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    Make Merry With Cookies and Candies!
(See Recipes Below!
Xmas Gift Boxes
Christmas is the time for giving!
Thus runs the refrain during this
A festive season.
And mat could
be more appro
priate. more wel
come than gaily
wrapped boxes
packed right in
your own kitchen
i —boxes full of
I sweet, crunchy
I cookies warm and
fresh from the
oven, candies, tempting tidbits of
sweetness made with spices and nuts.
Cookies and candies wrapped with
waxed paper in small tin boxes will
delight the heart of that boy you
may have sent to camp, your daugh
ter away at school, or a neighbor.
•Bras Filled Hermits
(Makes 45 medium-sized cookies)
4a cup butter or margarina
Ilk cups sugar
3 eggs
Ik cup milk
4k cup all-bran
3Vk cups flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
14k teaspoons cinnamon
1 teaspoon cloves
4k teaspoon mace
4k teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup mincemeat or preserves
Cream shortening, add sugar and
eggs and beat well. Add milk and
all-bran Sift flour with remaining
. dry ingredients and add to first mix
ture. Mix well and chill. Roll dough
to an eighth at an inch ttiickness on
lightly floured board. Cut into
rounds. Place 1 teaspoon, mince
meat on one-half the rounds and top
with remaining rounds. Crimp edges
with a fork. Bake on ungreased
cookie sheet in fairly hot oven (400
degrees) for 13 to 15 minutes.
Cookies right in tune with the
Christmas season are these with red
or green sugar
dusted cm them.
Make them in
fancy Christmas
tree. Santa Claus
or wreath shapes
with a cookie cut
ter. Use butter
for a really food
flavor, cut them
this and chill well before cutting.
"Christmas Butter Ceohiea.
(Makes 0 dozen small)
% pound butter
1 cup sugar
* eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
l teaspoon almond extract
teaspoon salt
X to Xty cups flour
Cream butter and sugar. Com
bine beaten eggs and flavoring with
creamed mixture. Add flour and
salt Mix well and chill. Roll thin,
cut into shapes Dust with colored
sugar. Bake on a sheet about 15
minutes or until light brown, in a
moderate <400 degrees) oven.
Make your cookie and candy boxes
provocative with tiny squares of
rich, delicious penuche. These
pieces can be dressed up in individ
ual wrappings of gold, silver, green
or yellow gift paper.
Gift Box Suggest!***
•Bran Filled Hermit*
•Chr is tma* Cookie*
•Brazilian Penuche
•PopcOTD Brittle
•Popcorn Fudge
•Recipe* Given
‘Brasilian Penorhe
2 cups brown sugar (packed firmly)
cup top milk
Vi teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon butter
Vi cup chopped Brazil nuts
Dash of salt
Combine sugar, salt and milk.
Cook, stirring constantly over low
heat until sugar is dissolved and
mixture boils. Cook until a small
amount forms a soft ball when
dropped into cold water (238 de
grees). Remove from beat Add va
nilla and butter without stirring.
Cool until lukewarm and beat bard
until creamy Add nuts and turn
into greased pan. Sprinkle with
sliced nuts Cut into squares.
An old favorite, popcorn, is fea
tured in a new role in these candy
recipes. If you
don't want to go
through the busi
ness of popping
the corn yourself,
you can get along
nicely by using
the popcorn that
comes tightly
sealed in tin
cans. It's as fresh and nice as if
you made it yourself.
•Popcorn Fudge.
2 cups brown sugar
1 cup thin cream
1 tablespoon butter
2 cups popcorn
1 teaspoon vanilla
Combine sugar with cream and
stir over low heat until sugar is dis
solved. Cook until the soft ball stage
<238 degrees) or until it forms a soft
ball in cold water. Remove from
heat and let stand in cold water un
til cool. Add butter, popcorn, and
vanilla. Beat until creamy. Pour
into buttered plate and cut
•Popcorn Brittle.
2 cups granulated sugar
1 cup dark corn syrup
H cup water
1 quart popcorn (slightly salted)
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 teaspoons soda
Cook sugar, syrup and water in a
heavy skillet Stir until sugar is
dissolved, then boil until mixture
will crackle when dropped into cold
water. Remove from fire, add va
nilla and popcorn. Add soda and
mix well. Pour into shallow, but
tered pan. When cold, break into
No Christmas box of cookies would
be complete without the delicately
flavored Swedish Sprits cookies:
Swedish Sprits.
(Makes 4 dozen)
14 cups butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg yolk
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon abnond extract
34 cups flour
4 teaspoon baking powder
Cream butter and sugar thorough
ly, add egg and flavorings. Beat
well. Blend to dry ingredients un
til mixture is smooth Press through
cookie press into various shapes and
decorate with candied fruit. If de
sired. Bake to a hot oven (400 de
grees) 8 to 10 minutes.
Cookies hard to make? Not if you
use this recipe:
Krispie Marshmallow Stars.
(Makes 18 to 18 stars)
4 cup butter
4 pound marshmallows
4 teaspoon vanilla
1 package oven-popped rice ce
4 ounces semi-sweet chocolate,
Melt butter and marshmallows to
double boiler. Add vanilla and
chocolate and beat thoroughly. Pul
cereal to a large buttered bowl and
pour to first mixture, stirring brisk
ly. Put to a shallow buttered pan
and allow to cool. Cut into stars or
circles with a cutter. (Note: this
cookie is not baked.)
(B«luwd by Western Newspaper Union, i
I ■
(OoeioMi!^ Fniarw—WVL* Smlu.1
NTEW YORK —Air Vice Marshal
• Arthur Coeingharr comuuod
teg the air arm at the British offen
sive in Libya, probably could find
his w*y
Psychologist a Can around the
Find No Subjects Seating *«
Among the R A F. nm w thout
a map or a
compass. For many years, off and on,
he has been scouting this sunburnt
waste of jagged rock and sand, with
the British air force, based in
Be is a bosky aad g—d Ini
tag 46-year-old Australian, a
group captain at the CtkM
R A F. station in IMS. apped
rapidly ia rank since the start
at the war. a veteran at every
kind at air fighting and nn air
knekaro* who has ridden every
kind at plane. Bis snccess and
responsibility, however, is not
aB due to technical skill. It is
n personality snccess as well,
and i; jnst now happens that
personality resources in air
wars is being sntboritatively
Dr. Robert Dick Gillespie, distin
guished British neurologist, now lec
turing in this country, held forth at
tbe New York Academy of Medi
cine the ether night, on the lack of
neuroses in the R A F , as com
pared to other arms at the fighting
forces. The doctor’s theory, which
be says has been convincingly dem
onstrated. is that air training and
fighting makes for individuation
which greatly strengthens personal
ity resistance to the devastating
nerve shocks of modern war
Marshal Coningham would make
a fine laboratory sample. In all this
department's gleanings about his
career, from various sources, it is
emphasized that his every relation
ship in his fighting command is per
sonal He has a prodigious memory
and he likes persons, rather than
people. He has a keen wit and ready
humor. But he's a hard-boiled dis
He entered the World war from
his native Brisbane, Australia, at
tbe age of 19, serving first in Samoa
and then in Egypt. Coming to
England, he joined tbe Royal Fly
ing corps, where be knocked about
in all sorts of primitive planes. He
won the military cross and the dis
tinguished service order.
HEN Nebuchadnezzar married
a country girl the daughter at
Cyaxares, she was homesick and
wanted a bit of foliage around the
bouse. The
Aerial Gardena of king put in
Rockefeller Center just » tew
Surpass Babylon's w » D d ° w j
boxes at
first, then got really interested and
built his famous hanging gardens.
Rockefeller Center went botanical
for an entirely different reason, and
will, if it hasn't already done so,
surpass anything Babylon could
show in the line of aerial agricul
ture. The genius of the gardens in
the sky is A. M. Van Den Hoek,
horticulturist for the center, whose
wizardry with growing things he
successfully transplanted from his
native Netherlands lowlands to the
Sixth Avenue highlands.
We were checking with him on
that chestnut tree he planted re
cently. It has a mate and hive of
bees ready for the big job of pol
lenization at the first signal of spring.
These trees were brought from
Weather-wise and earth wise,
the sky-high farmer might have
come out of Vergil's Georgies,
but there's nothing rural about
his smart tailoring, or his red
leatber, push-button office. But
this setting is mostly for winter
farming. In the summer, he
wears overalls on his St-1 acre,
ground-level farm near Flera
ington, N. i.
After studying horticulture in sev
eral continental countries, he went to
England, in 1905, at the age of 21.
There he worked in the famous Rose
Gardens of Hampstead and tended
the ancient grape vine, the fruit of
which goes annually to the king.
After 14 months in England, he re
moved to this country.
He worked for two years in a
nursery at Morrisville, Pa., then got
a job with a Netherlands horticul
tural firm. Advancing steadly in his
profession, he became the horticul
j turist for Rockefeller Center in 1933.
The skyscraper onion crop was
! exceptionally good this year—also
! the cabbages, tomatoes, mint, kohl-1
rabi, spinach and carrots. The
espalierd pear and apple trees are
getting on famously as are the 15C
plane trees and the eight 50-foot
elms that were planted around the
Mr. Van Den Hoek just recently ,
planted 25.000 tulip bulbs, of Hol
land ancestry, via England. He says
that these tulips are extraordinarily
varied and beautiful and seems to
see in each of them a chalice of
hope for his native homeland.
Totcn of T. B.
There is a small town m Mary
land called T. B. The name is
derived from the initials of a colo
nial settler, Thomas Brooke, who
became an owner of several thou
sands of acres of land now in
cluded in the present town site,
says Pathfinder. The Brooke boun
dary stones marked "T. B.” were
found within the township, and
early residents started to call
their town *T. B.”
j of tha most modem type
Write to ns for booklet
Union of Good
When bad men combine, the
food must associate; else they will
fall, one by one, an unpitied sac
rifice in a contemptible struggle.—
/*— Seim MOKTSLY-\
Women who suffer pain at irregu
lar period* with craniy nervousness
— due to monthly lonctlcoal dis
turbance* — should end Lydia E.
Prnhham'* Compound Tablet* (with
added iron) riarreUms to re
lieve such distress. They're made cj
Ptrtsltr far wotnew.
Taken regularly—LvdiaPinhham*»
Tablets help build up resistance
against such annoying symptoms.
They also help build up red blood
and tfau* aid in promoting more
itreegta. Fellow label directions.
Lydia Pinkham's Compound Tablets
Variety a Pleasure
The variety of all things forms
a pleasure.—Euripides.
leery Wednesday Night
A Good Book
As good almost kill a man as
kill a good book.—Milton.
Ppatterns :
. ———^
Ve $et uhti we ext
wortky oF,
I thmk 1 3tid the other
Bvt when I look tt
movie 3tej“3
T Find it herd
to Feel thet
■ ■ <
Benefit From Trouble
But for some trouble and sea
row, we should never know ha|
the good there is about us.-«
Cquickiy ale
To Laugh
One inch of joy surmounts of
grief a span, because to laugh ia
proper to the man.—Rabelais.
IUST the kind of dress the larger
** woman appreciates—it is inter
esting and individual and at the
same time manages to make
pounds seem to disappear. The
full bodice sections are excellent
Out of Order
It is because things have been
put in the wrong order that the
present chaos and disaster is upon
the world. The order, expressed
in four words, has been: Money,
things, man, God. The new order
will have to be God, man, things,
money.—The Bishop of Exeter.
There’s always a Cousin Joe
from Kokomo on your Christmas
list. You’d like to send him more
than a card, but you can’t afford
an expensive gift. Send him a
carton of cigarettes or a pound
tin of smoking tobacco. The cost
is moderate and it’s a gift any
smoker welcomes. More smokers
prefer Camels than any other cig
arette and, of the smoking tobac
cos, the National Joy Smoke is
Prince Albert. Local dealers are
featuring gift-wrapped Camel car
tons and a novel package of four
“flat fifties.” Also Prince Albert
Smoking Tobacco in pound tins
and pound glass humidors hand
somely wrapped for giving.—Adv.
for the larger figure and the vestee
section between continues as a
smart slimming belt. If you want
3 dress which is decidedly differ
ent make this part of a lighter
tone than the rest of the dress, or
contrast it in beige, for instance,
if the dress is to be brown.
• • •
Pattern No 1971 is to sixes X to SX
Six* 39 requires 314 yards 35-inch materiaL
Coctrast aectaoa would take % yard. For
tin attractive patters send your order to:
‘Spirit of ’76’
This famous painting, in which
the artist caught the spirit of the
patriots who "fifed and drummed
it,” was sketched and later paint
ed by Archibald M. Willard. The
artist, who lived through four of
America’s wars (1836-1918), was
the creator of "Puck” comics aft
er the Civil war. He originally
made a humorous sketch for the
opening of the Centennial exposi
tion at Philadelphia in 1876.
A serious attempt to portray
early American patriotism fol
lowed the cartoon, and the origi
nal now hangs in Abbott Hall li
brary, in Marblehead, Mass.
All Day and Night
Without Refueling
• Holds 100 Pounds of Cosl
• Start a Fira but Onca a Yaar
• Sami-Automatic, Magazina Food
• Requires less attention than
moot furnaces
Patented construction of the Warm
Iferaiae Heater ia Sirin* aroaxin* raaoJta to
thousands of users thrso*boot America. Saras
yoo time, work and fuel. Ne fires to rekindle. A
Holds fire for several days oa checked draft. ifl
Banti any kind of coal, coke; bnqaeu or wood. V
No clinkers. only fine ask. g?
SEE rOUS DEALER or write for Free Literature. B]
114 W. lit* St. Kansas City, Me g:
_Pat No. 2,255,527
| MODEL 120A
Retail Price $49.95
Valuable Polonium
Polonium, a material extracted
from radium ore and costing
about $2,000,000 an ounce, is now
| used in a certain spark-plug alloy.
The price is not considered pro
; hibitive, however, because of th*
I "minute traces’* required.
What? Those lines bend in the middle? Sorry—
but they’re perfectly straight and the same dis
tance apart at every point Just an eye-fooler!
.'Bur there's no mystbw
About why HA.
Rolls Faster, Easier!
fine roll-your-onrn cigarettes
in every handy pocket tin
of Prince Albert
la recant laboratory
“smoking boorf" tests.
Prince Albert burned
than the average of the
30 other of the largest
soling brands tested—
coolest of am
%. J. RtTTsoUi Tbtaoeo Co*
it's that