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    Sick for Ten Years
Gained 60 Pounds
by Use of PE-RU-NA
Read This
» / b ±_
Mr. John Wick
No matter how long you hav*
been sick or how much you hav«
Buffered, you must not give up
hope. Mr. John Wick, of Mono
monee Falls, Wisconsin, did not
and is a well man today. In Sep
tember, 1918i be wrote: “I havo
been a user of Pe-ru-na for near
ly twenty years. I had catarrh of
the stomach for ten years. Noth
ing did me any good. I grew
worse until a friend advised me
to try Pe-ru-na. While using the
first bottle, I felt I had found
the right medicine. I am entirely
cured. My weight was down to
135 pounds and now I weigh 195
pounds. I have used very little
medicine for the last ten years.”
The condition known as catarrh
al is not confined to the nose and
throat. It may be found wherever -
there are mucous membrances and
is' responsible for a multitude of
troubles. Coughs and colds are
catarrhal as well as stomach and
bowel disorders.
Do as John Wick did. Keep Pe
ni-na in the house. It stimulates
digestion, aids in throwing off the
poisonous secretions, enriches the
blood, increases the resistance to
disease and promotes good health
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ru-na in either tablet or liquid
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Clothes to consider whether one has
the style and manner to wear them.
Sure Relief
The soul of a man is infinite in what
it eoveta.—Ben Jonson.
i Men never know ns much about any
thing as women know about dress.
Stomach Distress?
Waterloo, Iowa.—“My stomach
was so bad that almost everything I
ate would dis
tress mo terribly.
Sometimes Jiiit
a drink of cold
water would
hurt me. I was
hungry and .
weak. I had con
* stantly a dull
pain in my side
caused by my
liver, and I
would gef up in
the morning
with that tired feeling, and had ter
rible headaches. I surely was a
wreck. I had only taken two bottles
of the ‘Discovery’ when I began to
feel so much better, I could nardly
believe it was myself.”—Mrs. Frances
A. Pyle, 5111/^ Sycamore, Apt 3.
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Sentiment Is to Stand By
Figures Submitted By
Tribune Staff Correspondent
Des Moines, la., Feb. 2.—The first
budget estimates ever submitted to
Bn Iowa legislature were placed on
the desks of members Monday and
resulted In temporarily devoting the
bulk of legislative interest to appro
priation problems. The budget sys
tem was established at the legisla
tive session of 1923 and will have lts
first trial this year. Although move
ments are already under way to up
set some of the recommendations, the
Informal sentiment among members
seems to be to accept Director Ho
gue’s figures and stand by them In
defiance of the usual pressure.
A scattering of the members in
both houses contend that the budget
allowances should be reduced in spots,
and say they will fight to that end,
but they will have Just ns much
trouble in getting followers as those
, who hope for expansions. Most of
the members freely admit that they
have little personal inforirration as
to the legitimate needs of the various
departments and institutions. They
assume that the budget director has
secured such information in his two
years’ study of the situation, and that
any deviation from his figures will
lead to the usual log rolling and con
Two Sections to Report
There will he two distinct sections
to Director Hogue’s report. The sec
tion, as submitted Monday, includes
detailed estimates for all departments
and institutions. The second section
of the report will contain a large
amount of supplementary information
bearing upon the geiernl appropria
tion problems. It will deal with the
taxable property of the state, the
condition of the treasury, previous
appropriations, miliage effects in
dollars and other taxation details.
The director states that the supple
mentary report will be placed before
the members within a few days.
Appropriations recommended by
Director Hogue total slightly more
than $32,000,000. Included In this total
Is $3,000,000 for interest on. soldiers’
bonus bonds. $2,000,000 for spocial
hospital work at Iowa City and sev
eral other items not considered as
part of the regular allowances for
departments and institutions. Al
though the remaining $6,000,000 will
i be collected and expended, the bisn
* nial allowance for departments and
Institutions is placed at $26,000,000.
Comparisons Difficult
Because of variable revenues from
fees, tuition and federal aid, exact
comparisons are rather difficult to se
cure. Although the departments and
Institutions will spend about $35,000,
000 for the present biennium, ending
June 30, the budget estimates are
said to call for appropriation allow
ances of less than $3,00'000, as com
pared with two years ago.
' The. earlier estirnnte was that the
budget report would point the way
to a tax reduction of one mill if the
legislature would make use of the
opportunity. Now the ('aim is that
a tax redaction of two mills is pos
sible by adhering to the budget.
Practically all of the members have
mandates from their constituents for
lower taxes and it will 1 e interesting
to observe what they do with the
Code revision of last year is hav
ing important indirect effects in dis
couraging new leglsla’. ion at this
time. There is strong sentiment to
let the revised code mean something
for a couple of years and to discour
age anything except emergency
changes or additions. The lobbyists
use this state of mind, as they do
various other things, to promote their
own interests.
Bank Bills Withdrawn
Presumably in response to the pres
sure of the surety companies, the
chairman of the house I anking com
mittee withdrew the 1 anking bills
introduced by that com niilee Satur
day. These measures proposed elim
ination of preferential treatment for
public funds and provided that no
surety or personal bond i be required
from the banks on such deposit. It
was stated that the committee in
tended to give some fur: her hearings
on these questions and might present
the same or revised bills at a later
The fairly large list of bank bills
bad an addition Monday In a house
measure designed to gnatly increase
the penalties for fraudulent banking.
Representative Blilott of Polk coun
ty is the author of the hill and It is
supposed to be a reflection of the
banking troubles in D*s Moines dur
ing the last few months. There was
much local indignation when It was
found that five years In prison was
the limit which could be imposed on
one of the officials of the United
States bank, who adm’tted that lie
diverted deposits to his own use and
failed to credit them on the books of
the bank.
Rangoon, Feb. 2. (I. N\ S.)—Five
hundred, were homeless today in the
Kcmmendine section of Rangoon aft
er a fire which destroyed 100 homes.
Attempt Is Made to Show
Alleged Slayer Is Insane
Geneva, 111., Feb. 2.— The defense
in the Warren Lincoln trial Monday
played Its trump card- insanity.
Edward Lincoln, a brother of the
accused slayer of hi ■ wife and
bratherinlaw, testified that one
brother had died in an insane asy
lum and another of brain fever.
Testimony regarding the mental
condition of two other members of
the Lincoln family, two sisters, was
not admitted because be- it are alive.
Dakota Solon Would Have
State Loan $275,000
To Enterprise
Pierre, S. D., Feb. 2. (Special)—
The Joint approprlationa committee
Monday afternoon presented a bill
by which the state will loan to the
state cement plant at Rapid City
$275,000 as an operating fund which
is necessary for immediate use, ac
cording to cement commissioners, for
the continued operation of the plant.
Paul Bellamy, cement commissioner,
appeared before the committee and
explained this plan. The terms of
the bill provide for the plant putting
the money back into the state treas
Freeman Ward, state geologist,
also appeared before the committee
and urged the state to make investi
gation of the oil possibilities of the
state, asking that the committee com
pile a bill by which the state would
provide half the funds in oil develop
ment and the local community to
provide the other half. The commit
tee took no definite action on the
The committee on education of the
house Monday filed a bill by which
the state board of regents of educa
tion would he given the power to
create emeritus positions in the state
educational institutions, a measure
which has been up in several past
sessions and has always failed of
passage. The bill provides for such
positions to be created for professors
serving one or more of the state’s
educational institutions for at least 25
years and who have reached an age of
ri least 65 years, should It be deemed
for the best interests of the institu
tion. Presidents of Institutions may
recommend persons for emeritus
positions and, with the approval of
the governor of the state, the board
of regents may create them. The
salary is fixed at half the salary re
ceived by the educator during the
last five years of his service but
shall not exceed $1,500 annually.
The weekend found a large number
of the backers of the child labor
amendment to the federal constitu
tion In the capital, who, Sunday
night, held a meeting presided over
by Mrs. John Pyle, of Huron, and
at which steps were taken to over
come, if possible, the unfavorable
action of the senate. Representa-'
ttves of Women's clubs, Parent
Teacher organizations and other or
ganizations of women are here and
generally discount the pre-recess ac
tion of the senate and the report
that opponents of child labor in the
house are to attempt to force out
the Shaw resolution in the house,
calling for ratification, and slaugh
ter it.
In the senate, however, there has
been no apparent change of senti
ment and to the unbiased observer
there appears little chance of ratifl
cati'On this session with even a
greater-percentage of farmers in the
house than in tho senate and prac
tically every one opposed to the
It was announced today that a
hearing on the luxury tax bill will
be held Tuesday evening when ob
jections to the plan to levy a tax on
all tobaccos and cigars and Increase
the tax on clgarets will be heard.
The committee has reached the con
clusion that some reductions in the
proposed tax will have to be made
to curb the rising protest against
the measure which is designed to
raise funds for erecting buildings
for state educational institutions.
Democratic candidates and other
leaders of that party are to be given
a chance to tell what they know
before the investigation committee
delving into the past of the rural
credit department. Chairman T. M.
Bailey of the Joint committee today
announced that subpoenaes have
been put in the hands of the state
sheriff for the appearance of U. S.
G. Cherry, of S’oux Falls, demo
cratic candidate for U. S. Senator
in the last election; L. N. Crlll, of
Klk Tolnt, candidate for governor
two years ago, and W. W. Howes,
of Wolrey, chairman of the demo
cratlj ttate central committee, to bp
pear before the committee and tes
tify concerning tha charges made
aga’nst the department during the
Universal Service
Paris. Feb. 2.—The votes of the
communists in the chamber saved
Premier Herrlot’s government Mon
day when the vote was taken on the
question of representation at the Va
tican. which Premier Herriot insisted
should stand as a vote of confidence.
If the communists had voted
against the government tk» premier's
majority would have been but six,
which would undoubtedly have meant
his resignation. The vote stood 314 to
As a result of the vote France will
no longer have diplomatic representa
tion at the Vatican, but Alsace and
Lorraine will retain their represen
San Francisco, Cul., Feb. 2. (I. N.
g.)—Mtcheal Mann, famous violin
ist, will marry Helen Katten, (laugh
ter of Simon Katt(n, wealthy San
Francisco merchant this summer, it
was announced hero today.
French' claims up
Washington, Feb. 2. (I. N. S.)—The
Senate voted 45 to 34 to consider at
once the French claims bill. The
claims have been pending since 1801.
Eondon, Feb. 2. (I. N. S.)—Eartb
tremors were felt In Cornwall an<
Jersey today. There was no damage, j
Drivers Reach City With
Precious Serum at Day
break Monday
Universal Service Correspondent.
Nome, Alaska, Feb. 2.—Relief at
last has reached this plague swept
arctic outpost.
Completing what will ever remain
one of the greatest epics of the
northland, Gunnar Kasson, famous
inusher, arrived with his heroic do*
team In dtptherlal stricken Nome
shortly after daybreak Monday. He
carried 300,000 units of anti-toxin
seru.rn for the 150 victims of the
disease that has held this Icebound
Alaskan outpost In Its grip for a
Gunnar Kasson was half dead
from exhaustion and his dogs all
hut dropped In their tracks, over
come by fatigue, when the end of the
trail was reached. He had left Nome
a day or two ago to meet the team
of Leonard Seppella, world's cham
pion dog derby racer, who was car
rying the serum In the relay from
Unalakleet. across Icebound Norton
Sound to Nome.
Short Cut Save* Time
There were no fresh cases of dlp
therlaT Monday. ,
The city, which had been deserted
a few minutes before Hasson's ar
rival, quickly took on a now life
as the heroic musher drove in.
The feat of Hasson and Seppella
In crossing frozen Norton Sound
from Unalakleet to Nome, an air
line distance of 150 miles, is con
sidered miraculous. The drivers
saved many hours by cutting
straight across the ico instead of
skirting the shore lino.
Among those who greeted Hasson,
were Dr. Curtis Welch, the United
States public health officer who,
singlehanded, put up the wonder
ful fight against the ravages of the
plague, and Miss Emily M. Morgan,
of Wichita, Kan., only Red Cross
woman nurse in Nome, who ruslie 1
from a near mission outpost to
the assistance of Dr. Welch.
Serum Godsend
• “The supply of serum brought by
these famous drivers Is a godsend,”
Dr. Welch said. “Up to now we
have been forced to use serum four
to six years old, with very doubt
ful results. From now on the tight
will be easier. With this supply of
fresh anti-toxin it will bo com
paratively easy to battle the dip-'*
theria epidemic."
Starting from Nenana, on the
Alaskan railway, just before mi l
night last Tuesday, the dog teams
ploughed their way over snow and
ice covered trails and hung up a
wonderful record in their desperate
race against time.
Hasson finished the relay trek .
of more than 1,000 miles. The drivers
made the distance in the unprece
dented time of six days, cutting fully
three days from the usual time, In
spite of temperatures ranging from
25 to 50 degrees below zero.
Victory for Old Order
Urged by Leonard Seppella, one
of the greatest mushers of all time
and winner of the great Nome do?
derby and other heroic “sourdoughs"
of the north, the "glasseye" Siber
ian dogs set a terrific pace onl
came safely to Nenana with a pack
et of the serum which may save
hundreds of lives.
Monday’s epic is a splendid vic
tory for the old order over tiie new.
Dogs and men, sturdy denizens of
the arctic, grasped victory and g ory
where man made machines—air
Driving his dogs Gunnar Hasson
raced 64 miles in 7 hours and 40
minutes. Thirty miles of ill's dis
tance was through a blinding bliz
The anti-toxin arrived here froz
en but apparently is in good con
-dition. Not a single container was
In oken.
Alter thawing out the cerum, Dr.
Welch and Miss Morgan proceeded
Immediately to inoculate as many
or ihe plague victims as tl.ey could
and up to a late hour Tuesday night
were continuing with tills work.
4 4
4 4
4 Cedar Rapids, la., Feb. 2. 4
4 (Special)—The quickest Justice 4
4 ever given a criminal In this city 4
4 was handed out to Henry Nobel, 4
4 who gave ills address us Chi- 4
4 cago, Monday. 4
4 At 3 o'clock Monday morning, 4
4 Nobel held up Charles Cline and 4
4 robbed him of his watch. At 7 4
4 o'clock he was under arrest. At 4
4 2 o’clock Monday afternoon he 4
4 entered a plea of guilty and 15 4
4 minutes late? he had been sen- 4
4 tenced to serve two years in the 4
4 Iowa state prison at Fort Madl- 4
4 son. At 7 o'clock Monday night 4
4 he was on a train bound for the 4
4 penitentiary. Nobel admitted 4
4 he had served a sentence in 1111- 4
4 nois for highway robbery, ac- 4
4 cording to police. 4
♦ 4
♦ + + + + + + + + + + +
Storm Lake, la., Jan. 31. (Special)
—Mrs. Jean Douglass Caldwell,
Chautauqua entertainer, has filed a
petition for divorce from her hus
band, C. Clifford Caldwell, alleging
cruel and inhuman treatment, start
ing within a week after the wedding
No alimony i* asked hut tiie plaintiff
asks for the return of her maiden
It lias hem round by test that acid
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Tanlac Restored
Her Health
"Typhoid fever reduced me
to 95 lb*. end left me weak
m a rag. Failing to get relief
from other eources 1 tried
Tanlac and after 6 bottle*
had gained 20 lb*. Now I
enjoy a fine appetite and feel
Hke • new woman. A* a
nnrael give Tanlac to all my
Mra. J. B. Terry,
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