The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, September 03, 1936, Image 3

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    Loyalists in Firing Line at Guadarrama
An excellent closeup view of the firing line during the attack on Guadarrama, Spain. These leftist rifle
men aided in checking the rebel advance on Madrid at the mountain town.
Miss Congo Is Taken for a Ride
Miss Congo, the smallest gorilla ever to come to the United States,
and one of three lady gorillas in the whole country—there are seven
gentleman gorillas scattered around in zoos—is taken for a ride by
her trainer, Sam Parratt, at the Brookfield zoo, in Chicago. Miss Congo
was the last of her kind to fall into the hands of man before the recent
international treaty forbidding the export of gorillas from Africa went
into effect.
Richest Japanese
Is Young Man
Japan’s richest man, Baron Kichi
zaemon Sumitomo, who paid an as
sessment of 800,000 yen on an in
come of 3,000,000 yen, the highest
made in Japan in 1936 He is 25
years old and has been head of the
house of Sumitomo since 1926. He
was graduated from Kyoto Imperial
university in 1933, and a year lat
er married his cousin, the grand
daughter of Prince Saionji, the last
of the elder statesmen. Baron Su
mitomo is president of the Sumito
mo Limited Partnership; director
of the Sumitomo bank and the Su
mitomo trust.
Glenn Morris, Denver clerk, who
won the Olympic decathlon at the
games in Berlin.
Fulton Market Falls Into River
View showing the twisted mass of timbers after a 125-foot section
of the Fulton Fish Market, for many years a landmark of the lower
Manhattan waterfront, collapsed into the waters of the East river. This
is the place where former Gov. A1 E. Smith worked as a young man
before he entered politics and began his famous career.
Experts Attend Flood Control Conference
Experts attending the flood control conference called by President Roosevelt are shown at the White
House. Left to right: Frederick A. Delano and Abel Wolman, both of the national resources board; H. H.
Bennett, director of the soil conservation board; Maj. Gen. Edward M. Markham, chief of army engineers,
and Aubrey Williams, federal relief administrator.
Scenes and Persons in the Current News
1_Rev. Charles E. Coughlin being interviewed at the Cleveland convention of his National Union for Sa
cial Justice which indorsed Lemke for President of the United States. 2—Coast artillery of the Illinois Nation
al Guard turning on a giant searchlight during the war maneuvers in the Middle West. 3—Portrait of Gen.
Francisco Franco, commander in chief of the rebel forces in the Spanish civil war.
Air Chief
Inspects New
Eugene Vidal (left), director of
the bureau of air commerce, and
Test Pilot James Hurst, inspecting
the power plant of a new-type air
plane to be developed for the bureau
from a standpoint of utility, cost,
comfort and safety, in its program
for the improvement of privately
owned aircraft. The ship, an Ar
row Model F low wing monoplane,
is powered by a V-type eight cylin
der automobile motor.
Sailor Is Veteran at 25.
Lorain, Ohio.—Erling Eriksen,
of Norway, is a veteran of the sea
at twenty-five. On a visit with
relatives here, he revealed that
he has made 160 trips across the
Atlantic in 10 years.
As Baseball Was in the Beginning
.r»» wwwi • . • ....—-r~
All dressed in the resplendent uniforms of 1876 these modern baseball players from the New York sand
lots helped the New York Giants celebrate the sixtieth birthday of the National league. They played under
the rules of 1880, and adopted the names of stars of the era of flowing mustaches and bumsides.
Screen Boys
New Club
First Meeting
Proves Hilarious
Limited to youngsters under
eighteen years of age who have
at least three feature motion pic*
ture roles to their credit, the Screen
Boys’ club was organized at the
home of Director W. S. Van Dyke
with a nucleus of 15 ch rter mem
bers. It was a hilarious session—
as witness this meeting of the offi
cers. Left to right, they are Fred
die Bartholomew, president; Mick
ey Rooney, first vice-president, and
Jackie Cooper, treasurer.
Precocious Raven
Chelsea, Iowa.—The local drug
gist, John Swalm, has a pet raven
which says, ‘‘Hello,” laughs, hoots
like an owl, fishes peanuts out of a
bottle, plays catch, and imitates
chickens, dogs and cats, and can
also take caps off bottles.
Mrs. Constance Collins Wortman,
bride of Capt. Volnev Wortman, Six
ty-first coast artillery, instructor at
the University of Illinois, spent part
of the honeymoon watching the war
games of the second army. A piece
of field artillery furnished her a
Ice-Blue and Ash
<9 A Mot-luted
W\'D Hervlee.
“ nEAR bette *havt; D''*n just
L' dying to tell you all about
Myles, and would have written long
before this, but the affair of toe ice
blue satin kept me, and everyone
else at Fair Oaks. In a perpetual
dither You may think because of the
above that the ice-blue satin be
longed to me. but it didn't. It be
longed to Dona Fairchild. Imagine!
It .was bad enough, after meeting
Myles, to find that she was coming
down, but when I saw that ice-blue,
with its interlaced silver waist cord,
and slippers to match. I gave up all
hope Augment Dona Fairchild’s
natural beauty with such a creation
and no man could resist her. Or so
I thought. 1 must begin at the begin
ning and tell you all.
“Karen Coolidge invited a bunch
of us down to her summer place at
Fair Oak for a week-end. f came
alone on Friday night, and Myles
was there ahead of me Darling, the
moment I saw him I changed my
views on this love-at-first-sight
business. It happened to me right
then. He was all that I have ever
dreamed of in a man. I know that
sounds silly to you. but we do have
our secret dreams, whether we ad
mit it or not.
“I suspected that Myles’ regard
for me was the same, but when
you are in love with a man you can
never really tell how he feels. How
ever. I wasn’t tremendously con
cerned—not in three full days ahead
in the most glorious surroundings.
Or at least I wasn't until Karen
mentioned that Dona Fairchild had
phoned at the last minute that she
had changed her plans and was
coming The wretch! Of course,
you remember her. No scruples, no
sense of honor. She's beautiful and
she knows it. Every man is her
game, no matter who else may
have designs on him. The woman
respects absolutely none of the rules
of fair play.
I must confess I was not a little
anxious and afraid, and yet I
rouldn't help feeling that Myles’
interest in me was sincere and that
Dona or anyone else couldn’t make
any difference. It was. I admit, a
false hope, but even this vanished
when I saw the iccblue. Dona
showed it to us in her room when
she unpacked. Satin it was, with a
charming jabot-bolero arrangement
cascading from the shoulders. All
cut in one piece and caught together
in back. Picturing it on Dona, set
ting off her ash blonde hair and
blue eyes I knew that all was lost.
“I went into my room, feeling
pretty blue about it, and sat down
to think And right then a desperate
plan occurred to me. Why not em
ploy a few of Dona’s own tactics?
Why adhere to principles and scru
ples and that sort of thing when you
are running the risk of losing the
man you love?
“And before I could change my
mind I went downstairs, found
Myles and began telling him what
a beauty Dona was, and all about
the ice-blue satin and how he would
be sure to fall for her. Oh, I know
it sounds silly and dangerous, but
1 was desperate, and this was a
little plan of my own.
“Well, two hours later dinner was
announced, and what do you think!
Dona appeared in an old yellow
frock that belonged to Karen. Yel
low! Imagine! We hadn’t recovered
from the shock of it when Karen
told us of the dreadful thing that
had happened. The ice-blue had
been stolen.
i Know u must sound wnouy pre
posterous to you. but that’s exactly
what had happened. Frankly, I must
confess to a feeling of relief, though
of course I acted as concerned and
sympathetic as the others. Needless
to say. Dona was furious. Furious?
That’s putting it mild. She was
wild! And it didn’t help her disposi
tion any to discover that her efforts
to bewitch Myles were entirely
wasted. You can't imagine how
gratifying it was to discover that
without the proper attire the girl
is practically helpless.
“Well, anyway, the evening ended
and the mystery remained unsolved.
Frankly, for various reasons it en
tirely slipped my mind. The reason,
of course, was Myles. He inveigled
me out on to the terrace, darling,
and spoke words, that, candidly I
longed to hear, and which set my
heart to pounding. Later, when re
tiring, I felt rather triumphant and
completely happy. Myles and I had
reached an understanding.
“Darling, it wasn’t until a week
later that I again gave thought to
the mystery of the ice-blue dress.
You see, it had been returned the
following morning. And who do you
think it was that returned it? Myles!
Yes, darling, my own Myles. He
explained it all to me just yester
day. You see, I had raved so much
about how gorgeous Dona would look
in the ice-blue that he had become
afraid. Actually. Afraid that he
might become infatuated with her.
And he didn’t want to. He wanted
to stay in love with me, the dear
boy, and knowing what ice - blue
does to ash blondes, he simply had
the foresight to remove a possible
temptation. So, you see, my plan
did work, though in a different man
ner than I expected. No, dear, there
is no further danger. We had scarce
ly met then, you see. Both of us
have succeeded in overcoming our
fear of ice-blues and ash blondes or
any other kind of fancy combina
tion. Lovingly, Grace.”