The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, November 19, 1942, Image 4

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D. H. Cronin. Editor and Owner
Entered at Postoffice at O’Neill,
Nebraska, as Second Class Matter
One Year, in Nebraska $2.00
One Year, Outside Nebraska 2.25
We wish to thank all our
friends for their many kindnesses
during our recent bereavement.
—Mrs. Ann Hayes and Children.
We take this opportunity to
express our sincere gratitude to
the many friends and relatives
for their many acts of kindness
during the sickness and follow
ing the death of our aged mother,
Mrs. Rhoda Sargent, for the ser
vices of the choir, the pall bear
ers and the many floral offerings.
—The Dartt and Sargent Families.
Pete Duffy spent the week end
in Lincoln.
Mr. and Mrs, C. E Jones spent
Sunday in Hordville, Nebr.
Miss Marion Knapp, of Chicago,
visited friends here Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Max Honke of
Butte were visiting friends in this
city Monday.
Corporal Bill Derickson. Fort
Leonard Wood, Mo., arrived Mon
day for a visit with his wife and
his parents.
J. D. Cronin left Sunday morn
ing for Rochester, Minn., where he
will go through the Mayo Clinic
for a thorough check up.
' Staff Sgt. Vernon Spangler, of
Hew York, gunner on a merchant
ship, is visiting his parents and
otjher relatives and friends.
Circle 2 of the Presbyterian
Ladies Guild met Wednesday
with Mrs. Pete Heriford. Mrs.
Faye Miles was the assistant hos
Matt Wolf, Leo Phillips and
Miss Evelyn Foot, of Alliance,
Nebr., spent Sunday here with
Matt’s mother, Mrs. Charles Mc
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hart came
down from Ainsworth last week to
visit his mother and family and
to see his brother, who was home
cm furlough.
Mrs. Marshall Jewel, of Onawa,
Iowa, and Mrs. Mike Penny, of
Elgin, Nebr., visited Mr. and Mrs.
Leo Housman over the week-end.
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Hunt, of
Scottsbluffs, Nebr., arrived Satur
day to visit his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. D. D. Hunt. They left for
home Tuesday.
Technical Sergeant and Mrs.
George Wettlauffer, of Fort Leon
ard Wood, Mo., are visiting his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew
Mrs. J. H. Fager went to Hart
ington Tuesday to attend the
funeral of her aunt.
Dr. and Mrs. Merle Hunt, of
Battle Creek, visited his parents
over the week-end.
Miss Mary Lois Mohr spent
Sunday in Atkinson, visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Mohr.
First Class Hospital Appren
tice Bill Ryan, of Muffet Field,
Cal., arrived home Sunday* to
spend a ten day furlough visiting
his wife and son, mother, sisters
and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Rohde
I and son, Jimmie, took Mr. and
1 Mrs. Russel Bowen to Sioux City
! Sunday, from where they left for
their home at Bemidji, Minn.
Miss Mary E. Carney spent
Sunday in Sioux City with her
; sister, Mrs. Lyle F. Curtis.
Harold Bierman, who has been
! employed at the Council Oak
'store, left for the army on Mon-1
i day.
Ted Manzer will go to Omaha
| Saturday, where he will enlist in
the army air corps.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Saunto vis- j
ited Mrs. Otto Herre at the Stuart
hospital Sunday, where she is re
1 covering from an operation per
formed Wednesday of last week.
Mrs. Warren Gribble, of O’Neill
submitted to a tonsilectomy at
Stuart last Friday. She return
ed home Saturday.
Miss Elja McCullough left Wed
nesday for Rochester, Minn., for
a medical check at the Clinic
Corporal Elmer Hart, who was
home on a furlough, left last Fri
day for Camp Young, Indio, Cal.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred McNally
came up from North Platte Sun
day to visit their daughter and
son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Dicki
Mrs. Frank Oberle left for Bos- j
ton, Mass., Sunday to visit her
daughter and other relatives and
friends. She expects to be gone
for several weeks.
The Golden Rod Club
The members of the Club met
op November 5 at the home of
Mrs. Leo Gokie. As this meant a
trip in the country, we decided
to take it before gas rationing.
All were present, also three vis
itors, of whom two joined the
“Health on the Home Front”
was the lesson subject. Our lead
ers gave it as the lesson was given
in a round table discussion, in
cluding a few of the members to
All out the number required.
Thursday, Nov. 26th
Music By
Duffy Belohrad and His
Accordeon Orchestra
Eye, Ear, and Nose Special
ist. will make his regular
visit at Dr. Carter's office in
Friday, November 27
Glasses Fitted
Among other information, we
were informed about our State
Health Board, how it was func
tioning, and what it should do to
give the people of the state the
services they are entitled to, such
as doctors, nurses and hospitali
zation, to which they have a right,
if properly looked after.
Clubs and organizations should
join in this particular project to
bring about better health in com
munities and state. Our next
meeting will be December 3.
F. F.|A. News
Eleven freshmen were initiated
last Tuesday evening into the F.
F. A. as greenhhands. They were
Dick Clark, LeRoy Wert, John
Moler, Tex Beckwith, MaxKipple,
George Jardee, Ray Noble, Ray
mond Revell and James Hart
This is the first step taken in
the organization. The other de
grees, in order, are future farm
ers, state farmer and the highest
of them all the Star Farmer.
O’Neill’s chapter now have mem
bers who attained the first three
The boys being brought in as
members by a special meeting
and later initiated, which consist
ed of eating worms, running* thru
the paddling line, sitting on an
electric chair and then branding
the F. F. A. on them vfith ice.
May Last Another Year Or Two
Regardless of the Length of Time the War Will Continue
We Are Open For Business
For The Duration
We are back in full operation. Let us quote you prices and make the needed
repairs to your truck, tractor or car. Excellent equipment, experienced me
chanics, fair prices, will assure you a satisfactory job, and increase the life
and efficiency of your truck, tractor or car.
Are You Going
To Walk?
Perhaps you are aware
that the manufacture of
new cars and trucks
stopped on January 28,
1942. There are only a few
cars left in few dealers’
stocks. The manufacture
of such new cars and
trucks will not be re
sumed until some time
after the war is over.
Take good care of
your present car or truck
— keep it in 100% me
chanical condition to
carry you through the
duration, as a contribu
tion to the war effort.
Motors Overhauled or Rebuilt.
Cylinders Rebored and Finished.
Lathe and Shaper Machine Work.
Electric or Gas Welding.
Complete Lubrication.
Cars Washed, Polished or Waxed.
Cars Vacuum Cleaned.
Wrecked Cars Rebuilt.
Fenders Straightened, Retinished.
Brake Relining.
Motors Steam Cleaned.
Radiators Cleaned and Flushed.
Glass Replaced.
Wheels Balanced.
Front Axle Correction.
Emergency Road Service.
Wrecker Service, Day or Night.
Genuine Chevrolet Parts.
Batteries and Supplies.
Do You Know?
That under gasoline ra
tioning your car or truck
MUST be mechanically
correct as to brakes and
steering, or the inspec
tor of tires may not sign
your tire inspection re
port? Let us inspect your
car for you now on these
items. NO CHARGE.
Mr. Farmer
Tractor production and
farm machinery produc
is only set for 18% of
what was available in
1942 for manufacture in
1943. We can help you
to save or repair your
tractor or machinery.
Two weeks ago we were forced to close on account of early prospects of Army or
war production work. We are sorry that this was necessary, and we hope that this
short closing period did not inconvenience you. However, a law passed bv Con
gress after we closed makes it clear that the Armed Services do not require the ser
vices of men that have reached certain age limits. Therefore, I will continue to
operate and manage this business for the duration to the best of iny ability for
your convenience and needs
Midwest / Co., Ltd.
(Absent in War Service Work)
NOVEMBER 1. 1942
Holt County Summary of Anticipated Income and Expenditures
•- • Amount of
_ . __ .. ... Unpaid Bills,
Cash On Anticipated Anticipated , * Claims and Anticipated Amount
Nnvpmhpr '' Th^T IncomePFrom FUNDS • t ‘ Warrants, Budget To Be Raised
™ Taxes v Including Requirements By Taxation
1,1942 Taxes v' Registered * For 1943 For 1943
_- .' . _- • Warrants
$13,797.15 $ It 500.00 $60,455.00 . General Fund _.____ $10,409.15 $70,590.00 $43 102 00
963.00 •- 8.080.00 6,045.00 - Bridge Fund ....._JJil.v j_- 1,029.31 13,500.00 4.926.31
* _ - Emergency Bridge Fund __
21,436.38 50,400.00 ... Road Fund_- tUlifX_ 4,330.79 50.400.00
3,550.95 3,500.00 . Road Dragging Fund_—_ 3,500.00
5,317.00 20.151.00 ....County Relief Fund.2,500.00 20,151.00 15,468.00
Poor Farm Fund.....
1.198.17 604.00 Soldiers’ & Sailors’ Relief Fund 525.00
8,4 59 2,216.00 - County Fair Fund___ 2,000.00 2.000.00 2,000.00
QQnQQ, -oc, ' Bond Sinking Fund.—-i— - 4.000.00 4,000.00
5’c85o, oo - B°nd Interest Fund--- 1,014.00 1,014.00
45,481.83 5,239.00 Refunding Bonds ___ 5,000 00 5,000.00
101,368 02 80,480.00 101,561.00 .Total _ _ , . 20,269.25 170.680.00 75,510.31
December 14, 1942
hereby given of the public hearing to be held on Monday. December 14, 1942, at 10:00 oclock A. M„ at the Court
House in U Neill, holt County, Nebraska, for the purpose of entering objections, suggestions, or corrections to the 1943 County Budget.
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