The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, December 11, 1941, Image 9

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    Atlantic Amphibious Force (A.A.F.) in Action
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Hitherto unsung are the members of the Atlantic Amphibious force, comprised chiefly of marines with a
complement of U. S. army men. The A.A.F. is now in training at New River, N. C., where this picture was
made. At left, members of the force are driving a K-jeep, trailing a field piece, off a landing barge into
shallow water. Right: A jeep, after being driven off a landing barge into the shallow water of the beach, is
both driven and pushed up to dry land by members of the A.A.F. This jeep is being landed with adequate
Men and Machines in Desert Role
In the picture at top streamlined Martin Marylands arc shown somewhere in the desert sands of the Middle
East, where they are playing a vital part in the battle of Libya. Below: The British empire forces de
fending Tobruk fortress spend much of their time in dugouts, shelters dug from solid rock. Some of the de
fenders are pictured before a typical Tobruk "mansion.’*
Youth of France Band Together
A view of the opening of the congress of the "youth of France and
overseas,” during the address of Roger de Saivres, member of Mar
shal Petain’s cabinet, at Nice, France. The slogan which appears on the
wall at the left reads "Frenchmen, you are not sold, nor abused, nor aban
Gen. M-U-D in Action
This photograph which arrived from London via clipper plane shows
how heavy rains in northern Russia have hampered activities of the
Royal Air force wing serving there with the Reds, "'he improvised land
ing field is waterlogged. However, the planes do get into the air. Three
Hurricanes roar in for a landing, while another stands ou the muddy field.
Last of U.S.S. Lehigh
This striking series of photo
graphs of the sinking of the U. S. S.
Lehigh was made by Samuel Ha
kam, its radio operator. An un
seen submarine fired a- torpedo into
the ship near Freetown, Sierra Le
one, Africa. Note U. S. flag paint
ed on her side.
New Indian Boss
Louis Boudreau, 24, regular Cleve
land Indian shortstop for the past
two seasons, who was appointed
player-manager of the club, suc
ceeding Boger Pecklnpaugh.
Singapore Prepares for ‘Showdown’
When a new British fleet, headed by H.M.S. Prince of Wales, breeied
into Singapore, there was plenty of excitement. Above you see a
transport unloading its cargo of Australians and New Zealanders in the
port. Below: Australian and British cadets laying a bridge across a
narrow creek during “invasion maneuvers’’ near Singapore.
American Troops Arrive in Dutch Guiana
First picture of American troops occupying Dutch Guiana. The photo
shows the American army transport arriving at Paramaribo, Surinam.
The troops were ordered into this territory by President Roosevelt to
protect 60 per cent of America’s bauxite ore for making aluminum,
which comes from Dutch Guiana.
‘Mercy Killer"
Mrs. Edith Reichert, 24, of Brook
lyn, N. Y., shown during question
ing by police following the slaying
of her brother, George Horne, 26,
a mental patient at Kings Park
state hospital. According to State
Police Sergeant John J. Lawson,
Mrs. Reichert wept and said “I
couldn’t aee him suffering like that
for the rest of his life.”
Grand Champion
Grand champion of the sixteenth
annual Great Western Live-Stock
show held In Los Angeles. He’s
Guttridge Hickory, an 865-pound
Aberdeen-Angus, owned by S. Gut
tridge, Prairie City, Ore.
Paratroops Going Up to Come Down
Members of a U. S. army parachute battalion arc shown walking past a
great collection of parachutes on their way to the big C-53 troop trans
port in which they were taken aloft for an attack on an “enemy air
port” during the war games in the Carolinas. The “umbrella men”
proved their mettle by taking objectives to which they were assigned—
just another day in the life of the paratroops.
Leaders Discuss Vital Labor Questions
Congressional leaders and departmental heads who were called to
the White House by the President for a discussion on labor legislation.
Shown as they arrived are 1. to r., Rep. John McCormack, house majority
leader; Rep. E. E. Cox of Georgia; speaker of the house Sam Rayburn of
Texas, and Rep. Joseph Martin Jr., house minority leader.
New Mexican Envoy
President F'ranklin D. Roosevelt
has nominated George 8. Messcr
smith, ambassador to Cuba (shown
above) to be the new ambassador
to Mexico. Mr. Messersmith, a
“career diplomat," will succeed
Josephus Daniels, and will take up
his new duties early next year when
the retirement of Mr. Daniels be
comes effective.
Woman M. P. Arrives
Mrs. Beatrice Rathbone, member
of Britain’s parliament, has her bag
gage inspected as she arrives in
New Jersey. Her children have been
staying here “for the duration."
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