The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, January 15, 1942, Image 4

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    _ fei I I
The Frontier subscription Cam
paign has been extended and will
run during the month of January.
Come in and pay your arrearages
and you can get two years in ad
vance for $3.00. This applies only
to subscribers livirg within the
1 4
state of Nebraska.
Deputy Collector’s Dates
For This District
A Deputy Collector of Internal
Revenue, will be at the following
locations at the time specified to
assit Income Tax payers to file
their Income Tax Returns for the
calender year ending Decmber 31,
Bring your forms with you to
the Deputy Collector, classify all
expense items and see that all
items are totaled, and the Deputy
will assist you in properly report
ing the income and deductions
in their proper schedule.
If you did not receive a return in
the mail, or have never filed a re
turn before, see the Deputy Col
lector and he will supply you with
the proper form, or write to the
Collector of Internal Revenue,
Omaha, Nebraska, for the proper
All Forms for filing Income
Tax returns will be available
about January 5th, 1942.
If you are a farmer write to the
office of the Collector of Internal
Revenue, Omaha, Nebraska, for
Form 1040F.
January 15-16-17-, O’Neill, Zone
Office; 19-20-21-22-23, Ainsworth,
Prendergast Hotel; 24, O’Neill,
Zone Office; 26-27-28-29-30, Bas
set, Crook Hotel; 31, O’Neill, Zone
February 2-3-4-5-6, Atkinson,
Post Office; 7, O’Neill, zone office;
9, Ewing, Citizens State Bank;
10-11-12-, Neligh, Nehoca Hotel;
13-14, Elgin, Bank of Elgin or
Hotel; 16-17-18, Creighton, Post
Office; 19-20-21, Wausa, Comm.
St. Bank; 24-25, Crofton, News
paper Office; 26-27, Niobrara,
Bank; 28, O’Neill, Zone Office.
March 2, Center, Hotel; 3-4,
Spencer, Spencer State Bank; 5-6
7, Butte, Hotel; 10-11-12-13-14,
O’Neill, Zone Office; 16. O’Neill,
Zone Office.
Mail or post this notice in Post
Offices, Banks and newspapers,
Chambers of Commerce, Com
munity Clubs, or any other places
of business, in order that this
route may receive all the publicity
G. W. O’Malley
Collector of Internal Revenue
^ ^•
Marriage License
Reinhold Hinrichsen of Rush
ville and Mrs. Luella Klint Worth
of Scribner on January 9.
Lois Hoffman Presents
Pet Bantam To Red Cross ;
Lois Hoffman, daughter of the
John Hoffmans, brought her pef 1
bantam roostdr to the weekly J
livestock auction last Monday
afternoon where he was sold and
resold many times to the crowd
assembled there. Miss Lois is
contributing the entire receipts, j
$24.00 to the Red Cross Chapter
as her bit toward increasing the
funds of that worthy organization.
This is a highly commendable ges
ture on Lois’ part and is a shining
example of juvenile generosity
and patriotism and shows the
true spirit of American youth. We
wish to thank Lois, publicly, for
her worthy contribution to the
National cause.
Following are the contributions
recieved at the local livestock
auction last Monday:
E. Allen .. $1.00
Tony Asimus _ 1.00
A. L. Borg 1.25
Mrs. Gora Brown_ 1.00
J. J. Berigan_1.00
Wm. Clark_1.00
Thos. Donlin ___ 1.00
G. Dusatka „ 1.00
T. A. Drayton, Orchard _ 1.00
Ed, Evans, Randolph_1.00
Joe Gallagher-1.50
John Gallagher 1.00
Jan Gallagher _ 1.00
H. Jensen_1.00
Ray Kurtz_1.00
G. Lorenz _ 1.00
Ed. Matthews_ 1.00
Walter Puckett 1.25
Clarence Reed _ 1.00
Mike Sullivan _ 1.00
Forrest Smith. 1.00
H. Walters _ 1.00
: W. Young-1.0C
Mrs Russel Shoemaker, a boy,
born Tuesday, January 13.
Mrs. Guy Johnson, a boy, born
Saturday, January 10.
Mrs. Revell of Star, dismissed
Mrs. Pat Carr and son dismiss
ed Monday.
Mrs. Joe Fernholz admitted on
Monday for medical treatment.
County Court
Frank Sicheneder of Stuart
was arrested by Patrolman John
T. Meistell and charged with
Delinquent Driver’s License. He
appeared before the County Court
on January 12, 1942, pled guilty
and was fined $1.00 and costs
Lee Osterman of Kilgore was
irrested by Patrolman John T.
deistrell and charged with over
oad. He appeared in County
Jourt on January 12, 1942, pled
guilty and was fined $10.00 and
rosts $3.10.
Fred R. Whitney of Rushville
was arrested by Patrolman C. C.
Brandt and charged with Delin
juent Operator’s License. He ap- j
peared before the County Court
an January 10, 1942, pled guilty
and was fined $1.00 and costs
Shields Township Annual Meet
ing will be held on Tuesday, Jan
uary 20th at 2 P. M. at the Town
ship Hall, for the purpose of
making the Levy for the com
ing year, and any other business
that may legally come before the
Township Clerk.
The annual meeting of Coleman
Township will be held at the.
School house in District No. 14,
at 2 o’clock p m., on Tuesday,
January 20, 1942, for the purpose
of making the levy for the ensu
ing year and transacting any other
business that may come before the
Township Clerk.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Shoe
maker, boy on Tuesday, January
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Johnson, boy
on Saturday, January 10.
Mr .and Mrs, John Wonderchek,
boy on Thursday, January 15.
Mr. and Mrs. Jess Kelly, boy
on Saturday, January 10.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Appleby,
boy on Monday, January 12.
Judge D. R. Mounts and Court
Reporter Ted McElhaney went to
Ainsworth today to hold court.
From December 15, 1941, to Jan
uary 15 1942, there has been 2300
car licenses issued at the County
Treasuer’s office. At this time
last year there were 2147 issued.
J B. Mellor, one of the large
cattlemen in the western part of
l the county, was down from Stuart
Wednesday and made a pleasant
call at this office extending his
subscription to The Frontier.
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wrede came
up from Omaha Saturday to vis
it Mrs. Wrede’s parents, Mr. and
Mrs. M. J. Enright. Mrs. Donald
Enright, who has been visiting
them for the past ten days, re
turned with them. They returned
to Omaha Sunday, and their son,
Donnie, who has been visiting
here since Christmas, accom
panied them home.
Mrs, S. L. Thompson returned
Saturday from Omaha, after
spending the past ten days visit
ing relatives.
Pvt. Bill Waters of Camp Bel
vorir, Virginia, visited friends
here from Saturday until Tuesday.
Mr. Waters was a former Western
Union Operator here.
The Alpha Club met at the home!
of Mrs. Aaron Boshart at a 1:00
o’clock luncheon Wednesday aft
ernoon. This meeting was elec
tion of Officers and making out
the year books for the coming
year. The officers elected were
Mrs. James McNulty, President;!
Mrs. Pearl Widtfeldt, Vice Pres
ident; Mrs. Nellie Boshart, Sec
retary, and Mrs. Sam Robertson,
Treasurer. The meeting in Feb
uary will be at the home of Mrs.
Harry Lansworth.
St. Mary’s Academy and the
O'Neill Public School held a bene
fit dance for the Infantile Par
alysis Fund at the St. Mary’s
gymnasium on Wednesday even
ing, January 14.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Williams
and son, Dickie, of Bartlett, vis
isted at the home of Mr. Williams’
patients, Mr. and Mrs. Howard
Williams Saturday.
Seth Noble returned Tuesday
night from Carthage, S. D., where
he had been on a business trip
for the past three weeks.
The Golden Rod Project Club
had a Red Cross meeting at the
home of Mrs. Tom F. Higgins on
Wednesday afternoon.
The O’Neill Fire Department
was called to the Tom Greene
home on Wednesday, but no dam
age was dose.
Tom Sullivan of Ord came Sat
urday and is spending his two
week’s vacation with his family.
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Richard
son went to Grand Island Satur
day on a business trip.
Barbara Ann Bennett celebrated
her eighth birthday Sunday, by
entertaining eight girl friends at
a Theatre party and afterwards
lunch at a local cafe. +
The Misses Mildred and Isbelle
O’Malley came up Tuesday from
Omaha and are visiting their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. W.
O’Malley until Sunday.
Miss Marie Bentz returned to
Norfolk Sunday, after spending
several weeks at the home of her
sister, Mrs. G. E. DeVore and
Mrs. Edward Cowley arrived
Sunday from Downs, Kansas, to
spend a week visiting at the home
of her son and daughter-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Cowley.
Mrs. Harold Lindberg, Mrs. Paul
Shierk, Mrs. C. W. Porter, Esther
Harris and Mrs. H. Russ went to
Inman Wednesday evening to in
stall the Officers of the Rebekah
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Allen, liv- j
ing east of this city, were in town
today. Mr. Allen came in for his
1942 license plates and he brought him twenty-two old plates
which he turned over to tho
county treasurer and they will be
turned over to the government to
be used in national defense work.
This office is in receipt of a let
ter from Mrs. O. F. Herring, of
Eugene, Oregon, enclosing a re
newal of her subscription for the
coming year. Mrs. Herring says
they do enjoy the visits of the
paper each week, so th%y can keep
track of the friends in the old
home town. She says they have
been having some fairly cold
weather in Oregon. The letter
was written January 4th, and she
said it froze that morning, which;
is unusual in that section. Theyj
also had some snow the latter part,
of December, but it did not last i
long. She extends Happy New
i Years greetings to all.
Thomas Hunt, of Minneapolis,!
Minnesota, arrived in the city last
Saturday afternion to spend a few
days visiting old time fricmds in
the city of his birth. Tom left
about thirty years ago and this
is his first visit here since that
time and it is needless to say he
had a good time while here vis
iting those whom he knew while
a youth in this city.
Mrs. L. A. Carter and assisting
hostess, Mrs. John L. Quig, enter
tained the S. O, S. Club at a des
sert luncheon at the home of Mrs.
Carter Wednesday.
Mrs. Ethel Wessel returned to
Omaha Sunday, after spending a
few days at the home of her bro
ther, Ed. Burge.
Educational Notes
The next Teachers Eaminations
will be held on Saturday, January
24, 1942. Arrangements will be
made for the January Examin
ations to be held at Stuart, Atkin
son, Ewing and O’Neill. The time
schedule .will be the same as in
the past.
Elja McCullough
County Superintendent
Beauty Salon
announces the addition of the
Rilling Koolerwave to 'their
line of machineless permanents.
This is the most comfortable
and natural looking wave
given. Phone 102.
► —^
MONEY in bank
here means you
have cash for instant
use at any time, while
we assume the re
sponsibility for keep
ing it safely in the
Capital, Surplus and Undivided
Profit*. $140,000.80
This Bank Carries No Indebtedness
of Officers or Stockholders.
Member Hederal Deposit Insurance Corporation