The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, May 15, 1941, Image 7

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    U. S. Seizes Nazi Sailors
In another direct anti-Nazi move, government agents rounded up more
than 160 stranded Nazi seamen for shipment to American "concentra
tion camp or camps." This soundphoto shows some of those seized board
ing a cutter at New York, en route to Ellis Island for detention.
_ — I
Good Will Flight Ends in Tragedy
Bolivian Minister Don Luis Gauchalla, second from left, examines
personal effects of Capt. Rafael Rivas, aide to chief of the Bolivian air
corps, who died when his good-will plane crashed during take-off from
Washington, D. C„ airport. Captain Taborga, aide to president of Bolivia,
was taken alive from the flaming wreckage, but in critical condition. The
ship crashed on the second leg of a 10,000-mile good-will flight.
Speaks in Chicago
Lord Halifax, British ambassador
to the U. 8., shown as he delivered
his speech in behalf of American aid
to Britain, in Chicago. He declared
“war’s end must bring a system by
which all men will find opportunity
to build the foundations of a good
and decent life."
Against War
Former Gov. Philip LaFollette of
Wisconsin, as he delivered a fiery
anti-war speech in Hinsdale, 111. He
urged that America remain at peace.
President Opens Defense Savings Campaign
® STAl
President Roosevelt is shown as he purchased the first defense savings
bond and officially opened the treasury’s multi-million dollar defense
savings campaign. The new savings stamps and bonds are on sale at
post offices and banks and range from 10 cents to $10,000 in denomination.
Secretary of Treasury Morgenthau is shown handing the President his bond
just before the nation-wide radio addresses.
Chamber Hears Army and Navy Chiefs
Members of the United States Chamber of Commerce attending the
twenty-ninth annual meeting in Washington heard from the top-ranking
officers of the army and navy. Photo shows, L. to R., Gen. George C.
Marshall, U. S. army chief of staff; Admiral Harold R. Stark, chief of
naval operations; Tbos. Mclnnerney, vice president Chamber of Commerce.
Happy Birthday?
Faisal II, king of Iraq, who cele
brated his sixth birthday while the
artillery of his army was shelling
British troops who had taken refuge
in the R.A.F. base at Habbaniyah,
Iraq. Pro-Nazi Rashid Beg Gailani
is in the saddle as premier of Iraq.
Greek Leader
General Tsolakoglu, who signed
the Greek surrender at Salonika,
and who is reported to have formed
a new government, rival to that of
King George II at Crete.
More Power for the R.A.F.
The largest fleet of light planes ever seen in New York was christened on behalf of the R.A.F. benevolent
fond, and will make a barnstorming tour of the country to raise funds for the families of England’s air defend
ers. The fleet was inspected by these models. Inset: A Canadian woman working in a De Haviland aircraft
factory at Ottawa, Canada. In Canada, women are taking the place of men in industry.
‘Before and After’ in Ireland
Northern Ireland has had a taste of Nazi wrath, and southern Ireland is getting ready to meet “any In
vader.” At the left an impromptu concert is enjoyed In a destroyed area of Belfast after German bombers
visited Northern Ireland. At least 500 lives were lost. Right: Prime Minister Eamon De Valera of Eire
Inspects troops during the greatest military display ever seen in Dublin.
Standing Ready—Somewhere in England
In the "danger zone,” the Dover-Folkestone area of England, which
has become the “front” in the battle of Britain, home-guardsmen patrol
the barren sea cliffs and shore—ready to give Hitler’s Nazis a warm
welcome If they come. Sergeant W. Read, a retired civil servant, stand
ing guard, typifies the spirit of Great Britain.
New Chinese Foreign Minister Greeted Here
Appointed foreign minister of China while serving as that nation’s
ambassador in London, Dr. Quo Tal-Chl is shown on arrival in New York.
L. to R., Newbold Morris, president New York city council, welcom
ing Dr. Quo Tai-Chl, while Dr. Mu Shih, Chinese ambassador, and Li Yu
Ying (right) personal representative of Chlang Kai-shek, look on.
‘Buddy’ Poppy Girl
Daughter of a World war veteran,
Joan Leslie, actress, is shown in her
new role of national “buddy” poppy
girl. She was selected for the 1941
“buddy” poppy campaign of the Vet*
crans of Foreign Wars of the U. S.,
| for aid of veterans’ families.
Bomb Shelter
Jacob Baker of Cleveland, with
model of his shock-proof bomb shel
ter which will house four persons.
Mr. Baker says the shelter will b«
in process of manufacture soon.
¥he Gettysburg Address
Available for Framing
: TPHE world will little note, nor
long remember what we say
here . .
Those were modest words Lin
coln spoke at Gettysburg—and
they proved wrong. For Ameri
cans do remember, still live for
the ideal he expressed that day.
• • •
The Gettysburg address. In Lincoln’s
handwriting, is one of our new set, “Three
Great American Documents.” Others
are the Bill of Rights and the original
Star Spangled Banner, in Francis Scott
Key’s handwriUng. All are handsomely
printed, full size, in sepia on cream an
tique paper. Includes a 4-page leaflet giv
ing the histories of the documents. For
the set, send your order to:
635 Sixth Ave. New York City
Enclose 10 cents In coin for your
End of the Icicle
Ray—You’re just like an icicle.
Gladys—Well, you know an
Icicle melts easily enough wherj
you hold it.
Stock market tips are good buys
that often turn out to be farewells.
Nothing New
Mrs. Djones—Here’s an advertisement
of a new kind of shirt that hasn't any
Hjones—Huh? I’ve been wearing that
kind for years.
Two Chances
Hunter—Yes, sir, when that
bear chased me I jumped for a
limb twice as high as my head,
but I missed it.
Meeker—That was tough luck.
Did he hurt you much?
Hunter—No, while I missed the
limb going up, I grabbed it com
ing down.
Steam Up
Foreman—Say, that new man
we put on the job is a regular
Boss—Good worker, is he?
Foreman — No, he’s a good
Paying One’s Debt
There are but two ways of pay
ing debt—increase of industry in
raising income, increase of thrift
in laying out.—Carlyle.
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Profit by Adversity
We become wiser by adversity;
prosperity destroys our apprecia
tion of the right.—Seneca.
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