The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, June 17, 1937, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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    (First publication May 27, 1937.)
Notice is hereby given that by
virtue of an Order of Sale issued to
me by the clerk of the District
Court of Holt county, Nebraska, in
an action pending in said Court
wherein Home Owner’s Loan Cor
poration, a corporation duly or
ganized and existing under and by
virtue of the laws of the United
States, with its principal place of
business located in the City of
Washington, District of Columbia,
is plaintiff and Stella F. Hancock
and others, (this being case No.
13147) are defendants, I will sell
to the highest bidder for cash at
the front door of the court house in
O’Neill, Nebraska, on the 28th day
of June, 1937, at 10 o’clock A. M.,
the following described premises
in Holt county, Nebraska:
Lots nine, ten, eleven, twelve,
thirteen, fourteen, fiifteen and
sixteen (9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,
16 & 16), Block four (4) in
Hazelet’s Addition to O’Neill,
Holt county, Nebraska,
to satisfy the sum of $3,000.23
found due plaintiff and interest
thereon and $29.75 costs of suit and
accruing costs.
Dated this 24th day of May, 1937.
Sheriff of Holt County,
2-5 Nebraska.
(First publication June 17, 1937.)
In the District Court of Holt
county, Nebraska.
In the Matter of the Application
of Julia Flanigan, Guardian of
Carl J. Flanigan, Incompetent,
for a License to Sell Real
Notice is hereby given that in
pursuance of an order of the Hon
orable Robert R. Dickson, Judge of
the District Court of Holt county,
Nebraska, made in this said cause
on the 15th day of May, A. D., 1937,
for the sale of the real estate here
inafter described, there will be sold
at public vendue, to the highest
bidder for cash, at the front door
of the Court House, in the City of
O’Neill, in said County and State,
on the seventh day of July, A. D.,
1937, at the hour of ten o’clock
A. M., the following described real
estate, to-wit:
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I HAVE eastern money to loan on
farms and ranches. I also loan
money on city property.—R. H.
Parker, O’Neill, Nebr. 2tf
HOUSE—Mary A. Kelley. 5-lp
HOUSE, furnished, for summer.—
Mrs. E. D. Henry. 4-2p
WHEN you have butcher stuff,
either hogs or cattle for sale, see
Barnhart’s Market. 48tf
COBS—J. B. Ryan hay office. 5-1
MY ENTIRE heard of Registered
Herefords, cows, with calves at
side, and re-bred. Also a few
yearling bulls.—W. G. Sire, In
man, Nebr. 6-4p
I Am Now Making Loans
Phone 147
Half Block South of the Ford
Garage—West Side of Street
Expert Watch Repairing
O. M. Herre—Jeweler
In Reardon Drug Store
W. F. FINLEY, M. I).
Phone, Office 28
O’Neill :: Nebraska
Office Phone 77
Complete X-Ray Equipment
Glasses Correctly Fitted
Residence Phone 223
An undivided one-half inter
est in and to the North Half of
the Northwest Quarter, and
the Northeast Quarter and the
Southeast Quarter of the
Northwest Quarter and the
Northeast Quarter of the
Southwest Quarter of Section
Eleven, Township Thirty-three,
Range Fourteen, Holt county,
This said sale will remain open
one hour.
Dated this 16th day of June
A. D., 1937.
Guardian of Said Incompetent.
6-3 Julius D. Cronin, Attorney.
(First publication May 20, 1937.)
The following is the estimate of
expenses for the City of O’Neill,
Nebraska, for the fiscal year com
mencing the first Tuesday in May,
1937, and ending the first Tuesday
in May, 1938.
Wages and Salaries
as provided for
by Ordinance-$ 2,800.00
of Water Works- 1,200.00
of Water Works- 4,000.00
of Water works - 4,000.00
Street Lighting .- 3,800.00
Street Maintenance and
construction and repair
of walks.. 2,500.00
Refunding Bond
Sinking Fund_ 2,000.00
Refunding Bond Interest 1,300.00
Wuter Bond
Sinking Fund_ 500.00
Water Bond Interest- 300.00
Maintenance of
Fire Department . 1,000.00
Maintenance of Sewers— 1,200.00
Miscellaneous ...— 2,800.00
Support of Band 1,000.00
Interest on Intersection
Paving Bonds -. 190.00
Intersection Paving
Bond Sinking Fund — 250.00
Curb and Gutter War
rants in street im
provements districts
No’s. 8-4-5, interest
and sinking fund- 1,200.00
Paving Warrants,
Paving District No. 3,
interest (including
intersections)_ 600.00
Paving 'Warrants,
District No. 3 Sinking
fund (including inter
sections) 1,200.00
Engineering Expense . 600.00
Total $32,340.00
The entire receipts of revenue
for the fiscal year ending the first
Tuesday in May, 1937, as follows:
w a ter $ 6,426.97
County Treasurer _ 8,000.00
Grattan Township _ 288.77
License, occupation tax,
shows, etc. _ _ 2,997.75
Curb and Gutter
Dist. No. 2_ 49.93
Curb and Gutter
Dist. No. 3 135.27
Curb and Gutter
Dist. No. 4 46.60
Curb and Gutter
Dist. No. 5 32.62
Paving District No. 3 . 3,605.73
Total $21,583.64
1-5 C. W. PORTER, Clerk.
(First publication June 3, 1937.)
Matt Reifers; Jane Reifers, real
name unknown; the heirs, dev
isees, legatees, personal represent
atives, and all other persons inter
ested in the Estate of Peter Reifers,
deceased, real names unknown;
Oscar A. Kuppler; Jane Kuppler,
real name unknown; Walter R.
Kuppler; Ruth Kuppler, real name
unknown; Marion Helene Kuppler;
Virginia Kuppler Simson; John
Simson, real name unknown; llai
dee Margaret Kuppler; George
Simson; Clarence M. Kuppler;
Mildred Kuppler, real name un
known; Herman C. Kuppler; Hed
wig Nies; John Nies, real name
unknown; William Qualls, Junior;
Hattie Qualls; William Qualls;
Paul Nietzel; Mildred Nietzel, real
name unknown; William Nies;
Mildred Nies, real name unknown;
Walter R. Kuppler, Executor of the
Estate of Anna M. Kuppler Reifers,
deceased; Oscar A. Kuppler, Ex
ecutor of the Estate of Anna M.
Kuppler Reifers, deceased; all per
sons having or claiming any inter
est in the Southwest Quarter of
Block “G", McCafTerty’s Second Ad
dition to O’Neill, Holt county, Ne
braska, real names unknown; are
hereby notified that the Norfolk
Building and Loan Association has
commenced an action in the District
Court of Holt , county, Nebraska,
against them, impleaded with oth
The object and purpose of said
action is to foreclose a mortgage
executed by D. S. Griesel to the
plaintiff, on May 8, 1916, which
mortgaged and conveyed to the
plaintiff, as security for the pay
ment of a note of $2,000.06, the
following described real property,
to-wit: The Southwest Quarter of
Block “G”, McCafferty’s Second
Addition to O’Neill, Holt county,
Nebraska, which mortgage is rec
orded in Book 11G, Page 331 of the
Mortgage records of Holt county,
The prayer of the petition is for
I the appointment of a receiver pend
| ing the completion of this action,
and for an accounting of the
amount due plaintiff under the
terms of the mortgage deed; that
the defendants be ordered to pay
the sum so found due, with interest,
and in default of such payment for
I twenty days from the entry of the
decree, said premises be sold, as
provided by law; that the defend
ants, and each of them be fore
closed of all right, title, interest,
and equity of redemption in and to
said premises, and for such other
and further relief as may be just
and equitable.
The above named and designated
defendants, and each of them, are
required to answer the petition, in
said action, on or before the 12th
day of July. 1937, or the same will
be taken as true and decree rend
ered accordingly.
The above named defendants are
further notified that plaintiff has
made application for the appoint
ment of a receiver for the above
described real estate and said ap
plication will be called up for hear
ing before the District Court of
Holt county, Nebraska, in the Dis
trict Court room in the Courthouse
at O’Neill, Nebraska, on the 12th
day of July, 1937, at ten o’clock
A. M., or as soon thereafter as said
matter may be heard.
Said application is based upon
the allegations contained in the
petition of plaintiff in said fore
closure action and will be support
ed by affidavits, and upon such ver
bal testimony as may be adduced in
support thereof at said hearing,
showing the mortgaged property
is in danger of being materially in
jured and is property insufficient to
discharge the mortgage debt.
Plaintiff proposes John L. Quig
as Receiver and United States Fi
delity & Guaranty Company of
Baltimore, Maryland, as surety
both for the Receiver and for said
Dated this 2nd day of June, 1937.
Norfolk Building and
Loan Association.
By Mapes & Mapes,
and W. J. Hammond,
3-4 Its Attorneys.
(First publication June 3, 1937.)
In the County Court of Holt
county, Nebraska.
In the Matter of the Estate of
Ransom G. Brown, Deceased.
To all persons interested in said
estate, both creditors and heirs:
You are notified that on the 1st
day of June, 1937, David E. Mag
nuson and Donald F. Sampson,
petitioners, filed their petition in
the above matter setting forth
among other things that Ransom G.
Brown, a citizen and resident of
Holt county, Nebraska, died there
in intestate prior to the 10th day of
November, 1893, and that prior to
his death he had made entry on the
Northwest Quarter of Section
Thirty-five (35), Township Twenty
five (25) North, Range Fifteen
(15) West of the Sixth (6th) P. M.
in Holt county, Nebraska, which
was then government land, but had
not received his patent therefor
and that at the time of his death he
claimed some interest in the said
above described real estate; that
the said Ransom G. Brown was
never married and that his sole and
only heir at law was his father,
Marcus Brown, and that through
the said Marcus Brown by mesne
conveyances the above named peti
tioners have acquired a fee simple
interest in and to said real estate.
That the prayer of said petition
is for a decree determining the time
of the death of the decedent and
the name of his heir, fixing the
degree of kinship of said heir, and
the right of descent of said real
estate, barring the claims of cred
itors of said deceased, and for such
other and further relief as may be
just and equitable.
Said matter is set for hearing
before the County Court of Holt
county, Nebraska, on the 24th day
of June, 1937, at the hour of 10
o’clock in the forenoon.
County Judge.
(County Court Seal) 3-3
Donald F. Sampson, Attorney
Central City, Nebraska
(First publication June 17, 1937.)
Estate No. 2383
In the County Court of Holt
county, Nebraska, June 12, 1937.
In the matter of the Estate of
Florence J. Ratliff, Deceased.
All persons interested in said
estate are hereby notified that the
Administrator of said estate has
filed in said court his final report
and a petition for final settlement
and distribution of the residue of
said estate; and that said report
and petition will be heard July 7,
1937, at 10 o’clock A. M. at the
County Court Room in O’Neill, Ne
braska, when all persons interested
may appear and be heard concern
ing" said final report and the dis
tribution of said estate.
County Judge.
(County Court Seal) 5-3
J. D. Cronin, Attorney
4-H Clubs
Page Poultry Club Reorganized
The Page Poultry club has re
organized this year with Mrs, Ed
gar Stauffer of Page as the local
leader. This club has been func
tioning for several years and the
members have some very tine rec
ords. Following are the officers
and members of the club for 1937:
Marvin Stauffer, president; Edward
Roth, vice president; Wallace
French, secretary; Burton French,
news reporter, and Dale Stauffer.
Chambers Cooking Club Organized
The Chambers Cooking club or
ganized June 11, with Eula Winter
mote as local leader and Clarice
Ressel as assistant leader. Officers
and members of the club are: loin
Grimes, president; Elaine Adams,
vice president; Kathryn Woods,
secretary; Evelyn Porter, news re
porter; Betty Ressel, Maxine Res
sel, Doris Smith, Marolyn Harley,
Loretta Lenz and Doris Kiltz.
G. A. H. 4-H Club Organized
The G. A. II. 4-H club reorganiz
ed this year with Mrs. F. M. Reece
as leader and Ruth Osenbaugh as
assistant leader. The girls will
carry a summer clothes project this
year. Officers and members of the
club are: Maybelle Osenbaugh
president; Davine Loy, vice presi
dent; Doris Scofield, secretary;
Eileen Kelley, news reporter; Mar
rian Olson, Dorothy Valla, Rachel
Salmons and Doloris Bachman.
Sunday School 10 a. m
Morning \V0rship 11 a. m.—Rev.
D. S. Conrad will preach. Lewis
Cambre will aing.
No evening) service, and no Ep
worth League service.
The pastor and some of the young
people will be at the Epworth
League Institute at Stanton, begin
ning June 16 and lasting to June 23.
The Alpha Club met at the home
of Mrs. Dick Robertson Wednesday,
June 9. Twelve members answered
to roll call, which was to give a
current event. Mrs. Mary J. Thom
as of Lincoln, Mrs. P. J. Lansworth,
Mrs. S. R. Robertson and Della
Grutsch of O’Neill, were guests.
During the business meeting
plans were made for the "Street
Carnival" which is to be held at
Midway Friday, June 18. The pro
gram consisted of a report on Alas
ka by Esther Robertson; Industries
of the United States, by Hazel Mc
Donald; George W. Craver, by
Minnie Boshart, and musical read
ing by Pearle Widtfeldt. After the
program Boston baked chicken
sandwiches, coffee and tea w'ere
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Streeter
drove to Norfolk last Sunday and
put in the day visiting relatives
Miss Helen Toy left last week for
Lincoln where she will attend the
Nebraska University summer
Miss Grace Connolly went down
to Omaha last Sunday where she
will spend, a couple of weeks vaca
tion visiting friends.
H. B. Hubbard was up from
Lincoln the latter part of the week
looking after his real estate inter
ests in this city and vicinity.
Mrs. Anton Toy left the latter
part of last week for Omaha, where
she will spend a couple of weeks
visiting relatives and friends.
Montana Jack Sullivan is expect
ed to arrive tomorrow from his
home at Butte for a couple of weeks
visit with relatives and old friends
Ambrose Biglin came down from
Casper Wyo., Wednesday morning
for a couple of weeks visit at the
home of his mother, Mrrs. O. F.
Biglin and with other relatives and
friends here.
Mias Grace O’Donnell, who has
been attending college at Chicago
for the past year, returned home
Tuesday night to spend the sum
mer vacation.
The M. E. Ladies Aid will meet
at the home of Mrs. John Alfs
Thursday, June 24, with Mrs. Groff,
Mrs. Archie Bow'en and Mrs, Mc
Elhaney assisting.
Leonard Leidy, a mechanic in
the Chevrolet garage, went down
to Omaha last Sunday to put in a
couple of days attending a Chevro
let school for auto mechanics.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Biglin drove
to Sioux City last Tuesday morn
ing. Mrs. Biglin remained at
Jackson for a few clays visit with
relatives while Mr. Biglin returned
home that evening.
C. C. Reka, Jack Arbuthnot and
Alva Winchell returned Monday
from their fishing trip to the north
ern Minnesota lakes. The boys
say they had a delightful trip and
caught a lot of fish.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Angster drove
to Omaha last Sunday, where Mr.
Angster spent a couple of days at
tending a Chevrolet sdhool for
auto mechanics while Mrs. Ang
ster visited relatives and friends.
R. E. Moore and family returned
last Sunday from a visit with rela
tives at Nebraska City. Emmet
attended a meeting in Lincoln while
the family visited at the home of
Mrs. Moore’s parents at Nebraska
Mrs. Larry Colman entertained
the EOT club last Thursday even
ing with bridge and a luncheon.
The prize winners were Mrs. Bruce
Rummel, Mrs. Ambrose Rhode,
Mrs. Alfred Brodersen and Mrs.
W. J. Schendt.
Mrs. Robert Lucas entertained
members of the C. L. C. club of
Page at a 1 o’clock luncheon at
the Lucas ranch 15 miles south
of O’Neill. Mrs. June Townsend,
Agnes and Margaret Russell and
Mrs. John Dorr were guests.
Miss Mary Morrison went over
to Creighton last Monday to at
tend the wedding of Miss Helen
Ryan to Vincent Riley of Lincoln,
which was solemnized there Mon
day. Miss Ryan is a former teach
er in the O’Neill public schools.
Miss Loretta Shoemaker left
Wednesday morning for Alberqu
\que, N. M., where she expects to
spend three months for the benefit
of her health. She was accom
panied as afr as Kansas City by her
sisiter, Miss Clare Shoemaker.
Harry Schroer, of Omaha was in
the city Wednesday and made this
office a pleasant call renewing old
time acquaintanceship. Mr. Schro
er operated a tailor shop in this
city forty-eight years ago, this be
ing his second visit to O’Neill since
he left here. From here he moved
to Norfolk where he operated a
tailor shop for several years, retir
ing from business a year ago and
moving to Omaha where he makes
his home with a son, one of the
professors in North high school
there. While here he spent his 1
time in looking up ses'eral of the
old timers in the city and chatting
with them of the olden days.
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