The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, May 29, 1941, Image 7

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    Marines Crack Picket Lines
. - ----
Navy trucks, guarded by marines, carried 800 A. F. of L. workers
through C.I.O. picket lines to work at the Moore Drydock company,
Oakland, Calif, one of the 11 defense plants affected by a strike of
C.I.O.-A. F. of L. machinists for higher wages. There was no violence.
This soundphoto shows navy trucks passing through picket line formed
by the striking machinists’ union.
Nation’s Civilian Defense Chief
Mayor Fiorello H. LaGuardia of New York city, who has been appoint
ed by President Roosevelt to head the office of civilian defense, is
shown here as he received his commission from the Chief Executive in
Peace Comes to Coal
John L. Lewis, head of the United
Mine Workers of America, who,
with Maj. W. W. Inglis, chairman
of joint board of miners and opera
tors, signed the coal peace pact
officially ending the wage dispute
in the coal industry. He is shown
here addressing wage conference in
New York just before pact was
Leads Free French
Gen. Georges Catroux, former
governor of Damascus, who, accord
ing to reports from Cairo, Egypt,
led Free French forces in invasion of
Syria from Palestine.
Draft Objectors Put to Work
A group of conscientious draft objectors being c>ned into Camp
Patapsco, Elkridge, Md., America’s first camp for conscientious objec
tors, where they will serve their year doing non-military service. They
will be put to work improving roads and doing conservation work.
Seated at desk is Dr. E. Wildman, director of the camp. By July 21
such camps will be in operation throughout the country under administra
tion of the American Friends Service committee. Under terms of the ar
rangement the federal government is not obligated to pay camp expenses.
Largest Transport of Its Kind
The world’s largest twin-motored airliner, the new 36-passenger Cur
tlss-Wright transport plane. The plane, designed for army troop trans
port, arrived in New York after a non-stop flight from St. Louis. It can
accommodate 40 soldiers. Cruising at 60 per cent of full speed, It
averaged better than 215 miles an hour on the 933-mile test flight.
Rules New State
The duke of Spoleto, 41-year-old
cousin of King Victor Emmanuel
of Italy, who has been named king
of the new Axis-created state of Cro
atia. The new kingdom was carved
from Jugoslavia, with areas taken
by Germany and Italy as a result of
victorious war. Croatia’s new queen
is Princess Irene of Greece.
Men Hitler Trusted
Ernest Roehm (left) and Rudolf
Hess, the only two men whom Hitler
fully trusted seven years ago. Yet
Roehm was assassinated in a
I “purge” and Hess has fled Germany.
Speeding Up U. S. Army Photo Service
Above is shown a photographic plane of the U. S. army air corps dropping via parachute a batch of films
of "enemy positions,” taken by the plane. Upper right: Sergt. L. D. Vickers carries the negative container to
a portable dark-room at Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio. Prints can be produced within five minutes, and the
dark room flown anywhere on a moment’s notice. Lower right: Sergt. A. E. Matos washing a finished print.
Pan-American Chiefs Broadcast Home
Visiting chiefs «T the naval staffs from South and Central America are shown participating in a radio
broadcast from New York to their home countries. They were guests of honor at a dinner given by Rear
Admiral Adolphus Andrews, commandant of the third naval district, U. 8. N. The naval chiefs are making
a tour of U. S. naval establishments.
New U. S. Submarine Is Launched
Uncle Sam's latest submarine, the U. S. S. Drum, is shown here
going down the ways at Portsmouth, N. H., navy yard. Mrs. Thomas
Holcomb, wife of the Major General Commandant Thomas Holcomb,
U. S. marine corps, was the sponsor of the Drum. A 1934 act of congress
authorized this latest addition to our fighting fleet.
New Trench Mortar for U. S.
One of the first 81-mm trench mortars completed In the United States
for the national defense program is accepted for the army at a cere
mony at the Pullman Standard Car company’s plant in Hammond, Ind.
Left to right: Brig. Gen. A. G. Gillespie; C. A. Llddle, president of the
company, and Col. Donald Armstrong.
Maurice Du Fretay, right, 20-year
old Frenchman, receives the em
pire medal from air marshal L. A.
Pattinson for his unique escape to
England. Du Fretay built a plane
by candle-light, covering It with
leaves by day.
Onward, Old Glory!
Unfurled to the breeze, Old Glory
is escorted by four stalwart mem
! bers of the 101st Infantry, as they
pass in review during drill at Camp
Edwards, Mass.
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Love of Country
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spectacle of her glory, reflect that
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knew their duty and had the cour
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