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    Most Beautiful Long Span Bridge of the Year
THIS Is the Bourne bridge across the Cape Cod
canal at Bourne, Mass., which was the winner of
the class A prize of the American Institute of Steel
Construction 11s the most beautiful long span bridge
built during the last year.
IF EVER In all the Great World
there was a startled Bear, that
one was Buster Bear when Dann.v
Meadow Mouse ran straight at him.
Beechnuts were In Buster Bear’s
mind, sweet little beechnuts and
nothing else, when he reached out a
great pnw to rake over that pile of
leaves. It didn’t enter Buster's head
that there might he anything hut
beechnuts under them. So, when
Danny Meadow Mouse with a
frightened squeak darted out from
Danny Had Darted Behind a Big
under Buster’s very paw and straight
toward him, Buster was so surprised
and startled that for a second or
two he didn't know what to do.
Now It seemed an absolutely
crazy thing for Danny to run
straight at Buster, but the truth Is
ft was the wisest thing he could
have done. It wasn't wisdom that
made him do It No. Indeed, It
wasn’t wisdom at all. It was Just
pure fright and nothing else. Danny
was so frightened that he didn’t
have any Idea at all where he was
running. He just ran, that was all.
And because he happened to be fac
ing Buster Bear be ran straight at
Now If he had run away from
Buster things might not have turned
•ut at all as they did. Buster would
I lo You Know—
That thousands of white
bond-servants sent over from
England and bound to serve
for seven or ten years, did
most of the work in the
American colonies until
about the close of the Seven
teenth century. During the
time of their bondage they
could be bought and sold like
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have seen Just where tie went and
the instant he recovered from his
surprise would have been after hint.
As It wns, Danny darted right un
der Muster’s big paw and right
across the toes of one of Muster’s
big hind feet. Muster Is a big fel
low and he looks clumsy, but he Isn’t
nearly as clumsy as he looks. In
fact. Muster Isn’t clumsy at all. lie
Is surprisingly quick In his move
ments for such a big fellow. The
Instant he recovered from his sur- !
prise at the sudden appearsnse of
Danny Meadow Mouse. Muster
whirled about. A fat Meadow
Mouse would go splendidly with
those sweet beechnuts he had eaten.
But by the time Buster had turned
about Danny had darted behind a
big tree and there he stopped. He
stopped because he didn't know
which way to go. It happens that
that was the wisest thing he could
have done You see, If he had con
tinued to run he would have rustled
the dry leaves and Muster would
have known Just where he was. Hut
because he stopped ns he did there
wns nothing to tell Muster which
way he had gone.
For once In his life Danny Mead
ow Mouse w’ns glad he was little.
Right then he would have been glad
to be smaller than he was. Many,
mnny times he had wished he was
big, but now he wns very, very
thankful that he wasn’t. Had he
been big, as big, let us say, os Meter
Rabbit, the chances are that he
wouldn't have been able to slip out
from under Buster's big paw as he
had done. He was glad that he was
little. Yes. Indeed. Danny Meadow
Mouse wns glad thnt he was little.
©T W Bunm.- WNl! S«rvle«.
nUMEBODT said a loving word!
3 The dark skies turned to blue.
Upon llo|>e'8 harp strings brave
tunes stirred.
And every altn was true.
Somebody spoke a thought that
Into a kindly one,
And pathways opened to my gaze,
That led me to the sun.
Somebody spoke a thought that
The gloomy outlook fair,
And scattered light where there was
And gladness everywhere!
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“Pop, what is mature?"
“Ripe peach."
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Question box
6y ED WYNN, ' he Perfect Fool I
Dear Air Wynn:
In our little town there has start
ed a movement which Is called “The
Own Your Own Home Movement.”
Can you tell me what this Is and
why It la called a Building'-Loan
Scheme? Truly Yours.
Answer: The Idea Is a simple
one. The building companies ad
vance the money to build you a
house and you pay them so much
money every month. By the time
you have become absolutely disgust
ed and dissatisfied with the place,
It Is yours.
Dear Mr. Wynn:
Yesterday 1 happened to be on
the East Side, nnd Just as 1 passed
two men. 1 heard one man say. In
a loud voice, “I’m a brick." In an
Instant the other chap punched him
In the Jaw and layed him flat In the
sidewalk. How do you account for
that? Sincerely,
Answer: One man said he was a
brick, and the other fellow must
have been a bricklayer.
Dear Mr. Wynn:
Two friends of mine left yester
day on a camping trip. As they left
me I noticed that ench one had a
stone Jug In his hand. They told
Dog Days
' — r
I \
me they were taking them along to
use for their pillows. Don’t you
think stone Jugs are rather hard
things to sleep on?
Truly yours,
Answer: Your friends probably
Intend filling the Jugs with straw
to make them soft
Dear Mr. Wynn:
I Just received a letter from a
friend of mine In which he says he
intends coming clean from Denver,
Colo., to New York on a bicycle.
Do you believe he can do It?
Truly yours,
Answer: He can come that far on
a bicycle, but not clean.
Dear Mr Wynn:
1 took my first trip to Chinatown
and the Bowery last Sunday. The
funniest thing I think 1 ever saw
was a sign In front of a Chinatown
hotel which read. “Booms 50c and
55c." Now what could possibly he
the difference between a 50c room
and a 55c room?
Truly yours,
Answer: They put mouse traps
In the 55c rooms.
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Minute make-ups
; By V. V.
The latest thing is iridescent eye
lashes! First you mascara th*
lashes and then you brush then
with a gold or silver-flecked ey<
shadow, which. It seems, clings t<
them nnd makes them glitter. Qnltt
new and completely devastating.
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DURING the warn) weather Is
the time to let down on all un
necessary work so that mother may
have a little vacutlon as well, in
formal serving—letting the young
sters do the work—it will be a
change from school work, and It
is a good thing to train them to do
all kinds of household tasks. The
girls, of course, are expected to
have this training before they go
into their own homes, or how will
they know how to deal with house
hold matters and spend the money
given to them for the upkeep of the
home? Boys, too, should begin
early to learn how to cook simple
foods, be able to make a good cup
of coffee, prepare a crisp piece of
toast, and serve a well-cooked egg.
These accomplishments are not only
helpful but often necessary In cases
of illness or absence of the house
It Is not always easy or agreeable
for a good housekeeper to turn
over the work to her children, but
It Is most gratifying In results. Now
Is the time to serve the meals on
the porch or In the garden; the
young folks will enjoy taking the
extra steps and the novelty will
serve to delight the whole family.
Serve the breakfast buffet style
as the English do. Everybody has
a few covered dishes to keep things
hot, and with hot coffee and toast,
one may make a fine breakfast.
Through a
(in'ROM the loss of a tooth to
r that of a mistress, there’s no
pang that Is not bearable. The ap
prehension is much more cruel than
the certainty; and we make up our
minds to the misfortune when ’tls
Irremediable, part with the tor
mentor, and mumble our crust on
t’other side of the Jaws."
In that jit of philosophy from
Thackeray is one of the strongest
Indictments ever written on the
subject of worry; and Its foolish
ness and uselessnem.
True, eating on the other side of
the Jaw is not nearly so bad as
the anticipation of It, as worrying
about having to do It I Out of fear
of violence from my readers I shall
not mention the fact that the neces
sity to eat in even a little corner
of the Jaw could not possibly be so
destructive of health and nerves as
worrying about It Oh, no, 1
wouldn't mention that M} readers
know it It’s Thackeray’s point that
it Isn’t even so unpleasant as
thinking about it In advance—that
Is new!
Can we Improve on Thackeray?
No, but we can add this thought
that while It's silly enough to lose
sleep worrying about a tooth that’s
got to come out anyway. It’s abso
lutely Insane to worry about losing
a tooth that after all may never
have to come out!
And that’s the heaviest burden of
most of our worries, Isn’t it—the
misfortunes that never do occur!
That’s what worry Is for, Isn’t It?—
that’s what the devil invented it
for—to give us bald heads and acid
stomachs and lined faces and Jumpy
nerves over something that never
does happen!
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Scrambled eggs, sliced bacon, sau
sages—even hot griddle cakes or
waffles may be made on the porch.
A perfect picnic is one where
everybody does his share of the
work and mother has the rest—
from work.
© •• ' ' « T f’nlon.
In Peasant Linen
Lucien Lelong shows a white
peasant linen blouse having a
shirred Jabot edged with blue and
red peasant embroidery with his
tailored suit of heavy white silk
shantung linen. The collar Is blue
velvet and the buttons and buckle
are of a gold colored metal.
"The woria isn’t ao small after
all,” aays Reno Ritzl, “just try go
ing some place where you don’t
wish to be seen.”
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“Flowage Rights”
The expression "flowage rights"
refers to the right of overflowing
land when a dam Is built for the
purpose of furnishing irrigation or
power. The person whose land is
overflowed has a right to compen
sation for any loss. When the right
of overflowing a person's land is
purchased, this is referred to as
flowage rights.
Follows in His Father’s “Puddles”
THE onrmarks left by the sweep of a crewman are called “puddles"
and It Is such watery tracks that are being followed by Jack
’ Kelly, Jr., as he Is Instructed by his father. Jack Kelly, who was world’s
rowing champion and an Olympic champion ns well. The young prodigy,
only eight, is taking the stroke position under hi* father’s watchful eye
on the Schuylkill river.
War Possible, Four Kinds
10,000 Million Questions
Our Large Gold Pile
Knows Too Much at Four
Russian newspapers, speaking
officially, accuse Japan of stirring
Arthur Brisbane
up trouble along
the Russian bor
der, to “bring
on gTave com
A protest car
ries Stalin’s
warning to Ja
pan that a con
tinuatlon of
these incidents
"may have se
rious conse
quences In the
relations of Rus
sia and Japan,
and peace In the
Far East.”
If Russia and Japan should have
a serious disagreement, Russia’s
equipment in the way of subma
rines and airplanes, all within 400
miles of Tokyo, would probably en
able other countries to stop worry
ing about Japan’s military plans.
England does not approve of
Mussolini’s plans in Abyssinia, and
the question arises, Would England
close the Suez canal, the short cut
for Italian troops and supplies to
Abyssinia? Will Italian airplanes
be forbidden to fly over the Suez
canal area?
The answer as to closing of the
Suez canal by Britain would prob
ably be no. England would not vol
untarily provoke hostilities with
Italy. She really wants peace. But,
how easily war could come—French
against German or English against
Italian or Japanese against Rus
sian !
Germany undertakes to establish
a “family tree” for each of Its
66,000,000 inhabitants, which means
asking, answering, writing down
ten thousand million questions.
The sensible answer would be, “I
descended from Adam, with heaven
knows how many mixtures in my
blood on the way up," but Hitler
would not accept that. Young
couples getting marriage licenses
are questioned: “What were your
eight great-grandparents like? Did
they have any Negroid or Jewish
“Were they fond of telling the
truth? Did they have imagination,
driving power?”
Ten thousand million foolish ques
tions would seem to set a new rec
The “greatest” country In the
world, supposed to be the most In
telligent, owns some tons of gold,
called “worth” nine thousand mil
lion dollars.
We do not use the gold, or even
Invest part of it in adequate na
tional defense, that would protect
It We are afraid some one may
come, with better airplanes and sub
marines than ours, and steal it; so
the government will (ttg a deep hole,
far from the coast, put In it a huge
safe, and hide away the gold lump,
that is used only to Impress the
financial imagination of the world
and keep foreigners from knocking
down our currency.
Dolores Anne Diamond, only four,
surprised teachers in a Schenectady
kindergarten. She said the games
for little children bored her, and
she could recite the alphabet back
Dolores was moved to the first
grade, and could have gone higher.
She has the intelligence of a child
of fourteen.
Usually It Is better for a child to
develop slowly and normally. The
Infant prodigy Is usually dull later.
Perhaps little Dolores will he an
exception, like Mozart, and, at
eighteen, us wise as Hypatia, with
u happier ending.
Uloyd George, in spite of his sev
enty two years, returns to active
politics. He hates the “arid atmos
phere of political controversy” and
returns to active politics only be
muse he believes that world condi
tions are growing worse, and “from
the point, of view of peace are
worse than before 1!)14.”
Miss Koutunovu, Russian, twen
ty-one years old. Jumped 25,420 feet
from an airplane without oxygen
apparatus nnd landed In a cabbage
Held after turning over four times
before ’her parachute opened. Hlie
claims the female record.
Russia Is teaching millions of
young people to us^ parachutes, the
first step In curing nervousness In
flying. Here we have only a small
handful of excellent pilots, hut the
masses of our population know as
little about aviation as they do
about ‘‘geometry In space.”
Mr. Werner Kahn, district leader
of “Hitler Youth,” says Nazi doc
trines have become Germany’s real
religion, and “the time must come
when entry into the Hitler Youth
organization will take the place
now occupied by Catholic or i’rot
estant confirmation." Furthermore,
the young gentleman suys, “I de
Clare to all enemies of Hitler Youth
that the fuehrer is our faith and
national socialism is our rellgiou.”
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Simplicity and
Chic in Morning
It’s as fresh as the morning dew!
And It was designed for all those
clever women who like to put In a
smart appearance at the very be
ginning of every new day. Three
or four dresses made up by this pat
ter* would solve all your house frock
problems. And the expense will
prove trifling. Moreover, this pat
tern has been designed so simply that
to follow it will seem like a first les
son in sewing. The yoke and sleevea
all-ln-one with a bit of bodice full
ness below, and the decorative pocket
make this frock very smart indeed!
Percale or gingham in gay plaids or
small geometric designs would be ef
fective. Add nobby cork or wooden
Pattern 9316 may be ordered only
In sizes 14, 16, 18, 20, 32, 34, 36, 38,
40 and 42. Size 16 requires 3%
yards 36-1 nch fabric.
or stamps (coins preferred) for this
pattern. Be sure to write plainly
Complete, Diagrammed Sew Chart
Send your order to Sewing Circle
Pattern Department, 232 West Eight
eenth street. New York.
“Is that Peabody, Finchley, Long
worth and Fitzgerald?”
“Yes, this is Peabody, Finchley,
Longworth and Fitzgerald.”
“I want to speak to Mr. Smith."—
Moncton Transcript.
Close Figuring
**I ought to be able to collect more
fire Insurance,” said the economical
“Had a claim rejected?”
“No. But I should be able to put
one in for the valuable food that the
cook destroys.”
That’* Geesy
Teacher—What’s the difference
between goose and geese?
Pupil—One geese is goose, and a
whole lot of gooses is geese!—
Washington Post.
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