The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, February 20, 1941, Image 9

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    Eject Protesting Women From U. S. Capitol
About 500 members of the Mothers Crusade of America went to
Washington to oppose the pending lend-lease bill. Carrying American
flags, they chanted “kill the bill, not my son." They were ejected by
Capitol police for creating a disturbance in the senate chambers. Photo
shows police removing the leaders.
Two Killed, 15 Hurt in Rail Wreck
Here is a view of the wrecked baggage and mail cars of the Canadian
National railroad passenger train, which struck a freight train some dis
tance east of Ternton, Ontario. The engineer and fireman of the passenger
train were killed, and 15 passengers were bruised.—Soundphoto.
‘All Quiet on the Western Front’
A German anti-aircraft gun and its crew are shown somewhere in
occupied France. One gunner is having his hair cut by a battery mate;
the others are taking it easy around t’ue gun position. In the background
may be seen an anti-tank gun in position, and, in the foreground, rifles
and helmets laid out in readiness—for what?
Knox-Knox, Who Goes There?
The navy and war department employees, from the office boy to the
secretary, have to show7 identification badges carrying their picture before
they can enter the departments. This new' ruling is now in effect. Photo
shows Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox showing his badge to guard on
duty at entrance to navy department.
Historic Meeting
This picture was sent to New York
via radio and to Chicago via sound
photo, and shows the historic meet
ing of Mussolini, right, and Gen.
Francisco Franco, near Italy’s fron
tier. Franco was accompanied by
his foreign minister, Ramon Suner.
To Be Spain's King?
Don Juan, 27 years of age, prince
of the Austrias, who may become
king of Spain. His father, former
King: Alfonso XIII, has renounced
all rig:ht In favor of his son.
One-Man Stretcher
This new type of stretcher, invent
ed by an Australian, is being dem
onstrated on the beach at Sydney,
Australia. It is designed for use in
bombed buildings by one-man res
cue expeditions. The stretcher’s
straps and footrest will hold a pa
tient firmly, even when tilted at a
sharp angle as shown here.
Anti-Tank ‘Cocktail’
An Australian soldier examines
two anti-tank bombs, taken from
Italians at Bardia, Libya. The
bombs are made of gasoline-filled
bottles attached to hand grenades.
Germany Prepares for British Air Attack
There have been many pictures of British preparations to ward off Nasi invasion attempts, but very few
showing Nazi preparations against British effort. These pictures show the preparations being made by the Ger
mans on the coast of occupied France, to withstand the dally batterings of the RAF. At left, an anti-aircraft
gun is placed in position. Center: The observer mans his instrument as the “trigger man” sits ready to blast
the invading British. Right: Gun loaders insert clips of 37 mm. shells.
Gas Mask Drill and ‘Dipsy Doodle Dip’
Soldiers of the Forty-fourth division (left) racing through a smoke screen, to which a little tear gas has
been added, during a gas mask drill at Fort Dix, N. J. The gas was sprung on the boys by surprise to test their
powers of detection. Right: Members of Company *‘E," 101st Infantry, try out a new march relief step called
the “Dipsy Doodle Dip” at Camp Edwards, Falmouth, Mass. The boys take a dip on every tenth step.
Mighty Mites to Haul Giant Planes
V* 32414 ,
w.ti.Kr •
11.3 .A.
Tugs are usually associated with harbors and shipping, but their
modern counterparts are found at Randolph field, Texas, where tiny
'plane tugs are used to tow the sky giants to and from their hangars.
Picture shows Sergt. R. R. Arnold checking In a shipment of the “mighty
mites” at the “West Point of the Air.”
Another Launching for U. S. Defense
The 158-foot anti-submarine net tender Locust is launched Great Lakes
fashion (sidewise) at Cleveland, Ohio. It is the first of 12 such craft
under construction by the American Shipbuilding company. As in build
ing American submarines, special attention is given to constructional
atrenrth of net tenders against depth charge attack.
Football Czar
Elmer Layden, football coach at
Notre Dame and one of the “Four
Horsemen,“ who has accepted the
post of commissioner of professional
football—a post comparable to that
of Judge Landis, czar of baseball.
Layden will draw $20,000 a year.
Pair of Queens
Winter and summer queens ol
Twin Cities at opening ol St. Paul’s
winter carnival. Betty McDonald,
(right) queen of St. Paul’s winter
carnival, and Joyce Moyen, Minne
apolis’ summer queen.
If curtains are dry before being
starched they will keep clean
• * *
Turn the handles of pots and
pans on the stove out of reach of
small children.
• • •
When plates or dishes are burned
after baking they can be easily
cleaned by rubbing them with a
cloth dipped in salt.
* • •
To remove grease marks from
book pages: Sponge with benzene,
then place pages between blotting
paper and press with hot iron.
• • •
Ba careful when gralhg bmon
rind that you do not grate any of
the white part underneath the
skin, which contains no lemon
flavor and is very bitter. The
lemon flavor comes from the oil
found only in the yellow rind at
the surface. .
Milk scorches easily, so heat it in
a double boiler or warm it over
low heat in a pan set on an asbes
tos mat. To help keep the milk
from sticking to the sides, rinse
the pan in cold water before heat
• • •
When preparing bread crumbs
for escalloped dishes, croquettes,
etc., tie a cloth or paper bag over
the mouth of the meat grinder
and put the bread in. The crumbs
will then be deposited in the bag
instead of being scattered on the
• • •
Never use a sharp instrument to
loosen the ice trays in your re
frigerator; you might puncture the
coils. Take a dull instrument and
use it as a wedge under the rim.
When you replace the trays, wipe
them with a cloth. It’s the freez
ing of the excess water that makes
trays stick.
for parties
and pleasure .. . saves cooking
time and money...nourishing...
order, today, from your grocer.
In Silence
Silence is the element in which
great things fashion themselves
together; that at length they may
emerge, full-formed and majestic,
into the daylight of Life, which
they are thenceforth to rule.—Car
fine roll*
your - own
in every
handy tin
of Princo
B. J. BtTQoldi Tobacco Co., Wlnaton Salem, N. CL