The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, February 14, 1935, Image 6

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The Smithsonian Institution In
Washington Is In possession of evf
deuce thm sea ser|*ents as large
ns the biggest of living land snakes
once swam in the offshore waters
near the present site of the Nn
tional Capital. This Is In the form
of a single fossil vertebra of back
bone Joint, picked up on Belvedere
beach. Va. By comparing tills one
bone with those of living serpents,
the United States National museum
has estimated that the Virginia sea
*<crpent must have been about 2’> feet
long and thick In proportion, which
would be a very good size even for
n python today. Remnants of con
temporary sea dwelling serpents a I
most as large as the Virginia speci
men have been unearthed in New
Jersey and Alabama.
Enough Said
“Ever had a motor mishap:"
'‘Well, I met my wife In a ga
rage."—Tit Bits Magazine.
Now Science Explains
Why So Many People
Past 40
Feel That They’re Slipping
Many people ’round 40 think they're
“growing old.” They feel tired a lot
. . . “weak." Have headaches, dizzi
ness, stomach upsets.
Well, scientists say the cause of all
this, in a great many cases, is simply
an acid condition of the stomach.
Nothing more.
All you have to do is to neutralize
the excess stomach acidity.
When you have one of these acid
stomach upsets, take Phillips’ Milk
of Magnesia after meals and before
going to bed. That's all I
Try this. Soon you’ll feel like
another person! Take either the
familinr liquid “PHILLIPS’ ” or the
convenient new Phillips’ Milk of
Magnesia Tablets.
Phillips' Milk of Magnesia Tab
lets are now on sale at all drug
stores everywhere. Each tiny tab
let is the equivalent of
a teaspoonful of Gen
uine Phillips' Milk of
St A/i//i vf Alaytteiia.
A Body Builder
Mrs. Albert Vorwerk of
1911 St. Anthony Ave.,
St. Paul. Minn., said: “I
. was terribly rundown, tny
| complexion was sallow and
I I had barely enough
r strength to do my house
work. 1 did not rest well
at night and had frequent
headaches. I used I)r.
Pierce’s Golden Medical
Discovery for a few weeks anil I trained
strength and had no more headaches."
New sire, tablets 50 cts., liquid $1.00. !
* "* . ' ' ' ...— ' '■ ..—.
Four Virtues
Industry, economy, honesty, nml
kindness form n quartette of virtues
that will never he Improved upon —
James Oliver.
I ! To quickly relieve 111
/// chapping end roughness, III
HI apply soothing, \\\
JU cooling Mentholatum. \\\
Two necessities In doing a great
and Important work: A definite plan
atnd limited time.
Help Kidneys
• If poorly functioning Kidneys and
Bladder make you suffer from Getting
Up Nights. Nervousness, Rheumrtic
• Pains, Stiffness, Burning, Smarting,
Itching, or Acidity try the guaranteed
Doctor's Presen ption Cyatex (S iso-tvx I
Pue^ew —Must fix you op or money
v|r3lCA back. Only 75f at druggists.
WNU—C 7—85
/~ ts)"
■ ^ \s£l*?2WfN«*r
au*\»** '*
Place Statue in Ice Jam as Villagers Pray
ALL types of boats, in the way of the St. Lawrence river ice jam, were crushed and rendered useless, as
shown here. Father Bourget of the Itoman Catholic church at Hogansburg, N. Y„ ordered the stntue of St.
I’eter taken out of the church and placed between the Ice Jam and the Indian village of St. Itegls, while the
villagers gave prayers of thankfulness that the river was receding. The Inset shows a picture of the statue
if St. I'eter.
PETEK HABBIT had been star
tled by a voice as tie was pass
ing a certain big apple tree In the
Old Orchard. The voice had seemed
to come from that big apple tree.
I’eter stopped short and stared up
through the branches of t lie tree.
Look as he would he couldn’t see
anybody. There wasn't a leaf on
that tree and he could see all
"You Haven't Told Me Yet Why
You Look So Unhappy, Peter,”
Said Spooky.
through It. Peter blinked, felt fool
ish, very foolish Indeed. He knew
that had there been anyone sitting
on one of those branches he couldn’t
have liel|M‘<l seeing them.
“Don't look so high, Peter. Don’t
look so high,” said the voice with
a chuckle. This time It sounded
as If It came right out of the trunk
of the tree. Peter stared at the
trunk, then suddenly laughed right
out. .lust a few feet above the
ground was a good-sized hole in
the tree, and poking Ids head out
of it was a funny little fellow with
big eyes and n hooked beak.
“You certainly did fool me that
time. Spooky,” cried Peter. “1 ought
to hate recognized your voice, but
I didn’t.”
Spooky the Screech Owl, for that
Is who It was, came out of the hole
in the tree, and without a sound
from his wings flew over nnd
perched just above Peter’s head.
He was a little fellow, not more
than eight inches high, but there
was no mistaking the family to
which he belonged. In fact he
looked very much like a small copy
of Hooty the Great Horned Owl, so
much so that Peter felt a little
cold shiver run over him, although
he had nothing in the world to fear
! from Spooky. His head seemed to
he almost ns big around as his
body, and he seemed to have no
neck nt all. lie was dressed in
bright reddish brown with little
streaks and bars of black. Under
neath ho was whitish with little
streaks of black nnd brown. On
A PROMINENT minister on a re
cent Sunday took occasion to
speak of the many changes that had
taken place In the neighborhood
of Ills church In the thirty-eight
years that he had served there.
And as he spoke of the transition
from horses to airplanes, from tree
shaded streets to skyscraper npart
ment house canyons, It seemed he
i must be referring not to the march
of thirty-eight, but hundreds of
years. The differences seemed more
those of separate ages of civiliza
tion, than a mere generation.
Only n few decades back, the pas
tor pointed out, the most danger
ous vehicle on city streets was the
bicycle. He recalled, as If It were
yesterday, the time when “whizzing
cyclists" imperiled Sunday church
Doubtless people felt then, ns
some of its do today, that they had
reached the very limit of man's In
ventive genius for creating dangers
for himself. Doubtless many en
joyed living In such an exciting
age, aR others were grateful to have
lived most of their lives In better
Does it remind you of to-day’s at
tltude toward the automobile, the
airplane, and all the other dizzy
ing thrills and dangers of our age?
Oh, you will say, hut the automo
bile Is dangerous—to say nothing
of the airplane. Certainly, that's
exactly what they said about the
bicycle thirty-eight yenrs ago
And what will they say about our
automobiles and airplanes—thirty
eight years from now?
(£). Bell Syndicate —WNU Service.
The Dope Peddler
I- ” ~
each side of his head was* a tuft
of feathers. They look like ears,
and some people think they are
ears, which is a mistake. His eyes
were round and yellow with a fierce
hungry look in them. His bill was
sinull and almost hidden among the
feathers of his face, but It was
hooked Just like the bill of Hooty.
As Spooky settled himself he
turned his head till he could look
squarely behind him, then brought
It back again so quickly that to
I’eter It looked as If It had gone
clear around. You see, Spooky’s
eyes are fixed In their sockets, and
he cannot move them from side to
side. He has to turn his whole head
hi order to see to one side or the
“You haven’t told me yet why you
look so unhappy, Peter,” said
©, T. W. Burgesa.—WNU Service.
h ED WYNN, 'he Perfect Fool I |
Dear Mr. Wynn:
1 am a man forty five years of
age. I am single. 1 do not chew,
smoke, drink, swear, dance or gam
ble. Do yon think I will live to be
ninety years of age?
Yours turly,
A. MA ItV El
Answer: You probably will. But,
if you don’t do any of the things
you mention, why do you want to
live forty-five years longer?
Dear Mr. Wynn:
1 was In New York last week and
saw a lot of plays. Why do the
managers produce plays which are
so “raw”?
Yours truly,
Answer: The managers know the
newspapers will “roast” them.
Dear Mr. Wynn:
T heur that a hoy friend of mine
committed suicide yesterday. He
was a nice boy, had a good job,
wasn’t in debt or any kind of trou
ble. How do you account for him
shooting himself? Personally, I
should think that was the last thing
he’d do.
Trulv yours,
Answer: 1 think the same ns
you. It was the last thing he’ll do.
Dear Mr. Wynn:
I am a boy twelve years old, and
1 had a fight with another boy be
cause, when I said my father was
a “Democrat,” lie said that was
nothing, as his father was an “Arls
tocrat." Please tell me the differ
Truly yours,
Answer: A Democrat only has
one father and an aristocrat hns
Dear Mr. Wynn:
I arrived in a small town, one
"To fit the time* we might change
the old adage ‘never look a gift
horse in the mouth/" says cautious
Cora, “to ‘never look inside a drug
store sandwich/ ”
WNU S«. vice
(lay last week, and 1 had a heavy
grip, l saw a tramp at the station
and thought 1 would have him
carry my bag for me. 1 asked him
if he wanted to make a quarter. He
said “no” and walked away from
me. How do you account for that?
Yours truly,
Answer: He probably had a quar
Dear Mr. Wynn:
I smoke 00 to 70 cigarettes a day
and my doctor says this habit will
affect my brains. Do you agree with
Yours truly,
Answer: No! If you had any
brains you wouldn't smoke 70 cl
garettes a day.
Dear Mr. Wynn:
I was to a vaudeville show lust
night. It was one of those acts a
fellow with a terrible voice sang
a song. Although he sang It badly
the melody still haunts me. How
do you account for that?
Answer: That Is easily ex
plained. The reason the melody
haunts you Is because the singer
was so bad he probably murdered
the song.
<g). the AHMot lated Newspaper*.
WNU Service.
Street Name* in Dublin
Street names In Dublin are writ
ten up In both Irish and English.
NOW that the fresh coconuts are
In the mnrket it is the time to
use some of the good recipes that
are being worked out by Indus
trious housewives.
To prepare the coconut pierce
the eyes with an Ice pick and let
the milk draiu into a cup. Now
place the coconut In the oven for
a few minutes to become hot. then
crack It and the meat will come out
nicely without sticking to the shell.
Fresh Coconut Candy.
Take one cupful of coconut milk,
add three cupfuls of sugar and put
on to boil; cook ten minutes after
the boiling begins, then add all of
the grated coconut and cook five
minutes longer. Beat until It Is
cold, pour out into greased baking
sheets and cut into squares.
Baked Pork Chop Dish.
Put a layer of thinly sliced po
tatoes in a baking dish, cover with
shredded onion nnd salt and pep
per. Lay over this as many pork
chops ns needed, seasoning well on
both sides. Add enough milk to
moisten and bake until all the food
Is well done.
Coconut Cookies.
Take one cupful of fresh coconut,
add to two-thirds of a cupful of
butter and one and one-third cup
fuls of sugar creamed, add two
beaten eggs, onp-hnlf cupful of
chopped raisins and sift together
one and one-half cupfuls of flour
with four teaspoonfuls of baking
powder, one teaspoonful each of
cinnamon and nutmeg nnd one-half
tenspoonful of cloves. Add the dry
ingredients alternately with one
fourth cupful of coconut milk.
Orange Coconut Creams.
Melt one tablespoonful of butter
in a saucepan, add two cupfuls of
granulated sugar, one-half cupful of
coconut milk nnd one-fourth cupful
of water. Poll to the soft ball stage,
236 degrees Fahrenheit, stirring
only when necessary. Cool atid
beat like coconut fudge. Add fla
voring, using two teaspoonfuls of
orange juice and one-half tenspoon
ful of grated peel; mix well with
two cupfuls of freshly grated co
conut Mold with the hands, tak
ing a tablespoonful at a time. Roll
In coconut and set aside to harden.
This recipe yields about one and
one-half pounds.
©. Western Newspaper Union.
Pill-Box Hat
A pill box of basket weave black
straw flaunting an eyeline veil and
two little black bows Is the perfect
complement of a black crepe dress.
The deep yoke and cufTs are bnnd
embroidered batiste.
IT WAS because of rules he had
to go
Away from all he cherished. . . .
On the street.
He looked back to the ward and
saw the glow
Of lamps. . . . He could not
help It if his feet
Would drag a bit, as, climbing on a
He rode in silence, almost ominous.
He thought of rules the whole way
to the rooms
Her presence had made sweet
. . . The hospital
Must have them, I suppose. ... A
man presumes
But after all, there was his child,
his wife—
All that he held most precious In
this life.
But when he washed his work
grimed hands and lay
Alone within their bed, he thought
Of the not very distant, happy day
When rules to separate them
would be vain.
Smiling, he thought (Queer how a
grin can smart!):
“No rules can keep her image from
my heart!"
Copyright.—WNU Service.
1 You Know
That the news-print paper
used in the printing of your
favorite metropolitan news
paper comes from the mill in
huge rolls that weigh about
1400 pounds. They are six
feet wide and there is be
tween four-and-one-half to
five miles of paper on each
(R. McClun1 N^wanaper Svndlcat#
WN1T Service
Lucky Beetle
A beetle Is said to be able to dls
i pense with food for three years.
Magnificent Supreme Court Building
THE magnificent United States Supreme court nuiluing, nearing com
pletion, ns it appears from the air. The photograph was made from
the Goodyear blimp Enterprise.
Pretty for the
School or Home
Here is a delightful pattern In a
frock for school or house wear. It
boasts a cunning yoke and pleated
sleeves cut In one—fewer seams for
you to close, and terribly smart. The
pleat up the back is borrowed from
the adult mode and gives additional
freedom. A nice mode for cotton or
challis. A contrasting color may be
used for the collar, yoke and sleeves.
Pattern 0082 may be ordered only
in sizes 8. 10. 12. 14 and 16. Size
12 requires 3 yards 36-inch fabric.
Send FIFTEEN CENTS in coins or
stamps (coins preferred) for this pat
tern. Be sure to write plainly your
Complete, diagrammed Sew Chart
Send your order to Sewing Circle
Pattern department, 232 West Eight
eenth street. New York, N. Y.
A traveler, crossing the Atlantic,
was leaning over the rail one morn
ing when the information fiend
tapped him on the shoulder.
“Sir.’ said the latter, with a wave
of tiie hand, “do you know that if the
earth were flattened out the sea
would be miles deep all over the
The traveler looked impressed.
“Well,” he replied, “if you catch
anyone flattening out the cartti, shoot
him on the spot. I can’t swim.”
For Display Purposes
“Any gangsters In Crimson Gulch?”
asked the traveling man.
“A few,” answered Cactus Joe.
“Why do you let them hang
“They're useful in their way.
Whene\er we have a reform election
we need a few recognized miscre
ants to be temporarily cleaned out.”
“Have you what !s referred to as a
single-track mind?" asked the inquis
“I’m afraid 1 have." answered Sen
ator Sorghum. “If 1 had more track
age maylie ray trains of thought
wouldn't lie getting into so many col