The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, March 07, 1935, Image 2

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    Troops Move In to CAeati Up Kentucky “Crime Zone"
FKENTUCKY National Guardsmen moved secretly into .Manchester, Ivy., to carry out an order to "clean up"
^ Clay county, whose bloody history led a federal investigator to cell It "the worst criminal stronghold
In (he United States.” The troops descended upon the town In (lie early morning hours In a surprise move by
Gov. Ruby LafToon to break up an alleged automobile theft ring and end other lawlessness. The town is prac
tically under martial law, and ISrig. Gen. Kllerbe W. Carter Is In command. Photograph shows an air view
of Manchester, Ky., with the slate guardsmen encamped in trucks in the center of the town.
Danny meadow mouse had
taken It Into Ids funny little
head to go over to the Smiling Pool.
Just why he did It nobody knows.
Perhaps It was he wanted to con
sult Grandfather Frog, who, you
know, Is accounted very wise. Per
haps he wanted to cull on his big
cousin, Jerry Muskrat. Perhaps It
was because be felt uneasy and
“What Are You Doing Over Here,
Danny Meadow Mouse?”
wanted to go somewhere for n
change of scene. Whatever the rea
son, Danny unexpectedly appeared
one morning on the bank of the
Smiling Pool.
The very llrst person he saw was
Grandfather Frog, sitting on his
big, green lily pad. "Good morn
ing, Grandfather Frog,” squeaked
Grandfather Frog turned about
In a funny little hop of startled
surprise and blinked his great, gog
gly eyes at Danny Meadow Mouse.
“Chugarum.’’ said he In a deep gruff
voice. “What are you doing over
here, Danny- Meadow Mouse?"
"Nothing in particular," replied
"People who are doing nothing In
particular are very likely to get Into
trouble. Don't you know that.
Danny Meadow Mouse?" demanded
Grandfather Frog.
“Oh, 1 guess 1 can keep out of
trouble around here. You’re looking
very tine, Grandfather Frog. You
slon’t look a day older than when
I last saw you.”
"I don’t feel a day older," replied
Grandfather Frog, and Ids voice was
not quite so gruff. You see, it
rather tickled him to he told that he
looked no older. “Of course I’m
glad to see you. Danny." he con
tinued, “but Just the same I think
you are taking chances In coming
hero. Longlegs* the Blue Heron
comes over here almost every day,
and I have an Idea that he would
Just as soon and perhaps a little
rather, have a fat Meadow Mouse
for Ids dinner than an old frog like
"I helievt* you’re not glad tc sec
me at all," declared Danny. "You
are trying to scare me."
“No such thing,” replied Gramlfa
(her Frog gruffly. "But I never like
to see anybody take unnecessary
risks. You know, 1 believe in safety
first. Now what would you do If
Beddy Fox should suddenly appear
right behind you? You would he
in such a tight place. There Isn’t
a thing you could hide under, and
hiding In the grass wouldn’t do you
a hit of good, for that keen nose of
Iteddy’s would soon find you."
"Reddy isn't here, so what’s
the good of borrowing trouble?"
squeaked Danny. "It’s time enough
to worry when there Is something 1
to worry about. Did you ever know
a liner day. Grandfather Frog?"
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Cape of Gray Broadtail
Clerical In Its simplicity of line,
this handsome cape of gray broad
tail can be worn equally well with
a suit, coat or dress. The wide col
lar with an Inverted box pleat ef
fect is very nattering.
This Ought to Sink Him
The girl chum says a garden is
something that never has been
known to live Up to promise of the
seed catalogue.
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Question box
t, ED WYNN, The Perfect Fool I
*— i ■' 11 —————1
Dear Mr. Wynn:
I am a boy twelve years of age
and have been offered a job after
my school hours. I am supposed to
set 15 rat traps in the basement of
iin office building every day. Is it
hard to learn to set a rat trap?
Answer: It is very easy to learn
how to set a rat trap after you
once get your hand in.
Dear Mr. Wynn :
I have a girl friend who is a
good swimmer. She told me, yester
day, that site once fell off u boat
Into the water and a large shark
came after her, looked Dor over,
then went away without even touch
ing her. Do you believe that?
Yours truly,
Answer: Sure I believe it. It
must have been a man-eating shark.
Dear Mr. Wynn:
I am the mother of a girl seven
teen years of age. I want her to
take up golf, tennis, swimming and
other outdoor sports. She refuses
and stays In the house. She says
she prefers Indoor sport. Are indoor
sports all right for a girl her age?
Truly yours,
Answer: An indoor sport is all
right for a girl, if she knows when
to send him home.
Dear Mr. Wynn:
I am in love with n boy twenty
one years of age. He wants me to
marry him but he is a spendthrift.
Is it all right for me to marry a
spendthrift? Yours truly,
Answer: It is all right if he is
just starting on his career as a
spendthrift. Get in on It, kid.
Dear Mr. Wynn:
My husband, who was a fireman,
was discharged by the city. The
only reason given in his discharge
was “For acting childish at the last
lire." What do they mean by say
ing, “he acted childish?"
Truly yours,
Answer: Your husband probably
was in charge of the hose crew and
“by ncting childish," they mean he
played on the ruins after the lire
was out.
Dear Mr. Wynn:
My next door neighbor told me he
-fc- ■
CANDIES make a delicious gar
nlsh for simple desserts, and
save the time necessary for prepar
ing more elaborate ones. A bit of
chocolate or maple fudge crumbled
over ice cream, cornstarch pudding,
custard, or junket, makes an other
wise plain dessert very stylish.
To make an old dust mop practi
cally as good ns new put a large ta
hlespoonful of concentrated lye in
a pall half full of boiling water and
let the mop boll in it. Itlnse thor
oughly several times and put in the
sun to dry.
One or two tablespoonfuls of
kerosene put into the boiler with
I lie clothes will whiten them.
Hegin early and start right with
the child; this is especially Impor
tant if lie is to be strong, well and
an efficient citizen.
The normal child oats with zest
the food placed before him. Daw
dling over food or refusing to eat it
will need hard work to overcome.
It Is far ensler to form good habits
than to break bad ones.
if the child is accustomed to a
variety of foods very early, before
lie begins to form likes and dls
likes, lie will like and eat every
thing as he grows older.
It is the very exceptional child
who is made 111 by certain foods;
of course, one must eliminate them
poYou Know—
That friction matches were
invented in England in 1829,
and first used in the United
States in 1831-32, being sold
in boxes containing 25
matches for 25 cents. They
were commonly called loco
focos and were, for a long
time, looked upon as an
amusing novelty.
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WNII B»i vice.
If it is found to be a real case. Some
children feign illness and nausea
to gain attention and something re
One’s method of dealing with the
food question must vary with the
child. It will work with some to In
sist on the food on the plate being
eaten before lie has dessert. If not
hungry enough to eat the food on
the plate he is not hungry enough
for dessert. A word of praise, a re
ward, often brings the desired re
suit. As children are people, they
should be treated as such. No two
Individuals enjoy exactly the same
things, so we must be tactful in
dealing with little people.
It Is wise to look over the sup
ply shelf often nnd keep It well
tilled, for with the holiday season,
many unexpected calls may be made
upon It.
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“Through Course of Sprout*’’
To he [nit through a course of
sprouts means to receive a course
of severe discipline, especially In
former days Hogging with switches
or rods. The use of switches or
rods probably led to the origin of
the term, sprouts, In this connec
got a wireless from London, Eng
land, from his brother, and it only
cost two cents. Do you believe that?
Yours truly,
Answer: Sure I believe it. It
was a postcard.
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“Pop, what is a poet?”
“Large bow tie.”
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THE house went long ago. . . .
Its walls are crumbled;
And the barn door, once painted
red, has tumbled.
I heard they sold the lumber for
old wood
To start the autumn fires with , . .
not much good.
This roof that sheltered me, this
house Granddad
Unlit for his bride when he was
yet a lad.
lie made the house, and planted the
green tree
Back of the outdoor kitchen . . .
Where so much ruin is, the tree
still stands.
It Is a gift from God. . . . The
Beyond were razed a hundred times,
but still
The tree Is green upon the sunny
Nothing the years have done to It
has mattered.
Against its strong old heart the
. years have battered.
The sun of happiness, the rain of
Have beaten on its boughs for fifty
And It remains the same—constant
—kept whole—
As If It, too, had an Immortal soul!
CoOvrl*ht.—WNU Service.
■ P^rr- - >, n, Ml U, /
“Between that trip to Niagara
Falls and the one to Reno,” says
knowing Nora, “the furtherest mosl
married women get from home is
to the corner grocery store.”
VVN'U Service
First Steamboat in St. Louis
The first steamboat reached St.
Louis in 18‘.i7.
Eyes of Scientific World on Student
RollEltT J. WEST, University of California sophomore, is going through
tils daily school work with the eyes of the scientific world upon him.
The reason is that West is so sensitive to sunshine that he sunburns
in three minutes. No part of his body is immune from the effect Ked
cellophane has been put over his workroom window to protect him from
the sun. Photograph shows Robert J. West (in sweater) in the University
of California's ‘'Ked'’ room, conducting au experiment with a fellow
College-Trained Girls
Seek Domestic Service
A few years ago college-bred girls
wi aid have disdained domestic serv
ice. The depression has changed
that—to some extent at least. Some
of them are willing to try their
hands at anything to make an hon
est living.
So it is that the Y. \V. C. A. of
Orange, N. J.t has begun a new ven
ture. Under the direction of Miss
Anna Davis, general secretary of the
local branch, unemployed young
women of higli school or college ed
ucation, will be used to supply the
demand for cooks, housekeepers,
nursemaids, and companions to elder
ly persons.
“From time to time," said Miss Da
vis, “young women, educated for a
business career, but unable to find
work, have told us they would take
any respectable job, even though it
entailed working in homes ns cooks,
nurses, or companions."
An investigation disclosed that
there was a shortage of efficient do
mestic workers. A new bureau es
tablished by the Y. W. C. A. will
serve as an employment-contact
agency, and all negotiations will be
carried on secretly.—Literary Digest.
Week’s Supply of Postum Free
Read the offer made by the Postum
Company in another part of this pa
per. They will send a full week's sup
ply of health giving Postum free to
anyone who writes for It.—Adv.
. Their Own Fault?
There are men who seem to pro
vqke the question, "How did you suc
ceed In becoming profoundly home
ly?” For it Is manifest that much
of their uncomeliness is their own
Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Prescription makes
weak women strong. No alcohol. Sold
by druggists in tablets or liquid.—Adv.
Few Radios in China
Col. T. T. Chung, Chinese wireless
commissioner, estimates there are no
more than 40,000 radio sets in all of
China, which lias a population of
more than 400,000,000.
Can bo Helped!
(Use whut Doctors dd)
Why do the bowels usually move
regularly and thoroughly, long after
a physician has given you treatment
for constipation?
Because the doctor gives a liquid
laxative that can always be taken in
the right amount. You can gradually
reduce the dose. Reduced \osage is
the secret of real and safe .elief from f
Ask your doctor about this. Ask
your druggist how popular liquid
laxatives have become. The right
liquid laxative gives the right kind
of help, and the right amount of help.
When the dose is repeated, instead of
more each time, you take less. Until
the bowels are moving regularly and
thoroughly without any help at all.
The liquid laxative generally used
is Dr. Caldwell’s Syrup Pepsin. It
contains senna and cascara, and
these are natural laxatives that form
no habit — even in children. Your
druggist has it; ask for—
Time for Discard
When a rule of etiquette adds
nothing of value to beauty, to coni
fort, to ease or to happiness, it may
be set down as a useless rule which
may as well be thrown Into tile dis
card.—Emily Post.
Your own druggist is auth^^®
* to cheerfully refund yow ^
money on tho spot if you are I
relieved by Creomulsion^M|
Try Faster Way
to Relieve Your Colds
Medical Discovery Bringing Almost
1 Take 2 BAYER Aspirin Tablets.
■ • Make sure you get the BAYER
Tablets you ask for.
2 Drink a full glass of water. Repeat
• treatment in 2 hours.
3 If throat is sore, crush and stir 3
• BAYER Aspirin Tablets in a third
of a glass of water. Gargle twice. This
eases throat soreness almost instantly.
Instant Relief to Millions
The simple method pictured here is
the way many doctors now treat
colds and the aches and pains colds
bring with them I
It is recognized as a safe, sure,
QUICK way. For it will relieve an
ordinary cold almost as fast as you
caught it.
Ask your doctor about this. And
when you buy, be sure that you get
the real BAYER Aspirin Tablets.
They dissolve (disintegrate) almost
instantly. And thus work almost in
stantly when you take them. And
for a gargle, Genuine Bayer Aspirin
Tablets disintegrate with speed and
completeness, leaving no irritating
particles or grittiness.
BAYER Aspirin prices have been
decisively reduced on all sizes, so
there’s no point 'now in accepting
other than the real Bayer article you
PRICES on Genuine Boyer Aspirin
Radically Reduced on All Sixes
It soon brings relief and pro
motes healing. Because of its
absolute purity and mildly
antiseptic properties, it is un
surpassed in the treatment
of rashes, red, rough skin,
itching, burning feet, chafings,
chappings, irritations, cuts and
burns. No household should
be without it.
, Price 25c and 50c.
Ointment Sold °*al1 dru^uu
Mr*. May Trine ot
S. Union St., Emporia,
Kan?., said: “'I was com
pletely rundown and
weighed only 100 pounds.
I My appetite was poor.. I
used Dr. Pierce’s Favorite
Prescription and regained
my normal weight and
strength and today my
friends say X am the picture of health.
New size, tablets SO cts., liquid $1.00.
Write Dr. Pierce’s Clinic, Buffalo, N. Y.,
for free medical advice.
Uemoves Dandruff-Stops Hair Falling
Imparts Color and
Beauty to Gray and Faded Hair
60c and $1.00 at Druggists.
Hlscox Chem. Wks . Patrhtvgiie. N. Y
FLORESTON SHAMPOO — Ideal for use in
connection with Parker's Hair Balsam. Makes the
hair soft and fluffy. 60 cents by mail or at drug
gists. Hiscox Chemical Works, Patchogue, N.Y.
DVERTISING is as essen
tial to business as is rain
to growing crops. It is the key
stone in the arch of successful
merchandising. Let us show you
how to apply it to your business.
Get Rid of Poisons That
Make You 111 ^
IS a constant backache keeping
you miserable? Do you suffer
burning, scanty or too frequent
urination; attacks of dizziness,
rheumatic pains, swollen feet and
ankles? Do you feel tired, nervous
—all unstrung?
Then give some thought to your
kidneys. Be sure they function
properly, for functional kidney dis
order permits poisons to stay in
the blood and upset the whole sys
tem. ^
Use Doan’s Pills. Doan's are for
the kidneys only. They help the
kidneys cleanse the blood of health
destroying poisonous waste. Doan’s
! Pills are used and recommended
the world over. Get them from any