The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, December 04, 1924, Image 7

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Great mystery surrounds the finding of the charred body of Mrs. C. V. Sheatsley, wife of the pastor at
a Columbus, Ohio, Lutheran church, in a burning furnace in the parsonage, the furnace door being closed.
Dr. Sheatsley. at first charging murder, finally indicated his belief that his wife, stirred by religious fervor,
purged herself of fancied sins through the ordeal of fire, as practiced by the ancients of Europe. He said
knowledge she gained during eight months in India, when he did missionary work there, may have shows
her the ability of human beings, through religious fanaticism, to make their bodies practically Insensible to
pain. A strange episode in the woman’s death was the admission of her sixteen-year-old son, Clarence, that
3to saw his mother's body in the furnace, but said nothing about it until his father found the body. Above
are shown Rev. and Mrs. Sheatsley and their children and the death furnace.
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At least two lives are known to have been lost In a $1,000,000 fire which destroyed the Hotel Both*
well, the Senator Hotel and the casino on the $1,000,000 Steel Pier in Atlantic City, N, J. This photograph
•hows the ruins of the Hotel BothwelL
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Here In the Russian fleet. Interned by the French since the World War, the return of which has been
demanded by the Soviet now that France and Russia have resumed relations.
Actress May Join Walt*
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At least 10,000 persons felicitated Mr. and Mrs. JJasll Gervals, at
8t I’aul, Mina., on the recent celebration of their »lx,Tsecond wedding
anniversary. Mr. Gervais. now eighty five, was the first white child
born In Minnesota, which has been his home since his birth, Septem
ber 4, lUt, Governor J. A. O. Preus wan one of the many eallers,
Suzanne Bennett, New York
chorua girl, sailed for London on
the Olympic, exhibiting a telegram
from Olt-wa. Can asking krr to
sail on the vessel and telling ber
Uiai the Prince of Wales would bo
delighted. She danced wlta him
several times while ho was la Mea
Wants Millions in
Suit for Lost Love
' Mrs. Roselle Butler, of Los
Angeles, ex-wlfe of Cooley Butler,
copper king and capitalist, la
suing her ex-husband for $3,000
a month, $100,00 as attorney fees,
and Interest In community pro
perty valued at $15,000,000, al
leging he was enticed Into suing
for a divorce by the present Mrs.
Butler. She also sued Mrs. Jen
kins Butler for $1,000,000 for al
leged alienation.
Society Woman at
Trial of Slayers
Efrray £.y.
Mrs. Edward N. Breltung, New
York and Newport society leader,
wife of the multi-millionaire mining
magnate, was a constant attendant
at the Chicago hearing to determine
the fate of Dickie Loeb and Nathan
Leopold, Jr., slayers of youthful
Bobby Franks.
Gore Will Succeed
Secretary Wallace
Washington, Nov. 22.—Howard
M. Gore, governor-elect of West
Virginia, was today appointed
secretary of agriculture to suc
ceed the late Henry C. Wallace.
He will serve until March 4
when he will assume his guber
natorial duties.
Summer a Failure
In England This Year
London.—Summer was ai dismal
failure in England this year.
Officially, summer begins In En
gland on May 1 and ends September
30. Statistics recently issued show
show that of the 153 days between
May 1 and September 3C eighty of
them were wltliont rain, hile on 73
of them It rained continuously.
During that time only on 15 days
was the temperature above 70 de
grees, while on 29 days It did not
reach the 60 degrees mark.
The number of hours of possible
sunshine during the English summer
Is 2,059. According to the statistics,
the actual number of hn the sun
( really did show Itself was 660.
No Human Mail for U. S. Airplanes
Chester N. Weaver, San Francisco automobile man. bought I71S.0S
worth of airplane mail stamps, at 24 cents an ounce, and in the presence
of Postmaster James EL Power “posted" himself as “airplane mail" for
New York. Officials in Washington, however, ruled against human mail
and Weaver was denied the trip.
Famous U. S. Fortunes Linked by Marriage
Two of America's greatest fortunes, totalling $200,000,000 were
united with the marriage In New York City of Miss Anne Eliza
beth Whelan, daughter of Charles A. Whelan, United Cigar
Stores magnate, to Gilbert W. Kahn, son of Otto H. Kahn, Inter
national banker and phllanthrop 1st. The wedding presents wsk>
valued at $1,000,000.
* Youth Pays Tribute to Old Age
De b u t a ntea and
home of Mrs. George H. Martin, of Pasadena, Cal., when Mrs. Martin,
entertaining in honor of Mrs. George S. Fleming, seised the golden oppor
tunity to pay tribute to six great grandmothers and more than fifty
grandmothers who gathered under her roof. The photograph shows sin
great grandmothers. Seated, left to right, Mrs. Clay Holmes. Mrs. C. W.
Leffingwell and Mrs. J. C. Fttsgerald. Standing, left to right, Mra. John Hk
Dwight, Mrs. Frank O. Bartlett and Mrs. J. H. Woodward.