The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, January 01, 1942, Image 4

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    MHim V PTATRtt
Mi, and Mi* P J, fthrmnrll
home Sunday from Wa
wHMv Nebraska, where that had
been visiting M the home of Mr*
■kwttwell’li sister, Mm Ftla
Mr, and Mia P ft, limit of
ft Nr ill and Mr and Mrs Crei!
Hunt of Sidney Wetit to fiat tie
Crook Saturday and Spent tin da>
«t the homo of Dr and Mr*
Merle Hunt
Mr, and Mi* Cart William* of
Pa rtlett spent Christmas at thr
home of Mr. Williams’ parent's
Mr. and Mrs Howard Williams.
Miss LuF.lla Watson of Inman
•pent Monday with her sister,
Virginia Watson
Mr and Mi*. Clifford Frenrh
of Page were guests of Dr, and
Mrs O W. French Christmas day
Mrs. Julian Rummel and son'
left Sunday for Long Reaeh,
California, to join her husband
who has a position there.
Mr. and Mrs, Oscar Lindbcrg!
•nd children left Monday morn
ing for Mindcn to visit at the
home of Mr. Lindberg's sister
Mrs. John Olson, before returning
to their home in California. They
haw been here for the past two
weeks visiting Mr. Lindberg’s par
' ents, Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Lind
berg, and other relatives,
Miss Lorraine Penne spent
Christmas in Elgin, at the home of
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mike
Mrs. Gracce Wilcox and daugh
ter Ellen Lois, spent Christmas
in Orchard, at the home of Mrs
Wilcox’s mother, Mrs. M. B
Melvin Henry returned Sunday
from Aberdeen, S. D., after spend
ing several days with his parents.
Mrs. Mary Ernst and daughters,
of O Neill, and Mrs. Stanley Day
of Prescott, Arizona, went to
Bonesteel, S. D., Christmas Eve
to visit their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Schemmer. Mrs. Ernst
and daughters returned Saturday
night and Mrs. Day remained for
a longer visit
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Saunto spent
Christmas in Norfolk.
Ann Asher spent Christmas day
at the home of Mr. and Mrs Wm.
Hartigan in Inman.
Stanley and Floyd Bergstrom
returned 'to Clareton, Wyoming, I
Saturday after spending the past
wek at the home of their brother!
Clarence Bergstrom in O’Neill and
their mother, Mrs. C. A. Bergstrom
in Ewing.
Mr. and Mrs. John Cuddy came
Wednesday from Sioux Falls, S.
D., to spend the holidays with
parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Stanton,
and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Cuddy.
George Thomas Robertson re
turned to Beaver City Monday,
after spending the Christmas holi
days with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs.. George C. Robertson.
Mr. and Mrs. Dorance Crabb and
daughter spent Christmas with
relatives in Wagner, S. D.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Woidneck of
Spencer were O’Neill callers Tues
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Drayton!
visited Mr. and Mrs. Ed Spatz in!
Plainview and Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Drayton in Orchard Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Loy were ■
pleasantly surprised Christmas
morning when their son, Richard
Loy, called them from Norfolk,
Virginia, to wish them Merry'
Christmas. Richard has been in
Iceland since last August. He is
on the U. S. S, Idaho.
Miss Dorothy Larsen entertain
ed eight girls at a Christmas partv
last Tuesday night at her home j
They exchnged gifts and a very !
pleasant evening was enjoyed.
Mr. and Mrs. Emmet CrabJ
spent Sunday in Wagner, S. D„
with their son, Verle Crabb and
Mrs. K. D. Fenderson enter- i
tamed the Merrimyx Club at her
home Tuesday evening. Mrs.
Harold Lindberg won the prize.
Louis Hausman of Camp Clay
born, Louisiana spent Sunday and
Monday at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Leo Hausman.
John Frankovitch and Thomas'
A. Todd of Oak Creek, Colorado,'
visited at the Anton Toy home
Tuesday. Miss Helen Toy accom
panied them home on Wednesday,
after spending the holidays with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Anton
Mt** Maty Pauthabrr of Middle
hratirh came Ch* istmas day and
la spending the holiday* with hr»
grandmother. Mt* Mnry Rn*trow
Pvrrrtir Mirharlimn of Port
Wiley. Kansu* spent Rtun Prid.ay
nhtlt Tuesday with his w ife here
Mi*-' Ruth Renner rrturnrd Sun
dnv from Mrldgrport, where she
had spent Chi istmas with hei
Mr. and Mrs Ray Hill and fam
tty of Orchard spent Christmas
with Mrs, (tilt's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. D. A Kilpatrick.
Ttie Misses Mary, Rose and Jack
Orndv returtml to Denver, Colo.,
today, after spending the holidays
with relntlves and friends Ucorgc
Hammond accompanied them
home for a week's vacation.
Mr, and Mrs, A D, DufTy and
son, Joe, of Petersburg, and
daughter, Marie of Lincoln, visited
their daughter and sister, Mrs.
Jack Arbuthnot and family Sun
day. Mr. and Mm. Arbuthnot
an* the patent* of a tv*he git I Horn
ChHtdtna* Hay and Ihry eattte tip
i to a*>o the hauy
Mi and Mm Pum Morn of Ain*
WoHh visited friends In O'Neill
Wednesday evening.
K. It inmr up froth
Lincoln W'rdh* day evening and
I* visiting friends
Mr and Mis Urnrjrr Hart and
*nn vlsilrd friends in Scribner Iasi
Mr and Mm, Bnlph Vorrh of
Omaha spent Chrlstmass with Mrs
Vnrchs patents, Mr. and Mrs. O.
A Kilpatrick.
Steve Wallace left Friday for
Wichita Falls. Texas, where he has
joined the Army Air corps.
At a meeting of the Stale Bar
Association, held in Lincoln on
Monday ami Tuesday of this week.!
County Attorney Julius D. Cronin
of this city was elected one of the
vice presidents elcted were:
for the coming year. The other
--——-—-— l
Holt County
Basketball Tournament
O'Neil! llijjh Srhool Auditorium
January 7-8-9
Wednesday Afternoon
St. Mary’s vs. Atkinson-i-2:00 I*. M.
Pajre vs. Stuart ...3:15 1*. M.
Inman vs. Chambers..— 4:30 P. M.
Wednesday Night
Amelia vs. O’Neill_7:00 P. M.
St. Joseph’s (Atkinson) vs. Winner of St. Mary’s
Atkinson contest ....7:00 P. M.
Ewing vs. w inner of Page-Stuart game 9:30 P. M.
Semi-finals Thursday with two afternoon games
beginning at 1:00 p. m.; and four Thursday night
starting at 6:00 p. m.
Championship and Consolation finals Friday
night starting at 8:00 p. m.
A Happy New Year...
Ring, bells, ring! Tis New Year's, and may it be
a happy one! May the year continue to be good to
you as the months roll by, and may it bring you more
health, more happiness and more prosperity than
you have ever known.
At least, that is our wish for you at
this joyous New Year’s season. We It
greet you all and look forward to sec- \
ing you soon.
Seth Noble
L f88 ALL S
This organization has grown up with this community,
and, during good times and bad, has clung stead
fastly to the principle that the good will of its cus
tomers is an asset beyond all price, and we are
willing to break precedent, at times, in order to
retain it.
In this spirit of appreciation we wish for you and
yours the most enjoyable and prosperous New Year
you have ever known.
‘‘The moving finger writes, a nd having writ, moves on.”
says the Persian poet. And while that moving finger may
“cancel not a line” the lessons it has pointed out should in
spire all to finer goals for 194 2.
Ben Franklin Store
virf* ptoaMoota of tho AwodaMW of Omaha at+lvwl Ohtlalmai fcvo
It mi v W BhioNifoMi, Omaha to ChtlMma* with H'lattvo*.
aod Jamr* M Aohn-mao. 11 twin, oHmolo* to Omaha Thui-trta?
Mo amt Mia l.oMm Shn< m»hof olahl
Mt *hH Mm I, W Oultilh nf
Otttah* ChMftttttM *Hh Mt*
CtfllHft'i I'Bt+ttl*. Mf> unM Mm
JiWoH Mltufh,
Mr Mu! Mr* Alv* WluHhfll M
OttwHit riiruiniM with Mi .
WihrhiHr* iMUrlili, Ml Mill Mr*
n t W111H1.H
Important because the tide of prices has been sweeping onward and upward. In the White
Sale starting tomorrow, the price tide ebbs almost to the low of last year. Thrifty house*
wives will stock up now. In our opinion prices will not be so low again for months.
81x99 FAMOUS
White with colored border, sol
id pastels or plaids in assorted
colors. Feature value for each
Ton’ll like the firm feeling of
ftrength In these. They’re C
spongy, quick to absorb. White.
solid pastels and plaids.
Part Wool
70 x 80"
, 198
Constructed of 5% wool with 95% cotton. A
doable bed sice blanket, 70x80 inches. As
sorted plaids.
Part Wool
72 x 84"
Soft, fleecy plaid pairs, 72x84 Inches. Woven
of 5% wool with 95% sotton. Good weight,
well nappedL
America’s favorite sheet, known for smooth
weave and lone wear. Taped selvage for ex
tra strength. Lies flat and smooth. Now
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72 x108"
81 x 108" A QQ
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Included ■ k
Laundry tested for four years wear. A snowy
white sheet, smooth clear weave, finished
with deep hem. At this price buy for months
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81 x 108" 1 1 fl
42" Browncrest
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42" Browncrest 00
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36" Hope
12c y<l
The old reliable bleached
muslin for all domestic
uses. A standout value.
39” Brown
I2c y<l
Extra heavy quality and
extra wide! Unbleached
muslin you can depend on.
36” Heavy
12c Yd.
Yard wide outing flannels
for comfort tops, gowns,
pajamas. Plaids, stripes.
3-lb. Cotton
Stitched cotton bafts In
natural color, (,'nrolls to
72x90 comfort size.
New spring patterns in a
fine 80 sq. percale. Vat
dyed colors.. Yard wide