The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, February 23, 1928, Image 1

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    The Frontier.
Twelve of the crack shots of the
O’Neill Gun Club went down to Cham
bers last Sunday and gave the south
country lads another “trimming.”
The O’Neill club members were in
fine form and did some good shoot
Morris Graham was the high score
. man with twenty-five straight.
The O’Neill club have not yet been
defeated and wish The Frontier to say
that they will challenge the world and
will shoot against all comers. The
boys are real peppy and want to meet
some team that thinks they can shoot.
Following is the score:
Roy Warner 11101 11011
Bert Gunn .... lllll 11101
R. E. Calvert 11011 lllll
•Jess Scofield 00111 lllll
Ed. Burge 01010 00010
A. E. Stevens lllll lllll
Ross E. Harris 01110 lllll
C. W. Porter lllll lllll
Forest Smith ..... 110 0 1 lllll
L. K. Hough ... 10111 lllll
Morris Graham lllll lllll
Ralph Scofield 11110 lllll
Walter Scott 01111 10111
B. Hubbard .01110 01111
S. Farrier '. 01101 01111
C. Fees ........ .01010 11110
H. Hubbard 0 1111 11011
A. Faiquier d 1 1 1 0 00111
C. Wyant 1 1. 0 1 1 lllll
Bill Russ _ lllll lllll
D. Faiquier 10111 lllll
C. Tibbetts_ 1110 1 0 10 11
T. E. Newhouse.. 01000 10100
O. Woods . 10 0 10 11110
O’Neill average 20*4.
Rev. Luther M. Kuhns, of Omaha,
ma3e the Washington day address to
the Masons, their wives and other in
vited guests at the Methodist church
last evening. Rev. Kuhns is a Past
Grand Chaplain of the Grand Chapter
of Royal Arch Masons of Nebraska
and a Past Grand Chaplain of the Su
preme Council, Ancient and Accepted
Scottish Rite and a prominent Thirty
Third Degree Mason.
A large chorus of mixed voices
rendered a number of selections.
Light refreshments were served in
the church basement following the
Gun Club February 19, 1928.
11100 11011 1111 1—20
110 0 1 lllll 1 1 1 1 1-22
lllll 01111 1111 1—22
01010 11110 0111 1—18
lllll 11110 1111 0—16
lllll lllll 0111 1—24
lllll 11110 1011 1—21
lllll 01010 1100 1—20
11100 11110 0110 1—18
lllll 10111 0100 1—20
lllll lllll 1111 1—25
10111 01101 0101 1—19
Gun Club February 19, 1928.
10111 lllll 1111 1—22
lllll 01111 1111 1—21
lllll 1 1 1 0 1 0001 1—18
0000 0 11 101 0111 1—14
lllll lllll 1111 0—22
01010 10100 0111 1—14
lllll 10111 0111 1—22
01101 lllll 1111 0—22
11011 01111 0011 1—20
11110 11010 1101 1—18
11101 11110 1101 1—15
01100 00011 1111 1—15
Chambers average 18^.
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. John Moeller, Jr., of Stuart, on
February 13th.
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. John Miksch, of Stuart, Mon
day, February 12th.
A daughter was bom to Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Sterner last Friday at
their home in this qity.
Miss Peggy Egan, of Omaha, spent
from Sunday until Wednesday at the
home of Dr. and Mrs. F. J. O’Connell, j
J. B. Mellor and Dr. L. A. Burgess
drove to Omaha Wednesday in J. B.’s
new Ford, and are attending the auto
' show.
Frank Hopkins came up from Oma
ha the first of the week and was
shaking hands with his many O’Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stein accom
panied by Jay Butler, of Inman, drove
to Omaha Wednesday, to attend the
auto show which is now going on.
Inman Leader: Word was received j
that Mae Goree underwent an opera
tion for cancer at the hospital in Fre- j
mont where she is making her home (
with a daughter.
A son was bom to Mr. and Mrs. W.
G. Morrow, of Meek, last Tuesday
The new arrival is the twelfth child
in the Marrow family all of whom
are hale and hearty.
Mrs. Bert Powell departed foe St.
Cioid, Florida, Wednesday morning,:
whore she will visit for a month with
her parents. Her father has been in:
i>oor health for some time.
The Isaak Walton league down at
Inman are arranging for a banquet
at their regular meeting on March
12th. The state presidnt will he pres
ent and make an address,
Mrs Nellie accompanied
her daughter. Miss Maxine, to Fre
mont, Nebraska, Tuesday morning
The latter was suffering front an
nettle attack of appendicitis,
Mrs. It. M. Sauers expect* to enter
tain the member^ of the M. O. A. club
at her hoire I -(day evening in honor
of Mrs Dorothy Organ, Buffalo Gap,
South Dakota, a former member of
the rlah
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Gatz were
Norfolk visitors last Friday.
Mrs. Janies Moore continues to
suffer with a severe attack of rheu
George Clyde came home from a
several weeks’ visit with his daughter
at Ashland.
John Miskimins returned home last
week from an extended business trip
in the southern states.
Joseph Schollmeyer returned home
Monday from Sioux City where he
had been with a car of hogs.
Andy Davis came up from Sioux
City and spent Sunday with his
mother and other relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Clark, Beaver Cross
ing, Nebraska, were the guests of Mr.
anid Mrs. F. D. Pelz Sunday and Mon
Leon Sargent went to Norfolk,
Wednesday, to consult Dr. Gadbois in
regard to some thouble he is having
with his head.
J. B. O’Sullivan has purchased the
Olds lots in the southeastern part of
the city and will move his house onto
them in the near future.
Dick Klinetobe stopped in O’Neill
the first of the week and visited at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. D. II. Clauson.
Dick was enroute to points in Iowa.
Mrs. F. J. Radliff received the an
nouncement last Friday of the death
of her brother, E. II. Harp, at Doug
las, Wyoming. She received no par
ticulars in regard to the death.
Scott Hough has had his men in
Orchard, Elgin und Neligh during the
past week or ten days loading an
engine, generator and other equip
ment into u car at Orchard to he ship
ped to Alabama.
Scott Hough received a Model No.
30 washing machine as a gift from
the Interstate Power Company last
week Mr, Hough contributed the
l<e*t essay about the particular wash
ing machine in a recent radio contest.
Rev. U W, Mallard expect* to leave
early Sun-lay morning for Hampton,
Iowa, where he will receive his official
appoint Hunt as administrator of the
• state of the late J. II. Corvoran, in
probate court Moortn* morning in that
Mrs. D. Abdouch and Mrs. Antot
Toy were in Norfolk the first of th<
Miss C. F. McKenna entertainer
the Martez club at the Golden hote
Monday evening. Mrs. P. B. Hartj
won the high score prize.
Conductor C. L. Mooney, who foi
many years was conductor on th,
Burlington between Bioux City ant
U'Neui, has moved from Bioux City tt
Hastings, Nebraska, and will be con
uuetor on tne Burlington Hastings
umatia passenger run.
A small tire was discovered in the
; nick ot time on the exterior of thi
| c rank Froelich residence last Satur
aay morning. The nro was caused bj
a short circuit in the electrical wife
ing near the roof of the residence
No damage was done.
A small blizzard visited this vicinity
Wedneauay. A lnHe snow t$ii
throughout the day accompanied iv
a heavy wind. Wednesday evonifck
the wind went down and the stoa’n
was over. Only a very little sodw
fell and the roads are not badly drift
ed in this locality.
A number of very fine display win
dows were in evidence Wednesday in
respect for the memory of George
Washington. Among those that de
serve special mention was the cake in
the bakery window which represent
ed a cherry tree, the hatchet, blocks
of wood and chips from the log.
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Wintermote, ol
Douglas, Wyoming, have been visit
ing relatives and friends in and near
Chambers for the past three weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Wintermote have been
visiting at Benton, Kansas, for ♦he
past three months. They returned to
their home in Douglas, the first of the
mu inamtfiuiiu it ufjmrLim-m. kciu
j the large tractor and grader out over
the highway north Monday morning.
! The big outfit will spread the gravel
I on the five mile stretch of road be
j tween the Eagle creek and the Nio
| brara river. The1 Western Bridge
| Company had the contract for the
I graveling of this strip of road.
W. H. Crippen, superintendent of
j the maintenance department of the
j federnl system of Holt county, in
forms The Frontier that the main
I tainers are busy every day on the fed
eral highways in the county. The
maintainers working out of O’Neill
| are manned by Emery Peterson, ge
, mg east; Leo Carney, west; Fred
i Richardson, north for 13 miles; Earl
! Kuhns has charge of the work from
! there to the Niobrara river.
A county Methodist ministers asso
ciation was formed when the Metho
dist ministers of the county and their
wives gathered at the Methodist
church in Emmet last Monday even
ing. Rev. Clinton Seneff, of Atkin
i son, was chosen president, and Miss
Anna Nelson, of Emmet, secretary.
IA banquet was served in the church
(basement at 6:80. Mrs. G. W. Bal
lear read a selection. Rev. Ballard
| preached later in the evening.
Inman Leader: C. D. Keyes re
ceived a newspaper clipping from
Rock Falls, Illinois, the first of the
week announcing the death of J. H.
Mechling one of the early residents
of Inman, which occurred at the home
of his daughter in Portsmouth. Illi
nois, where he was on a visit. Many
of the early settlers of this commu
nity will probably remember Mr.
Mechling. He was the first depot
agent here and was prominently iden
tified with the Presbyterian church,
being Sunday school superintendent
for many years.
Atkinson Graphic: Mr. and Mrs.
Chambers towmsnip, celebrated their
Chambrs township, celebrated their
fiftieth wedding anniversary the 7st
inst., says their daughter, Mrs. Kas
per Harley. Mr. Brown, who is 78
and Mrs. Brown 70 were married in
Illinois fifty years ago. There were
sixty-five relatives and neighbors
_ - *_A _11 . / A _I_—
|M cncut, an uiviuu(.io v* v»*%,
family except two daughters, Mrs.
Louis Siegler, of Boulder, Colorado,
and Mrs. Minnie Howerton, who re
sides at Brighton. Colorado. A big
supper was served and Mr. and Mrs.
Brown were given $50 in gold pieces.
Charles Reka has disposed of his
interests in the Mellor Motor Com
pany to Mr. T. O. Miller, of Casper.
Wyoming, who became associated
with the firm as of January 1st. Mr.
Miller arrived in O’Neill last Tuesday
and will make O’Neill his home. Mrs.
Miller (who will be remembered here
as Margaret Dorsey) will not come to
O’Neill until June as she is teaching
in Casper. Mr. Miller has been in
charge of the cusing head gas system
for the Mammoth Oil Company lo
cated in the Teapot Dome. The Mam
moth Oil Company was part of the
Sinclair interests and has been in the
hands of a receiver since March, 1924,
hut has been operating until January
1st when it went out of business as a
result of the final order of the court
in the Sinclair epi*<*de. Mr. Miller is
also a lawyer and is n member of the
American I .eg ion,
(Inman Leader.)
The supreme court Monday revcrs
cd ami dismissed the rase of Louis
Tomjack of F!w ing against the North*
western liailremd Company, from
Holt County, where Tomjack got $500
judgment fur injuries i-ustained in
running his car of? a culvert The
court says that the evidence shows
the culvert was properly constructed
as a part of a highway ami that Tom*
jwk was negligent in not warning the
driver after he saw the danger ahead
Mrs. Bridget Clark died at the home
I of her daughter, Mrs. M. R. Sulivan
in this eity last Saturday at the age
of si venty-flve years. She was born
in Ireland. She came to Holt county
with her husband twenty-five years
ago last May, from Wayne county.
She was united in marriage to Pat
rick Clark in Clinton, Iowa, flfty
1 seven years ago last October.
To this union were born seven
i children, Mrs. M. R. Sullivan,
O’Neill; Mrs. John Kesterson, Fort
Morgan, Colorado; Frank Clark, Buf
falo, South Dakota; Mrs. Margaret
Thomas, Seattle, Washington; Miss
Anna and Miss Helen Clark, both of
Omaha; Jnmes Clark, Wyoming.
The children from away to attend
the funeral are Anna and Helen of
Funeral services were held from St.
Patrick's church Tuesday morning at
nine o’clock, conducted by Father M.
J. Brady; burial was made in Cal
vary cemetery.
The pall bearers were R. E. Gal
lagher, R. R. Morrison, Jerry Hanley,
M. H. McCarthy, Pat O’Donnell and
H. E. Coyne. ,
Mrs. George Baird died at her home
eighteen miles northeast of O’Neill
last Monday following an illness of
some duration. The cause of her
death was given as Bright’s disease
and heart trouble.
Grace Fletcher was born December
6, 188C, in Wayne County, Iowa, where
she grew to womansood. She was
_:_i i . n_ •_i if_l m
UiUI 11VU (>V UVVi^V 4/UUU, HXU1 VU » v,
1914; to this union one son, Frank
lin, who with her husband, father,
mother, four brothers and four sisters
Funeral services were held at the
home Wednesday afternoon, conducted
by Rev. Guy W. Ballard, pastor of the
Methodist church. The remains were
shipped1 to Winside, Nebraska, where
burial will be made today.
. -■ ....
S. C. Romine, of Holdridge, Ne- ;
braska, died in the Stuart hospital j
last Thursday morning following a
short illness. Mr. Romine came to
O’Neill on Thursday of the previous
week to assist Levi Hull during the
opening of the cream station and
dairy plant. A shart time after ar
riving here he begun to feel poorly
and was taken to the hospital where
he passed away. The cause of his
death was pneumonia and diabetis.
The remains were taken to his home
in Holdridge for burial.
A son, John Joseph, was born to
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Reardon of this ;
city last Thursday evening. The lit- '
tie one was not long for this life. He .
was baptized Friday morning and
zpasSed away the same evening at
11:30. The remains were laid to rest
in Calvary cemetery Saturday morn
ing. Mr. and Mrs. Reardton and
family have the sympathy of the en
tire community in the loss of their
little son.
(Atkinson Graphic.)
William J. Weller, 44, passed away
j at his home in Atkinson at 11:35 a.
m. Tuesday, the Nth inst., following
, a few days illness from pneumonia.
William James Weller, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Weller of this city,
was bom at Kerkhoven, Minnesota,
March the 3rd, 1884. The family
! moved to Holt County where they have
| since resided, in 1886, when the de
ceased was two years old.
In 1914 he was married to Miss Lily
Pirce, of Amelia, Nebraska, and who,
' together with six young sons survive
him; also his parents, one sister, Mrs.
; i ifiiULiiy kj ijUiiucu umi uvtr uiwiiivin
Francis and Wallace, twin brothers, of
Atkinson; Fred E., of Douglas, Wyo
! ming, and George and Myron at pres
! ent in Texas.
Funeral services are held at St.
I Joseph’s Catholic church at 9 o’clock
{today and interment in the parish
St. Mary’s Dramatic club presented
. “Storting of Fontenelle” Tuesday
; evening. The cast was as follows;
Miss Henrietta Babcock—Loretta
! Carr.
Margaret Foster—Mary Pribil.
Betty Blasted—Catherine Zastrow.
Delphia—Lucille Graham,
William Kane—Harlan Agnes.
Spick Andrews—Ivan Pruss.
Professor Flaytc—William Bella.
Jack Turner—Ben Clifford.
Dick Downey—Frank Gallagher.
Mac Storflng—John McCarthy.
Rosy—Gertrude Enright.
Bo b*-C Ictus Sullivan.
Dr. Vincent Storting—Philip Ken
There was a large and appnN ia*
live audience. The minuet and drills
l*v tho little folk were very beautiful
and the songs by the girls’ Glee club
were well received.
Tin* ('smpllrr (ttHs, under the
lendorshtp of Miss Minerva Merrell.
will hav*> a part In the evening ser
vice this Sunday evening. This new
type of service will appeal to our
many friend*. Plan to spend the
whult day with us. Always welcome.
jfig i
H ;®|g|
Alvin Kloepper and Miss Rose De
vall, of Meek, were united in marriage
at Butte, Nebraska, on Thursday,
February 16th. Rev. J. E. Largent,
pastor of the Methodist church at
Butte officiating.
Mrs. Devall has been employed at
Dallas, South Dakota, for some time
She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs
W. S. Devall of Meek.
Mr. Kloepper is a prosperous farm
er residing about eight miles north
west of O’Neill where he and Mrs,
Kloepper will residto.
The Frontier extend congratula
Miss Treva Potter and Loyd Howe
surprised their many friends when
they slipped away to O’Neill, last
Thursday, February 16th, where they
were united in marriage by Judge C.
J. Malone at the court house. Mrs.
Howe is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
M. S. Potter and is a young woman
who posesses a kind disposition that
will help to make a happy home. Mr.
Howe is a young man of industrious
habits. He is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Jake Howe, of Amelia. They arc
receiving the congratulations and best
wishes of friends. They will be at
home after March 1st at the Howe
ranch southeast of Chambers.
In behalf of Simonson Post of the
American Legion We want to express
our gratitude to all who assisted us
in rendering “A Bachelor’s Esca
pades,” the musical comedy.
R. M. SAUERS, Commander.
Owners of automobile
Mr. Chairman: I move you that
the Sheriff be instructed to have
printed in each paper in the County a
notice that on and after March 1st,
1928, anyone driving an automobile
or truck in the County without a 1928
license or driving an automobile or
truck owned in Holt County with a
license from another County ar» sub
ject to arrest and the Sheriff is here
by instructed to make arrangements
to have some one in each city or vil
lage to look after this matter and
have each such person arrested.
State of Nebraska,
County of Holt, as:
I, E. F. Porter, County Clerk of
Holt County, Nebraska, do hereby
certify that the above and foregoing
is a true and correct copy of the Reso
lution as passed by the County Board
of Supervisors in regular session Feb
ruary, 1928.
have hereunto set my hand and affix
ed the seal of this office this 16th day
of February, 1928.
38-2 County Clerk.
For the convenience of those who
are required by law to file Federal
Income Tax Returns, a Deputy Col
lector of Internal Revenue will be at
O’Neili, Nebraska, on March 14 and
15, 1928, to assist taxpayers in pre
paring their returns. No charge will
be made for this service. The matter
of filing your Income Tax Return
should be given immediate attention,
in order to avoid penalty and interest.
Royal Theatre I
Sunday and Monday, Feb. 26-27 I
“Seventh Heaven’’ I
1 Janet (iaynor and Charles Farrell.
M Lister Film-fans have you ever seen a perfect ||
3 photo-play? NO! Well you'll have the chance 9
m of your life Sunday and Monday. 9
ffl Coming March 1-2— Ism Chaney in ‘Uuidon $
B After Midnight.*’ March 1-5—Kmil Jennings in H
| ‘ The Last Command.” #