The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, January 01, 1942, Image 3

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A shake-up In the high command of the lavy and Hawaiian command of the army, because of the Pearl
Harbor debacle, brought about promotion for these officers. They are Admiral Chester C. Nimits (left), who
will replace Admiral Husband E. Kimmell, who was In command of the Pacific fleet. Center: Lieut. Gen. Delos
C. Emmons, replacing Lieut. Gen. Short, in command of the army Hawaiian department. Right: Brig. Gen.
Clarence L. Tinker, assigned to the command of air forces, and who replaces Brig. Gen. Frederick L. Martin.
After Stab-in-the-Baek by Japs
Smoke of death hangs over an army airfield in Hawaii (left) after the surprise attack by the Japs. The
plane shown in this photo (released by the army) is a B-17 bomber, known as a flying fortress. Picture at
right is an official U. S. navy photo. It shows a Japanese two-man submarine beached on the Island of Oahu,
during the first action with U. S. forces. The 41-foot craft carries two men and is wired for self-destruction.
Air Raid Shelters at Bargain Prices
Mass production air raid shelter, shown during a tryout in Boston.
It is bolted on a concrete base. Ventilation comes in at the top where
tbe little cone crowns the steel pyramid. Yes, this shelter can accom
modate 12 people. With air raid alerts on both coasts, interest in shel
ters is increasing. Some can be bought for as little as $200.
First Victim of Pacific Coast Blackout
Two members of an army beach patrol are shown looking at the
stranded Matson line steamer, Mauna Ala, which ran aground near
Astoria, Ore., while en route to Hawaii. The steamer was the first vic
tim of the West coast blackout, having run aground when she lost her
bearings because of darkening of lighthouses during an air alert.
German Baron Jailed
Ernest de Meyer, reputed Ger
man baron and alien, who was ar
rested In Los Angeles for a traffic
violation. Police became suspicious
of him when he attempted to change
from an army jacket to a civilian
coat. A short wave broadcasting
set was found in his apartment, as
well as data on coast defense.
At Mexican Border
Maj. Gen. Price of the U. S. ma
rine corps (left) visits Gen. Contre
ras, commander of the second raili
tary cone of Baja, Lower Califor
nia, in Tijuana. Photo released by
Benito** Contribution to Sin^n|mir I)efeti*e
Those Breda guns, raptured from the Italians in Libya, are being
reconditioned in Malaya for use against Jap Invaders. During Wavell's
desert blits a tremendous amount of Italian equipment was taken by
the British. It has since been useful on other fronts, and will serve the
allied cause again in Malaya.
U. S. Battleship Arizona Goes Down
The U. 8. 8. Arizona on fire and sinking In Pearl Harbor after
sneak raid by Japanese bombers. The 25-year-oid battleship was de
stroyed by the explosion of the first of its boilers and then its forward
magazine, due to a bomb which was said to have literally passed down
the smokestack.
String of ‘Valentines’ for Axis
At a U. S. army airport, somewhere in the U. S., a ground crew is
making adjustments to a string of 600-pound bombs before the missiles
are loaded into a bombing plane for delivery at ... ?
Where U. S. Troops Are Meeting Japs
Above is a view of the rice fields of Apparl, on the northernmost
tip of the island of Luzon, which is the principal island of the Philip
pines. The Japanese were reported as succeeding in landing troops in
this rough terrain, but met with stiff resistance from V. S. troops. Manila,
•n this island, was the first major Jap objective.
I'VnMi Wrtkn MimhI
J. R. Cooke, Wake Island airport
manager, and hla wife and two ehll
drrn, Wrecker and Philip (front),
shown upon their arrival at San
Franrlsco on the clipper plane. This
was the third clipper to arrive safe
ly from the war tone. All passen
gers commented on the high mo
rale of the civilians In Honolulu.
Wake Island Is one of our far Pacific
outposts that has held out so splen
didly against the Japs.
Fortify Ilong Kong
A motor torpedo boat, the British
navy’s newest weapon for harbor
defense, makes a test run across
Hong Kong harbor. In the back
ground are two lumbering Chinese
Junks. This “Gibraltar of the East"
has lent Its might in repelling Jap
War Jobs for Women
Lieut. James lloey of New York
shows a group of members of the
American Women’s Voluntary Serv
ices how to slide down a pole in his
firehouse. The women have enrolled
for defense training courses. The
organization announced a shortage
of trained switchboard operators
and auto drivers.
To Direct Chinese
Lieut. Col. C. L. Chennault, fa
mous U. S. flying officer, who will
direct a Chinese aerial offensive
against Jap bases. The 51-year-old
Texan is a veteran of World War I.
VtM! Find A I rIPM
Iw U» 1, ( Ull
f oitth
• < i <tl »*'*n Win * ihm v n nvii
vnu wnn) Kt* i nft>H
BipRi pHwttrfX in |t) ihpsii.
In Hint ndtrA Jnltt HR) *1
fhHhttllt *in (i rttif’«, A ilnnh#
Slrnnf t n(’)t»'t, tintlini ni $) 1<R\
New Worker Can Learn and Earn.
may become a Senior, then a
If you have training in a pro
fession you may start at $2,009
and progress to $9,000. Medicine
and law are two of the Reids.
You may start in the mechan
ical trades as a Helper-Trainee,
earning while you learn.
In the Postal Service you may
start without special experience
as letter carrier ($1,700) and ad
vance by competitive steps to
• • •
These are but a amall fraction of O. Si
Civil Service opportunities. Our 33-pars
booklet lists many other interesting jobs
with pay. requirements, type of test giv
en Tells how to apply. Send your order to:
High Time for Pert Miss
To C.ateh Up on Reading
Clifton Fadiman, in his book,
"Reading I’ve Liked,” warns the
layman against spending all his
time trying to keep up with the
latest books. He tells about one
of his old professors who sat be
side a pert young thing at a dinner.
“Professor,” she piped up,
"have you read so-and-so's new
He confessed he hadn’t.
“Oh,” she said, “you’d better
hurry—it’s been out over three
“Miss,” he said, “have you read
Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’?”
“Why, no.”
“You’d better hurry—it’s beea
out over six hundred years.”
Relief At Last
For Your Cough
Creomulsion relieves promptly be
cause It goes right to the seat of the
trouble to help loosen and expel ,
germ laden phlegm, and aid nature I
to soothe and heal raw, tender, in- |
flamed bronchial mucous mem- ,
branes. Tell your druggist to sell you i
a bottle of Creomulsion with the un
derstanding you must like the way it .
quickly allays the cough or you are
to have your money back.
for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis I
Eager Fools
Some people are so fond of ill
luck that they run half-way te
meet it.—Douglas Jerrold.
May Warn of Disordered
Kidney Action
Modem life with it* hurry and worry,
irregular hat its, improper eating and
drinking—its risk of exposure and infec
tion—throws heavy strain on the work
of the kidneys. They are apt to become
over-taxed and fail to filter excess add
and other impurities from the life-giving
You may suffer nagging backache,
headache, di tames* getting up night*
leg pains, swelling—feel constantly
tired, nervoo «, all worn out. Other atana
of kidney or bladder disorder are anaw
tiroes burning, scanty or too frequent
Try Dean's Pitts. Doan’s help the
kidneys to pi ss off harmful excess body
wasce. They nave had more than half a
century of p tblie approval. Are recom
mended by i.yateful users everywhere
Ask your ■« <kbor!
“ NilMf
• A Ivertising creates new
wt 1! h by showing people new
•nd letter ways of living, and
is it creates new wealth it con
trib tes to the prosperity of
everyone toncl 'd by the flow of money
which is set u . In this way, don’t you
see, advertising is ■ social force which is
working in the iterest of every one of us
every day of ; le year, bringing us new
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