The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, September 24, 1925, Image 1

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I Lyle Smith, of Laurel, is in the
city taking in the fair this week.
Elmer Surber is building an addi
tion of two rooms on the north end
of his residence.
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Herbert Russ, Wednesday, at
the Gilligan hospital.
Ed Bridges came up Tuesday after
noon for a visit with O’Neill friends
and to remain for the fair.
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Howard Oberle, Tuesday even
ing, in roims in the Naylor building.
Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Smith, of Ew
ing, arrived in the city Sunday, for a
visit with their daughter, Mrs. E. D.
Henry, and to take in the fair.
S. J. Weekesand Harry Clauson
knocked down twelve ducks, including
several big Mallards, several miles
west of this city Sunday afternoon.
W. P. Riddlesbarger, former O’Neill
high school coach and now a member
of the faculty at the state university,
visited O’Neill friends over the week
Mis. J. S. Ennis left Wednesday
for San Francisco, San Diago and on
to Jacumba Hot Springs, where she
will visit her daughter, Mrs. NeMie
Joe Schollmeyer, of Scottville, re
ceived a number of severe bruises
and minor injuries one day last week
when a scaffold broke beneath him
causing him to fall about twenty feet.
John Miskimins is mourning the
loss of his faithful jitney which
p secumber to the ravishes of fire last
Sunday afternoon at the home of
Walter Stewart, eight miles south of
O’Neill. The fire is thought to have
started from a short circuit under the
foot boards.
Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Morrison and
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Reardon drove
down to Omaha Sunday morning for
a short visit.
Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Purcell return
ed Sunday evening from Chicago,
coming back by way of Broken Bow
and Bassett.
Sheriff Duffy returned Tuesday
morning from Omaha, to which place
he took six chicken thieves Sunday
for confinement in the Douglas county
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Shoemaker and
family left Wednesday morning for
Sioux City, where they will spend
the week end, taking in the Interstate
Lynch won the ball game from
Royal Wednesday afternoon by a
score of 10 to 6. The batteries for
Lynch was Ricehill, Steel and Schi
fler, for Royal, Johnson, Chalfant and
United States Marshal D. H. Cronin
came up from Norfolk Monday even
ing following adjournment of federal
court for a week at that place and left
for the west Wednesday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Welton and Mr.
and Mrs. Ross Welton, of Mullen, Ne
braska, drove to O’Neill today for a
visit with their mother and grand
mother, Mrs. A. Welton of this city.
A family reunion is planned for next
Sunday, when about twenty-five
children and grandchildren will be
Rev. J. A. Hutchins of this city
has recently demonstrated that he is
one of the best checker players in
the state of Nebraska. This fact was
demonstrated to the entire satisfact
ion of those present at a recent series
of games played at Lincoln with the
State Champion Joe Stanton, of Uni
versity Place. Rev. Hutchins won
two games, Stanton won two and
there were three draws in a series of
seven games. The O’Neill club is
exceedingly proud of the showing
made by Rev. Hutchins.
Beginning Monday the Burlington
passenger train will leave for Sioux
City at 6:30 a. m.
The Rev. J. A. Hutchins having re
turned, the regular services will be
held at the Methodist church Sun
. 1
The missionary society of the Pres
byterian church will meet with Mrs.
J. H. Meredith, Thursday evening,
October 1st.
James Brennan and daughter,
Helen, of Norfolk, were week-end
visitors at the home of Mr. Brennan’s
sister, Mrs. E. O’Donnell, returning
home Monday.
J. M. Piatt and W. C. Fores man, of
Allenwood, Pennsylvania, came Wed
nesday evening for a visit at the J.
M. Hunter home. Mr. Piatt and Mr.
Hunter are cousins.
Alex R. Wertz and son, Emmett,
delivered twenty-three head of their
fine Poland China hogs to Pruss Bros.
The twenty-three head averaged 430
pounds, and sold for $10.70.
Fall formally began Monday with
winterlike temperatures and all
around mean weather. The weather
bureau has promised fair and warmer
days for the latter part of the week.
The many friends of the Reverend
J. A. Hutchins of the Methodist
church of this city will be pleased to
learn that he has been returned to j
this charge by the Nebraska district
conference which concluded at Lincoln
Monday. Other assignments in this
vicinity are as follows: Bristow, R.
J. Symons; Chambers, J. F. Gaither;
Ewing, M. Wayne Pickerel; Inman,
W. T. Tayor; Lynch, R. A. Spence;
Page, H. H. Todd; Spencer, E. W.
Nye; Amelia, Otto Michel; Atkinson,
Clinton Senneff; Butte, E. Magill;
Emmet, D. C. Winship; Stuart, V. R.
Bell. The district superintendent for
the Norfolk district in which O’Neill
is located, is E. D. Hull; of the North
west district in which Amelia, At
kinson, Emmet and Stuart are locat
ed, E. C. Fintel.
I will dig potatoes and make deliveries the first week in October.
Potatoes are very scarce this year and will be very high before spring.
My potatoes are nice even size and smooth. Price $1.25 per bushel in
ten bushel lots or over. Phone your order at once if you want some of
our potatoes.
Milk Cream Butter
Our dairy products speak for themselves. Our best recommendation
is the steady increase in business since starting the dairy work. Am de
livering to over 250 customers.
V • / '
The following increase in butter sales speaks for the quality of the
February . 1200
March . 1350
April ._... 1583
May ... 2041
June. 2064
July ._..:.. 2505
August . 2969
Total . 13712
Ask your dealer for our butter if you are not already using it.
I invite you to inspect my herd and plant.
Sanitary Dairy
F. H. LANCASTER, Owner. Phone 84.
The Holt county fair formally
opened Wednesday noon with one of
the largest first day attendances in
its history. The exhibits of live
■stock, agricultural products, etc., are
most extensive and exceptionally fine,
and the program of amusements pre
pared by President Art Hahn and
Secretary John L. Quig is a dandy.
The racing program comprises eight
races Wednesday, six for Thursday
and five for Friday. Racing stables
from Winner, Colome, Elgin, Ran
dolph, Crawford, Cody, Gordon, Bas
sett and Albion are represented at
the meet, with more than eighty
horses here to contest in the several
events. A fast baseball game each
day also is a feature of the program.
The Royal and Lynch teams are play
ing Wednesday, Emmet and O’Neill
Thursday and the winners of the first
two games Friday.
An innovation this year is the night
program at the grounds instead of up
town. The carnival attractions and
free acts all are good and the Ted
North Players, who present a new play
each evening during the entire week
is one of the best stock companies
ever , ppearing in O’Neill. The North
plays are clean and fresh, the actors
young and sparkling and the humor
really funny. There are no reserved
seats in the big show tent, each seat
being a comfortable covered chair,
with the early arrivals getting the
best ones, which is why you should
arrive early.
Following is the race program for
the week:
Wednesday, Sept. 23.
One-fourth mile, free for all $75.00
Mile and one-half relay race
Holt county -- $50.00
One-half mile chariot race . $60.00
One-half mile catch weights,
free for all --.... $100.00
One-half mile Roman race $50.00
Five-eights mile 2 year old
90 lbs., 3 year 108, over 116 $100.00
Three-fourths mile, free for all,
3 year 108, over 116_$125.00
One-fourth mile, 3 year old and
and up 108, over 116_$50.00
Thursday, Sept. 24.
One-half mile 2 year old 90 lb.
3 year 108, over 1T6, free
for all - $75.00
Mile and one-half relay, Holt
county horses - $50.00
Three-fourths mile, 3 year old
and up 108, over 116_$100.00
One-half mile chariot race _ $60.00
One mile and 1-16 handicap,
free for all-$150.00
One-half mile, county horses,
3 year and up 108, over
116 -60- $60.0
Friday, Sept. 25.
Five-eights mile, 3 year 108 lbs.
over 116 - $75.00
Mile and one-half relay, Holt
county horses - $50.00
One-half mile chariot race_$60.00
Three-fourths mile, 3 year old
and up 108, over 116 _ $100.00
One-mile non-winners meeting
for horses finishing not
better than third _ $125.00
Mr. and Mrs. William Swigart re
turned Friday evening from Pennsyl
A supper and reception in h*ior of
the Reverend Beers and Mrs. Beers
was given at the Presbyterian church
Friday evening.
Cards have been received from Don
ald Gallagher by local friends an
nouncing that he has taken over the
legal practice of the late T. J. Doyle
at Lincoln and has opened offices at
1027 Terminal building, that city.
D. A. Criss, Tom Mains, Ben Far
ner, John Shaal, William Krotter, L.
Willerling, Pearl C. Jones, Dr. L. J.
C. Reicherd and Dr. D. K. Stuart com
prised a delegation of exceedingly
wideawake Stuart business and pro
fessional men were in the city Tues
day in the interest of the sixth annual
fall meeting of the Tri-County Im
provement association to be held at
Stuart Thursday, October 1. The
program of entertainment arrived
for the meeting is an extensive one,
with Governor Adam McMullen the
principal speaker of the day. A fea
ture of the big celebration prill be a
hay baling contest for the world’s
championship and a $200 purse. Dr.
Condra of the state university will
be present with a movie camera to
photograph the contest. An open air
movie, with pictures of Nebraska,
furnished by the university and of
highway building, furnished by the
federal department of agriculture,
will be shown. The program begins
at 8 a. m. and continues through the
entire day and evening, with the ad
dress of Governor McMullen at 8 p.
m., and concluding with a free ball
and the movies. The tri-county as
sociation has a membership in Holt,
Rock and Keya Paha counties and its
annual field day is one of the big
events of the fall season in north Ne
They are the sort that can be made only from
the purest, choicest materials, the kind you will find
in abundance at this store.
Every purchase you make in this store has back
of it our guarantee that it will suit you in quality
and purity.
Call No. 47.
Ross E. Harris
Meat Market and Grocery
McLaughlins kept fresh coffee service
A small shed on the Ed Young
property just west of the city limits
was destroyed by fire Sunday after
The regular evening service at the
First Presbyterian church will begin
at 7:30 o’clock, commencing Sunday
evening and continuing until spring;
The Omaha World Herald of last
Thursday contained a photograph of
Joe Beha as the probable fullback on
the Creighton varsity team this year
and a most eulogistic reference to his
work in that position on the freshman
team last year.
The many O’Neill friends of Eddie
Allen, who by his unexcelled pitching
made the O’Neill baseball team the
winning team it was during the sum
mer, will regret to learn that a severe
cold and a threatened attack of pneu
monia may keep him out of the
Creighton line-up in the football game
with Midland college Saturday. Al
len is one of the regular ends on the
Creighton university team and his
absence next Saturday,if he should not
be able to play, will be severely felt
according to the sport writers. Ed
die Allen made many friends in
O’Neill this summer by his geniality,
sportsmanship and gentlemanly con
duct and they will follow his ath et»c
cnreer this fall and winter with dose
attention nnd sincere wishes for his
success. Allen, with the Doyle broth
ers, will be most heartily welcomed
back to O’Neill next spring should
they decide to return.
R. L. Jordan, local manager of the
Bell Telephone company, was pain
fully injured Friday of last week
while trimming trees along the com
pany’s lines near Emmet, when his
ax slipped and struck him between
the great toe and its neighbor on his
right foot. He is able to be about
again with the assistance of crutches.
The O’Neill baseball team admin
istered its fourth defeat to Verdigre
at the fair grounds Sunday afternoon
by trimming the Knox county men
14 to 1. The day was raw and chilly,
the cold hampering the players con
siderably. Battery for O’Neill:
Brown, Bishop and Holliday. Verdi
gre: Higgenbotham and Herbek.
O’Neill and Bloomfield will settle
the championship of northeast Ne
braska on the baseball diamond at
Creighton Sunday afternoon. The
two teams are the speediest of the
section and have not met before dur
ing the present season. The game is
the result of a challenge by Bloom
field after O’Neill had so decisively
defeated Tyndall at Bloomfield last
week and is for the gate receipts and
a large side bet. It will be a contest
no true baseball fan will care to miss.
How Is It With
Some men look ahead only a
nickel’s worth at a time.
However, he who really succeeds
in life is looking ahead in hundreds
or thousands.
This bank can help yon see ahead.
This bank carries no indebtedness
of officers or stockholders.
Resources over $600,000.00.
The O’Neill National Bank