The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, June 05, 1924, Image 5

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    No. 4. ^^d
Some oP our
Shoe profiteers
need cl
^ood lacm^
Just the thing to give for
a wedding present.
Come in and see our dis
play. It is beautiful. Any
thing you want at the price
you wan* to pay.J
A Vocal and Declamatory Contest
will be held at the Methodist church
Tuesday evening, June 11th. Watch
for program next week.
Poyai Theatre
Pauline Garon in
James Kirkland in
Comedy, Fables and Ghost City
Pala Negri, Conway Searle, Connard
Nagel and Lois Wilson in
Alice Brady in
House Peters, Pauline Starke and
Antonio Moreno in
Coming—“Zaza.” “April Showers.”
“Barefoot Boy.” “Nellie The Beau
tiful Cloak Model.”
l^ojpetotu’ rpoVia
cLireclorx cart ttjank
■fckeir' lucky
Service, Efficiency,
That’s what you get in our
repair department.
Your old car may need
f only a few minor adjust
ments—new- cylinder rings
or bolts. Let us look it over
O’Neill, Neb.
Worlds PlatinurH Supply
The maih source of the world’s sup
plies of platinum is normally Russia,
which once had an output of 300,000
ounces per annum, derived from gravel
beds. As a result of the war the price
of platinum Is about three times what
It was formerly, and the temptation
has been considerable in this couptry
to boom platinum mining.
To this end all sorts of properties
have been pronounced to be capable of
producing platinum from ores of vari
ous kinds, and even shales and sands.
As a matter of fact, this country Is
practically destitute of platinum, ns It
is of nickel and tin, and the cases in
which the United States bureau of
mines has been able to check claims
advanced have revealed nt the most
practically unworkable traces of the
metal,” writes Engineering.
Strict Forest Law
Defacement of signboards and oth
er government property in the nation
al forests is a misdemeanor which
often results in fines. In the Umatilla
national forest, Washington, a tourist
who wanted hts name to be handed
down to posterity via a signpost was
overtaken within a few hours from the
tiriie he practiced writing his signa
ture. The judge gave him his cheiee
of backtracking 25 miles and erasing
his name from the signboard or pay
ing a fine. He chose the former.
Internal Organs on Film
Loman and Comandon, two doctors of
France on the faculty of the school of
medicine at Paris university, have suc
reeded in taking motion pictures of the
internal organs. The film was taken
ot the rate of 17 Images a second. The
leveloped film showed the movements
Df the heart especially well and the in
vention will be of g^eat aid in diag
nosis, it is said.
Device to Test Dyes
A new apparatus, called a “fadeo
meter,” has been Invented In Europe
for testing the fastness of dyes. Vio
let carbon arc lights are used, 40 sam
ples being tested at one time If nec
essary. Half the sample Is exposed
to the light, and the other half pro
tected by a metal shade, so that after
test an exact comparison can be made.
(First publication June 5.)
By virtue of an order of court di
rected to me by the District Court of
of Holt County, Nebraska, on the re
port of the Referee appointed by said
court, in the case wherein Anna B.
Schmidt is plaintiff, and Anna E.
Newman, Nee Schmidt, et-al are de
fendants, to sell- at Public Vendue at
the Front door of the Court House in
the City of O’Neill, Holt County, Ne
braska, the following described real
estate, to-wit:
The South 45 feet of Lots 9, 10, 11
and 12 in Block 17 of Hazeletts Ad
dition to O’Neill, also beginning at a'
point 35 feet South and 45 feet East,
of the S. W. corner of Block 17 of
Hazeletts Addition to O’Neill, Ne
braska, Thence South, 225 feet, thence
West 45 feet, thence South 203 feet
more or less to the section line on the
South side of Section 30, Township
29 North Range 11 West 6th P. M.,
thence East along said Section line
602 feet, thence North 428 feet, thence
West 557 feet to the place of begin
ning, bring a part of the W% of the
S. E 'A of the S. W. M Section 30,
Township 29, North Range 11 West
6th 1*. M. being all of Blocks 19 and
20 of Hazeletts Addition to O’Neill,
except Lot 8 of said Block 20 as sur
veyed and recorded, for cash, and in
compliance with said order I will offer
said real estate as above described
for sale and will sell the same to the
highest bidder for cash in hand on
the 9th day of July, 1924, at the hour
of ten o’clock A. M., at the front door
of the Court House in the City of
O’Neill, Holt County, Nebraska, when
and where due attendance will be given
by the undersigned sole referee.
Dated this 5th day of June, 1924.
1-5 Sole Referee.
Henry Stanton, Sr., died at his home
K£' *£“ SSTK&
the, reS'S^rTea^' brfoJI
coming to Holt county whwe thlv
homesteaded a farm abouT four miles
northwest of O’Neill. He and his
family made their home upon th s
0’Ne!ll.ntl1 19U When they ™°ved to
Mr. Stanton was one of the verv
caomLTherS °f th'S part of the county
coming here a couple of years after
O’Ndll h! °J thC ?lony by General
r He was a sturdy, hard work
;iniers0onfeetheand hclped shape tbe des‘
tinies of the community through the
rying time of the early life of the
tC«,rMr* Stanton couId ^count
the thrilling experiences of the days
the .^dlans held the upper hat^d
L" th® *]ortheri? Part of the county and
has had experiences with them that
were not the most pleasant.
death hlf^r1 lGa7es t0 mourn his
death hls wife and eight children,
Mrs. Anna Harrington, of O’Neill; P.
J. Stanton, and Mrs. J. P. Ryan of
onestoel; M. F. and Anthony, of this
city; Henry, of Butte, Montana; Miss
Margaret and Mrs. R. J. Rhode of
this place. There are eighteen grand
children and one great grand child.
r uneral services were held from St.
Patricks church Monday, June 2nd.
ivr Ve^v,ce.s were conducted by Rev.
M. h. Cassidy. Interment was made
in Calvary cemetery.
We wish to thank our kind friends
, neighbors for the many courtesies
j-nd sympathy extended to us during
he illness and death of our beloved
husband and father.
Mrs. Henry Stanton, Sr.,
and family.
The funeral services for the late
limothy D. Harrington were held
from St. Patrick’s church at nine
o clock Friday morning, conducted
by Father Kohler. Interment was
made in Calvary cemetery.
• timothy D. Harrington was born
Voe?0UT^y C°rk. Ireland, on July 4,
lobl. He came to America when a
young man and traveled extensively
over the United States and Canada
before deciding upon a location. He
first located at Leadville, Colorado,
where he was married to Julia Down
ing on September 5, 1880. For the
past thirty-five years he and his
family have resided in and near
Mr. Harrington has enjoyed good
health until March 27th of this year.
He weni| to St. Catherine’s hospital in
Omaha on May 8th where he remain
ed until his death on the morning of
Wednesday, May 28th. The cause of
his death was given as dialation of the
heart. Mrs. Harrington, their son,
Timothy, and daughter, Teresa, were
at his bedside when death claimed him.
Besides his wife, five children re
main to mourn hs death: Daniel P.,
of Portland, Oregon; Miss Marie, and
Mrs. Ivan Burovic, of Los Angeles;
Timothy and Miss Teresa, of O’Neill.
Mr. Harrington was among the early
settlers of Holt county and was one of
the men who was instrumental in
making the county one of the pros
perous communities of Nebraska. The
energy and perseverance of the early
settlers like Mr. Harrington is re
sponsible for the growth and pros
perity of the once desolate prairie of
Nebraska into a place in which we are
proud to live.
The five days old son of Mr. and
Mrs. John E. Kee died at their home
e)«ht miles northwest of this city this
As every ex-service man knows, the Adjusted Compensation bill or
Soldier’s Bonus has passed and now the big task is 4ol get a record of all the
ex-service men so that application blanks can be filed as soon as possible.
In order to speed up the registration and the making out of flhe application
blanks for the bonus, we are asking that every ex-service man in this locality
either fill out the blank accompanying this article and mail it to the Adjut
ant, Simonson Post 93, rt O’Neill, or call at the office of F. W. Rose and
make out a blank there. Please look after this matter as soon as possible
since it is necessary that o have every ex-service man in this locality reg
istered within the next two weeks. The information asked for is nearly all
found on the discharge certif.cate and we are asking you to fill in your name
on the registration slip exactly as it appears on this discharge certificate.
Please attend to this matter immediately and mail, the slip to F. W. Rose at
O’Neill if you are interested in getting your bonus proposition fixed up as
soon as possible.
Name .....
Street or Route ...
City . State .
Enlisted at . Date .
Discharged at . Date .
No. Days served in America . Foreign service .
Army Serial Number . Rank ...
Last organization served in .
Belong to Legion? (If so, give post and location) .
Remarks .
Andrew F, Spindler died in Clark
son hospital in Omaha Wwlnp^^
S"EH°J »,inB
war nmi “V™ a tidier of the civil
war and a highly respected citizen of
£? sr;^"'hc£he hss
eight years old WSS Seventy
from6 /h„nerS!. 8wrvices wil1 be held
Meek fvm Prisbytermn ehurch at
Meek Friday afternoon at two o'clock
burial will be made in Pleasant Valiev
cemetery near Meek postoffice sixteen
roues north of O’Neill ’ s,xteen
w An obituary will be published next
Jb*p?’Neill Club will hold their An*
June inT •” ^ednesda>:i afternoon,
will be in’the lUnsco™ Park, which
which »u rth® form of an outing, to
and surrounding* ffiSS V'S
0*»wi11 start about four
0 clock m the afternoon and the ladie*
eonsrwi1thSt«d Vrinet basket lunch'
eons, w ith an additional supply to ac
baXTodrate tHe quests and see that the
b Pell • e Properly cared for.
Following the luncheon there will
mL aspeaking and musical program
The Hanscom Park Pavilion has been
CoS^rw °‘d fashi°'"!d Holt
anTZS:CJetary *5 no) in Possession of
f onr and addresses of mem
oei s, so each one receiving this notice
Tnv who"6 spread tke news and invite
any who may not have been reached
through our incomplete mailing list
basS:and bring their luncheon
nh^°r iurtber information please
phone the Secretary, Miss Margaret
Jnahan, 721 So. 25th Avenue, tele
phone Atlantic 9652.
Mrs. A. F. Mullen,
Miss Margaret Donohoe,
Miss Margaret Linahan,
James H. Hanley,
Hr. M. P. Kane,
Wm. P. Kelley,
pc, T Committee.
h/hi?TIn£ase of rain gathering will
be held in Hanscom Park Pavilion
No postponement.
. I e>vy Winkler Jr., spent Tuesday
in Atianson.
Corn is coming good considering the
poor growing weather.
Miss Laura Steskal visited Mrs. A.
Klingler on Monday afternoon.
Carpenters are putting the finishing
on J. F. Warner’s house this week.
A Worley and family spent Sunday
afternoon with Mrs. George Reise.
Alvin Waltnopfer is breaking sod
with his tractor for Casper Winkler.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Klingler called on
A. Worley’s family Sunday afternoon.
Mrs Herman Klingler visited with
her mother, Mrs. C. A. Strong Tues
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kliqgler spent
Sunday with Charley Andrew’s south
of Emmet.
Everybody welcomed the showers of
rain we are getting, and are living in
hopes of more.
Klingler Brothers and J. F. Warner
oebvered hogs to Pruss Brothers in
O’Neill Tuesday.
Alvin Waltnofer, James Early and
Bill Steskal were dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Ed Early Sunday.
Quite a number of the relatives and
friends enjoyed a social dance at the
home of Paul Roth Friday night.
Mrs. Ed. Mullen has returned to
her home here after a several months
visit with relatives in Pennsylvania.
James Triggs, of O’Neill, has re
turned home after putting a fine coat
of white paint on J. F. Warner’s new
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Klingler and Mr.
and Mrs. Ivan Cone were dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Miller
Elmer Strong and brothers, Robert,
Gilbert, Harold and Albert Rossler
spent Sunday evening with Albert
Klingler’s family.
Mr. Baker, of Lincoln, and John
Hinkle, of Pierce, Nebraska, visited
over Sunday with their cousin, John
Hinkle and family.
Rex Coborn, of Pheonix, hauled hogs
with his truck for John Neighbor, to
Emmet, Tuesday. Mr. Neighbor is
shipping his hogs to Omaha market.
Robert Fullerton and son, Harold,
harled lumber from Atkinson for a
new school house in District 160.
Carpenters begun the work Wednes
Stuart Wertz, of Stuart, Nebraska,
is a visitor at the home of Mr. r.nd
Mrs. Alex Wertz.
L. C. McKim and George Wadsworth
were doing bridge repairing work
Monday in Willowdale township.
L. C. McKi.n, supervisor of the Sec
ond District, was a Sunday visitor at
the home of your correspondent.
Ralph Phillips, of Knoxville, was in
Orchard and O’Neiil Saturday on busi
ness, returning home Saturday even
Corn planting is well advanced,
acreage normal. We are not informed
of any replanting at this date, but
later will determine, the replanting, if
any. Rains is needed and some
farm. :s are inclined to think that
some fields of corn will not germin
ate until it rains.
The passing of Jake Beeny, who
died recently, takes another resident
of Holt county. Mr. Beeney came to
Holt county in 1889 and has resided
continuously in Steelcreek township
until death. A good citizen, indus
trious, and will be missed by many
friends, as he was well and favorably
The farmers realize the value of
sorghum for stock, especially cattle,
but should be fed with hay or other
roughness. It will grow on lighter
soil and in this locality is generally
harvested with a corn binder. To
eliminate 'waste should |be stacked
when matured. Acreage above nor
mal to what it was a few years ago.
F. Wi Hendrick wag on the Chicago
I market Thursday with 84 head, two
l car loads Of fat cattle that averaged
1400 pounds, selling at $9.85 per
hundred weight. Mr. Hendrick in
forms us the only fields of corn he
saw that was up in in Nebraska West
of Sioux City. In Iowa and Illinois
replanting was general. He returned
home Saturday morning.
Sunday, June 8th, at 10:30 a. m. the
Children’s Day program of the Pres,
byterian Sunday school will be given.
You are invited to come and enjoy
yourself with the kiddies.
S°n.<? ..-. By School
Scripture Reading Superintendent
Prayer . Pastor
Song—Birds Welcome
_ .v. Primary Department
Opening Speech . Robert Smith
Reading—A Welcome.... Loree Planck
Reading—Timid Greeting
. Merle Burge
Exercise—God’s Word. .. Six Juniors
Reading—Hurrying Thro’
. Richard Lee Arnold
Reading—A Good Place To Be
... Helen Blair
Reading—My Clock. Merle Arnold
Exercise—A True Story
. Twelve Beginners
Song—Smile, Smile, Smile
.'•.— Mrs. Wise’s Gass
Reading—Anchor Here
- . Glen Lancaster
Reading—The Childhood of Jesus
. Alice Page
Reading—Our Blossom
.;.....: Saban Smith
Reading—An Example
. Vernon Hohman
Exercise—“Three Golden Keys”
.-... Three Girls
Reading—“Little Bees”.... Arlene Page
Reading—If Ever I See
. Florence Surber
Solo—The World Full of Sunshine
. Mary Campbell
Reading—The Aviator.... Harold Jones
Reading—What Made Johnny Jump
Up . Evadale Hudson
Exercise—Give Little Daisies
. Five Girls
Reading—Something Sweet
. Orval Winchell
Reading—A Boy Like Me
. Garland Bressler
Exercise—“Rosebuds” . Six Girls
Offering . For Home Missions
Trio—“Gates of June”—Ruth Scott,
Gladys Williams, Phoebe Abdouch
C—Downey, Agent, for the Old
Reliable Farm Hail Insurance Com
pany, of Iowa.
Safe and sound. Pay all losses in
full. Will save you money. You pay
in December. No interest. 1-3
lhe Eininet M, E, Sunday school
will have a Children's Day service
Sunday, June 8th, at 11:00 o’clock a.
m. Following is the program:
Song—AU Hail the Power of Jesus
_ .....congregation
Responsive Reading.
Prayer .-. Pastor
Song1—Praise Creation’s King.jChoir
Recitation—A Welcome
. Lucille Lowery.
Recitation—My Welcome
... Ross Harris, Jr.
Exercise—Children’s Day Our Day
...*. Primary Class
Recitation—Sunbeams Bright
•—.... Hallie Houts
Recitation—Our Blossom
. Dorothy Bailey
Recitation—Little Children
„ v.o'"*;;.Esther Sexsmith
Solo—Smile, Smile, Smile
_ .:.Charlene Houts
Recitation—What Summer Brings
_ -;•••••;... Frank Sumstine
Recitation—Told By Pansies
„. Myrtle Strong
Song—Sunlight of Love .Choir
Recitation—The Flags Story
_.;. Billy Worhley
Exercise—A True Story
„.Beginners' Class
Recitation—Something Sweet
.-. Bertha Strong
Song—Cheer Up—Alice Sexsmith and
Eugenia and Dorothy Luben.
Recitation—A Boy Like Me
.-. Harold Sexsmith
Recitation—Anchor Here
.-... Bob Bennett
Song—His Word Divine .Choir
Exercise—Three Golden Keys
.—... Three Girls
Recitation—My Clock. Fred Cole
Duet—Because He Loved Me So
.Edith and Velma Sexsmith
Recitation—An Example
.Ruth Murl Harris
Recitation—What Makes a Happy
Day .John Luben
Solo—The World Is Full of Sunshine
. Hallie Houts
Exercise—Blossoms of Joy
... Eula and Clara Cole
Song—The World Is Beautiful
.Primary Class
Exercise—A Motto For the Sunday
School Army ....Claude Bally and
Keith Abart.
Recitation—The Aviator.... Jim Houts
Recitation—A Good Place To Be
. Thelma Dellegge
Recitation . Margaret Dellegge
Selection—Where the Years Shall Be
Counted No More .... Mixed Quartet
Mrs. H. H. Lowry, Wm. Crawford,
Mrs. Earl Houts, Frank Murry.
Doxology . Congregation
Benediction .... Rev. S. G. Rasmusson
Program Committee—Mrs. W. M.
Crawford, Mrs. Earl Houts, Mrs.
Frank Murry.
Beautiful Table Cloth
With “The Happy
Family” Dinner Sets
The Table Cloth:
Made of Pebbled Oil Cloth. Beautiful Hand Art Pannel, Blue
Design, size 48x48. May be used round or square.
The Ware:
High Grade Porcelain Ware, Serviceable and Durable, Guaran
teed glaze, Artistic Plain Shape. IT SATISFIES AND MAKES
Your Choice of 3 Decorations:
The Famouns “BLUE BIRD.’ The Attractive “PERSIAN PAN
NEL.” The Artistic “GOLD FESTOON.” You must come in soon
and see them.
6 Cups, Nice Shape 1 Oval Open Dish, 9 inch
6 Saucers, To Match } Round Open Dish, 9 inch
G Plates, Dessert, 7 inch 1 Kter, 12 inch
C Plates, Dinner, 9 inch 1 Covered Sugar
6 Fruit or Vegetable Dish 1 Cream Pitcher
Priced to introduce you to the
One Table Cloth, Beautiful Design, FREE with
each Set
Bowen’s Racket Store
O’Neill, Nebraska
Drink More Milk
I have just installed a new milk cooler and air
ator. This cools the milk immediately after milking
making it keep sweet longer.
Deliveries night and morning.
Sanitary Dairy
Phone 84. F. H. Lancaster