The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, March 13, 1941, Image 7

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    Legionnaires Return From W ar Inspection
Legion Commander Milo Warner, right, with three other Legionnaires,
* shown on their return to America after an eight-day tour of England.
They are enjoying coffee here. Warner said England can win the war
with American aid. He will report to a special meeting of the Legion
during March.
Bermuda Base Site Transferred to U.
This soundphoto shows his excellence, Lieut. Gen. Sir Denis J. C. K.
Bernard, governor of Bermuda, saluting the honor guard of the U. S.
marines on Tucker’s island during an historic ceremony in which the
Tucker’s and Morgan’s islands were transferred to the United States
government for air and naval bases.
r *1
Breaks Relations
After reading a strongly worded
British note to Bulgarian Premier
Bogdan Filoff, George W. Rendel
(shown above), British minister to
Bulgaria at Sofia, formally broke off
diplomatic relations with the Bal
kan kingdom.
Office Closed
Giacomo Profili, the Italian vice
consul in Detroit, Mich., whose office
was ordered closed by the govern
ment. Profili heads the Italian con
sulate In Michigan.
Guarding ‘The Rock’ From Sea and Air
A view from an accompanying British war plane high above Great
Britain’s Rock of Gibraltar, showing another plane on patrol duty,
winging high over the harbor, wherein are several men o’ war. All are
on the alert against attack by German planes from the air and German
troops that might be given a “corridor” down to southern Spain by the
Fascist government. The Rock, which is one of the most formidable
1 fortresses in the world, is Great Britain’s effective western door to the
Mediterranean, through which British commerce and warships flow from
day to day.
Tour of a Kind!’
...I.———.. in .
Mrs. Peter Lasley, 42-year-old farm wife and mother of Leitchfield,
Ky., shown in the city hospital at Louisville with the quadruplets born
to her at Leitchfield. The babes, which were rushed to Louisville, are
(left to right): John. 5% pounds; Mildred, 4 pounds; Martine, 4 pounds,
!and Beulah, 5 pounds.
Delayed Inaugural
Forrest C. Donnell was inaug
urated Missouri’s fortieth governor
after a six weeks’ delay because of
contested election. He is the first Re
publican governor to crack the Mis
souri Capitol’s Democratic ranks
! since the Roosevelt landslide in 1932.
This picture shows him at the in
augural in Jefferson City, Mo., with
Col. Branch Rickey, owner of the
St. Louis Cardinals. Left: Governor
Forrest Donnell, and (right) Col.
Left: Ralph Austin Bard of Chi
cago, who was appointed assistant
secretary of the navy. Right: Rob
ert A. Lovett of New York, appoint
ed special assistani to secretary of
war for air.
Watchful Waiting Off Dutch East Indies
. rr mm ——*“'***' KHMMMMHH
The Dutch East Indies, eyed greedily by Japan, is the new danger-spot in the Far East. When Holland
fell, Dutch warships went to protect these colonies. Upper picture shows the fleet and air fleet at Sourabaja,
naval base In Java. Below, (left) two subs of the Netherlands navy on patrol, and, (right) the first group
of American-built planes of the East Indies air force on guard.
Goose-Steppers—Over There—And Here!
— .. —- ————m
Left: Citizens of Padova, Italy, welcome arrival of German troops. Right: Members of the school band
of Sag Harbor, L. I., goose-step by a "dictator" on "dictatorship day," when totalitarian rule was estab
lished to illustrate the advantages of living in our free democracy instead of under the rule of a dictator.
Hunting the Giant Hares of Ontario
With big drives by a hundred hunters or more on Ontario’s giant
hares, which weigh up to 18 pounds, legislation is sought to limit driving
parties to 15 persons. In top picture a hunter aims at an unfortunate
rodent, while below a couple of hunters seek the elusive bare whose
I speed matches the best of man and dog.
Strange Interlude in War at Sea
_ m «K../•..•yy.-.v.-.V-'-v
Although facing the triple threat of submarines, mines and bombing
planes, these men of a British patrol vessel can still grin cheerfully as
they watch one of their number give a shipmate a trimming. These
little patrol ships are in port only for brief spells to refuel and take on
ammunition and supplies.
Too Big for Army
. .. ...jj
George Fischer, of New Paltz, N.
Y.f who was rejected by the army
because there was too much of him!
George weighs 470 pounds and Is 6
feet 4 inches tail!
' ixttiurvv
Members of Circus Saints’ and
Sinners’ Club of America must be
able “to take it.” Here Rear Ad
miral Woodward does his best with
tub and paddle after “shipwreck.”
"“pHE home gardener has an im
portanj place in our program
of national defense, a much more
important role than he played dur
ing the first World war.
In the face of these facts, gar
deners are advised to do two
things: Plan to devote increased
space to vegetable gardening; and
perfect plans for the 1941 garden
so as to get the greatest possible
yield from the available space.
In stepping up yield from vege
table gardens of limited size, two
major devices should be relied on,
first, companion cropping — the
planting of fast-growing crops like
radishes, spinach, and lettuce be
tween rows of slower-growing
vegetables like tomatoes, and cab
bage. The fast growers will be
pulled and used before the other
crops need the space.
Second, succession cropping—
the repeated planting of major
crops such as beans, sweet com,
radishes, carrots, beets, and let
tuce. Moderate-size, new plant
ings made at regular intervals
during the early part of the season
will provide a stead3* supply of
fresh vegetables until the season’s
Slow Murder
Many states no longer follow the
old common law that a person
cannot be indicted and tried for a
murder if the victim lives for a
year and a day after the assault.
For instance, in New York a short
time ago, a man was convicted of
murder although the deceased did
not die from the bullet wound for
more than four years.
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Deceiving First Sight
Things are not always what they
seem; the first appearance de
ceives many; the intelligence of
few perceives what has been care
fully hidden in the recesses of th«
One’s Best Light
It pays to follow one’s best
light; to put God and one’s coun
try first, and ourselves after
wards.~Samuel C. Armstrong.
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