The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, March 18, 1943, Image 3

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    Four Destroyers Join Navy in Mass Launching
In a quadruple launching at Kearny, N. J., four speedy sea fighters go down the ways. They are. left
to right, the Kidd, named in honor of Rear Adm. Isaac Kidd, killed in action at Pearl Harbor; the Turner,
named for Capt. Daniel Turner, commended during battle of Lake Erie in 1813; the Thorn, named for Lieut.
Jonathan Thorn, commended for bis part in naval action at Tripoli on February 16, 1804; and the Bullard,
named in honor of late Rear Adm. William H. G. Bullard, father of American radio.
Future WAACS, WAVES, SPARS Start Training
At New York City college’s school of business, the first course in the country to train women for duty
) with WAACS, WAVES or SPARS has been opened. Part of the training Is a “commando” obstacle course to
harden the trainees. Here the girls (left) are using a springboard in jumping exercise with emphasis on land
ing roll to learn self-protection against injury in falling. Right: A neat twist of the wrist—that’s all there is to
It. Jewell Lubin and Judy Roth demonstrate the art of Judo during “commando” training in the girls’ tough
ening course at the school.
School Children Harvest Arizona Cotton
School boys and girls helped harvest the Arizona cotton war-crop
this season. Here some of them discuss their work while seated on huge
bales of cotton. Many turned their earnings into war stamps and bonds.
Picture was taken at Phoenix, Arix.
Pointers on Fox Hunting by an Expert
Ha-d on the heels of Marshal Erwin Rommel, railed the "desert
fox,” Gen. Bernard L. Montgomery, whose British Eighth army chased
the "fox” from Egypt into Tunisia, calls time out from pursuit to give
P bis staff officers a lecture on the next phase of the hunt.
Flying General
While Maj. Gen. Thomas E. Terry
(left) looks on, Lieut. Gen. Hugh A.
Drum, commander of the Eastern
Defense Command, pins the Distin
guished Service Medal upon the
breast of Maj. Gen. James E. Cha
ney (right), commander of the First
Air Force. The citation described
the award for meritorious service In
establishing a European theater of
Back Home Again
Corp. Barney Ross, former light
weight and welterweight champion
(left), and Pvt. R. Garcia leave hos
pital ship at San Diego, Calif. They
are the first wounded marine heroes
ashore after duty in the Solomons*
. i
Want a Jeep Fast? Use Glider
The air borne aviation engineers of the army air force give a demon
stration of how they transport heavy pieces of mechanised equipment in
the fastest possible time through the use of gliders and transport planes,
at Westover Field, Mass. Here, with the nose of the glider hinged open,
and a crew of four men raising the tail so that the nose will contact the
ground, the Jeep is driven into the fuselage for the flight.
Wounded Arabs Treated on Tunisian Front
Member of an Allied medical corps administers first aid to fallen
Arabs wounded by German guns during a successful raid on German
Itaiian stronghold of De Sened, Tunisia. Tanks and half-tracks predomi
nated in the Allied attack.
I __
Two Camera ‘Shots’ in New Guinea
A Jap Zero plane, shot down near Glropa Point In New Guinea, Is
shown in picture at top. Lieut. Col. Edward Schmidt, of Manitowoc, Wis.,
stands by the plane. Below: Coconut grove near Buna Mission in New
Guinea, showing how trees were shredded by bullets and shells. Native
carrier in foreground has an American army canteen hung on his belt.
Mme. Chiang ‘Captures’ New York
Adet Lieu and Florence Chu “say it with flowers” as they greet
Madame Chiang Kai-shek on her arrival to make a tour of New York city.
Mayor and Mrs. I.aGuardia extend the official welcome of the city to the
distinguished guest. China’s first lady, despite a recent illness, undertook
a campaign of public appearance more strenuous than many a robust
politician might be expected to endure.
Off to the W ars
Stephen T. Early, secretary to
President Roosevelt, is here shown
bidding a fatherly farewell to his
son, Stephen Jr., who has reported
to the army for service. The elder
Early served as an officer in the
first World war.
Kits for Castawavs
Earl Roman, fishing editor of a
Florida newspaper. Is shown with
two of the fishing kits designed as
part of the equipment of the rub
ber rafts carried on military and
naval planes. The small kit, worn
like a vest, is intended for small
rafts. The large one in the can he
holds Is for larger rafts and life
boats. Kits are for use to catch fish
that would supply food for casta
ways. They were tested off the
Florida keys.
Came Through 0. K.
Technical Sergt. Alexander S. Ben
nett, of Fort Meade, Fla., stands on
a barrel to study a piece of anti
aircraft gun metal which ripped the
oil line of the motor of a Liberator
bomber while the plane was bomb
ing a target in Sicily from a base in
Malta. Bennett, the plane’s engi
neer, is talking to Staff Sergt. Frank
J. Mickus, tail gunner, who hails
from Chicago. They’re on their
Maltese airfield.
‘Baby’ Colonel
Col. Clinton D. Vincent, 28, one of
the youngest colonels in the army.
He is the youngest in the C'hina
Burma-lndia theater of operations,
where he is executive officer to Gen.
Chennault’s China air task force.
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