The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, January 01, 1942, Image 10

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    WE welcome the New Year because we know it marks the beginning of
another chapter. The stage is set for another act.
Looking backward we see the things we might have done, but did not.
Looking forward we see the things we plan and resolve to do. May the sun
shine brighter, the days grow longer, may new hope invigorate and cheer
us. The Year of Grace One Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty'two is at
hand, and we welcome its arrival.
We also welcome the New Year because we know it will
bring many new opportunities to be of service to you,
and to express through this service our sincere appreci
ation of your friendship. We wish you a very HAPPY
Bftouin ■ mcDon ald
R. E. Armburster, Mgr.
r -
^ All aboard for 1942,
and tbe top of tbe world
to you as we rwing into
tbe new orbit of Better
Days to Come. M»y tbe
joyous spirit oftbe N ev
Year pervade you, and
may 1942 pour gifts into
your cup until it is filled
to overflowing.
Anton Toy
Quality Merchandise
Hope springs eternal in tfie
human breast," and there could be no
better time for bright new hopes than now,
as we turn back a time-worn page. That
many a ray of sunshine may fall upon that
new page to which we now turn is our New
Year's wish for you.
Drop in and see us. We're always at the
same old stand, ready to serve you 100%.
John Kersenbrock
MW nett) i
A WORLD grown tired and
weary is reborn at the
stroke of 12! In sending you
our New Year greetings it is
with the wish that the joyous
spirit of New Year's Day will
extend far into the year, and
that 1942 will bring you
more of life's real values
than any year that has gone
- ^
■-• ft i — —Mi m -» it. 4
We Rub Aladdin’s Lamp for You
What is it that you wish for most? Let us
tell you of our most wished for wish. We
wish we had but one opportunity to mb
Aladdin’s Magic Lamp to summon forth
the Geni to make that most wished for wish
of yours come true.
We owe you much more than mere wishes,
of course, for the loyalty you have shown us
during the years. And we will try to repay
our debt to you—during 1942—with still
better values, still greater service.
Coyne Hardware
In Grateful Appreciation.
Ship Ahoy!
Yes, we would need a whole ship to carry our
messages of appreciation and good will to all our
friends whose loyalty to us has made 1941 a
banner year.
That 1942 may bring you joy, health and
prosperity is the wish of every member of this
Lloyd’s Booterie
Just as a snowball grows
bigger as it rolls down
hill so may the blessings
of the New Year grow
bigger for you as the
months roll by.
We are going to give you
more reason than ever in
1942 for giving us your
valued patronage.
Elite Cafe
Now—when that price
less thing called Time
occupies the spotlight,
we pause to consider
that priceless thing
called Friendship. In our
business we could not be
without it, and be
cause we value it so
highly we are de
termined, during 1942,
to take still further
steps to merit your con
tinued friendship and
loyalty to us.
May the sands of the
hourglass bring you
many golden hours
!' of happiness in the
year to come.
Bill and Anna Gatz Bar
Let us give a toast to the
bright young New Year!
Let us drink to the better,
happier days we know
must lie ahead in 19421
And here’s to you, our
loyal friends and custom
ers! Good health, good
cheer, and —HAPPY
Gamble Store
In crowning the New Year king for another 565 days
we close the door upon past mistakes and look hope
fully forward to a year of greater fulfillment. The
progress of the past is but our starting point, and now,
thanks to the support you have given us, we have set
still higher goals of service said value to our customers.
That the New Year may usher in for you a
new era of Prosperity, Health and Happiness is our
sincere wish.
New Deal Oil Co.— Outlaw Grocery
And now we're ready to sponge
off the slate and start a spotless
page. May that page of 1942 be
the red letter page of all your
lives . . . may the records which
are to be written thereon become
more glowing and successful as
the year advances, and may the
chief entries of Auditor Time be
Health, Happiness and Prosperity.
Dick Tomlinson, Prop.
“Ring Around the Rosie,”
“Drop the Handkerchief”
and “Farmer in the Dell”
are aQ symbols of happy
New Year days of long isgo.
We say Happy New Year
now to you with the hope
that some of this old-fash
ioned spirit of New Year’s,
with its carefree festivities
and Its nnslloyed enjoy
ment will sweeten and
brighten this New Year’s
season for yon.
Laundry & Cleaners
RING out the old! Ring in the new! There’s
a warming of the heart as the New Year
dawns. Eat, drink and be merry!
For your friendly patronage dur
ing the past year we thank you
sincerely. It is the wish of every
member of this organization that
you way find 1942 filled with good
things . . . new horizons, greater
prosperity, and greater joy in liv
Council Oak Store
Your Friend At Meal Time
May this New Year
mean for you a joyous
strengthening of old
ties and associations,
and a happy gain in the
number of those you
count as friends. May
it mean more health,
, more prosperity, more
joy of lii'ing.
Midwest Motor Co.
fmt KU) y£AR
k Tom... V
Just a timely and friendly greeting to
let you know that we wish for our
friends and customers a whole shipload
of good things—spiritual and material
—for 365 days. High thanks we owe
you. And high thanks we give. God
bless you and keep youl
James Davidson & Sons
Just a little New Year’s wish for our
many good friends. May all the cards be
in your favor during 1942!
This past year we have been more keenly aware than ever of
the value of your friendship. Only because of friends like you
have our growth and service been possible. We thank you
sincerely and wish for you a streak of good luck that will con
tinue for 365 days.
Biglin Bros.