The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, November 21, 1935, Image 6

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    Body of Caruso Lies in
State; Embalmed in 1921
Because his friends nnd admirers
In hls native Italy could not hear to
think of the body of Knrlco Caruso
moldering away In the earth after
hls death In 11121, they had If em
batmed by a special process to pre
serve It Indefinitely. The corpse of
the famous singer still lies In a glass
covered casket In n mausoleum near
Naples wrapped In an American flag.
Clothing on the body la changed
every three years.
Women should
take only
llfORE people could feel fine, be
1*1 fit and regular, if they would
only follow the rule of doctors and
hospitals in relieving constipation.
Never take any laxative that is
harsh in action. Or one, the dose of
which can’t be exactly measured.
Doctors know the danger if this rule
is violated. They use liquid laxatives,
and keep reducing the dose until the
bowels need no help at all.
Reduced dosage is the secret of
aiding Nature in restoring regularity.
You must use a little less laxative
each time, and that’s why it should
be a liquid like Syrup Pepsin.
Ask your druggist for a bottle of
Dr. Caldwell’s Syrup Pepsin, and if
it doesn’t give you absolute relief, if
it isn’t a joy and comfort in the way
it overcomes biliousness due to con
stipation, your money back.
Ability Ha* Duty
Ability involves responsibility;
power, to Its last particle, is duty.—
A. Maclnrcn.
That Which I* Heard
Most of the shouting is empty. It
la the whispers that count.
11 Use Mentholatum ill
HI to help open the \\\
HI nostrils and permit \\\
HI freor breathing. W,
rtf pan prefer nose drops, or I
threat spray, call for the 1
Wordless Poem
A picture is a poem tlint is with
out words.
constipation i i rte
very morning after
taking NR (Na
ture's Remedy),
as she advised, hr
felt like himself
again — keenly,
ins. Non-nami- » 11 rv
— at druggwu.
Thlsweek—ot your druggUfa- l'oau
rllKu tlfltl 5 Color 1935-1930 Calt'Udnr Tlirr
mou»frr with the puntum of a 25c boa of NR or a
IOC roll ot T— (For Add Imflinwllon.l
WNU—U 47—35
4~3or\our Skin
The medicinal and soothing
properties of the Soap not
only thoroughly cleanse the
iHn| but are most beneficial
and helpful to it. If you are
troubled with itching of pim
ples or other skin eruption the
Soap 25c. Ointment 25c and 50c.
Prize Here fords Meet in Los Angeles
AMONG the many entries tor tiie tenth annual Great Western Livestock
show at Los Angeles were some of the best Herefords In that part of
the country. Our Illustration shows Heuu Domino with Marvelle Andre,
Hollywood dancer. Beau Is thtee years old, weighs 2.200 pounds and Is
owned by H. A. Baldwin, sugar magnate. He was sired by Superior
Sixty-second, undefeated grand champion Hereford of the country.
Bedtime story
THE hunter who was hiding near
the pond of Paddy, the Heaver,
hoping that I.lghtfoot, the Peer,
would come back there and give him
a chance for n shot, was a man of
patience. Also he was a man who tin
derstood the little people of the
Green Forest and the Green Mead
ows. lie knew that If he would
not be seen he must not move, lie
sat as motionless us If he were a
part of the very log on which he
was sitting.
For some time there was no sign
of any living thing. Then, front
over the tree tops In the direction
of the Hlg lllver, cume the whistle
of swift wings, and Mr. and Mrs.
Quack nllglited with a splash lu the
pond. For a few moments they sat
on the water, a picture of watchful
suspicion. They were looking nnd
listening to make sure that no dan
ger was near. Satisfied nt last, they
began to clean their feathers. It
wits plain that they felt safe. Pad
dy, the Beaver, was tempted to
So Mr, and Mr*. Quack Swam
About Within Easy Range of
That Terrible Gun.
warn them that they were not ns
safe as they thought, but as long
ns the hunter did not move. Paddy
decided to wait
Now the hunter was sorely tempt
ed to shoot those ducks, but he
knew that If he did he would have
no chance that day to get Light
foot the I>eer, and it was Llghtfoot
he wanted. So Mr. and Mrs. Quack
swam about within easy range of
that terrible gun without once sue
pectlng that danger was anywhere
By and ny the hunter's keen eyes
caught a movement at one end of
Paddy’s dam. An Instant later Hob
by Coon appeared It was clear that
“The modern version teemi to
be." eays Reno Ritzy, “'Go West.
y<ving lady, go West.”*
C Bali M>adicki« — YVNU Sarvira
Bobby was quite unsuspicious. He
had something. Just what the hunt
er could not make out. He took it
down to the edge of the water and
there carefully washed It. Then he
climbed up on Buddy’s dnm and be
gan to eat. You know, Bobby Coon
is very particular about his food.
Whenever there Is water near, Bob
by washes Ids food before eating.
Once more the hunter was tempted,
but did not yield to the tempta
tion, which was a very good thing
for Bobby Coon.
All <hls LIghtfoot, the Deer, saw
ns he stood among the little hem
lock trees at the top of the ridge
behind the hunter, lie saw and he
understood. “It Is because he wants
to kill me that he doesn’t shoot at
Mrs. Quack or Bobby Coon,” thought
LIghtfoot, a little bitterly. “What
have I ever done that he should he
so anxious to kill me?”
Still the hunter sat without mov
Ing. Mr. and Mrs. Quack content
edly hunted for food In the mud
at the bottom of Paddy’s pond. Bob
by Coon finished his meal, crossed
the dam and disappeared In the
Green Forest. He had gone off to
take a nap somewhere. Time slipped
away. The hunter continued to
watch pntiently for LIghtfoot. and
LIghtfoot and Paddy, the Beaver,
watched the hunter. Finally, nn
other visitor appeared at the upper
end of the pond, a visitor In n won
derful cont of red. It was Reddy
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AFftUIT cocktail Is liked by
such a large majority of people
thut It Is usually served as a be
ginner for a luncheon or dinner.
Fresh fruit Is always the favorite,
hut now that canned grat>efruit Is
available In almost any market. It,
with other canned fruits, mukes a
most tasty cocktail. A canned pear,
peach, a bit of pineapple with some
of the fruit Juice will make a most
delectable cocktail. Sometimes the
addition of n fresh orange will add
to the flavor, with a cherry or two
for color.
When something different Is
wanted for a vegetable try:
Celery au Gratin.
Cut the celery Into small bits and
cook in boiling salted water until
tender but not too soft. Drain and
place In n baking dish with a rich
white sauce, a layer of each and
j top with the celery, covered with a
' half-inch top of buttered crumbs
Hake In a hot oven until the
! crumbs are brown. Add grated
I cheese for a more nourishing dish,
which. If u cupful of cheese Is
used, will do for n main dish at
One of these chill days serve fried
salt pork with cream gravy, baked
potatoes and onions and apples
cooked together la a small amount
of sweet fat. If the apples are very
tart add a little sugar which will
I also add to the flavor and color.
Cook the onions until about half
done before adding the apples
sliced. Serve as a vegetable
The daily serving of lettuce,
green vegetables such as cabbage,
endive or cooked spinach or chard
EACH day the mailman makes bis
ills eyes forever on the ground.
His mind forever on the past,
For grief has found his heart at
Cach daj the mailman iias to bear
This new, this unaccustomed, care.
And men behold In his hurt eyes
A look half sorrow, half surprise.
For grief has come and struck him
The merry postman of the town.
Who used to whistle up the street.
And had his friends, and all things
And, in his eyes, with sorrow ben!
Is something of astonishment
That such things happen, that one
Can come and take so much away
And yet for thirty years he bore
His missives to his neighbor's door
Black-bordered letters, or a page
Scrawled by the lonely hand of age.
The pleading of some woman’s
Who hears the faithless one de
And yet within the mailman’s eyes
The look Is sorrow, and surprise.
© Douglas Malloch.—WNU Service.
Fur on the Hat
Fur trimming to match one’s scarf
is new on hats this season. A ball
of sliver fox decorates this medium
brimmed afternoon hat of black felt
that Is banded In black grosgraln
"Pop, what is a privilege?"
“Sixty-cent cigar."
© Bell Syndicate.—WNU Service.
Is most Important for the health
of the family.
Dross the lettuce simply with hot
bacon fat and a dash of vinegar or
lemon Juice, or melted butter, hot,
If bacon Is not liked. Then the old
fashioned way of serving lettuce
with Just sugar and vinegar Is one
of which few ever tire.
© Western Newspaper Union.
Chineie Hand-Shale*
The Chinese shake their own
hands rather thnn exchange hand
Trapping Season
fhl*> |-> A CO/MCIDEMCL.rMfc MOfOR
automobile SHQwaoOM ni -
-I**e //see
moose v«w
i 1 W X. 9}
Do You Know— |
1 hat the canary (named alter
the Canary islands) was first
introduced into England in
the latter part of the Fif
teenth or early in the Six
teenth century? In the wild
state the plumage is dull
greenish in color, streaked
with darker shades.
<0 McClure Newspaper Syndicate.
WNU Service.
Womans Eyes
A YOUNG wife had prepared her
first “company dinner” — and
for her husband’s family.
The “piece de resistance” was a
turkey; turkey with a chestnut
dressing. Laboriously she had
shopped for it, gone over and over
the recipe guaranteed to be “fool
When the great hour came, the
platter was quite heavy, and care
fully, lovingly, she placed It into
the hands of young husband. “Only
be careful!” she admonished In a
hushed voice.
Hubby tried to be, but he too
was excited. Exactly what happened
as he crossed the door-sill into the
dining room will never be known.
Nobody could tell at the moment
All we know is that the platter
crashed to the floor Just on the
border surrounding the rug and the
turkey slid along, spattering dress
ing and juice from the smashed
bird with the broken china—along
the polished surface.
All eyes turned to the young wife
who at the sound of the crash
dashed in from the kitchen. And
what did she do? For half a mo
ment she stood rigid, her eyes
closed. And then — she laughed.
Not a dramatic, hysterical laugh,
Just laughter, full of good nature,
taking a Joke. And the first com
ment was, “I don’t see how she can
do It.”
now come to tiling or it. wnat
else could she do? Itage? Abuse
her already stricken young hus
band? To what purpose? And to
the end merely of ruining the party
which meant so much to them both.
No, she did the only thing possible
to save the day. She laughed—
and said quite evenly, “It doesn’t
matter, John. Run down to the del
icatessen nnd get a couple of roast
chickens.’’ Almost ns soon as the
floor was cleaned up the tragedy
was forgotten, the roast chickens
served the purpose, the evening
was saved.
And the young wife had won the
respect and admiration of her hus
band’s family to a greater extent
than the most expertly prepared
t.. _lr A.. 1 .1 .1- P I
vvuiu MU • V uvuv» »uvtl
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Eve’s EplGrAms
I| ell CJo coen
could 1/6
seen throo&h.
the. ayes oj
their lover-6,
could no
z- >
Cuba’* Longest Bridge
The longest stone and iron bridge
In Cuba is located at Calabazar, a
city of Santa Clara province.
A Cheerful Briton
That German Steel
We Go Up to 14 Miles
• Danger to Their Souls
Maj. L. B. Angas, British finan
cier, addressing the American Bank
ers association,
says: “C o n f 1
dence has now
returned to the
United States,
fear has de
dined, monetary
velocity will in
crease. There
will be an Imme
diate boo m—
first, in consum
er goods; sec
ond, in plant and
machinery; third,
In housing Indus
Arthur We British ma.
Jor—may all he says be verified
and multiplied by ten—says truly
there is any amount of money in
America, but it "revolves" too slow
ly. It will soon speed up and “re
volve," or change hands thirty-five
time® a year.
If Lloyds would insure the accu
racy of the major’s prediction, a
good many would buy policies.
The particularly offensive plan to
buy in Germany steel to build the
Trlborough bridge in New York will
probably not go through. It is ex
plained by those concerned that
they can buy 1,000,000 pounds of
German steel piling for less than
half the American price; as a fur
ther “reason" It Is said “American
firms submitted identical bids."
The government’s blue eagle was
Invented to prevent price cutting;
but that Is not the question, nor
is the difference in price or the fact
that work is taken from American
workers to give it to German work
ers the' most important fact. Buy
ing steel in Germany, helping to
finance the German steel Industry
and Mr. Hitler’s program, with
American dollars, would seem to
indorse Hitler’s program of perse
cution. That is the important fact.
Officers of the American air corps,
Capts. A. W. Stevens and Orvil
Anderson, rose above the earth into
the stratosphere to a height greater
than any human being had ever
reached, with the possible excep
tion, of course, of Elijah going up
in his chariot of fire.
The American officers radioed:
“We are 75,187 feet, trying for 80,
000 feet.” They did not go higher,
but broke all records.
Seventy-four thousand one hun
dred and eighty-seven feet is more
than 14 miles, 2,000 feet higher than
the unofficial Russian record of
72,200 feet.
A movie news reel photographer
in Ethiopia, Edward Genock, was
assaulted when he tried to make
moving pictures of warriors at
Harar. The Ethiopians beat the
camera man, explaining afterward,
“We shall lose our souls if we are
photographed.” That will surprise
Hollywood, where the belief is the
other way around. Once it was gen
erally believed, even by real Chris
tians, that if you made a wax minia
ture figure of a man and stuck pins
in It at intervals you would kill
the original. Man is a superstitious
Not long ago, when foreign coun
tries were starving, America sent
over American corn, and the for
eign countries would not eat it. Even
Russia refused.
Now, thanks to various devices
for persuading our farmers to pro
duce as little as possible, the United
States imports more than 20,000,000
bushels of corn in one year.
Shortage of corn, means shortage
of food for hogs, and that means
expensive ‘‘hog meat,” pork chops
and bacon.
Somebody always has to pay the
bill, and now it appears to be
those that eat, a decided majority.
Speaking In Arlington national
cemetery, the President warned the
country that there is danger of war,
urging “adequate defense on land,
on sea. and In air."
He knows, as does everybody,
that defense, first in the air, and
second under the water, is most im
President Roosevelt announced
the “early consummation of a com
mercial agreement between Canada
and the United States,” referring to
“our two peoples, each Independ
ent In themselves, closely knit by
ties of blood and common heritage,
with standards of life substantially
the same."
While eleven lawyers and clients
discussed the sale of a window
cleaning business in New York’s
Brownsville, four young gunmen en
tered. said, pleasantly, “Reach for
the moon, gentlemen," meaning
“Stick ’em up." The hands went
up; the gunmen walked out with
$2,261 in cash.
That was not playing the game.
It Is customary for lawyers to get
money from gunmen, although,
doubtless, these were not that type.
C Kins Feature* Syndicate. Inc.
WNU Service.
2,150 Pounds Amount of
Food You Eat Per Year
You will eat a ton of food this
year—2.150 pounds, the statisticians
say. Milk, fluid and canned, and
other dairy products, will account
for half of this. (Milk is heavy.)
You will eat about 150 pounds of
meat, and about the same amount
of fresh fruit; 150 pounds of fresh
vegetables, not counting 150 pounds
of potatoes.
In bread and cakes and breakfast
foods and macaroni, you will con
sume 230 pounds of flour and cereals.
Sugar, 102 pounds of it. Is the next
most Important Item. Of cannen
fruits and vegetables, you will eat 38
pounds, states Today.
A Law Every
Mother Should
Know and Observe
Never Give Your Child An
Unknown Remedy without
Asking Your Doctor First
According to |;
any doctor you |
ask, the only V
safe way is >
never to give
your child a
remedy you don’t know ail
about, without asking him first.
When it comes to “milk of
magnesia,” that you know every
where, for over 60 years, doctors
have said “PHILLIPS’ Milk of
Magnesia for your child.”
So—always say Phillips’ when
you buy. And, for your own
peace of mind, see that your
child gets this; the finest men
Safiefy fiot tytutA
You can assist others by refusing
to accept a substitute for the
genuine Phillips' Milk of Mag
nesia. Do this in the
interest of yourself
and your children
— and in the in
terest of the
public in general.
Phillips’ 1
AiM. vf Aicu/netoa
Good Quality
Boys who look honest are often
quite homely.
Feels line a new man nows
“I had asthma for 7 years and a severe bron
chial cough. I tried Nacor. Improved steadily
and now feeling fine."—Joseph Thompson,
Indianapolis. Ind.—Dec 8.1933.
Combat those weakening spells of asthma
and bronchial cough. Get a bottle of NACOR
KAPS (Nacor in capsule form) from your drug
gist. No habit-forming drugs.
On We Go
One generation’s luxuries are the
next generation’s necessities.
"For thirty years I hart
chronic constipation.
Sometimes I did not go
for four or five days. I
also had awful gas bloat
ing, headaches and pain
in the back. Adlarika
helped right away. Now
I eat sausage, bananas,
pie, anything l want ana
never re/r ocrrer. / s/eep sounoi/ «//
and enjoy lile.” — Afn. Mabel Schott.
If you are suffering from constipation,
sleeplessness, sour stomach, and gas
bloating, there is quick relief for you
in Adlerika. Many report action in
30 minutes after taking just one dose.
Adlerika gives complete action, clean
ing your bowel tract where ordinary
laxatives do not even reach.
Dr. H. L. Shoub, New York, reports:
“In addition to intestinal cleansing,
Adlerika checks the growth of in
testinal bacteria and colon bacilli.”
Give your stomach and bowels a real
cleansing with Adlerika and see how
good you feel. Just one spoonful relieves
GAS and chronic coitstipation. Sold by
all druggists and drug departments.
DO you suffer burning, scanty or
too frequent urination; backache,
headache, dizziness, loss of energy,
leg pains, swellings and puffiness
under the eyes? Are you tired, nerv
ous—feel all unstrung and don't
know what is wrong?
Then give some thought to your
kidneys. Be sure they function proper
ly for functional kidney disorder per
mits excess waste to stay in the blood, i
and to poison and upset the whole
Use Doan’s Pills. Doan’s are for the
kidneys only. They are recommended
the world over. You can get the gen
uine, time-tested Doan's at any drug