The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, August 06, 1942, Image 8

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Young, O’Neill. 11-4
®NE small 4‘-room house. I have
a special price on Tobacco and
Cigarettes for 15 days: Prince
Albert and Velvet Tobacco 10c
per can. Camels, Luckies, and
Chesterfields 2 for 25c. Avalons
and Paul Jones 10c. Wings 11c. 1
also sell Groceries. — G. A. Fox
Store, south of Fox Hotel. 13tf
water tower in O'Neill on Sat
urday, 2 p. m. Mrs. Flora Hen
ifin. 13-1
CUCUMBERS— Pickling or table
use.—L. F. Burgess, 3 miles west
af Emmett on highway. 12-2p
ICE BOX — Mrs. Bernard Ferris,
at Lawrence Clocker residence.
Sale at Bazelman’s, South 4th
Street. Come in and try it. Also
launches. Gasoline and Gro
ceries. , 8-tf.
STRAYED from my ranch two
miles east of Emmet, one White
face steer, weight aboyt 500 lbs.
Fresh brand H O on right hip,
O on left hip. Liberal reward —
I. B. Ryan. 13-2
STRAYED from my pasture a
Whitefaced cow branded E M
an right hip. Finder please no
tify John Donlin or Ed Menish,
O’NeiH. 13-lp
HARRIED MAN with low draft
eating to work on ranch year
around. Separate house. Good
wages to right man. Also older
man to do chores. Box 100, The
Fiontier, O’Neill. 13-3
Ifirst publication July 23, 1942)
Grenville P. North, Attorney
Estate No. 2929
In the County Court of Holt
County, Nebraska, July 22, 1942.
In the matter of the Estate of
Michael O’Connor, Deceased.
CREDITORS of said estate are
hereby notified that the time lim
ited for presenting claims against
Mid estate is November 13, 1942,
and for the payment of debts is
July 22, 1943. and that on August
13, 1942, and on November 14,
1042, at 10 o’clock A. M., each day,
I will be at the County Court
' Boom in said County to receive,
examine, hear, allow, or adjust
all claims and objections duly
n-3 County Judge.
jFust publication July 23, 1942)
Grenville P. North, Attorney
Estate No. 2928
In the County Court of Holt
bounty, Nebraska, July 22, 1942.
In the matter of the Estate of
Mary O. Horrigan, Deceased.
CREDITORS of said estate are
fctreby notified that the time lim
ited for presenting claims against
said estate is November 13, 1942,
and for the payment of debts is
July 22, 1943, and that on August
13 1942, and on November 14,
042, at 10 o’clock A. M.; $ach day,
I will be at the County Court
Room in said County to receive,
examine, hear, allow, or adjust
all claims and objections duly
W-3 County Judge.
Must publication July 23, 1942)
Julius D. Cronin, Attorney
Eclat* No. 2930
In the County Court of Holt
Ibunty, Nebraska, July 23, 1942.
In the matter of the Estate of
Margaret M. Hunter, Deceased.
CREDITORS of said estate are
Rereby notified that the time
IRnited for presenting claims
Sainst said estate is November
; 1942, and for the payment of
debts is July 23, 1943. and that
<m August 13, 1942, and on No
wnk&r 14, 1942, at 10 o’clock A.
K. of each day, I will be at the
Qknmty Court Room in said
Cobnty to receive, hear, allow, or
adjust all claitns and objections
daty filed.
B-3 County Judge.
Mirst publication August 6, 1942)
Frances Martfeld; Madaline
Malloy; Helen Malloy; Joseph
Malloy and all persons having or
Insurance of AH Kinds
• O’Neill, Nebraska
1W. F. FINLEY, M. D. j
Phone, Office 28
O’Neill : Nebraska
] brown & frenchI
Office Phene 77
: Complete X-Ray Equipment J]
Glasses Corre.ctIv Fitted p
Residence j Dr. Brown, 223 :i
Phone* | Dr. French, 242
claiming any interest in the
Southwest (Quarter of Section
Twenty-two, Township Twenty
nine, North, Range Thirteen,
West of the Sixth P. M., Holt
County, Nebraska, real names un
known, and each of you, are here
by notified that on the 4th day of
August, A. D., 1942, the plaintiff,
The Security Mutual Life Insur
ance Company, filed its petition
in the District Court of Holt
County, Nebraska, against you,
and each of you, the object and
prayer of which is to quiet and
confirm in the plaintiff title and
possession of the real estate
above described and to exclude
you, and each of you, from any
and every right, title or interest
in or to said real estate and to re
move the clouds cast on plaintiff's
title by reason of your claims.
You are required to answer said
petition on or before the 14th day
of September, 1942.
13-4 Plaintiff.
By Julius D. Cronin, Its Attorney
(First publication August 6, 1942)
Julius D. Cronin, Attorney
Estate No. 2933
In the County Court of Holt
County, Nebraska, August 4, 1942.
In the matter of the Estate of
Henry J. Cook, Deceased.
CREDITORS of said estate are
hereby notified that the time lim
ited for presenting claims against
said estate is November 27, 1942,
and for the payment of debts is
August 4. 1943, and that on Aug
ust 27 1942, and on November
28, 1942, at 10 o’clock A. M.. each
day, I will be at the County Court
Room in said County to receive,
examine, hear, allow, or adjust
all claims and objections duly
13-3 County Judge.
(First publication August fi, 1942)
Notice is hereby given that a
petition has been filed in the of
fice of the County Clerk of Holt
county, Nebraska, praying that
the road running one and one
half miles south between Sec
tions 24 and 25 on west and Sec
tions 19 and 30 on the east, thence
southeast across the southwest
quarter of Section 30, thence 2Vfe
miles east, being about five miles
in all, and all in Township 31,
Range 12, be designated as a
county road.
That a hearing on this petition
will be held by the Holt County
Board of Supervisors on Tuesday,
August 25. 1942, at 2:00 o’clock
P. M., at their office in the court
house at O’Neill. Nebraska.
(SEAL) 13-3 County Clerk
Voters of Holt County
(Political Advertisement)
A candidate for Congress on
the Republican ticket, A. L. Mil
ler has visited many of the towns
in the District. His platform in
cludes winning the war decisive
ly and with as little loss as pos
sible. He believes that, after the
war, our soldiers should be
brought home from foreign lands
to live under an honorable and
lasting peace.
An editorial in the Kimball Ob
server states: “This editor be
lieves that in Dr. Miller we have
a successful businessman, an able
executive combined with a per
sonal knowledge of farm and
stock problems, being an owner of
both, together with a sincere in
terest in furthering the devejop
ment of his State and District.
It is most imperative that we
have an honest, fearless man rep
resenting us in Washington. The
work to be done requires far
sightedness, strength of character
and a personal knowledge of our
problems in this State. For this
reason we endorse A. L. Miller
to the voters of the Fourth Con
gressional District as your next
representative in Washington."
(V. B. Cargill).
With the above experience and
uroven ability, he is well quali
fied to represent this District in
Mr. and Mrs. A. Jaszkowiak
and daughter, Myla, returned Fri
day from Rushville and Denver,
Colo., where they had been vis
iting relatives and friends for two
Pfc. Jack Cromwell of Fort
Leavenworth, *Kan., spent from
Friday until Wednesday at the
home of his sisters, Mrs. Marvin
Johnson. Mrs. Albert Miller and
Mrs. Darrell Baker.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Donohoe and
daughter of Fremont spent the
week-end with Mrs. Donohoe’s
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Car
ney, and Mr. Donohoe’s mother,
Mrs. T. J. Donohoe. Jack Carney
returned with them for a visit.
Tony Toy, Jr. arrived home
Sunday from Lincoln to visit his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Anton
Toy. Tony, who enlisted in the
Naval Air Corps a couple of
months ago, is here waiting his
call to duty.
Miss Hilda Gallagher left Sat
urday for LaCrosse, Wis., to visit
her brother, Dr. Frank Gallagher
and family and other relatives
for a couple of weeks.
Mrs. H. L. Walling entertained
her bridge club at her home Tues
day evening. High scores were
won by Mrs. C. J. Gatz and Mrs.
William Gatz.
Mrs. John Burns of Columbus
and Mrs. Julius Moeller of Leigh,
spent Sunday at the home of their
Official U. S. Treasury War Bond Quotas for August
Washington, D. C., August 5.—While maintaining
a tentative annual level of twelve billion dollars as
Its goal, the Treasury Department today fixed the
August quota for the sale of War Bonds at $815,000,
000 as shown by the accompanying map by states.
In lowering the quota from a billion dollars in
July to $815,000,000 in August, the Treasury has given
recognition to certain factors which may be expected
to result in variations in sales over the 12-month pe
riod, such as the seasonal character of farm income.
These factors have been taken into account in
determining each state’s share for the national quota
for August and will be given consideration in fixing
quotas for subsequent months.
In addition to the state quotas as set out in the
map there is a federal payroll allotment quota of
$9,750,000 and territorial quotas as follows: Alaska,
$760,000; Canal Zone, $213,000; Hawaii, $4,800,000;
Puerto Rico, $440,000, and the Virgin Islands,
$17,000. * V S. Department
sister, Mrs. M. J. Enright and
Mrs. Genevieve McCormick and
son, Richard, of Dallas, Texas,
spent from Friday until Wednes
day visiting Mrs. McCormick’s
uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. D.
J. Cronin and other relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clem
ents nnd family returned Tues
day from a ten day vacation
trip spent in the Black Hills of
South Dakota and in Minnesota.
Mr. and Mrs. Max Wanser
went to Lincoln Friday after
Miss Dorothy Ann Jordan, who
had been attending the Univers
ity of Nebraska summer school.
Miss Jordan will spend the rest
of the summer here with relatives
and friends.
Miss Phyllis Chapman, who
had been spending the summer
with relatives and friends at At
kinson and O’Neill, returned to
her home in Omaha Sunday.
Donald Enright and daughter,
Janet, and Donnie Wrede went
to Norfolk Sunday to meet Mr.
Enright’s wife, who had been
visiting in Omaha for several
Mr. and Mrs. W. J McDonough
received word from their son,
Robert, Seaman Second Class,
that he had arrived in Honolulu,
Mrs. Bessie Wanser returned
Sunday from Martin, S. D., where
she had been visiting her daugh
ter, Mrs. Albert Kosmicke, and
family for a week.
Mis. Frank Cronk of Page was
a guest at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. M. O. Howard last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ned Allendorfer
moved Monday from the Levi
Fuller home to the John Harring
ton home.
ivirs. j-uiu wuig ana Mrs. n. w.
Starlin spent Sunday in Neligh
visiting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. C. Miller and attended the
funeral of Henry Johnson.
Mrs. Raymond Webber and
children returned to their home
at Riverton, Wyo., Wednesday,
after a month’s visit with Mrs.
Webber’s grandmother, Mrs.
Mable Tomlinson and other rela
Miss Carol Simonson of Coun
cil Bluffs, Iowa, came Saturday
to spend her vacation with her
father, C. T. Simonson and
brother, Vinton and family.
Robert Lowery, who enlisted in
the Army Air Reserves about two
weeks ago, received word Monday
to report at Omaha today for his
physical examination. He left
for Omaha Wednesday evening.
Mrs. H. Conaro returned to her
home in Omaha Wednesday, after
spending ten days at the home of
her daughter, Mrs. Fred Lowery
and family.
Mrs. James Barge, who had
been visiting at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Seth Noble for a few
days, left Saturday for Central
City, where she will visit rela
tives before returning to her i
home at Mill Valley, Calif.
Mrs. L. A. Carter entertained j
four guests at her home Saturday i
afternoon, honoring Mrs. Robin
etta Malone. The afternoon was
spent playing pinochle.
Mrs. George Baker and family
and Mrs. Reed stopped here Sat
urday and visited at the home of
Mrs. J. P. Gallagher enroute from
Tipton, Iowa, to their home at
Casper, Wyoming.
Miss Kathryn McCarthy of
Grand Island spent the week-end
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
M. H, McCarthy and other rela
Mr. and Mrs. George Robert
son returned Monday from a
weeks trip spent at Lincoln with
their daughter and husband, Mr.
and Mrs. Richard Orth and their
son. George Thomas and wife at
Broken Bow.
C. F. Grill came home Sun
day from Falls City, where he
and his family have been spend
ining the summer with Mrs.
Grill’s parents.
Mrs. A. Cowperthwaite enter
tained the Merrimyx bridge club
at her home Tuesday afternoon..
Mrs. J. D. Osenbaugh won high
score. Mrs. Ted McElhaney and
Mrs. J. L. Sherbahn were guests.
Rev. R. J. Parr, of Omaha, and
Billie Biglin of this ciey, left
Monday on a few days vacation
trip to the Black Hills of South
Miss Mary Catherine Coyne,
of Chicago, arrived Sunday to
spend a few weeks with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Coyne
and her many friends.
Miss Bernice Scofield left Sat
urday for a week’s vacation with
relatives at Rockford, 111.
Dr. and Mrs. John Spencer left
Monday on a two weeks’ vaca
tion trip at Aberdeen, S. D.
Bennett Grady returned home
Sunday from Denver, Colorado,
where he had been on a two
weeks’ vacation.
Mrs. Ella Clauson and grand
son, Ted Klinetobe of Rapid City,
S. D„ came Monday to visit with
her son and daughter-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Clauson, for a
few days.
Miss Edna Simonson spent
Wednesday at Long Pine visiting
her sister, Mrs. Roy Goree and
Mrs. D. R. Young and son went
to Elgin Tuesday to spend a
few days with relatives and
Miss Dorothy Kratochvil went
to Osmond Tuesday to spend a
few days visiting relatives and
Miss Marilyn Ries of Atkinson
is spending the week with her
aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs.
Ivan Pruss.
Mrs. George Mitchell and child
ren, Phyllis and Bobby, returned
last Thursday from Bellingham,
Wash., where they had been vis
iting relatives for a month.
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Noble went
to Sioux City, Iowa, Tuesday to
attend the funeral of an aunt of
Mr. Noble’s.
Donald Bowen of Jamestown,
N. D., arrived here Tuesday eve
ning to visit his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. A. E. Bowen.
Mr. and Mrs. Brennan Davis
and family left Sunday for Cali
fornia, where they will make
their future home.
Miss Edna Simonson and Bev
erly Jane McCarthy returned Fri
day from Omaha, where they had
been visiting relatives for a few
Mrs. Harold Fager and child
ren returned Sunday from Crof
ton and Wausa, where they had
been visiting relatives for a few
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. France and
family moved Tuesday from the
Riley house in the north part of
town to the M. J. Wallace res
idence, which they recently pur
chased from Mary Mellor.
Miss Ima Jean Calkins enter
hometained six girl friends Wed
nesday at a five o’clock dinner at
her home and they attended the
theatre in the evening, the oc
casion being Ima Jean’s thir
teenth birthday.
Miss Dorothy Higgins returned
Wednesday from West Point and
Oakland, where she had been
visiting for a month.
The O’Neill High School Band
is at Burwell today, being the
musical attraction at the rodeo.
Several O’Neillites went along to
take in the show.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Placek re
turned Tuesday from a week’s
vacation trip spent at Denver,
Mrs. Clara Miles entertained
the Pinochle Club at her home
Friday afternoon. Mrs. Seth
Noble won high score.
To the Democratic Voters of Holt County,
Having filed as a candidate for the office of
County Assessor, I would appreciate your
support at the coming Primary on the 11th
day of August, 1942.
Respectfully yours,
Democratic Candidate for County Treasurer
in the August 11th Primaries
I expect to do little, if any, "campaigning," aside from what
appears in the papers. Fifty years ago this fall, when I was
one year old. my parents moved into this county. With the
exception of parts of a few years when I reached mv ma
jority. it has been my home since. I have earned a living
by farming and livestock — I know how hard tax dollars
come — whether I am chosen or not, I expect to keep my
interest in honest, efficient economy in the spending of the
peoples' money. Your support will be appreciated. . . .
Republican Candidate
20 year* state senator.
First speaker unicameral—noted lor lair
impartial rulings.
Sponsored Pay-as-you-go plan.
Nebraska needs aggressiee leadership to
utilise agricultural surpluses lor synthetic
White Ware
CUPS, Large ...._.-.2 for 15c
SAUCERS._...... each 6c
DINNER PLATES.....2 for 25c
VEGETABLE BOWLS.10c, 25c, 29c
[ PLATTERS._........15c, 19c, 25c
WATER GLASSES.....6 for 25c
| PITCHERS, Fancy....each 40c
| CROCKERY WARE.....20c to 60c
j FLOWER POTS...10c, 15c, 20c, 35c, 45c
STRAW HATS...:..10c to 49c
“Tony” Asimus
Non-Political Candidate for
Re-Election for
28th District
Your Support Appreciated...
Guy V. Doran
Is a Vote to Support
President Roosevelt
In his conduct of the war and the
securing of a just and
lasting peace.
I AM NOT A "KNOW IT ALL", but . . .
Twenty-one years of study and comment on local, national and
world affairs as edtior and publisher of Western Nebraska's
oldest newspaper, coupled with a wide and successful experi
ence in investments and farming in Cheyenne county, qualify
me to know the problems of this district and to efficiently
work for legislation beneficial to the district.
I am not conceited enough, however, to think I know more
about national and international affairs than does President
Roosevelt, and. if elected, I promise to follow his lead in all
such matters. Your support will be appreciated.
With VICTORY, Nebraska looks to New Horizons, a NEW
FUTURE. Agriculture is Nebraska’s Biggest Business. As it
prospers, so prosper all of us.
Chemists are pointing the way to new uses for farm products.
Grain alcohol-synthetic rubber plants should be built promptly
in Nebraska. Congressman Harry B. Coffee was the first to urge
this on Congress last January.
Some of Coffee’s other effective efforts in behalf of Nebraska
Agriculture: sponsored the 85% Parity Loan Program; author
present Federal Seed Labeling Act; sponsored legislation author
tzmg disposal ot surplus Agricul
tural products through Relief
channels . . . this resulted in the
Food Stamp Plan. He will con
tinue to fight to preserve the
American Market for the Ameri
can Producer. He supported every
measure designed to protect our
National Security — but opposed
all measures he felt would in
volve us in war.
Horry B. Coffee
A Now serving fourth term in
Congress; member House Agri
cultural Committee, 8 years.
Democrat, of Chadron