The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, August 06, 1925, Image 5

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    Carefree as a Schoolboy
Business worries forgotten, he patiently awaits
that same tug at the line that so often set his heart
to dancing when a schoolboy. Eagerly he senses
the struggle with the greedy beauty in the brook.
The modern business man knows the value of
getting out in the open occasionally, as a tonic
to keep fit.
But he no longer neglects his business while he
is away. “Long distance” makes supervision
possible from any distance and keeps him in touch
with the office.
Ask “long'distance” for the
rates to any town, at any time.
Northwestern Bell Telephone Co.
One Policy - One Syttem - Univertal Service
The official board gave the partor’s
family a three weeks’ vacation in the
month of July. The time was spent
in viewing the wonders of the Rocky
Mountains at Estes Park and on
throught to Idaho Springs and Look
Out mountain.
Rev. Zell Bressler filled the pulpit
while the pastor was away on his
A new porch was built on the par
sonage, the floors of the parsonage
were revarnished and the ehurch
building was newly painted, while the
pastor was away.
The Epworth League are sending
twenty-.five delegates to the Norfolk
District, Institute, held at Loe’s Lake
near Stanton, August 10th to 16th.
The Ladies Aid gave another one
of their fine ice cream and luncheon
festivals last Thursday at Mather’s
grove. The O’Neill band were in at
tendance and gave one of their fine
The Annual Conference meets Sep
tember 15th at St. Paul’s church in
Lincoln. Bishop Kenney presides.
This year the Northwest Nebraska
conference and this conference will
unite as one, and be only one confer
ence in the state with 500 preachers.
The Intermediate League was
treated to ice cream and cake by their
superintendent, Mrs. Helen Buck
ingam, last Wednesday evening after
their play hour.
The attendance at Sunday school
last Sunday was 150—the offiering
was $14.00. A very gpod record for
the summer time.
Preaching Sunday at 10 o’clock.
Sunday school at 11 o’clock.
Epworth League at 7 o’clock.
Intermediate League at 7 o’clock.
Praehing at 8 o’clock.
The public is cordially invited to
these services.
(Norfolk News.)
Stuart, Neb.: Three persons were
injured Sunday night when a coupe
crashed into the rear end of a road
ster, which was parked on the right
side of the Nebraska highway No. 1,
about four miles west of Stuart. Al
fred Sutherland of Newport, driver of
the car, which was owned by his
father, suffered the cutting of the
tendon leading to the little finger in
his left hand. Miss Ethel Sutherland,
his sister, had her knee badly cut.
A Mr. Wilch, who was with them re
ceived a deep gash in his arm.
The car that was struck was owned
by County Attorney Nolan of Rock
county. His wife and baby were sit
ting in the car when the accident oc
curred and Mr. Nolan was working on
the car. None of them was injured.
The driver of the coupe was unable
to see the parked car because an
auto from Winner, South Dakota, was
stopped right beside the Nolan car
and its lights were turned on bright,
according to Sutherland. He says he
could only see the car with the lights,
which was on the left side of the road
as he approached. He turned to the
right necessarily to go around it, and
crashed into the Nolan car which, he
says, had no lights visible whatso
The coupe was practically demol
ished, the front end being badly
smashed, and the seat even being torn
loose from the shock of the collision.
(Norfolk News.)
Spencer, Neb., July 31: Erection of
a large dam across the Niobrara river
at this point, which has been under
advisement for some time, seems to
be an assurred fact.
Mr. Carter, construction engineer of
the North Nebraska Power company,
has charge of a construction crew that
5s trying to locate suitable gravel
on the river bottom.
The dam, which will be located
about 300 feet from the Whiting
bridge, will be made of concrete across
the channel and the rest of dirt.
Total length of the structure will
be 3,400 feet, the fill being 120 feet
wide at the base and 12 feet wide at
the top, and will be one of the largest
dams in the state.
Cost of the structure is estimated
Away From The Crowds
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waiting to be discovered—by you!
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in the hidden solitudes—are shady
S roves fragrant with the scent of
owers—sun-drenched valleys-lazy
streams—or hurrying brooks as befit
your mood. Waiting to please you
with their untouched charms.
Take your Ford and venture forth
into the delights of the unknown.
Leave the beaten path to others. Go
where you will—whether the road
is paved or not.
It is the car of the true adventurer;
the car that no going—be it sand,
dirt or rocky road—can halt; the car
that will take you safely, certainly
and happily to where nature hides
her true loveliness.
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Authorized Dealers
O’Neill Phone 16 Nebraska
to be around $500,000.
Ward T. Newcomb, of Omaha, is
at the head of the North Nebraska
Power company which is directing
the operations.
Officials c: v** company claim that
they have solo „ he power they can
develop with a l»-To*t head, supply
ing several neighboring towns.
Mr. Carter will in all probability
have direct charge of all Oe con
struction, it was said. His home is in
Hebron, Nebraska.
Omaha, Neb., Aug. 4: Construction
work on the dam across the Niobrara
river at Spencer, which will furnish
power for twenty-four towns in nor
thern Nebraska and southern South
Dakota, will start this fall, C. J. Hub
bell, president of the Northern Ne
braska Power company, announced
here today.
The largest hydro-electric power
plant in Nebraska is to be built at
Spencer at a cost of half a million
dollars, Hubbell saicl. The entire work
will he finished next summer, he said.
The dam will insure a constant
flow of water. Behind it a lake will
be formed three miles long and al
most a mile wide.
“The Niobrara offers one of the
finest sources for hydro-electric
power in the United States,” Hubbell
said. “It is swift and offers plenty
of power to operate the plant. Prof.
E. E. Condra of Nebraska university
will back me up in this opinion.”
The company has been working on
the project for two years, Hubbell
said. Other officers of the company
T. 11. Carter, vice-president; Ward
T. Newcomb, treasurer; and A. W.
Person, secretary.
(Stuart Advocate.)
Saturday after noon the Stuart
baseball team took sweet revenge on
the O’Neill team for Thursday’s de
feat here. Stuart went to O’Neill
and won 11 to 4.
Miller, who was absent from the
mound in the Thursday O’Neill game,
was back in the lineup Saturday and
pitched an excellent game.
O’Neill is attempting to lay claim
to a Holt County championship, but
Stuart’s record is easily superior, and
Stuart has won many games from
(Stuart Advocate.)
When the Stuart baseball nine met
O’Neill here last Thursday, Miller
who had been regularly on the mound
for Stuart was missing. He had been
laid off.
Stimson, an Omaha pitcher had
beerf secured by the management of
the Stuart club to pitch the one game
only, and his price was $100.00 for
the game.
Stimson did not deliver, and Stuart
lost 2 to 5.
Miller was rehired after the game
to pitch for Stuart in the future.
Constance Grass and Minnie Hart
were O’Neill visitors last Saturday.
The Lamason-Mclntosh threshing
machine is in Pleasant Valley this
Wm. Duncan is visiting with his
brother, David Duncan, in Clear
Miss Minnie Hart, of Middle Branch,
spent the week-end with Miss Con
stance Grass.
Mrs. L. E. Grass and Joseph Mc
Kingstry, of O’Neill, visited at the
Percy Grass home Sunday afternoon.
Clarence Streeter and family, Elton
Clyde and family and Miss Synthia
Bridge spent Sunday on the river
near Inman.
Jack Jerstead and daughter, of
Lincoln, and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Mc
Kiver, of Norfolk, visited Saturday
and Sunday at the Wm. Duncan home.
Harold Grass, Minnie Hart, Ed
ward Grass, Grace Clyde, Cecil Hart
ford and Constance Grass spent Sun
day pienicing on he river near In
O’Neill, Neb., July 24, 1925, 10 a. m.
— Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment. All members present. Board
called to order by the chairman.
Minutes for July 14th read and ap
Committee appointed by the Chair
man to investigate the road petitioned
for by Charles G. Fink, were not
ready to report. Committee continued
Whereas there has been received
from the State a warrant for $2,192.
08, as payment for their share for
labor and material furnished by the
Western Bridge & Construction Co.
in building jetties at the Red Bird
bridge in 1923. 1 And whercffe the said
Compairy has on file a claim against
the County for $4,384.16 for amd
work of which $2,192.08 was paitPmn
the 21st day of Nov., 1923. There
fore 1 move you that the clerk be in
structed to endorse the above warrant
and turn it over to the said Co. in
payment of the balance of their
Upon same being put to vote by
Chairman it was declared carried.
On motion the following official
bonds were approved:
Wm. Gilman, road overseer No. 52,
Frank Searles, roud overseer No. 6,
Only $4.00
Round Trip
Thes? low fare excursion tickets good only oft
Special Train leaving O’Neill at 12:33 a. m. Return
ing Special Train leaves Omaha 7:00 p. m.
Usual reduction in fare for children.
No baggage checked.
Spend a most enjoyable day sight-seeing in the
Metropolis of Nebraska. Some of the many attract
ions—See the broad Missouri River—Visit Krug:
Park, with all its amusements and swimming pool—
Enjoy a ride on the boulevards around the city—
Western League Baseball, Omaha vs. Wichita—Z
games. Visit old friends.
Don’t miss this splendid chance to enjoy n wonderful
day’s outing. For further particulars apply to a^ent.
Chicago & North Western Ry.
At o’clock noon on motion board
adjourned until 1 o’clock p. m.
E. F. PORTER, Clerk.
O’Neill, Neb., July 24, 1925, 1 p. m.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment. All members present. Board
called to order by the Chairman.
Delegations from Stuart and At
kinson appeared before the board in
the matter of road South from Stu
art and Atkinson to South line of
the County.
Whereas The O’Neill National
Bank of O’Neill desire to deposit with
the County Clerk $30,000.00 in gov
ernment bonds as surety for the
county deposit in liew of surety bond
now in effect and
Whereas The First National Bank
of O’Neill desires to deposit with the
County Clerk $50,000.00 in govern
ment bonds as surety for the County
deposit, and
Whereas, The First National Bank
of Atkinson desires to deposit with
the County Clerk $50,000.00 in gov
ernment bonds as surety for the
county deposit in such bank, and
Whereas, The Emmet Bank of Em
met, Nebraska, desires to deposit with
tthe County Clerk $10,000.00 in gov
ernment bonds as surety for the
county deposit in such bank.
And, Whereas, such bonds have been
approved by all members of this
Now, Therefore, I move you that
the government bonds submitted by
the above banks be approved and ac
cepted by this board as security for
the County Clerk $10,000.00 in gov
that the same be referred to the
County Clerk as by law provided.
That the surety bonds above named
be released and discharged as of this
L. C. McKIM.
Aye and Nay ote called for which
resulted as follows:
Ayes: John Sullivan, L. E Skid
more, C. E. Havens, J. C. Stein, E.
Gibson, L. C. McKim, C. B. Nellis.
Nays: None.
Upon which* the resolution was de
clared unanimously carried.
At 5 o’clock p. m. on motion board
adjourned until July 26, 1925, at 9
o’clock a. m.
E. F. PORTER, Clerk.
O’Neill, Neb., July 25, 1925, 9 a. m.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment. All members present. Board’
called to order by the chairman.
Minutes for July 24th read and ap
The following claims were audited
and on separate motion allowed on
the General fund:
J. C. Stein .... $ 60.00
Bessie Rotherham _ 225.00
Dorothy Dunhaver . 90.00
C. D. Keyes _ 51.19
Loretta Sullivan . 90.00
Margaret L. Donohoe .. 90.00
C. C. Bergstrom . 195.25
Winnie Shaughnesy _ 90.00
Peter W. Duffy . 39.05
Anna Donohoe _ 158.33
Grace Joyce _ 90.00
C. J. Malone . 183.33
C. E. Havens 47.60
L. C. McKim _ 47.20
J. C. Stien ....... 58.00
Tri-State Utilities . 22.50
Harry Bowen . 110.00
Opal Ashley 90.00
Cecil Conklin 6.65
E. F. Porter 166.66
B. T. Winchell 104.17
Peter W. Duffy 92.75
Peter W. Duffy _ 215.47
Anna Donohoe 70.36
Julius D. Cronin _ 27.75
C. L. Harding _ 2.00
E. Gibson _ _ 64.40
C. B. Nellis 64.500
L. E. Skidmore . 19.20
W. E. Conklin . 316.06
John Sullivan . .. 34.65
The following claims were audited
and on separate motion allowed on
the County Road fund:
Jack Widman ___ $ 16.00
Standard Oil Co. . 60.59
Yeast Foam
10c Pkgs. Yeast Foam. Purity EW
and Excellence, Package
Puritan Bohemian Mop Flavored
Malt, 2 lbs. 12 oz., ROW
net weight %JS 31
10c Pkgs. Howell’s Best Fruit Eff
Jar Rubbers
Pure Vinegar. There is a
difference in 90- AQr
Vinegar, Gallon 0%fC)
Kraft Bros. Full Cream Wis
consin Cheese, pound _ wHrC'
20c Pkgs. Fresh Big Sioux 4 A —,
Crackers _ I Tfc
20c Pkgs. Fresh Graham
Crackers _
40c, fb. of Fresh Cookies, OAW
1 Large Bottle Red Color for ,.
Gandies, Cakes find Ice
Creahi 1..J1 fTO
3—2Bc Large Cakes Cold At**
Cream Toilet Soap _____ 4U&
10c Black or Brown
Shoe Laces ______ wCr
Clothes were never more interesting.
than they are this fall—nearly- ‘ 30t*
beautiful new patterns—in styles it *
suit every taste— OOO Cft
57 Steps
Sells for Less
Frank Howard_ CUM
Lynn Hanna _ 40.54’
Omaha Road Equipment Co1. 2SJC'
Omaha Road Equipment Co. 08.80
Omaha Road Equipment Co. 106.0ft*
M. F. Gribble __1_ 102.20
C. E. Havens .....J5.0&
William Jutte _ __89.0P
John Sullivan __. ...._ 2&.S©-'
L. C. MeKim ...Ll.. _ 48.70
Harry W. Smith 07.m
Harry SuJli^tV 3CM0
B.. W. Waldb ..La’.ll...........,_.i„ U£7*ft:
Carl R. Miller Tra. -iJ— 1_ SIJS*
Carl Rv, Miller Tra.,_^__ 5031®
B. G. Hanna, ^_j. J89tfi0*
R. A. Findley _____.__ SfflUKfe
John Welah .*x__• 2B£0fft
Arch Dennberge* '• .....4_~ 1 $fcfK*
Ralph Gribble ___ - ■l *
C. E. Havens _...._ 19.C8*
Seth Heptle ___.._ 4ZJ0t*
Alvin Gibson ..._.. iI<L4T
C. B. Nellis ____.... 49.Ce
Ralph MeElvain_^_ TM"'
L. E. Skidmore _l.___ JMXaC
B, W. Waldo _ 3.6% .
Tussah i
C.O.D. ~
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gflk in the newest ruffle
style. Almost unbelievable
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C'cuJd an utkitta tut fairer/
D«pt.A#» Est. 1882 -*.