The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, April 08, 1943, Image 3

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) Personalities on Day's News Front
Shawn at left Is Lieut. Gen. George S. Patton Jr., a “native son” of California, who is a crack shot with a
pistol. General Patton’s armored forces have been giv ing Gen. Erwin Rommel’s desert army in Tunisia some
thing to think about. Center: Petite, attractive Mme. Chiang Kai-shek, first lady of China, who has become
the American spokesman for China’s fighting masses. Mme. Chiang thrilled great audiences here. Right: J.
Lester Perry, president of the Carnegie-Illinois company, a subsidiary of U. S. Steel, shown as he appeared
before the Truman committee investigating war production. Charges were made that false tests were made on
steel which was being used by the navy.
Teamwork Keynote of Anti-Aircraft Artillery Success
, In few branches of our armed services are teamwork and co-ordination more important than in the anti
aircraft artillery. Pictures shown here were taken during maneuvers at Camp Davis, N. C. Upper left: When
the alert sounds, anti-aircraft crews must reach their stations in seconds. Dress is of slight importance, but
they must have their rifles, cartridge belts, gas masks and helmets. They race to their posts. Right: This
picture was made while the 90-mm gun was actually in full recoil. Lower left: Captain Rousseau peers
through a slit in the battery commander’s underground station to check on the operations of the crew.
Sends Son to Fight Against Homeland
Shamed by the Jap attack upon Pearl Harbor, James S. Hondo, 51, a
Jap-born resident of the Hawaiian islands, was gratified when the army
permitted his son, Herbert, 18, to join a special combat regiment made up
of Americans of Japanese ancestry. Herbert is shown in the center
with his mother and father, who wears his American Legion cap. He is
a veteran of World War I.
This Wildcat Is a Real Jap-Killer
Nineteen stenciled Jap flags mark the score of this Grumman Wildcat
shown on famous Henderson Field, Guadalcanal. The score was made
by several different pilots, of which Tech. Sergt. It. W. Greenwood, a
marine from Jamesport, Mo., is plane captain. He Is shown in cockpit.
Visits Home Fleet
Prime Minister Winston Churchill
is being piped over the side as he
leaves a destroyer depot ship while
visiting the British home fleet. Lead
ing the prime minister down the lad
der is Vice Adm. Sir Bruce Austin
Fraser, whose appointment to com
mand the British home fleet was
recently announced.
‘Shots’ for Dogs
It’s inoculation day at San Angelo.
Texas, army air field, where bom- 1
bardicr school mascots get immu
nized by post veterinarian Capt. II. I
R. Collins, against rabies.
First Radiotelephoto From African Front
A gun crew digs in and is on the alert during the battle tor Gafsa, in
Tunisia. U. S. armored forces under command of Lieut. Gen. George
Patton Jr. in two days advanced 30 miles to recapture Gafsa and to go
12 miles beyond. Photo was flown to Algiers and transmitted from that
point in seven minutes to Washington in the new two-way radio transmis
sion system put to its first practical test by the V. S. army signal corps with
the transmission of these radiotelephotos.
Chicago Cubs’ Mascot to Be Goat
It’s a goat instead of a bear that Manager Jimmie Wilson of the Chi
cago Cubs (left) will use for a mascot this spring, as his charges play
exhibitions in and about their French Lick, Ind., training camp. Manager
Jimmie Dykes of the White Sox (right) will have a similar talisman. The
goats’ names are “Bunt” and “Homer.”
Caution—Wrecked Plane Being Repaired
Surprised? So were we to learn that the two seemingly peaceful rural
scenes depicted above really masked the repair and restoration to service
of a wrecked U. S. air force plane. Members of the service group at
Greenville, S. C., are taught to rescue, salvage, and repair wrecked
planes in a battle area subject to air and ground attack at any time. At
top, plane is covered by a screen which blends it into the disguise and
makes it unrecognizable from the air. The “farmhouse" and “silo" in
the background actually are engineering installations. Below, a realistic
touch is added to the camouflage installations of the service group by
these cows.
Their Majesties Pay Visit to Yanks
4 %
I '*
Their majesties, the king and queen of England, are shown passing a
group of American soldiers who are busy playing cards at the American
Red Cross club in Northampton, England. The photo*was made during
their majesties’ visit to the club, and here the king seems anxious to
give a bit of advice to the Yanks.
Winds Up in Tree
The idea was to “attack” at dusk,
during Third Army maneuvers in
Louisiana. But first, this paratroop
er had to call for help to get down
out of a tree.
Good News
Mrs. Paul D. Brown of Orange,
N. J., admires the portrait of her
husband, an air corps major. After
hearing rumors of his death, Mrs.
Brown had cabled for confirmation.
The day after, stories were released
telling how Major Brown command
ed a Flying Fortress which took
part in the raid on Vegesack sub
plant near Bremen, during which
U. S. planes blasted 19 buildings.
This is a photo-diagram of the
dreaded 4,000 pound super-block
buster, made in the United States,
and dropped on Germany in night
and day raids by American fliers
and RAF men. Approximately 2,200
pounds of the two-ton bomb are
TNT and other secret explosives.
The rest are shell and fuses.
Dropped from a plane 20,000 feet
up, the bomb strikes the ground at
pulverizing 600-mile-an-hour speed.
Even Boys Go for It
Children are learning the princi
ples of nutrition and the art of pre
paring and serving well balanced
meals, at Central school, Long
Beach, N. Y. Here a husky lad
permits a girl to pin on his apron
before going to work at the stove.
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