The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, February 19, 1942, Image 7

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    Modem Betsy Rosses Help Keep ’Em Flying
These girl workers at the quartermaster’s department in Philadelphia are only three of hundreds em
ployed in making flags, guidons, standards and battle streamers for the U. S. army. At left, the girl marks
out the spots on the blue field where the stars go. Right: Sewing the red and white stripes together, and
(center) the final step in the manufacture of the star spangled banner—the sewing on of the white stars in
the blue field.
Closeups of National League ‘Bigshots’
^ In picture at left, chief umpire Bill Klem (center) referees a discussion between Jimmy Wilson (left),
manager, Chicago Cubs, and Eddie Brannlck, secretary New York Giants, at National league meeting in New
York. Right: Connie Mack (lifting cup) owner-manager of Philadelphia Athletics, and Ed Barrow, president
of the champion New York Yankees, talk shop. Inset: Larry MacPhall, president of Brooklyn Dodgers, gets
an important letter.
Women at War on Home Front
m Women in defense will not let war 1 .'<■ fere with their chic, judging
oy a preview of styles for workers a'. Chicago's famous Merchandise
Mart. Displaying some of the costr-jioi arc (left to right): Marge
Clark, welding; Phyllis Cramer, draft'.i,';, Madclon Shannon, civilian de
fense; June Benoit, mechanic; Helen W^ ster, phone operator; Gay Hoff
man, gardener; Dorothy Williams, carpenter; Lorrain Curtin, timekeeper.
Army Issues Gas Masks in Hawaii
This picture shows civilians in Honolulu receiving Instructions on
the use of the gas mask by a U. S. army corporal, at a first aid station at
the palatial Royal Hawaiian hotel on Waikiki beach. All civilians in
Hawaii will have to carry masks at all times from now on, whether they
_fjike it or not, just in case Nippon pulls another fast one.
Not a Tornado
The plume in the sky over the mu
nicipal airport at Kansas City is
not a "twister,” but the frozen trail
left by a high-flying army pursuit
ship. The photo was taken 30 min
utes after the plane passed over the
airport. Ground reading was 1 above.
Junior 4V’ Army
Joseph N. Clemens, instructor at
a boys’ club in Chicago, registers
new members for the junior victory
army. He’s telling the youngsters
bow to do their part.
A.E.F. in Review in Northern Ireland
After a 10 mile march with fighter planes overhrad, and their band
playing American tunes, U. 8. troops in Northern Ireland draw up for In
spection by MaJ. Gen. Russell P. Hartle, their commander, a' an unknown
town. It was the first ceremonial of the second A.E.F. vanguard since
their arrival in Northern Ireland.
U. S. Navy in ‘Unpacific’ Pacific
Somewhere in the very unpacific Pacific ocean the crew of a United
States naval carrier rushes to re-load planes with bombs and depth
charges, during patrol in the Pacific, in readiness for any enemy craft
that may be lurking around. This soundphoto was approved by the U. S.
As Twin U. S. Destroyers Grow Up
Two new destroyers, the Butler and the Gherhardi, are shown under
construction at the Philadelphia navy yards. Their keels were laid as
recently as last September, and the amazing progress that has been
made can easily be seen. The vessels will soon be launched, to add
another threat to enemy U boats prowling around our shores.
One-Horse Shay Stages Come-Back
To prove that suburbanites aren’t dependent on street cars, buses
and autos, Attorney William Walker of Avalon, near Pittsburgh, Pa., came
to town behind Duke, a six-year-old Tennessee walking horse. Duke, with
Attorney Walker and friend Harry Springer, stopped once at a gas sta
tion, but only for water.
Page Daniel
Wearing coveralls treated with a
aeeret formula which he developed,
Dr. O. T. Hodnefield, Los Angeles
chemist (above) walked Into fire
and was unscathed. This was one
of a series of demonstrations on the
new antl-flre chemical, “De-Oxo
Lln," developed by the little chem
ist after 18 years, is said to be
the answer to the Incendiary bomb.
It’s in the Bag
Aviation cadets at only bombar
dier training air corps advanced
flying school in the country, in Al
buquerque, N. M., carry secret bomb
sights in zipper bag before taking
Brig. Gen. Laurence Kuter, 36
years of age, who has won the dis
tinction of being the youngest briga
dier general in the U. S. army. A
brigadier general is an officer rank
ing next above a colonel.
Chilean Leader
Juan Antonio Rios, elected presi
dent of Chile as the candidate of
the anti-fascist, pro-democratic pop
ular front. He promised to support
the United Nations against the Axis.
Telling Mystic Fortunes
Lends You New Glamour
What Secrets in the ‘Crystal’?
\Al HAT enthralling fortunes you
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for your “magic crystal’’ just an
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way. Cards are fun, too, espe
cially when you read them by the
I “Cross of Fifteen.’’
The 15 cards are arranged as a
cross; some tell the past, others
the future. Can the fortune-seek
er expect happiness? The Ten of
Hearts says—"Yes.’’ But if the
Eight of Spades turns up, heart
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Neon Visibility
Because its wave length is radi
cally different from that of other
kinds of reddish light, a neon sign
! has a 20 per cent greater visibility
during a rainstorm than during
clear weather.
quicktij. wit
By Its Proverbs
The genius, wit and spirit of a
nation are discovered in its prov
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