The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, May 14, 1936, Image 7

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    Moose River Mine Victim Reaches Halifax
Dr. Edward Robertson, who was rescued from the Moose River gold mine after TO days entombment, borne
on a stretcher from the Royal Canadian air force seaplane which carried him to Halifax. Doctor Robertson,
and his companion, Charles Alfred Scaddtng, were rushed to Halifax for hospital treatment after their
thrilling rescue from the living tomb which had claimed the life of Herman MagilL
Admiral Laning Commands Third Naval District
Assumes New Duties
at the Brooklyn
Navy Yard
Rear Admiral Harris Railing,
right, is congratulated by Capt.
Frederick R. Oliver after Admiral
Raning assumed command of the
Third naval district at ceremonies
held at the Brooklyn navy yard, to
succeed Rear Admiral Yntes-Stir
ling, Jr., who retired. Captain Ol
iver had been acting commandant of
the district since Admiral Stirling's
* retirement.
Culture Takes a Beating
Belgrade.—A gypsy meeting near
the Rumanian village of Oradea,
called to consider means of raising
the cultural standards of gypsies,
broke up hurriedly when the prin
cipal speaker announced that some
body had stolen his watch.
Here are the “head” and “tail”
aides of the good luck token issued
for the Democratic national cam
paign. The design tells its own
Cleveland’s First Hotel
Cleveland’s first hotel was estab
lished 135 years ago by Lorenzo
Carter, a Connecticut Yankee.
Celebrating Buddha’s Birthday
In a colorful ceremony In the beautiful Japanese Tea Gardens of
Golden Gate park, San Francisco, oriental priests commemorate the twen
ty-live hundred and second anniversary of the birth of Slddartha Gautama,
known to the world as liuddha, founder of the great Buddhist religion.
The ceremony, called “Wesak,” which Is the Sanskrit word for “the time
in April of the full moon," Included a ritual of pouring tea over a baby
Russians March in Anti-Gas Masks and Suits
Citizens of the Soviet republic marching in Kiev in gas masks and anti-mustard gas suits in honor of the
Soviet heroes, at the ninth congress of the Young Communist league.
Scenes and Persons in the Current News
1—Unveiling of monument nt Mile which French government erected to commemorate the 20,000 trained
homing pigeons killed In the World war. 2—Students of Northwestern university, Evanston, 111., demonstrat
ing against war and Fascism. 3—Delegation of east coast seamen demanding of Secretary of Commerce Itoper an
Investigation of the American merchant marine.
May Robson at 76
Is Screenland’s
“Grand Old Lady*’
May Hobson, the screen’s “grand
old lady,** celebrated her seventy
sixth birthday by canning strawber
ry jelly, lmying herself a new car,
promising herself a trip to London,
and signing n new contract with
MGM studios. “My career Is Just
beginning,’’ she stated. “Why, I’m
going to work until I’m at least a
Helping Celebrate a Harbor Opening
When the Newport bay and harbor on the coast of Orange county,
Calif., were officially opened the other day, these pretty and plucky girls
took part In the winter sports. The celebration, Including nil types of
aquatic events, was held to mark the completion of a two million dollar
federnl Improvement which gives southern California one of the driest
yacht and pleasure harbors In the world. This thrilling action photo shows
a surfboard fencing contest, one of the main events of the day.
Gentlemen of the Press in Palmer, Alaska
Here are Jack Allman, the editor, and Daniel Markham, the printer, at work on one of the Issues of the
Matanuska Valley Pioneer, a mimeographed sheet which gives the news of the outside world to the people of
Palmer, Alaska, where the government Is trying a collective fnrm experiment.
Barring Alien Labor From Colorado
National Guardsmen are seen inspecting a bus for indigents and nlien
laborers seeking to enter Colorado. G6v. Ed. C. Johnson ordered the
guardsmen to patrol a 300-mlIe strip along the southern border of the
state to prevent entry of alien laborers.
Senator Frederick Steiwer of Ore
gon, who was selected to deliver the
keynote speech at the G. O. P. con
vention at Cleveland in June.
Talk • About 9
Reducing Ver*u» Age
weight woman, a member
of a bridge club, secretly began
to reduce her food intake in the
worthy effort to get rid of her
surplus weight and acquire
once more the figure of which
she formerly had been so proud.
She ate n ■•little" of everything
that was served at the club, avoid
ing sugar.
Or. Barton
It was about
eight weeks before
any of the other
members noticed
that her face and
body had lost some
fat; that she looked
unusually well also.
By the end of
another six weeks
the change was so
great that other
fat members asked
her secret. Her
only reply was that she dldn t eat
as much ns formerly, that she was
doing a bit of her own housework,
nnd that she was spending about
one hour less of the twenty-four In
bed. By the end of one year her
weight was exactly the same as
when her age was thirty. She was
very happy nnd very healthy be
cause her face nnd figure were more
youthful. Other women of the club,
seeing these brilliant results, began
reducing their food and obtained re
sults more or less satisfactory In
proportion to their perseverance.
Why Retultt Are Different
One member decided to make ft
renl Job of reducing her food and
liquids and on learning the extent
to which her successful friend had
cut down on foods, decreased her
daily diet by Just twice the amount
She did some extra work about the
house, did considerable walking, les
sened the number of hours In bed,
nnd tried to do as little sitting as
Sure enough, the weight began to
come off In both fnce and body, but
whereas her friend's face had be
come more youthful with bright
eyes, she found that her face was
wrinkled and worn, that her eyes
were sunken, her body, though thin
ner, had no buoyancy. Instead 6t
looking ten years younger, she ap
peared to be ten years older than
before she started reducing.
The reason for the success of one
nnd the failure of the other, Is two
1. The second woman attempted
to reduce In too short a time. Not
only were the skin, underlying tis
sues, nnd the various organs of the
body unnble to accommodate them
selves so quickly In a normal way
to this change, but the severe meth
od of reducing was an nctunl shock
to the system and shock shows on
the face and body of every one,
whether the shock Is due to phys
ical or mental causes.
2. There Is a definite Ideal weight
that each body should carry. The
amount of weight depends upon the
height nnd width, the length of the
legs, family characteristics nnd oth
er factors. Thus an Individual with
a short body and long legs should
not weigh ns much ns one with a
long body nnd short legs.
This second woman then had not
only removed the fat too rnpldly but
had reduced beyond the Ideal weight
for her particular body. Besides,
the amount of meat nnd eggs eaten
was greatly below the body's re
quirements to maintain the body’s
muscular framework.
Matter of Individual Study
Another woman who had become
quite plump at puberty (as she
emerged from girlhood Into woman
hood) attempted to reduce weight
In the commonsense manner of the
first member and found that the fat
came off to a certain point and then
her weight remained the same. By
reducing the food Intake further
she found that a little weight was
removed but she felt so weak she
had to Increase her food Intake.
Consulting her physician and giv
ing him the history of her efforts,
he suggested the use of small doses
of thyroid extract for a certain
period as her overweight was due
more to lack of gland juice than to
The whole point about reducing
for men and women Is that each one
should study himself or herself, the
build, the build of the parent most
closely resembled, the weight when
aged thirty, and then very gradual
ly, very slowly cut down on the
foods known to put fat on the body
—bread, sugar, potatoes, butter,
cream, and all liquids. Sleeping a
little less and exercising a little
more brings results in half the
* • •
How Reducing Drug Work*
There has been so much discus
sion among medical men about the
results obtained by the use of
dinltrophenol, that a •‘final’’ report
from Drs. M. L. TnInter. A. B. Stock
ton and W. C. Cutting. San Francis
co, is of great Interest.
Of 170 patients they studied only
five lost no weight, while reduction *
was obtained In the remaining 1(55.
The average total loss of weight per
patient was 17 pounds, amounting
to about a loss of 1% pounds weekly.
ft-WNU Servlca.