The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, December 11, 1924, Image 9

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    At the Grave of Pastor's Wife, Furnace Victim
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The last rites for Mrs. Add ie Sheatslcy are shown here, in the little cemetery at Paris. Ohio.
Bowed in the center is the Rev. C. V. Sheatsley, with little Elizabe th, next at the right. Mr. Sheata
.ley’s mother, then Mrs. Sheatsl ey*s mother. The eons stand behin d their father.
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Perfect co-ordination between the air and sea forces and an imporlant development of aircraft as a na
tional defense were achieved in a hazardous experiment successfully conducted by Naval Lieutenants D xlf
Kiefer and Malcohn Selby abroad the superdreadnaught California in Los Angeles harbor. t>or the fust tim#
an airplane, shown here in its catapult, was launched at night from the deck of a warship.
When Mexican and U. S. Labor G roups Met _
_ _————————•
Delegates tci the American Federation of Labor convention in El Paso, Tex., met representatives of the
Mexican Confederation of Labor at the American gate of the international bridge. Both American and
Mexican flags were flying. The visitors marched three miles on foot from their Juarez meeting place,
across the bridge, through the streets of El Paso, to Liberty Hall, where the Americans were assembled.
Sailless Sailing Ship Has Wind Turbines
- -
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■■ ..... -—.. . ■■—— ——.*»>■ ■■■-- . „n
MMV —IMi—»—■————^“
Herewith Is pictured the ratlless sailing ship, built by the German engineer, Anton Flettner, which has
proven the au.riue sensation of the year. It is shown in Kiel harbor, where it was demonstrated to the
Association o'.’ Marine Architects, instead of sails, Flettner uses two revolving towers, smooth and capped
at each end to assure tlte formation of a perfect vacuum. There is no propeller whatever, but the towers
are revolved by a small Diesel engine. Only the position of the towers on the ship and the rudder control
Its direction of travel. Momentum is given by the pressure of wind from an angle on the revolving towers,
whose effective speed is regulated to correspond to the velocity of the wind.
Autos Sign of Luxury
Taxed High in Vienna
Vienna.—Characterized repeatedly
in recent years as the "Dying Fairy
City," Vienna, once known for its
luxury and which had a strong up
ward swing into something like
prosperity after stabilization of its
money, is raptdly again sinking into
dire poverty.
The best evidence of this is in
the rapid decrease of private motor
cars within the last few months. In
Germany and Austria, motor cars'
arc barometer of prosperity—in fact
they arc considered the last word in 1
luxury. Automobiles are not recog- i
nized as a necessary means of
transportation. Particularly are the'
tax authorities in Germany and j
Austria, where the ox team is still
common, obsessed with the idea
that motor cars are nothing but
luxury. IJ you own a car you must
be rich and can afford to pay.
There is a luxury tax of 15 per
j cent, on each ear, new or second
hand, In addition to two and a naif
per cent, sales tax. Then there Is
a state operating tax that In Vienna
runs up to $800 a year for a high
powered car.
Vienna with a population of 2,
000,000, the fourth largest city In
Europe, had at the beginning of
the year only 4,500 private automo
biles. Taxes and hard times ha*
reduced this number by 1,300, or
almost one-third. In the last few
months. During October 400 car
owners cancelled their numbers,
saying they could no longer afford
motor car*.
Held As Bandit
Frank Burns, dressed as a "blonds
flapper," is under arrest In New
York City, charged with being a
member of a Brooklyn holdup gang.
He was the gang's lurs in hla wo
man's attire.
Three girls In the American em
bassy in Berlin are engaged to Brit
ish officers. Here is one couple.
Miss Frances Wahlstad and Captain
B. B. Cochrane.
Builds Own Theater
cJpmr MAffjyX'EfrPj
John Masefield, famous British
author and playwright, has bKllt a
private theater at Boar's Hill, Ox
ford, England, where his plays are
produced by native players whom
he Is training in the art of stage
' ft in
And here’s another of those Amer
ican-British alliances In our Berlin
embassy—Miss Margaret Nell and
Captain Sydney Daw of His Majes
ty’s troops.
New Governor
Sir Montague Sherard Dawes But
er has been appointed governor of
:he Central Provinces of India, suc
ceeding Sir F. O. Sly, whose texm of
office expires next January.
Flees From Publicity
Mrs. R. E. L. Knight, Jr., prominent young society matron of Dallas,
Tox., applied for a part with a stoc k company In Houston under tho
Mme of ‘•Margaret Wilson.” She made such a hit that the newspaper
reporters got curious and found out who the young actress really was.
Then Mrs. Knight fled back to Dallus.
Leads Choir
Dr. J. Fred Wolle was the creator
of the Bethlehem Bach Choir, known
internalionally as the "best choir in
America.” He started it 26 years
ago and has been its only leader.
Ed word Ij. Ba
der, mayor of At
lantlc City,
caught In a frol
icsome moment.
Edward Is quite
one of the boys
when the Atlan
tic City high
school team is on
the gridiron. Here
he Is decorated for
the state cham
pionship game
with Camden.
Adjutant Bonnot,
France’s aviation
Bpeed king, who
Bays he will try to
break the Ameri
can record which
Is equivalent to
420 kilometers an
hour. E o n n e t
recently traveled
389.89 kilometers
an hour 'in
Dr. J. Frank Norris, pastor of th*
great First Baptist church of Fort
Worth, Tax., charged that the gen
eral conference of Texas Baptists In
dorsed the teaching of the evolution
theory. As a result the convention
refused to seat the eight delegate*
from Norris' church and the pastor’*
charge wan denounced as “an insult
to this conference.”
Baby Member of U. S. Congress
Andrew U Somers. Democrat, elected ^Congress from |he Stetb
District of nrookljm^ N.^.. ^“tf^baby*©! the Congress, being only
Chapman, Republican, of Kentucky.