The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, October 16, 1924, Image 9

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    Washing to n Mad Over First World’s Series
Washington takes baseball as seriously as Senators take themselves. So when "Bucky” Harris'*
4*am brought home the bacon and the right to play In Washington’s first World’s series, thp town clam
ored for admission. This is only a small section of the mob that sought to buy tickets when they were
placed on sale there.
Walrus Kill in Far North With MacMillan
Members of the MacMillan North Greenland expedition, which has returned to Wlscasset, Me, with
<a freshly killed walrus. Fresh walrus meat was one of the most highly prized articles of diet, when th*
Bowdoln crew was locked for 333 days in the Arctic.—(Copyright, 1924 In U. S. and Canada by the North
American Newspaper Alliance and Donald B. MacMillan.)
“MA” ferguson forgets politics in her kitchen.
’ Jy£A,’'- r'E.ieCtx^OKr. ^
-,, ---. -»-.«--•- •■ - *■- ■■ .- - -rtSd
Having won the Democratic nomination for Governot of Texas and being virtually assured ef her ele*
<t!on as the first woman Governor In the United States, “Ma" Ferguson, wife of James E. Ferguson, a
former Impeached Governor of the Lone Star State, forgets the worries of politics in the Utcaep of h«r
'Temple, Tex, home.
| SN2.JTO0V' -
Above are pictured children outside the Elmsford, N. Y., school, who, when they misbehaved, have been
whipped with a light rubber hose by the principal, Howard L. Holden. Now that the right to spank has
been taken away from him, Mr. Holden and sixteen of the twenty-two jeachers have threatened to resign.
New Diamond Rush in
Africa Follows Find
Capetown.—One of the greatest
diamond rushes in the history of
-South Africa has just taken place at
Zeekocfontein, on the banks of the
Vaal river.
Mr- Tromp, owner of a farm in this
district, discovered diamonds a few
we-sks gao, and has been making an
average of two to three thousands
pounds a week. On the day when.
In acocrdance with the law, the neigh
boring area was thrown open, three
thousand men and boys including
well-dressd clerks and students, poor
white diggers, and penniless farmers,
prepared to stake their claims.
To all members will be issued at
tractive door and window ^tickers,
which poor persons can plainly see,
telling then* that aid will be freely
given them, but through the organ
ized charities and in a more sub
stantial and lasting form than the
few bits of change the professional
beggars ask for. Upon application to
a membar for help the unfortunate is
handed a coupon, which he must
present to charities officials, who will
investigate the case and then act
beurgepo iulvabe© .tohlt
$15 A WEEK
■ ■ ii ■ '■! m
Because, he said, his wife and daughters made him eat at a separ.te
table and made life miserable for him, Edward W. Washburn, of
Brockton, Mass., gave his business there, worth $500,000, to his family
and disappeared. For a time it was thought he had committed suicide.
Now he has been found clerking In a Brooklyn N. Y., store for $15 a
week, but he says he Is happy.
These twins were offered for sale for *300 each by their father,
Nick Chapla, who told the Detroit, Mich., police he needed the money
to take hla wife and their other two children back to Poland. They have
been living in Cleveland, O. Chapla was held pending deportation pro
^ ^/^Rounsr acha|
Zaroun Agha, who Is said to !se 150 years of age. Is the “Sheriff"
©f all the porters of Constantinople. He was photographed with I./ary
Marshalek, most beautiful girl in Poland, who attended the Polish
exposition in the Turkish capital.
A memorial window designed espe
cially In honor of Joseph Jefferson, the
actor, will soon be placed In a veil on
the sunny side of "The Little Church
Around the Corner" In New York City.
A special ray of light which will pen.
etrate for a distance up to 300 yards
under water at any depth has been In
vented by an Italian scientist.
Three presidents (lied on July 4. John
Adams and Thomas Jefferson In 1828
and James Monroe In 1S31. July 4. 1826,
the date of the deaths of Adams and
Jefferson, was the fiftieth anniversary
of the Declaration of Independence and
both were signers.
Santo Domingo has applied for mem
bership in the Dengue of Nations. It
is expected that the application will be
I voted on favorably by the Assembly.
Earl Cooper to Marry
After Racing Romance
||fo>S JAKE &. g>AX I/SV,
During a race In the east some
time ago, Earl Cooper, the fam
ous automobile race driver, saw
a beautiful red-haired woman In
the grandstand as his car flashed
past. He could never get her out
of his mind. A few days ago
his car crashed with another car
on the streets of Los Angeles.
The other car was driven by
Mrs. Jane R. Bailey, of Troy, N.
Y. She was the "red-haired
woman.” She will soon become
Cooper’s bride.
Slashed Across Face
By Jealous Suitor
John Lacognato, an admirer, slash
ed her across the face with a breaA
knife in a jealous rage because sh*
danced with another man, Jennla
Gonzennerrl, New York, told pollca,
Hollywood Actress
Off to ¥/ed Banker
C KdfT
-■ ' -scsf *
Great indignation was shown
by Nlta Naddi, film sta-r- from
California, when reporters found
her aboard a Europe-bound ves
sel and wanted to photograph
her. She didn't like her holiday
Interrupted, she said, but later
smilingly consented to a snap
shot. The reason for the pout
was explained when It was learn
ed she was sailing to wed a
Cleveland banker whom she met
seven years «.go while she was &
chorus girl.
Papal Dress Reform
Keeps Churches Empty
Paris,—The papal ukase against Im
modesty In feminine dress Is Inter
preted at Blogna In so drastic a
manner that attendance at the local
churches Is said to have fallen off
50 per cent.
Priests, assisted by boy scouts and
members of the Virgin Mary society,
mount guard at the doors of Bologna
Cathedral before the 11 o’clock fash
ionable mass, and compel all wom
en entering to undergo a close scru
If any would-be worshipper Is held
to be not dressed to conform with the
Pope's idea of modesty she is barred
from the church.
Several prominent women of th#
city have thus been excluded from
worship, according to Rome dispatch-*