The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, February 06, 1936, Page FIVE, Image 5

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^ Over the County
A daughter was bom to Mr. and
Mrs. Irwin Sanders at the George
Sanders home last week.
Dorothy Harrison and Elmer,
Walter and Clarence Devall spent
Friday evening at the Frank Grif
fith home.
Mildred Hansen was a guest Sun
day at the Fred Lindberg home.
The severe cold weather of the
past ten days, has put a stop to
all kinds of work, except chores,
around the farms.
Helen Spindler of O’Neill, spent
the week-end in this locality with
her cousin, Leone.
Mrs. Louisa Peterson and child
ren were visitors at the Harry Fox
home Sunday afternoon.
Ralph Rausch is visiting with
Leonard Young this week.
The Sam Yenglen family have
moved onto the place recently vac
ated by Jim Abbott.
Ardis and Bobby Worth ^ere
guests at the Roy Karr home over
the week-end.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Griffith and
Cecil visited at Roy Spindler’s on
Elmer and Clarence Devall and
Cecil Griffith spent Tuesday even
ing at the Will Devall home.
Mrs. Albert Kaczor returned
home last week from a visit of sev
eral weeks with her daughter and
family, Mrs. Ben Freeburg, and
with her sister and family, Mrs. Ed
Larson, both of Mead, Nebr.
Mr. and Mrs. William Hubby
called at the Howard Rouse home
Saturday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Hubby called
at Albert Kaczor’s and William
Hubby’s Thursday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Griffith and
Cecil called Saturday evening at
the Rouse Bros. home.
Ralph Rausch came here Satur
day after a weeks visit with Leon
ard Young.
Charlie Linn drove to Meadow7
Grove Sunday after some baby
chicks. He purchased 500.
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Hubby, Mr.
and Mrs. William Hubby and Mr.
K and Mrs. Howard Rouse and sons,
Lawrence, Lloyd and Delbert, were
guests Sunday at the Eric Borg
George Hansen recently invested
in a new piano.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Hoyer were
overnight guests Friday at the
George Hansen home.
Snow and cold weather make
□ small chance for news. The mail
man can only get out as far as
Midway. We are hoping the
weather changes for the better
soon, tho the ground hog did see
his shadow.
On account of the heavy snow
fall and subsequent blocked roads
ihe school busses were not able to
make their rounds, therefore school
has been dismissed for several
days. E. E. Clark, the rural mail
carrier, has also been having con
siderable difficulty in making his
County Superintendent C. J. Mc
Clurg, of O’Neill, spent the week
end here at the Warren McClurg
and Harold Miller homes.
The Quilt N Chatter Club will
meet with Mrs. Art Renner on Fri
day of this week.
Mrs. C. J. Malone, of O’Neill,
spent the week-end here with her
mother, Mrs. Mary Hancock.
Work has been suspended on the
new school house for a few days,
owing to the cold weather.
The Inman High School cagers
play at Page Wednesday night.
This promises to be a fast game.
A crew of men from O’Neill are
working, as often as the weather
permits, making fence that is to
enclose a strip of land ten rods
wide across an eighty acres of
James Carney’s land, preparatory
to setting out Shelter Belt trees in
the spring.
School District 192 reports that
their two eight graders, Thomas
McNally and Cecelia Heinowski,
passed their grades with high
Mrs. Gray is at home again and
celebrated her eighty-second birth
day on February 3. Her farm is
rented to Roy Wayman for this
A correspondent in Ponoma, Cal.,
writes as follows: “The weather
is fine her now; we have had our
doors and windows open for the
past week.” This sounds good to
us who are enduring sub-zero
weather and shoveling snow.
John Conard, says there are many
who have entered the contest put
on by the Gurney company, some
one of whom may soon be seen
riding in a new Chevrolet car.
YEAR 1935
Balance on hand
Jan. 16. 1935 .. $ 65.36
Received from County
Treasurer 1,050.00
Refund on Compensa
tion Insurance _ 39.69
$ 1,155.05
Warrants Paid.—- $ 1,083.27
RfEVERY night
Special rates on station-to-station calls now are in effect
not only after 7 o'clock every night but also all day Sun
day. These rates apply on station-to-station calls for
which the day rate is 40 cents or more.
Also, there now are special rates on person-to-person
calls every night after 7 o'clock and all day Sunday. These
rates apply, in general, on person-to-person calls for
which the day rate is 55 cents or more.
Station-to-Station Rates Person-to-Peraon Rates
Week Night and Week Night and
AirtUe Mllta Pi> __ Sunday_Day_Sunday
100 $ .60 $ .35_$ .90_.5 -65_
V 200 1.05 .60_1.40_.05 __
300 1.40 .80 1.80_1.20
. ~ 400 1.75 1.00 _2.20_MB
500 2.05 1.15 2.55 1.65
Interest on Registered
Warrants _ 20.80
Cash on hand. Jan. 9. 1930 60.98
$ 1,155.06
Registered Warrants
Outstanding_ 111.33
Robert Colman, trucking $ 24.60
L. A. Davis, trucking _ 16.10
H. McGraw, board service 2.00
A. G. Clark, board service 2.10
H. J. Harte, board service 11.25
Paul Bittner, road work. 27.00
I. L. Watson, bonds _ 67.00
John Walmer insurance 96.00
Rob Colman, trucking _ 40.60
L. A. Davis, trucking_ 35.70
Paul Bittner, road work. 33.00
H. J. Harte, board service 5.25
A. G. Clark, board service... 2.00
H. McGraw. board service 2.10
John Sobotka, repairs .75
Paul Bittner, road work 9.00
Clyde Ross, road work 3.20
John Young, road work _ 3.75
Art Thompson, road work 3.20
Bill Hartigan, road work 5.60
Ted Hopkins, road work _ 6.85
W. E. Kelley, road work 23.40
R. M. Colman, trucking 14.00
L. A. Davis, trucking_ 14.00
Finkbine Bros.,
Lumber and posts_ 27.79
The Frontier, printing_ 23.90
Paul Bittner, road work_ 36.00
W. E. Kelley, road work 23.65
John Young, road work 17.60
Walter Hopkins, road work 17.60
Ted Hopkins, road work 6.40
Finkbine Bros., lumber. 3.85
H. J. Harte, board service _ 3.95
A. G. Clark, board service 2.10
H. McGraw, board service 2.00
H. McGraw, oils.. 2.10
R. B. Geary, road work _ 5.25
H. McGraw, board service 2.10
Bill Hartigan, road work— 4.00
Ted Hopkins, road work 5.00
Anthony Sobotka
road work _ . 4.00
Robert Colman, road work 3.60
C. M. Fowler, blacksmithing 2.50
J. B. Fraka, road work 3.20
John Young, road work 2.50
R. E. Moore, road work .... 1.25
Howard Brady, road work 7.15
A. G. Clark, board service 2.00
James Kelley, road work 6.00
H. J. Harte. board service 6.25
Ed Boyle, road work 8.00
Henry Schacht, road work 8.00
Walter Hopkins, road work 13.50
Bill Young, road work 11.75
W. E. Kelley, road work *10.45
Paul Bittner, road work .... 21.00
Danie Lines, road work 8.00
Ted Hopkins, road work... 8.00
Finkbine Bros., lumber-25.04
Paul Bittner, road work - 126.00
Austin Road Machinery
Co., repairs_ 21.84
Walter Hopkins, road work 2.00
Bill Hartigan, road work 1.20
Ted Hopkins, road work 5.26
John Young, road work 2.50
James Kelley, road work 8.00
Art Gorec, road work 2.50
Paul Bittner, road work 8.10
Rob Colmnn, trucking 0.50
Geo. Bittner, road work 15.00
James Hoxie, road work- 2.50
Otto Retka, road work 2.40
Beryl Conger, road work 9.90
Joe Bittner, road work 2.50
Bill Young, road work 1.00
Chas. Kline, road work 4.80
A. G. Clark, board service 2.15
H. McGraw, board service 2.00
IT. J. Harte, board service 5.25
Leo Mossmnn, road work .. 25.45
W. E. Kelley, road work 37.80
Finkbine Bros., lumber 18.08
II. McGraw, board service 2.00
A. G. Clark, board service 2.50
H. J. Harte, board service 3,15
A, N. Butler, rent 10.00
Registered Warrants
Outstanding . 111.33
Warrants Paid $1,083.27
■’ v % !
Capital, Surplus and
Undivided Profits,
This Bank Carries No
Indebtedness of Officers
or Stockholders.
i •
■ • * •• ’ ‘M‘ T • ■ ■
O'Neill residents who were shiv
ering Wednesday morning when in
formed that it had got down to
21 degrees below zero some time
during the night, felt a lot better
when informed that it went down
to 30 below in Norfolk the same
1 will hold a public sale at my place 1 f/z miles east of the
Opportunity, store, or 14 miles north and 2Yt west of Page. Nebr.,
at 12 o’cloct sharp on Thursday,
February 13,1936
5 Head of Horses
One gray gelding, sworn th mouth, wt. about 1,300; I sorrel
gelding, 10-years-old, wt. 1,300; 1 black mare, smooth mouth, wt.
about 1,100; 1 gray gelding, smooth mouth, wt. 1,400; 1 brown
gelding, smooth mouth, wt. 1,200.
34 Head of Hereford Cattle
Twenty head of steers, some coming 2 years, and some
coming 1 year; 10 cows and 4 bucket calves.
One McCormick Peering 10-ft. Tractor grain binder, new;
1 McCormick Peering 2-row tractor lister, new; 1 John Deere
15-ft. tractor disc, brand new; 1 John Deere 2-row tractor eli;
1 McCormick Peering 2-row tractor cultivator, new; 1 M-c
Cormick Peering end gate seeder, new; one 1 -horse Moline grain
drill, new; one 4-section harrow; one 2-section harrow; 1 hay
stacker; 1 wagon with rack; one 4-wheel trailer with box; one
2-wheel trailer with box; 1 horse grinder; 1 Vi h. P. McCormick
Peering gas engine; 1 grindstone for engine; I pump jack; 2
sets of harness; 600 bu. of yellow ear corn; 400 bu. of rye; 300
bu. of good Gophor seed oats; 200 bu. of good Reed barley; som**
good 90-day yellow seed corn, and many other articles too
numerous to mention.
Terms Cash. Lunch Sold on the Place
BUV WANSER, Auctioneer MAX WANSER, Clerk
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