The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, December 11, 1924, Image 5

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O’Neill Nebr., Nov. 25, 1924. 10 a. m. ’
Board met pursuant to adjournment. I
All members present but Skidmore.
Board called to order by the Chair
Minutes for October 29th, read and
Mr. Kelley from Inman appeared
before the Board in the matter of
straightening the Elkhom river to
protect the O’Donnell lake in Inman
and Golden townships.
Petition:— Nov. 20, 1924
Honorable County Board of Holt
We, the undersigned members of the
school board of school district No.248,
hereby certify that on Oct. 15, 1918,
the county treasurer paid the final
payment on our bond issue of $430.
We have no bonds unpaid and ask
that you order the Treasurer of Holt
county to transfer balance of $454.40
in our bond fund to the general fund
of school district No. 248.
ANNA RHODES, Director.
E. E. Melcher, Treasurer.
Upon motion prayer of above peti
tion was granted and clerk instructed
to inform the county treasurer to that
Delegation from Inman appeared be
fore the board in the matter of the
road along the railroad track south of
Twelve o’clock noon on motion board
adjourned until 1 o’clock p. m.
L. C. McKim,Chairman.
E. F. Porter, Clerk.
O’Neill Nebr., Nov. 25, 1924, 1 p. m.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment. All members present but Skid
more. Board called to order by chair
Mr. Chairman: I move you that
the county treasurer be instructed to
transfer all money in the judgment
fund to the general fund of the county
as all out-standing judgments against
the county have been paid.
C. E. Havens.
John Sullivan.
Upon same being put to vote by the
chairman it was declared carried.
Resolution on road south of Inman:
Whereas it appearing to the county
board that by changing the road run
ning east out of Inman on Sections 19
and 30, Township 28, Range 10, two
railroad crossing can be eliminated by
running said road along the North
western railroad right of way along
the north side of the Van Valkenberg
place and it further appearing that the
consolidated school truck is compelled
to use said road and under present
conditions to carry said children across
such railroad crossing twice daily
and that the vision along said rail
road is obstructed by reason of trees
making it dangerous for travel on
said crossings.
Be it therefore resolved that it is
the judgment of the Holt county board
of Supervisors that it is deemed ex
pedient to locate a public road sixty
six feet wide along the north side of
the Van Valgenberg place, parallel
the northwestern roalroad right of
' ay and less than five hundred feet
distance therefrom, along a line de
scribed as follows:—Beginning at west
side of the northwestern right of way
on section line runnin" east between
Sections 19 and 30, Township 28,
Range 10, thence parallel to the
northwestern right of way through
NE^4 of Section 30-28-10 to Section
line running north-south, and I move
you that such road be so established
and located.
iii. grlDSOn.
John Sullivan.
Upon same being put to vote by the
chairman it was declared carried.
On motion the following bonds were
approved for Justice of the Peace:
F. R. Bignold, Ewing Township.
James Gunter, Golden Township.
L. L. Cosner, Stuart Township.
C. R. Munson, Cleveland Township.
On motion the following bouds were
approved for Township Treasurer:
N. G. Miller, Verdigris Township.
John Welsh, Emmet Township.
Orton Young, Willowdale Township.
On motion the following bonds were
approved for Township clerk.
George Hohman, Golden Township.
Fred Cronk, Verdigris Township.
James F. Nightengale, Sheridan
V. A. Moler, Rock Falls Township.
The following claims were audited
and on separate motion allowed on the
general fund: Salary claims.
Grace Joyce . $ 80.00
Dorothy Dunhaver . 80.00
George E. Bowen . 11.00
Julius D. Cronin . 24.00
Scott Hough . 07.50
Peter W. Duffy . 56.04
Peter W. Duffy . 190.50
C. C. Bergstrom . 32.00
Anna Donohoe . 158.33
E. F. Porter. 13.80
Harry Bowen . 110.00
Opal Ashley .. 80.00
C. J. Malone . 183.34
Winnie Bh&tighnesy .. 80.00
B. T. Winchell . 104.59
Loretta Sullivan. 96.75
Peter W. P”i7y . 80.80
C. C. Bergstrom. 191.7b
Anna Donohoe.. 43.60
Anna Ponohoe. 11.16
E. F. Porter . 166.66
The following claims were audited
and on separate motion allowed on
the highway fund:
J. H. McIntosh . $140.00
Irish McKone . 3.00
W. H. Crippen . 110.00
E. E. Cleveland . 35.00
C. J. McCarthy .. 35.00
Perry McCarthy . 85.00
O'Neill Gas & Oil Co., . 77.58
Carl R. Miller Tractor Co., 1.22
Carl R. Miller Tractor Co., .... 7.86
Sidney Faulhaber . 110.00
Roy H. Ashby. 9.80
F. M. Keating. 3.01
Automatic Vehickle Tag Co.,.. 1.26
H. L. Chapman. 6.81
Richard Minton . 110.00
Seth Noble . 14.90
William Gilman . 3.00
Atkinson Oil Co., .~. 56.09
C. E. Havens . 150.00
Mike McCarthy . 31.50
P. C. West . 12.35
O’Neill Gas & Oil Co.,. 27.93
Harry Madison . 35.00
C. W. Jury . 27.00
Lloyd Gibson . 110.00
Minnesota Electric Dist. Co., 1.50
E. E. Cleveland . 54.00
Frank Howard . 10.75
H. A. Rakow . 31.93
E. H. Welke . 140.00
Paul Dexter . 16.20
Henry Krueger . 140.00
Five o’clock p. m. on motion board
adjourned until Nov. 26, 1924, at 9
o’clock a. m.
L. C. McKim, Chairman.
E. F. Porter, Clerk.
O’Neill, Neb., Nov. 26, 1924. 9 a. m.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment. Board called to order by the
Minutes for Nov. 25, 1924, read and
The following claims were audited
and on separate motion allowed on the
general fund.
C. E. Gibson, board session .... $ 41.20
C. J. Frankforter, analysis of
stomach of Mrs. Soukup .... 125.00
O. E. Robin Gro. Co., Co., poor 62.83
J. T. Bauman, gro. Co. poor. .. 20.00
Hans Storjohn, gro. Co., poor 10.00
Hans Storjohn, gro. Co., poor 10.00
H. E. Pelcer, lodg. Co., poor .. 24.00
G. E. Burge, repair work . 42.75
C. E. Havens, board session .... 24.40
J. W. Bennie, vital statistic
rdport i... .50
H. W. Hubbard, vitalstatistic
report . 3.00
H. E. McGintis, vital statistic
report . 1.00
M. C. Palmer, vital statistic
report . 4.25
William P. Weber, vital statis
tic report . .50
L. E. Skidmore, board meeting 14.20
L. L. Larson, board meeting 19.40
J. I. Gray & Co., gro. Co., poor 26.48
Richardson Dray Co., drayage 2.10
Charles Griss, jurior fee . 4.00
Margaret L. Donohoe, salary
canvas election returns . 12.50
E. R. Raker, gro. Co., poor .. 15.20
Mrs. Mary Zastrow, nurse
Amanda Weidfelt .. 50.00
St. Mary's Hospital, Co., poor 40,00
L. C. McKim, board session .... i.,39.80
Peter W. Duffy, delivering > .
ballots ...•'■■“•d 19-50
Frontier, printing ballots 736.72
Barbara Ballon, lodging for
county poor... 56.25
H. E. Pelcer, lodging . 29.60
G. E. Burge, repair work. 17.35
C. E. Havens, cash for county
poor .. 15.00
Northwestern Bell Telephone
Co., services .. 45.96
W. G. Fletcher, vital statistic
report ....—. .25
P. J. Keating, vital statistic
report .:. 6.00
Elizabeth O’Malley, vital statistic
report . 9.25
J. W. Rhodes, vitalstatistic
repjort . 5.50
J. W, Bennie, vital statistic
report . .25
W. G. Fletcher, vital statistic
report i. .75
P. J. Keating, vital statistic
report .. 4.00
Elizabeth O’Malley, vital statis
tic report . 7.25
J. W. Rhodes, vital statistic
report . 4.75
John Sullivan, commissioner
work . 13.00
Peter W. Duffy, miscellaneous 14.55
C. B. Nellis, board session .... 34.50
Fred Lowery, delivering
ballots . 30.00
S. G. Adams, stamp numberer 10.20
Minnesota Electric Distributing
Co. 33.42
H. G. Asher, juror. 4.00
Holt County Farm Bureau,
estimate .. 247.91
On motion claim of A. D. Havens
for $43.40 was allowed on soldier’s re
lief fund.
Some Real
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1—1924 Dodge Sedan
1—1917 Dodge Touring
1—1923 Chevrolet Touring
1—1917 Ford Touring
All In First Class Condition.
J. M. Seybold
' 1 .. ■Kill MUM ... Him. ■ mm
The following claim* were audited
and allowed on the road fund:
John Cavanaugh, .. $ 30;00
L. C. McKim, . 25.50
W. H. Stein,. 15.96
Ralph McElvain,. 27.00
John Sullivan. 38.60
Walter Richards. 196.00
J. V. Bond, . 110.00
Atkinson Oil Co., . 57.00
Standard Oil Co., .:. 4.80
C. B. Nellis, ....:. 30.95
L. E. Skidmore, .:.. 36.40
F. J. Dishner,. 3.00
P. C. West, . 37.00
Bert Shoemaker. 24.00
R. A. Findley,. 110.00
Frank Howard,.. 16.85
J. G. Hoffman, ...." 31.60
Halsey Hull,. 102.00
Standard Oil Co.,. 4.81
Standard Oil Co., . 11.80
L. L. Larson, . 58.60
Twelve o’clock noon on motion
board adjourned until 1 o’clock p. m.
L. C. McKim, Chairman.
E. F. Porter, Clerk.
O’Neill, Nebr., Nov. 26, 1924. 1 p.' m.
Board met pursuant to adjournment.
All members present. Board called to
order by chairman.
The following claim was cut as fol
St. Mary’s Hospital, Columbus,
Nebr., amount $80.00, cut to $40.00.
The following claims were audited
and on separate motion allowed oil the
road dragging fund.
Oscar Fullerton... $ 4.20
George E. Beck,. 26.96
William Finch, . 16.80
W. T. Dexter, . 24.75
Robert Pease, . 11.26
Paul Dexter, . 66.60
Raymond Fullerton, .6.95
M. A. Richards, . 19.60
A. M. Batenhorst, . 88.80
A. R. Coakley,.;.... 16.75
Frank Nelson, .. 12.00
George Wrede, . 16.85
John Shoemaker .. 26.60
John Schollmeyer Jr., . 6.70
R. B. Chase, . 24.50
W. T. McElvain, . 13.50
W. O. Jarman,...:. 30.30
James A. Reed, . 9.75
J. E. Wiley, .. 46.86
Tommie Donohoe, . 8.40
August H. Smith, . 26.20
Alex Wertz, ..9.00
Claude Lierman,.13.50
William Jutte,... 59.00
Wallace Ream,... 40.50
Casper Wagman, . 6.80
J. P. Harte,...-. 8.00
W. H. Kestenholtz, . 3.00
D. B. Perkins,.37.96
George Dahlstrom,.. ; 15.30
Gribble Bros., .v...^,.....!v... 15.40
T. J. Osborn, .18.55
A. B. Hubbard, . 21.70
M. L. Miller, . 16.65
Doyle Butler, . 22.50
Peter Stewart, . 13.60
H. S. Harper .. 6.00
Henry Bausch, . 14.85
C. R. Munson, . 17.60
George E. Rouse, . 13.50
G. E. Sigman, . 18.00
Hudson H. Bruner, .,. 10.80
Peter Weber, . 60.00
Peter Tushla,_......_20.80
Charles F. Scholl... 7.70
J. L. Corrigan, .. 49.80
Oscar Fullerton, _ 8.40
Frank A. Searles, . 82.40
Levi Hull, .. 34.80
Halsey Hujl, . 96.00
J. C. Addison, ..-. . 9.00
James Kubart, . 14.86
Peter Person Jr., . 19.50
I. R. Harding, . 19.25
Oliver Hill, . 69.40
John Connelly, .. 12.60
Alex. R, Wertz, . 54.76
Claud Lierman, .:..... 28.05
Geor'ge Griinm. . 7.65
Watson Hay Co., . 108.06
George Lines, . 9.00
George Bitther, ...7... 11.70
John E. Honeywell, . 7.20
Bill Ritz, 12.60
Willie Starr, . 8.40
Herman Holcomb, . 13.95
Kenneth Adams, .. 10.60
Walter Scott, .. 48.26
A. H. Marquardt, . 12.60
Art Sanders, .. 6.00
W. A. Wry,. 17.60
'f&rMfti Zuehlk#, ....’. lifts!
Thrte o'clock p, m., on motion board j
adjourned until December 17, 1024.,
at 10 o’clock a. m., unless sooner cal
led by the clerk.
L. C. McKim. Chairman.
E. F. Porter. Clerk.
(Atkinson Graphic, Dec. 5.)
About $40 in money was stolen from
,the Bargain Store, J. S. Kalkowski,
proprietor, Wednesday night when a
thief caried away the cash register
and all its contents. No trace of the
register, the $40. or the thief has been
found. As far as can be discovered
nothing else in the store was stolen.
There was no disorder in the place
and not even the lock on the rear door
which was found swinging wide open
yesterday morning, was broken.
That the job was done by a person
inexperienced in that line of “work,”
or that he was in a big hurry, was in
dicated by the fact that the register
was n6t tampfcwd With at all, but Im
mediately picked Up and carried away,
even though it was unlocked, says Mr.
Kalkowski. The machine was of a
3ize that would make a big load for
one man to carry very far.
On unlocking the store Thursday
morning Mr. Kalkoyski found the
back door ajar and on going to dieck
up on the cash register he found in
the accustomed place was the square
mark on the counter where the ma
chine formerly was. The loss amounts
to about $200.
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