The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, January 22, 1925, Image 1

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    _The Frontier.
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George Agnes was in Omaha over
A son was born last Saturday to
M?. and Mrs. Dean Selah, of Bloom
field, Nebraska.
Bernard Fitzsimmons went to
Omaha last Sunday where he expects
to make his home.
♦ —————————
A son was born Sunday to Mr. and
Mrs. Talfer Pollard, residing six
miles north of O’Neill.
Miss Edna Bay went to Omaha
Tuesday morning where she expects
to accept a position as stenographer.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Zimmerman
entertained three tables at cards
Sunday evening, at their home on
east Douglas.
Mrs. Ben J. Grady went to Omaha
Wednesday morning for a visit with
her sister, Miss Margaret Donohoe,,
and other O’Neill friends.
Phil Ziemer has sold a Kennedy re
ceiving set to Frank Johnson, at Til
den, Nebraska, and expects to install
it the latter part of this week.
Gifford Bachman has accepted a po
sition as clerk in the Ben J. Grady
grocery store. Mr. Bachman was for
merly employed as meat cutter in the
Sanitary Meat Market.
Wm. Paul returned to his home in
Toledo, Ohio, early last week, follow
ing a ten days visit with his sister,
Mrs. C. Wetlauffer, and with his
brother-in-law, Andrew Schmidt.
Glen Anderson has about completed
the installation of a pool hall in the
Wise building on east Douglas street.
Clarence Sauser has opened a barber
shop in the front end of the same
County Attorney Julius D. Cronin
went to Lincoln the first of the week
w’here he is attending the convention
of the county attornies of the state.
Mr. Cronin was on the program for
an address.
The members of the county board
went to Lincoln, Monday, where they
will confer with the legislature in re
gard to county roads and other mat
ters of importance to the tax payers
of Holt county.
Wm. Gahagan, of Belle Plaine,
Iown, and old time resident of this
vicinity, was shaking hands with old
friends the first of the week. .Mr.
Gahagan moved from here about
seven years ago.
Mrs Phil Ziemer came home from
Tilden last Sunday, where she has
been \ isiting with her mother, Mrs.
E. J. Kockefellow, and a sister, Mrs.
Terry Terney, of Calgary, Canada,
who is visiting in Tilden.
Wm. Grothe and family were down
from their ranch northwest of Emmet
last Tuesday. Wm. says that he has
started for O’Neill many times dur
ing the last six weeks but that Tues
day was the first time that he was
successful in getting through the
drifts of snow.
Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Smith came up
from Ewing Wednesday for a visit
with their daughter, Mrs. R. I). Henry
and family.
Late reports from Mr. and Mrs.
Buz Bowden, who are in Omaha with
their daughter, who is under the care
of specialists, indicate that the child
is getting along nicely with prospects
of recorvery in due time.
Henry Zimmerman sustained a
broken wrist when he slipped and fell
while on a visit at the home of his
son, Leo Zimmerman, at Hutchinson,
Kansas, on January 7th. Mr. and
Mrs. Zimmerman are now at the
home of their son, Harold, in Hast
ings, where they will remain for at
least a couple of weeks.
The State Volunteer Firemen’s As
sociation had been in session Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday of this
week, at Hastings, Nebraska. Repre
sentatives of the departments along
the line east and west of here joined
the bunch from the northeastern part
of the state at Norfolk Monday even
ing where they spent the night and
were entertained at a banquet by the
city of Norfolk.
Last week’s Plainview News con
tained the following announcement
in regard to the purchase of the
Beauty Parlor now conducted by
Mrs. C. N. Cole, by Plainview ladies:
“Mrs. B. F. Hicks and sister. Miss Tat
Wanser, have closed a deal for a
Beauty Parlor at O’Neill, and will
leave for that place and lake posses
sion of their new business February
1st. Their many Plainview friends
will wish them success.”
For the benefit of those who reside
in warmer climates where snow does
not pile up so high, we will say that
the country roads are still blocked
with snow to such a depth that cars
cannot run. The farmers are coming
to town in wragons and sleds. Warm
weather of the past few days is put
ting the snow out of business pretty
rapidly and if more snow- does not
fall during the coming wreek many of
the roads will again be passable for
George Heinfer, who has been con
fined in the county jail in this city for
the past few months awaiting admis
sion to the state penitentiary, to which
j place he was sentenced last fall for
his participation in the shooting of
the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hoar,
of- Page, was taken to Lincoln last
Monday by the sheriff, where he will
complete the sentence imposed by
j Judge Dickson. The over-crowded
j condition of the penitentiary is caus
j ing many of the counties to hold
their prisoners for months after
they receive their sentences.
Semester examns are over; we find
that these who received highest grades
in Geometry are Martha Lawrence,
98 per cent and Margaret Leach 9G
per cent. In music, Ellen Shaughnes
sy, Neva Brentson, Margaret Leach,
Margaret Rohde, Hazel and Laura
Strube, Adail and Elfreda Greseck
were exempted. Iola Purcell was ex
empted from Public Speaking.
A Valuable
Asset •
We want every customer to know that his con
nection with this bank, will be one of his best and
strongest assets.
This bank carries no indebtedness of officers or
stockholders. Resources over $600,000.00. '
O’Neill National
. •
Cliff Davis went to Sioux City Wed
nesday morning on a visit to his broth
er Andy and family.
C. E. Smith of Hastings, Ipwa, ar
rived here Sunday night on a visit
to his son, “Bob” and family.
The Missionary Society of the Pres
byteria nchurch will meet with Mrs.
Wlllcox on Friday, January 29th at
8:00 p. m.
T. F .Nolan has moved his office
from the Miller building to the form
er Humphrey building now owned by
Mr. Nolan.—Bassett Leader.
The ice harvest for O’Neill is about
finished and the Gatz Brothers have
some of the finest ice they have been
able to secure for many years.
Mrs. R. M. Sauers entertained her
Sunday-school class—“Young Peo
ples”—at her home Tuesday evening.
They all report a very nice time.
Miss Ruth Barnard went out to the
Paul Hoehne home north of Emmet,
Tuesday afternoon for a few days vis
it. She expects to return Thursday.
George Tomlinson (returned Wed
nesday morning from Omaha where
he had been to attend the state meet
ing of the Farmers Union as a dele
gate from the local union.
The Odd Fellows entertained their
wives at the hall Wednesday night to
a light lunch, cards and dancing.
There was a nice crowd present and
all enjoyed the evening.
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Hodgkin left
Thursday morning for their home iu
Sidney, after spending a few days
here visiting old time friends of which
; there are a large number.
Sheriff Peter Duffy went to Lincoln
| Monday to attend a state meeting of
: the sheriff’s and county attorneys’ of
i Nebraska. County attorney J. D.
! Cronin went down Tuesday.
Sunshine Monday and Tuesday with
the snow melting slowly is what the
j weatherman gave us, and it seemed
! pretty good to us. It was surely a
| relief from zero and we are taking qfj
new hopes.
The Atkinson Commercial Club is
trying to get the afternoon passen
ger service 'west restored. With the
aid ot th< other towns west to Long
I Pine they think this might be ac
complished.—Atkinson Graphic.
Miss Gladys Peterson arrived here
; Monday night from Long Beach, Cal
ifornia, to visit with her sister, Mrs.
Arthur Cowperthwaite, and her moth
er, Mrs. Peterson, who is also visiting
j at the Cowperthwaite home in this
j city. *
i Harvey Cromwell, who was sent
from here to the reform school for
from three to ten years, was paroled
, last w^eek to a shoemaker in Lincoln
i v.'here lie is now working. He had
j served one year and his conduct
! and behavior was such as *o make him
I subject to parole.
j Our big advertisers last week all re
; port good business which shows that
j advertising is being read closer than
ever. The public are informed on
prices and they know when they are
bargains and when they are not. Ad
vertising will pay a larger return at
( this time than for years.
■ ' - —
The Catholic Daughters of America
I enjoyed a sleigh ride Tuesday even
ing by hiring three teams and sleds
and driving out to Fred Meuting’s for
the evening There 'were about thirty
five members to enjoy the ride. Some
of the girls deciled that the sleds had
more in them then should be so they
procured some small sleds from the
: boys and tied them on behind, but
i we noticed that some of the girls had
to push coming back.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Gray were up
from Oi’eill and visitel at the JJ. J.
Mack home from Saturiay until 'lues
day, Saturday being the [list birth
lay of Mrs. Elizabeth Mack, mother
of Mr. Mack and Mr,. Gray. Until
two yt; i-£ ago Mrs. Mac!: was re
markably well preserved for one of
her age but dating from an illness
at that tune she has been an inVnlii
at the home of her son, confined to
her bed the greater part of the time, j
—Aii. in ton Graphic.
Mi and Mrs S. Downey and Mr. '
and Mrs. Charles Cole gave a danc-,
mg party at the O’Neill photo CoJ
studio Tuesday night. It was one of
those good old-time good time parties
in which eveitvone present enjoyed
themselves to the limit. At midnight
a fine lunch was served at the Coif1
residence and we went back to the
studio and continued the good time'
until near two o’clock in the morn
ing. We are all just “kids” grown
up, and us “kids” had a real good
The new equipment for The Fron
tier has arrived and has been put in
place in the basement of the Royal
Theatre where we will be pleased to
meet all of our friends and customers, i
Our job department is all new, en
abling us to turn out work in the
latest designs and with neatness and
We sincerely ask our friends to
send in items of news that will be of
interest to the public. Cooperation
among the readers of The Frontier
will make it a real newsy paper.
Sign your name to the copy, so that
we will know from what source the
items come. We will not publish the
names of the sender.
- I
M. O. Howard, the hustling real
estate man from Page, was in the city,
Wednesday on business.
The L. T. L. society will hold a
candy sale at the Ben J. Qrady groc
ery Saturday afternoon. Your patron- ;
ago is solicited.
-- !
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Hodgkin of
Sidney and Mr. and Mrs. Charles B.
Scott and, Miss Ruth, were dinner j
guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. A. Miles Monday evening. Mr.
and Mrs. C. J. Malone came over in
the evening and we all enjoyed a
nice visit in talking over old times in
Miss Bridget Carr and Miss Tess
Hayden entertained the Monday club
at the Subway Monday evening. A
nice dinner was served and after
wards bridge toccupied their atten
tion, writh Miss Miriam Gilligan win
ing the ligh score. It was one of those
nicely planned affairs where everyone
has an enjoyable time.
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Grant and
little daughter drove up from (Jewell
county, Kansas, last week, making it
as far as Page, where they were forc
ed to leave their car and go by team
to the home of her father, C. M. Pear
son, near Opportunity. They will
make this their future heme and the
Independent welcomes them to Holt
| county.
Racket Store
6 Tea Cups and Saucers :... __90c
6 Coffee Cups and Saucers . ..$1.00
6 9-inch Dinner Plates.. ..90c
6 Oat Meals.... .75c
6 Coup Soups.... .. 75c
6 Sauce Dishes........45c
Oyster Bowls, each.... 15c
Small Platters, each.... ..15c
Small Vegetable Dishes, each.....15c
On Thursday, January 29th at 8:00
o'clock at the Odd Fellows hall there
will be held a social meeting for all
Odd Fellows and their wives, and all
Rebekahs, and their husbands, and It
is expected for all to be present.
Mrs. R. R. Morrison and Mrs. F. J.
Dishner gave a 7:00 o’clock dinner at
the Golden Hotel Saturday night. The
tables were beautifully decorated with
red and whfte American Beauty roses.
A sumptuous dinner was served, niter
which (he ladies played bridge, Mrs.
H. J. Hammond receiving high hon
ors, Mrs. P. J. O'Donnell, second hon
ors, and Mrs. Pat Harty, all-cut. There
were forty guests present and the
party was a great success.
Lincoln, Nebraska, January 20. 1925
--Oilicials of the Northwestern lloil
road company were yesterday ordered
to show cause why thcj have disob-'j
ed, as alleged, an order issued last
August perniittihg the reduction of
train service between O’Neill and
Long Pine, in northern Nebraska. The
order permitted this to be done by
combining the equipment of the two
trains in mixed train service.
Patrons of the road at Atkinson
and elsewhere have complained that
recently the company substituted
a caboose for a passenger car, ana
that it Is not handling any mail or
express matter.
Still Going Full Blast
Lots of people are taking advantage of this sale and the bargains given,
and are buying all that they need for their i mined ate and future uses. Only
a part of this big $25,000 stock of first class merchandise is gone and there is
still a good stock left for your selection.
Men—here is your chance to buy
an All-Wool suit for—
and $20.00—200 suits to select from
There is also a big reduction on all
Men’s and Boy’s Overcoats, shirts,
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LjJdies—Come and look over the
Coats and dresses-you can buy a x
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Regular price was, up to $27.50
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gains in Ladies and Young Girls
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M. S. ABDALLA, Proprietor
O’Neill, - Nebraska