The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, March 25, 1943, Image 3

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    Ulrr Hit 3M-IK. R-owib?
Quarter-Ton Four-^S heel Drive Amphibian Car
As SS President Coo&ia* Ikwi
lost, Tb* Um ton cost SI.DW.MN xju «J iMnrwan *
Installation of Bishop of Coveotrv
-A view of the scene i
iag the instillation of a
Coventry. The historic
daring the Mg air blitz «
Pfe*k for WAACS
GigilT~T1»ce Dan on a Raft in Atlantic
I ox IWr Shit of Bottrrdsm is helped toy a ©. S. sailor aboard a navy
— the Itraxihan roast. Van Her Slot’s two companions. Nick
. left, and Basil lari. South Barry, Mass..
I to being helped aboard
survivors of five who reached the raft after
. were adrift on the south Atlantic for S3
fast, fowl and rain water winch they managed
I . <Official nary photo.)
CflH'rkis Wake Goods for Battlefronts
Vv'niP mw af their friends and relatives are in the armed farces,
inmates aff Bai: Onentm. Calif.. prison have turned to war work within
tin prim gra' walls of thf ven institution which keeps them from joining
B thf fighting. flinch of the poods now produced hi the shops and yards
Of tht prism now po so use on the farflnng battlefields of the world.
These mer are stripping insulation from old electric cables brought to
the jrism troll, civilian scrap piles and from the battlefields themselves.
Pennies to Replace Old Coppers
Brka Shield* is the Philadelphia mint employee shown at the ma
ddne left tha. gives the new one-rent piece its raised and protective
(dp. Thi nrs coin composed entirely of solid soft steel, with a tine
plating, replace* the old copper coin which contained 95 per cent copper.
4 per ersu aim and 1 per cent tin. Jack Kastrin is shown (right) at the
oma stamping machine. The machine produces the Lincoln bead on one
riAm the “One cent. Lruled States of America” on the obverse side.
\\rmv Travels on Stomach'*
1V> 're a knnrn buck, those fighting sons of freedom on the steam
ing Hdand of Guadalcanal. Photo shows cooks making flapjacks to be
and in hot containers to the troops at the front.
Perfect WAAC
lntrodncing the perfect WAAC,
Jane A. Whiteman, pretty blonde II
yrar-old employee of the fuselage
tail department of Consolidated Air
craft corporation. Fort Worth. Texas.
She has Jost passed her physical ex
amination for the WAACs with a
score of 1M per cent, and was de
clared by examining physicians the
first to fit perfectly the WAAC phys
ical specifications. Weight 143, boat,
perfect 34.
Her 105th Birthday
Mrs. .Anna Marie Oswald Haber is
about to rut the cake as she cele
brates her 185th birthday at Harri
son. X. T. Mrs. Huber was born
in Switzerland in 1838 and came to
.America in 1881.
Primitive Labor
A picture out of an ancient world,
primitive tools, bullock carts and
hand labor, but all so necessary to
the modern scheme of things, par
ticularly war, for here Is being con
structed an airfield for American
fighter, bomber and transport
planes. A young girl laborer
rests upon her crude tool. Broken
stone, used to make a bed for the
landing strip, is brought in by wom
en who carry it in baskets upon their
Pitches Hot Steel
Boh Feller, one of the finest base
ball pitchers of the era, is now cap
tain of a 40-mm. gun crew aboard
a new battlewagon. Bob joined the
nary as physical instructor but later
applied for gunnery school. Here he
is, grin and all, beside bis gun.
Here’s Easy Way to
Make Draw Curtains
TT IS easy to make draw curtains
■ with the fixtures you have, plus
a pair ot large screw-eyes, some
wood or brass rings, and about
five yards of cord.
The screw-eyes are placed just
under the hooks for the curtain
rods; then run the cord through
the screw-eye at the right; then
through the rings, knotting it io through
[4, KNOT—
the left ring at center; then
through the rings and the screw
eye at the left; and back through
the rings, knotting it to the right
ring at center.
Now pass the cord through the
rings and the right screw-eye and
then make the tassels; raveling
the ends of the cord after making
the knots. Sew safety pins to the
back of the curtains so that they
may be fastened quickly to the
NOTE—The curtains shown here are
from BOOK 1 of the series available to
readers at 15 cents each. BOOK 1 alse
contains directions for making curtains
for various rooms: also cutting and mak
ing directions for bedspreads, dressing
table skirts and slip covers. To get a
copy send name and address direct to
Bedford Hills New York
Drawer It
Enclose IS cents for Book 1.
Address .
Several Hundred whi^r face Wyoming ewes.
Bred to black face bucks to lamb on or be
fore April first. If interested call or write,
J. H. COVER, JR.. Cased, Nebraska.
Tests for Youth
To prove and improve the power
of mind, to win an appreciation of
beauty, to give the spiritual side a
chance to expand—these are tests
which youth owes to itself.—
Charles Seymour.
Many users say "first use is
a revelation." Has a base of
old fashioned mutton suet.
Grandma’s favorite. Gener
ous jar 25^, dou hie supply 35<.
Demand stainless Penetro.
-iCwit0 SKIIV
Soothing Resinol alleys
irritation of externally caused pimples,
thus hastening healing. Try K today!
If you suffer from hot flashes, dizzi
ness. distress of "Irregularities", are
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WNU—U 12—43
And Your Strength and
Energy Is Below Par
It (nay be caused by disorder of kid
ney function that permits poisonous
waste to accumulate. For truly many
people feel tired, weak and miserable
when the kidneys fail to remove excess
scids and other waste matter from the
You may suffer nagging backache,
rheumatic pains, headaches, dizziness,
Setting up nights, leg pa’ns. swelling.
omelimea frequent and scanty urina
tion with smarting and burning is an
other sign that something is wrong with
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