inc, Norfolk. Nebr.
of the most modern type
Write to us for booklet
Leopard vs. Chimpanzee
When attacked by a leopard, a
chimpanzee can overcome its as
sailant by biting its paws.
Colds may lead, to serious Illness, If
neglected! Rest—avoid exposure. And
for usual cold miseries, take Grove's
Cold Tablets. They’re like a doctor's
prescription—that is, a multiple
medicine. Contain tight active medic
inal Ingredients—give prompt, deci
sive relief from all these cold symp
toms. Headache—body aches—fever
—nasal stuffiness. Take exactly as
directed. Get Grove’s Cold Tablets
from your druggist—for fifty years
known to millions as “Bromo Qui
nine" Cold Tablets.
Save Money— Get Large Economy Site
Gorillas Here
There are 16 gorillas in the Unit
ed States.
(HOT rashes
If you suffer from hot flashes,
weak, nervous, cranky feelings, are
a bit blue at times—due to the
functional “middle-age” period
peculiar to women—try Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
to relieve such symptoms. Taken
regularly—Pinkham’s Compound
helps build up resistance against
such distress. It helps nature!
Also a fine stomachic tonic. Fol
low label directions.
^Blllll - -- --~
I w*!
Catgut From Spiders
Silk taken from spiders provides
the best catgut.
WNU—U 45—H
May Warn of Disordered
Kidney Action
Modern life with ft* hurry and worry.
I Irregular habits, improper eating and
drinking—its risk of exposure and infee
| tion—throws heavy strain on the work
of the kidneys. They are apt to become
over-taxed and fail to filter excess acid
and other impurities from the life-giving
i You may suffer nagging backache,
headache, dizeiness, getting up nighta,
leg pains, swelling—feel constantly
tired, nervous, all worn out. Other signs
of kidney or bladder disorder are some
times burning, scanty or too frequent
Try Doan's Pills. Doan's help the
kidneys to pass off harmful excess body
waste. They have had more than half a
I century of public approval. Are recom
j mended by grateful users everywhere.
Ask your neighbor!
Juvenile Fliers Learn Tricks
Of Air Currents on Ground
Schoolboys may be too young to fly real airplanes for
their country, but they want to learn the principles of avia
tion in a manner which approaches the thrill of the real thing.
A California glider company and Aeronautical Engineer Vol
mar Jensen have created a preflight glider which brings
youngsters plenty of thrills and a basic flying technique with
out risking their necks. With the glider, schoolboys learn to
keep a steady course through rushing air currents. They do
It on the ground towed by a
car going 30 miles an hour.
f i
Breezing along behind the tow l
car, the cadet above tries to pre
vent the glider s wing tips from \
scraping the ground. Perfectly I
controlled, the glider will roll i
smoothly with tail up.
Right: Use of these jigs simpli- |
fies construction of the glider. f
Wood parts are fitted in, nailed f
and glued. The glider is made of |
non-priority materials and can |
be assembled by school manual |
training classes. A control stick is f
connected to wings and tail.
Ready to match his technique against air currents, the student,
above, informs the automobile driver that he is ready. Tow car pulls
away and the 100 foot line is jerked taut.
The glider zooms past an assembly of fellow students. Despite
rushing air, it is level. The operator is controlling its balance, some
thing that any pilot must master before he takes to the air.
Below: Volmar Jensen attaches
the rudder to the tail. He built
several safety devices into the
craft to eliminate the usual risks
of preliminary glider instruction.
Any ideas that the non-ascending
gliders were “sissifietP were soon
dispelled. It was quite difficult to
keep a level course at a speed of
30 miles an hour. But most of
them soon mastered this tech
Wings and rudder are removable for transportation purposes.
Danger of Fire Lurks
Constantly in Barns
Hazards M ay Be Removed
By Simple Precautions
Bams generally house the farm
er's most valuable livestock, equip
ment and feed; yet, the barn is
packed with fire hazards. But to
all practical purposes, all of the
major causes of bam fires can be
eliminated if the farmer will prac
tice simple precautions and be con
stantly vigilant. The National Fire
Protection association working with
the Department of Agriculture, has
compiled a list of these dangers.
Cobwebs, dust and litter of all
kinds should not be allowed to ac
cumulate around fuse boxes where
they may be ignited by short cir
cuits or around high-speed machin
ery where sparks can set them
ablaze. Knotting of electric cords is
dangerous as it may be the cause of
short circuits. The main switch box
should also be far enough removed
from the lightning rod cable so that
bolts of lightning cannot jump from
the cable to the switch box, short
circuiting the wiring.
Inflammable roofs often are ig
nited by chimney sparks, or sparks
blown long distances from brush
flres, bonfires or forest flres. For
this reason inflammable barn roofs
should be re-covered with fire-re
sistant materials such as asphalt
shingles or asphalt roll roofing.
Lanterns should never be placed
where an animal or a workman can
kick them over. They should not be
hung on a twine from a dusty and
cobweb-covered ceiling. They should
be kept away from drafts and away
from any accumulations of combusti
ble materials. It was a cow kicking
over a lantern that started the great
Chicago fire, according to tradi
tion, and many a barn has been de
stroyed in this way.
Smoking should be prohibited in
the barn at all times. It is even
dangerous to light up a pipe or a
cigarette on the way out the barn
door, as the sparks may be blown
back to ignite combustible stores
inside. Workmen are also advised
against carrying loose matches.
Spontaneous combustion of hay is
one of the most common barn fire
causes. All hay should be properly
cured before being stored in the
mow and should be inspected fre
quently for signs of heating. Roof
leaks creating moisture will start
the heating process in perfectly
cured hay.
In addition to these precautions,
fire-fighting equipment should be
kept on hand at all times to tackle
any blaze that breaks out despite
all carefulness. Each farm should
have a long ladder, hose, buckets of
water and sand reserved solely for
fire use, and a fire extinguisher. To
be effective these things must ,be
kept in sound condition and in a spot
where they are immediately avail
able in an emergency.
Clear Pecan Groves
Clearing low producing trees and
all foreign timber from a pecan
grove often may double production
in a relatively short time. Accord
ing to J. F. Rosborough, horticultur
ist for the Texas A. & M. college,
this clean-up has the further benefit
of aiding in the control of certain
insects and diseases, and facilitating
the harvesting of nuts. In all cases,
however, it should be followed
through with the elimination of
stumps and sprouts.
Released by Western Newspaper Union.
When an individual is nervous,
Jumpy, overactive mentally and
physically, heart rap'd, the physi
cian usually advises metabolism
Or. Barton
test shows the
rate at which the
body processes are
working. In a case
such as the above,
the test will usually
show that the body
processes of this in
dividual are work
ing 15 per cent or
more faster than
normal. And the
cause of this speed
ing up process is an
overactive thyroid
gland. The treatment is rest and
Iodine and if necessary removal of
the thyroid gland by surgery or
On the other hand, where the in
dividual is sluggish mentally and
physically, is overweight, and skin
shiny, the metabolism test will usu
ally show that the body processes
are working at a rate of 15 per cent
or more below normal. The cause
is an underactive thyroid gland and
these patients are given thyroid ex
tract daily to bring the rate at
which the body processes work up
to normal.
The above symptoms of the over
active and underactive thyroid
gland describe what should be called
advanced cases. What about cases
where the symptoms are not so pro
In the slightly overactive cases,
rest of body and mind is needed,
and in the slightly underactive cases
some stimulation of mind and body
is needed.
Physicians have been finding
many children in whom nose and
throat infections, and also intestine
disturbances and infections occur so
often that they suspect some under
lying condition of the body as be
ing the cause. Dr. M. H, Stiles in
"Archives of Pediatrics" (children’s
diseases) states that because some
children were having distension ol
the abdomen and other symptoms
pointing to a lack of thyroid Juice
in the body, studies of the basal me
tabolism were made in a group of
30 children and teen-age boys and
girls, in whom there were persistent
colds, bronchitis and inflammation
of ears and of stomach and intestine.
Of the 30 children studied, 90 per
cent had basal rates below zero or
less, and 60 per cent had rates of
minus 10 or less, and for the whole
group, the average rate was mi
nus 11.
Of the 30 patients studied, 18 were
given thyroid extract. Of these 18,
there were 15 who showed great im
provement, and only three were not
improved. Where, then, these symp
toms keep occurring, the metabolism
test might well be given.
Excess Fluid in Body
Puts Strain on Heart
When the heart is beginning to
fail, the first symptom noted is
shortness of breath after exertion,
and especially after eating. Palpi
tation—hard beating of the heart—
is another early symptom of a fail
ing heart. Even lying down does not
ease the shortness of breath or quiet
down the palpitation for some min
Another symptom to appear in
early heart failure is swelling of the
ankles or of the other parts, espe
cially the liver.
The first thought in the treatment
of early heart failure is to reduce
the amount of work done by the
heart by resting more, strengthen
ing the power of the heart muscle
yet quieting it if necessary. The
drug used to strengthen the power of
the heart is digitalis which not only
slows, steadies and strengthens the
heart action, but helps to drive the
water from the tissues. The work of
the heart is greatly reduced by re
ducing the amount of water in the
In Southern Medicine and Surgery,
Dr. J. B. McLester, Birmingham,
the noted food and nutrition authori
ty, makes the following suggestions
in the treatment of heart patients.
“Weigh the patient every day; in
crease in weight is the first sign of
excess fluid in the tissues. The in
crease in weight occurs several days
before the appearance of liquid—
swelling—in the ankles and other
tissues. If the swelling (edema) is
present or if the weight increases,
have the patient stop using salt in
his food and rest as much as possi
ble.” Excess water in the tissues
must be removed by use of ammo
nium chloride, in 15 gram doses,
three times daily for three days, if
the low salt diet fails to remove it.
• • •
Q.—What is the meaning of re
infection type of tuberculosis? Is
there a cure for it?
A.—Reinfection type of tuberculo
sis means that tuberculosis has
healed, but lung has become infect
ed again. Treatment is rest of the
Q—Is the yolk of egg "butter
A.—Tolk of egg is unusually rich
In fat but it may not be classed as
"butter" fat.
36-52 ^
For Every Day.
V/fAKE this dress up for every
day service—you’ll not get
tired of it after constant wear. The
pleasing bodice has just enough
detail to make it always interest
• • •
Pattern No. 8499 la In sizes 36. 38. 40.
42. 44. 46, 48. SO and 52. Size 38. short
sleeves, requires 4% yards 35-lnch ma
terial. ,
Hags Waist.
'T'HE princess dress has a way !
of hugging the waistline which
turns out to be most flattering.
Furthermore, the skirt, widening
out at the hem, swirls as you
dance. Could anything be more
• • •
Pattern No. 8314 Is in sizes 12, 14. 16.
18. 20. Size 14, short or % sleeves, re
quires 4*/4 yards 39-lnch material.
Hanging racks on cupboard
doors are one solution to the need
for additional storage space.
• * •
Make a sauce for cottage pud
ding out of left-over fruit juice by
dissolving cornstarch in cold wa
ter and adding it to the fruit juice
and cooking it for a few minutes.
• • •
Grape juice frosting is delicious
and different. Put three table
spoons grape juice into a pint
bowl, then stir in 1 to 1% cups of
confectioner’s sugar till mixture
is thick enough to spread on your
• • •
To dry a pair of silk stockings
without creases or pin marks, clip
a couple of clothes pins to a towel
rack, slip the stockings over them
and spread the pins apart to
stretch and spread the hose
Due to an unusually large demand and
current war conditions, slightly moral
time Is required In filling orders far a
few of the most popular pattern numbem.'
Send your order to:
530 South Wells St. Chicago
Enclose 30 cents in coins for each
pattern desired.
Pattern No..Size..
Name .„„1..
Address ..
the way grandma did. She used mutton
suet she medicated herself to relieve
colds' coughing and muscle aches. Nona
mothers just rub on Penotro. Has base
containing old reliable mutton suet, with
modern scientific medication added.
25c, double supply 35c. Get Penetro.
{§ war of L-iy H
B u»ited jr^uioo®^ *'t \ $
\m *he ma"fuoi y^,taI,T^ I
fi 'Tooth P*«?*£ ■
3 use C»»° Kobbio*. lnC- ]
S McKesson & ^
IK BridseP0"’0^ -0_M 1
^ CMO* ffjj
| You're helping out
troop* when you tave ^
uted fat in your kit.
then and turn it in
to your meat dealer, j
One pound of fat
contain* glycerine for i
1.5 pound* of gun- <&