The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, November 27, 1924, Image 1

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    The Frontier.
J. F. O’Donnell went to Lincoln tho
first of the week.
A shipment of new books has been
received at the library.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Rasley were
visiting in Norfolk Wednesday.
Miss Gertrude Connally has entered
the Western Union Office as a student.
A daughter was bom to Mr. and
Mrs. A. W. Nelson this (Thursday)
A daughter was bom to Mr. and
Mrs. John Green, Wednesday, No
vember 19th.
Miss Ida Boyer went to Norfolk
Thursday morning to spend Thanks
giving with her sister, Mrs. T. R.
Neil P. Brennan, who is now travel
ing for a Kansas City firm, came home
Sunday for a few days visit with his
The county board of supervisors
were in session Tuesday and Wednes
day. They adjourned until Tuesday,
December 16th.
The post office at Stafford will be
discontinued November 29th. The
patrons will be supplied by a rural
route from Inman.
George Stannard resumed his duties
as traveling salesman for a book
company, Wednesday of last week.
He is now working in Lincoln, i
An epidemic of new radio receiving
sets has settled over this part of the
state. Radios will soon be as common
in O’Neill as a certain brand of cars.
Dr. John Gilligan came up from the
state university medical school at
Omaha, Wednesday night and will
spend Thanksgiving with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Henry and
daughter, Patty Jane, drove up from
Geneva last Sunday to visit the for
er’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. D.
Miss Cassie Carr came from Mer
riman last Sunday for a visit with the
the home folks. Her school has been
closed on account of an epidemic of
scarlet fever.
John Kersenbrock went to Lincoln
last Saturday to be with his wife, who
was to submit to an operation that
day. We understand that she is get
ting along nicely.
Mrs. W. B. Graves is enjoying a
visit from her mother, Mrs. Jane
Buckley, of Lyons, Nebraska, who
came last Friday. She will leave for
her home Friday morning.
The dance and social gathering in
the Odd Fellows hall last Tuesday
evening was a social success. A
large crowd was present and enjoyed
dancing and playing cards, and also
the luncheon.
Miss Fern Hubbard came home
from the state university where she
is teaching, and spent Thanksgiving
with the home folks. Miss Dorothy
Neff, of Syracuse, Nebraska, returned
with Miss Fern.
The following officers were elected
at the meeting of the I. O. O. F. lodge
Wednesday evening:' Wm. Swigart,
N. G.; Ira Moss, V. G.; J. C. Hamish,
Secretary; J. S. Ennis, treasurer; H.
J. Zimmerman, trustee. **
The eight months old child of Mr.
and Mrs. Walter Kloepper, residing
on the Gallagher raijch southeast of
town, is suffering from a badly burn
ed mouth the result of getting into a
can of lye Tuesday morning.
Snow began falling about ten o’clock
this morning. We are informed by one
of the local weather prognosticators
that there will be ten snow storms this
winter. We are now enjoying the
fourth one of the series. Let us hope
that our advisor knows his stuff, and
that each will be a moderate one.
This Ma.y
Mea.n You
You often hear people say—“I
wonder what’s the best thing to do.”
Many things sound good that have
no chance of success.
Why not let us talk over these
things with you.
This bank carries no indebtedness
of. officers or stockholders.
Resources over $600,000.00
O'Neill Natiorval
For Christmas Gifts
Make the homefolks happy with something that they can use. Prac
tical Presents produce a lasting pleasure.
Copper dad Malleable range.
Buffetts Dining Tables Bed Room Suites
Kitchen Cabinets Day Beds New Edison Phonographs
We also have the largest and most complete line of toys for the
Warm * & Suns
A son was bom to Professor and
Mrs. E. H. Suhr Thursday, November
The exterior of the light plant has
been stuccoed during the past week.
The building now presents a more
modem appearance.
Editor J. H. Welton and son, Ross,
came up from Mullen, Nebraska, last
Friday being called here by the serious
illness of his brother, Charles, who
died the following day. Mr. Welton
is editor of the Mullen Tribune.
John Donlin is quite ill at the home
of his son John, who resides about
twenty miles north of O’Neill. Mr.
Donlin is thought to be the oldest man
in Holt county, having passed his
ninty-fourth birthday last June.
The fire whistle sounded last Fri
day forenoon announcing a fire in the
alley behind the Tom Enrifeht soft
drink parlor. A large number of
tumbleweeds were burning, and with a
high wind blowing, it was feared that
the fire might spread to nearby build
The W. C. T. U. met at the home
of Mrs. E. F. Roberts Tuesday, No
vember 18th, More should attend these
good meetings. The next meeting
will be held at the home of Mrs. Lila
Loy on Tuesday, December 2nd. Each
one come prepared to repeat a verse
from the bible about Christmas.
George Thompson, of Chambers, was
a business caller in O’Neill Tuesday.
A daughter was }x>m November
15th to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jardee, of
Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Henry and
daughter, Patrecia Jane, came up
from Geneva, Nebraka, Sunday, for a
visit the former’s parents, Mr. andj
Mrs. E. D. Honry of this city.
Chambers Sun: Last Saturday
afternoon a fire broke out near the
Howorth ranch about eight miles
northwest of Swan Lake, that could
have been a severe question at the rate
the wind was blowing. John Kennedy
came very near loosing his buildings.;
About 100 stacks of hay burned. The
fire was headed off near Swan Lake.
The old time dance given by the
O’Neill ball team, at the K. C. hall
last Friday evening was a great suc
cess socially. The dancers were sup
posed to “come hard and look hard”.
From the report of the affair the
next morning we gather the infor
mation that it would be hard to beat
the good time enjoyed by all that were
Dr. and Mrs. L. A. Carter, Mr. and
Mrs. C. J. Malone celebrated their wed
ding anniversaries at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Malone Tuesday evening at
seven o’clock dinner especially arrang
ed for the occasion. Mr. and Mrs.
Malone were married on November 25,
1895, while Dr. and Mrs. Carter were
not married until November 25th the
following year.
Inman Leader, Nov. 27: Ralph
Leidy lost his chicken house and 140
chickens early last Monday morning
when the building caught fire from a
lamp in the chicken brooder. The
building was just recently completed
and the loss is keenly felt by Ralph
who has been diligently laboring for
the past year to get a start in the
chicken business.
V. R. Jones expects to leave with
his family the latter part of the week
for Hudson, South Dakota, where he
will be engaged in the grain business.
Mr. Jones informs the Frontier that
he expects to return in the spring and
install the amusement park as orig
inally planned providing that the
financial conditions are such at that
time as to warrant the investment of
several thousand dollars.
This is international radio week.
Most of the American broadcasters
are off the air from ten until eleven
o’clock central standard time, in order
to let the listeners of this country
pick up the foreign countries. Phil
Ziemer picked up a German station,
also a station in Switzerland, last
night. A number of the American
broadcasters have been heard in for
eign countries this week.
County Agent F. W. Rose will
sever his connectionn with the office
of county agent of Holt county and,
with Mrs. Rose, will leav*e next Tues
day for Albion, Indiana, where
he has been elected as their county
agent. Mr. Rose came here about
two years ago and has made many
friends both in the city and among
the farmers with whom he has been
closely connected by virtue of his
office. Mrs. Rose is almost a stranger
in this city but during her short resi
dence here has made many warm
friends who will regret that Mr. and
Mrs. Rose are leaving the city.
Word was received by relatives in
O’Neill of the death of Mrs. Walter
Spengler, of Seneca, Nebraska, on
Tuesday night.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Mellor drove to
Lincoln Wednesday to take dinner
with their son, Ralph, who is attend
ing the University. Jess will make a
business trip to Omaha before return
ing4 home.
The Woman’s Working Society of
the Presbyterian church will meet
Thursday, December 4th, at the home
of Mrs. George Longstaff, at which
time officers will be elected for the
ensuing year. They will also arrange
for their annual Christmas sale which
will take place December 13th. A full
attendance is desired.
In a letter from Romaine Saunders,
of Lincoln, to J. C. Harnish of this
city, he tells of the death of George
Meals, at his home in Lompac, Cali
fornia. Mr. Meals was struck by a
train last Sunday and died the follow
ing day. Mr. Meals visited with his
many O’Neill frends only a few weeks
The Frontier is pleased to announce
to its readers this week that the
O’Neill-Bartlett road has been ap
proved as a federal aid project.
The Frontier put out the first edi
tion, Monday, of “The Prairie Star,"
the new school paper that will be pub
lished each month during the school
year for St. Mary’s Academy. The
publication is four pages 11 inches;
wide by 15 inches long and is edited
by the following students:
Editor-in-Chief—Vera Madsen, ‘25.
Assistant Editors:
Marie McLeod, '25.
Agnes Carr, '25.
Joyce Kent, ’25.
Gladys Ryan, ’25.
Helen Ryan, ’27.
Alice Hoffman, ’28.
Business Mgr., Loretta Ryan, ’25.
Assistant, Kamilla Uhl, ’25.
The matrimonial bark of George
Barnes and Miss Frances Slaymaker
of Holt county is threatened with de
struction in a petition filed in district
court Monday afternoon by Wesley
K. Slaymaker, father of the bride.
The young couple eloped to Bonesteel,
S. D., on Nov. 8, and were married. The
bride who is aged 17, was taken from
her husband immediately on their re
turn to Nebraska, by her parents. The
bride’s father is a prominent ranch
man residing south of Stuart. The
bridegroom’s father, E. T. Barnes, re
siding north of Emmet, also is one of
the large ranch operators of the
jt (Page Reporter, Nov. 27.)
Charlott McCaw was born in Port
Glenone, Ireland, May 9, 1847, and
died at her home in Page, Nebraska,
November 22, 1924. In 1875 she mov
ed to the U. S. A. and resided a few
years at Knoxville, Illinois.
In 1875 she was united in marriage
to Samuel Nicholl. To this union was
bom three sons, one died in infancy,
two remaining, Samuel and William,
reside in Page.
She is preceded in death by her hus
band, who died May 30, 1904. In the
community she ranked always as a
woman of culture, sympathy, a kind
neighbor, a devoted mother, a true
friend and withall a woman of heroic
mold, in bravely meeting the stem re
quirements and often disappointments
of life.
The ever ready helping hand will
be missed, not only in the home, but
in the entire community.
Mrs. Nicholl has been a faithful
member of the Presbyterian church
since a child. She leaves to mourn
her loss, two sons and a large circle
of friends.
Funeral services were held from the
Methodist church in Page, conducted
by Rev. H. H. Todd.
Interment made in the Page ceme
tery. . . 14 ad
The American Legion Simonson
Post No. 93 held their Annual ban
quet and election of officers at the
“Subway” Tuesday night with about
twenty-five members of the Post pres
The first part of the evening was
spent in enjoying the fine banquet af
ter which the remainder of the even
ing was spent in a general good time
by the ex-soldiers. C. W. Conklin, a
member of the State Executive com
mittee held the chair during the busi
ness meeting.
The officers elected were:
Pat Harty, Commander.
Ed. M. Gallagher, First Vice-Com
Loren Richardson, Second Vice-Com
Executive Committee:
Geo. H. Jones.
Charles Reka.
H. L. Bennett.
Ben Grady.
G. E. Miles.
Commander Harty has appointed
Gerald Miles, adjutant for the corner
Publicity officer: G. E. Miles
F. W. Rose, who is the retiring adju
tant, will leave this city on next Tues
day for Albion, Indiana, was requests
ed to be present at a farewell party in
his honor next Monday evening, and
a committee was named to look after
the nencessary details.
Also with the close of the meet
ing all those present paid their dues
for the year 1925, making 100 per
cent of those present, making a good
start for the membership which the
Post expects to increase over that of
last year of a total of sixty-two.
Next year the National American
Legion Convention will be heM in
Omaha, and will be a splendid chance
for the ex-service men of this com
munity to attend at least one Nation
al Convention, so all you ex-service
men who are not now members of this
post }ion now so that you will be in
standing and will be eligible to at
(Inman Leader, Nov. 27.)
Frank Conard, who has been en
gaged in the hotel business in Inman
for the past twenty years, died at his
home Wednesday morning at 2:30,
death being due to a complication of
troubles. The funeral services will
be conducted from the M. E. church
Thursday afternoon at 3 o’clock, Rev.
Savage preaching the sermon.
Mr. Conard was one of the early
settlers of this community, coming
to Inman thirty-one years ago, Jlrst
settling on a farm and later moving
to town. He was born in Lycomin
County, Pennsylvania, July 18, 1859.
At the age of nine years he moved
with his parents to Minnesota, where
he grew to manhood. He was mar
ried to Miss Sarah Maust, May 4,
1881, at Preston, Minnesota, coming
to Inman abount thirty-one years ago.
To this union were born five children,
Plenny, Wesley, Lottie, Raymond and
Elias, two of whom, Lottie Thomp
son and Ray Conard together with
the mother, survive to mourn his loss.
His brothers and sisters living are
Robert Conard, Inman, Nebraska;
George Conard, Meek; Mrs. Mary
Newberry and Mrs. Ella Judd, of In
man, and ten grand children. The
sympathy of the community goes out
to the family in their hour of sorrow.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Friedel, of Stuart, Monday,
November 17th.
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