The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, February 28, 1935, Image 7

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    Sound Rules Laid Down
for Cultivated Speech
Do you talk In a high, thin voice,
asks an elocutionist in the Weekly
Irish Times? This is very irritating
to the ear. Yon may not be able to
cultivate a deep rich tone but you
can easily lower your voice and avoid
that metallic tinkle. Or do you
speak too slowly or too hurriedly?
Both are worrying. The slow voice
makes listeners Impatient; hurried
speech leaves them gasping. Adopt a
moderate speed.
Too softly or too loudly? A too
soft voice can sometimes be as nerve
racking as a too loud one, the former
because it makes people strain to
hear you, and the second because it
In a “dashing-’ manner—introduc
ing all the latest catchwords, slang,
risque expressions, and, perhaps,
even swear words? The two last
named are not dashing, but merely
undignified and chenp. And slavish
cultivation of all the latest cliches
posits rather to a Jack of individ
With your jaws and not your lips?
Some people keep their lips more
or less stiff when speaking, and move
the jaw energetically. But for at
tractive speech the lips should be
the more energetic, shaping, opening
and coming forward well. Too “heav
ily” or too “lightly"? Either can be
annoying to the listener. Practice
the happy mean.
With force, or ineffectively? Do
people listen attentively when yuu
apeak, or does their attention wan
der? Don't be afraid of your own
voice. Make up your mind what you
want to say, then say it clearly, and
The Final Argument
War will no longer he inevitable
when mankind wakes up to the fact
that wars are inevltab'v disastrous
even to the winner.—Harry Elmer
Barnes. -
AiLow Ai
Com. ^
Light that floods the
whole room with a clear
meliow radlancel The
I nearest to daylight of any
artificial light.
More light than 30 com
mon kerosene lamps. It'a
light that protects your sight! Plenty ol light
for every home need. Easy to operate ...
easy to keep going. Only Coleman gives you
wo much light for so little cost. Beautiful new
models with parchment shades.
See your hardware or housefurnishing
dealer. Lf he doesn't handle, write ue.
Tke Coleman Lamp Cr Stove Company
Oopt. W1T12S. Wtcbltn. Sana.; Chic wo. IU.: Lor,
CSIU.; is.ii-A.ipKi. FS.J Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Sltt)
Penalty of Genius
I sometimes feel as If I were a
milch cow. People try to milk m» of
fill my knowledge.—Admit 5iustein.
/Head 1
I Put Mentholatum In \\l
II the nostril* to relieve \\\
/// irritation and promote \\\
Ifl clear breathing. \\\
Uh, Hu
Wife—Do you think it a speaking
Husband—On the contrary. 1 ad
mire it hugely.
Help Kidneys
• If poorly functioning Kidneys and
Bladder make you suffer from Getting
Up Nights. Nervousness, Rheumatic
_ Pains, Stiffness. Burning, Smarting.
9 Itching, or Acidity try the guaranteed
Doctor's PrescriptionCystex(Sisa-tex)
s« s —Must fix you up or money
(/|fSIcX back. Only 76/ at druggists.
Does Your Mirror Reflect
Rough,Pimply Skin? Use
Anoint the affected parts with
Cnticnra Ointment. Wash off
after a short time with Cnticnra
Soap and hot water and continue
bathing for several minutes. Pim
ples, rashes and other distressing
eruptions are quickly soothed and
a condition established which con
duces to healing.
Ointment 25c and 50c. Soap 25c.
WNU-U 0—3P
— needs more
than cosmetics
Beauty of skin comes
from within.Whencoo
stipation clogs the pores
with intestinal wastes,
NALLY with Garfield
Tea. Helps relieve the
i clogged system prompt
| ly,mildly,effectively..^!
1 yovrdrugstor*2fc&10c
Autogyro Lands in Heart of Barcelona, Spain
An autogyro piloted by Lieutenant Uuitian landed In the center of the city of Barcelona, Spain, during
an aviation fete, but in an effort to rise again, was cramped for space and crashed in the midst of the
crowd watching the events. The pilot was slightly hurt. Photograph shows the autogyro after the crash
War Clouds Lowering Over Ethiopia
Ethiopian troops art* here shown marching in parade as they were reviewed by their emperor recently
as they returned after a successful clash with a rival tribe. Ethiopia lias massed 30,000 troops on her fron
tier in answer to the demands by the Italian war council asking that Abyssinia salute the Italian tlag as an
apology for the recent killing by Abyssinian tribesmen of five native Italian Somaliland troops, inset is pho
tograph of Gen. Emilio de Bono who is In command of the Italian troops massed on the Ethiopian border.
Takes Six Poses on One Plate
A camera which will photograph a subject In six different poses on
the same plate has been invented by C. B. Austin, Los Angeles photog
rapher. The camera has two matched lenses.
“Lady Luck's” Lively Litter
The luck of “Lady Luck," a Boston bulldog, held when her seven
pups reached the age of two weeas. “Lady Luck" belongs to Mrs. Louise
Malstrom of Los Angeles. Seven young ’uns Is quite a record, and "Lady
Luck" Is doggone proud of ’em as she stands guard over the llt'fer.
Joseph Itauduzza, Jr., of Glouces
ter, Mass., who some day will make
quite a hefty gent. He is hut three
years old now and weighs 125
pounds. He weighed but 7,A pounds
at birth, but has now acquired
enough weight to challenge Eng
land’s baby who claims title of
world’s heaviest child.
Frank N. llelgrano, .Tr.. of San
Francisco, national commander of
the American Legion.
Names of Cards
In Ireland, the Ace of Diamond*
is called “The Karl of Cork." it be
ing the worst ace and the poorest
card In the pack. The King—This
card Is believed to he an evil one.
On most fortune-telling systems the
card portends Ill-luck, Its other
names meaning “The great hanged
one.”—Pearson’s Weekly.
■ ■
Famous People
Copyright by Publle Lodger, Ine.
WNU Service.
Famous Composer.
ONLY the person who suffers
from Insomnia knows the rav
aged nml terrors of the still night
hours before the dawn of day.
Through the night lilting tunes
and huuntlng melodies come to Irv
ing Berlin, the fnmous composer;
but sleep eludes him.
“Once during a hot summer
night," Mr. Berlin related, "I was
staying at a small Broadway hotel
during the production of one of my
tirst musical comedies.
"Tired out from the work of re
hearsal, I could have fallen Into a
light sleep, but I was disturbed by
the snoring of the man In the next
room. I paced the lloor. The snor
ing grew louder and weirder. It
was uncanny. At four o’clock It
stopped, and I fell asleep for a few
minutes, only to be awakened again
by the regularity of th« harsh
notes. I slept by fits and starts.
“At six o'clock I remember I was
“Frantically, I walked Into the
hall. The snoring man’s door was
open. 1 pushed aside the ventilat
ing screen. An empty white-rock
bottle caught my eye. I picked It
up and, with one blow, brought It
down with revenge upon the man's
head. It shattered Into hundreds
of pieces. Blood trickled down the
man’s face. This was horrible.
“The next thing I knew a hand
was grasping my arm. 1 could feel
It, but could not see It. Wns It the
dead man’s ghost? I tried hard to
visualize It—was It the hand of a
spirit detective?
“I reached up to push the hand
“ ‘Wnke up,’ roared a bellboy,
who was tugging at my nrin. ‘You
left a call for seven o’clock. Hope
you had a nice night's sleep,’ he add
ed, Jauntily. “ ‘The man In the next
room has complained that he
dreamed he heard the noise of some
one wnlklng back nnd forth, back
and forth, all night. Hope you
didn’t hear anything queer.”’
Motion Picture Actress.
*iqINCE childhood, 1 have been
^ afraid of darkness. It Is a
fear which embodies nothing defi
nite; but complete darkuess terri
fies me. Consequently, I always
leave a dim light burning in the
dressing room which opens from my
bedroom,” snid Joan Crawford.
"A short time ago I had an amaz
ing experience. One night at eleven
o’clock tills lamp flickered fitfully,
almost going out completely and
then burning again. 1 paid ltttle at
tention to It, thinking something
was wrong with the current. When
the same thing happened the next
night, at the same hours, eleven and
twelve, I called In an electrician to
test the wiring at the house, and of
the lamp. Nothing wrong was
“On the third night we stayed
home Just to watch the lights. We
turned them on all over the house,
at eleven o’clock, but that In the
dressing room behaved in the same
peculiar fashion. I did not want to
go out to dance or sing. On the
fourth night, I moved from my room
to one of the guest rooms, but be
cause of my silly fear of the dark,
which I know psychologists would
say I should have overcome in my
childhood, I left a light burning In
the hall outside my room. At
eleven o’clock that light began to
flicker and a few minutes before
twelve, it went out entirely. We
were completely mystified.
“The next morning 1 received a
wire from New Pork telling me that
one of my oldest friends, a woman
who had been very kind to me in
the early days of my career, had
died at midnight the night before.
“The telegram stated that four
nights before my friend had been
taken to the hospital for an emer
gency operation, that she had been
operated on approximately at eleven
o’clock, and that she had hovered
between life and death during the
period when 1 had trouble with my
dressing room lamp.
“My lights went back to their
usual steady behavior after that
fourrh night. 1 can’t explain It.
Perhaps there was something de
fective in the current—perhaps not.’’
X-Ray Teit* Steel Catting*
Hidden cracks In the Interior of
heavy steel castings are detected
by a powerful X-ray machine mount
ed on wheels. The equipment takes
pictures through four inches of
steel. Gun carriages, armor plate
and other forms of steel construc
tion of tiie United States navy are
subjected to the penetrating rays
of the machine, which operates at
220,000 volts.—Popular Mechanics
j Magazine.
U. S. Hold* Large Area
With the acquiring of 3,000,000
acres in the Tennessee valley by
the government, two-flfths of the na
tion's wooded area Is now held in
trust for the public.
Sidewalk Cafe
®. McClura Nawapaper Syisdleata.
WNIT Sarvlr*
THB rnln swept suddenly down
jpon Fifth avenue nnd drove
the diners Indoors. AH but Con
stance who left her young man for
a gap In the boxed hedge and
ducked around the nearest corner.
Like a bedraggled chicken running
for cover, she thought a little hys
terically, and hailed a passing cab.
"And that's that,"-murmured Con
stance settling herself ns comfort
ably ns possible, meaning that she
had written a rnther clever ending
to an evening of adventure. Mean
ing that If a girl tins been so Indis
creet ns to pick up a man, the bet
ter part of valor lies In flight.
Once back In her hotel room, sur
veying her rnln-drenched self In the
mirror, all fear vanished nnd all
sense of shame as well. She was
glad that she had got dust In her
eye and had to have It removed by
the best looking mnn In New York!
It had all happened because she
had si>ent n two weeks’ vacation In
New York alone and this hnd been
her Inst night. And dining all by
yourself In one of those romnntlc
sidewalk cafes between Madison
and Washington squares wasn't so
pleasant If you remembered that
very shortly you must return to Mr.
Herring and Ids typewriter back In
The best looking young mnn she
hnd ever seen wns dining just two
tables away quite alone.
A bit of Fifth avenue lodged In
her eye. It felt more like the Em
pire State building, although It
came out nt the first dab of Con
stance’s handkerchief. But Con
stance, discarding nil her aunt's
teachings, hnd continued to wipe
her eye and had even moaned a
little for good measure. It had
worked! The tall blond young man
hnd left his sent to offer assistance.
He had said: “You see, I’ve had a
great deal of experience; my mother
was always getting things In her
eye. So If you’ll permit me—”
Constance hnd submitted bravely
to having her ridiculously long
Inshes rolled back on a match and
to having the corner of a very large,
very clean linen handkerchief In
serted In a perfectly clear eye.
"There!" the young mnn had an
nounced at last and gravely showed
her a fleck of dust on his handker
So the blond young mnn moved
over and they lingered over cofTee
and cigarettes. They exchanged
names and other unimportant Infor
mation which on Constnnce’s part,
at least, wns strictly misleading.
She still preferred to be a New
Yorker down for her shopping. Ills
name wns Bill Maynnrd. He was
the sort you called Bill at once. He
had lived In New York all Ids life.
Bill wns saying: “You’re a real
person, Constance. I mean—real."
Constance had wanted to say that
she wasn’t real, nt least she wasn’t
whnt he thought her. She wanted
to tell him that she was Just a
stenographer from the Middle West
enjoying n vacation in New York.
• ••*•••
A few days later she wns walk
ing the streets of her home town.
She knew she ought to be regis
tering nt an employment agency
but nothing seemed to matter now.
She hnd lost her Job and BUI. She
looked nt a store set hack from the
sldewnlk and thought, “What a
grand place for n sldewnlk cafe."
Then said sternly to herself:
“Look here, Constnnce, this won’t
do, you know. You’ve got to be
nonchalant," and took out her com
pact to repair the dnmnges from not
being nonchalant.
After that she felt better. She
could even face the wind which was
blowing off Main street and then
it happened again! All the dirt
from Main street was In her eye
and no amount of rubbing did any
She turned blindly toward the
nearest door. She'd have to sit
down and find her handkerchief;
she’d have to find some one to help
her. Only there wasn’t any Bill
Some one inside was taking her
elbow, leading her to a seat. A pro
fessional voice murmured, “It’s rath
er dusty, isn’t It? Now If you’ll Just
hold still a moment—”
And then gentle, efilclent fingers
were rolling back her ridiculously
tong lashes.
“There, do you want to see what
did the damage?"
Constance opened her eyes. She
saw a glass case filled with eye
glasses above which was a sign ’We
Are Glad to Uemove Dust from
Your Eyes Free of Charge." She
looked up and there was—
“But how, when, where—” It
simply couldn't be true.
“You darling! did you think I’d
let you get away so easily? In all
that nonsense you told me, you hnd
said you were stopping at the Trey
more. And when I found that you
were from Midvale, svell, ftlidvale
was us good a place to hunt for a
job as any, so—"
•You found u Job and 1 lost one.”
“You only need one Job In a fam
tly," said B*ll confidently.
“1 hadn't," and Constance smiled,
"thought of that."
Food Supplies Stored
for Castaway Sailors
To be shipwrecked on some lonely
Island or rock, where there Is no
food, Is a fate which has often be
fallen sailors.
It Is those spots of land which are
at a great distance from the regular
ocean highways where the outlook
for castaways is so desperate. Yet
It Is Just these very islands on to
which a disabled ship may drift.
Typical of these islands are those
called Amsterdam. St. Paul and the
Crozets, lying to the south of the In
dian ocean. In the old dnys sure star
vation was the fate of any man
stranded on St. Paul.
Today he will llnd on the rocky
beach a notice board hearing the In
scription In French, “Food and cloth
ing for castaways.’’ Following the di
rection indicated by a wooden hand,
he comes across a rough stone hut,
in which there is a store of preserved
beef, biscuits, woolen shirts, blank
ets and matches. All these goods are
contained in strong barrels, which
can be easily opened.
As long ago as 1887 a French ves
I sel left beer, biscuits and sardines on
one of the Crozet islands.
Nearly twenty years after, the food
was eaten by the shipwrecked crew
of a Norwegian whaling expedition.
The doctors say . . .
Use liquid treatment
Here is the soundest advice anyone
can give on the subject of laxatives.
It is bas$d on medicr.l opinion. We
want you to have the benefit of this
information no matter what laxative
you may buy:
The secret of real relief from consti
pation is reduced dosage. You can’t
regulate the bowels unless you can
regulate the help you give them. That
is why doctors use a liquid laxative;
the dose can be measured to a drop.
Avoid laxatives that you can’t cut
down in dosage; especially those that
seem to require larger doses than
when you began their use.
Under the doctor’s care, you usual
ly get a liquid laxative. The right
liquid laxative gives the right kind
of help, and tne right amount of
help. Smaller and smaller doses—
until you don’t need any.
The liquid laxative generally used
is Dr. Caldwell’s Syrup Pepsin. It
contains senna and cascara—natural
laxatives that form no habit.
Seldom Seem to Win
Men who embezzle always seem to
be poor Judges of safe investments.
Lead* to Temptation
It one is very smart, tlint is, “clev
er,” the temptation to be dishonest
may be greater.
To quickly relieve the itching and
burning, and help nature restore
akin comfort, freely apply
IF your kidneys function badly
and you have a lame, aching
back, with attacks of dizziness,
burning, scanty or too frequent
urination, getting up at night,
swollen feet and ankles, rheumatic
pains . . . use Doan's Pills.
Doan’s are especially for poorly
functioning kidneys. Millions of
boxes are used every year. They
are recommended the country over.
Asle your neighbor!
your Stomach Bother?
Mr. E. O. Dike of 211
So. 9th St., McCook,
Nebr., said: “I am a
booster for Dr. Pierce’s
Golden Medical Discovery.
When my stomach bothered
me and I belched gas, and
when I was rundown, Dr.
Pierce’s Golden Medical
Discovery was all that I
nrcucu iu uuuu me up anu
tnake me feel like mjr normal self again.”
New size, tablets 50 cts., liquid $1-00.
Large size, tablets or liquid, $1.35,