The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, April 03, 1924, Image 3

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To Make War Monument
'J'ho commission for the erection of
n monument in the Argonne region
of France In memory of the Missouri
heroes who gave their lives in the
World war, has been awarded to Mr*
Nancy 0, Hahn of St. Louis.
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Directions ha sash package.—Adver
From Furrow to FootHghta
“My boy Jesh has gone an’ writ s
piece fur the *he-»y-ter,” said Farmer
“Turnin’ W« hack on the old farm?"
“Yep. Says he don’t see any sense
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rather be the hiss with the hokum."—
Washington Star.
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35 years I
I %urJr£
Senator Charges Ousting of
Daugherty Based on “Po
litical Expediency”
Universal Service Correspondent.
Chicago, March 30.—Charging that
the ousting of Attorney General
Daugherty was based on “political
expediency" and that President Cool
ldge will drag the republican party
down to defeat if he is nominated,
Senator Hiram Johnson, in Chicago
Sunday night, let go a double barrel
ed blast at the national administra
tion leaders.
"Mere breaking a single Individual,
sending a few men to Jail where they
belong, will not do what Is requisite,"
he said. “Behind the individuals
and the whole sordid mess is tha
•system,’ the old unholy alliance of
crooked big business and crooked
“It la this system, this alllanea, we
must smash. None can doubt what
candidacy the system and alliance
espouse. I am endeavoring. In the
republican primary, to smash the
one and defeat the other."
Just Begun to Fight
Fresh from hla last tour through
central Illinois, with all his fighting
clothes on and hla fists doubled np.
Senator Johnson told his Illinois
chiefs that he had Just begun to
fight, that his trip through the Da
kotas and Nebraska had convinced
hlin beyond the per adventure of a
doubt that the republican party will
be sunk beneath an av&lanehs of
votes if the president Is nominated
and that In his judgment the politl
eal tide is now flowing rapidly away
from the White House.
The senator predicted he would
sweep Illinois In the preferential pri
maries one week from Tuesday. But,
he added, regardless of what the pri
mary states may do In the next few
days, he is more firmly set than ever
for a finish fight against the ”»n
holy alliance” at Washington.
Elated by Dakota Victory
He left Sudnay night for a four
thly whirlwind swing across Michi
gan where the primaries will ba held
one week from Monday.
TAe senator was highly elated ever
the South Dakota result, although
(the margin was not very great. He
told the newspaper men that In all
his political campaigning he never
encountered such an avalanehe of
money and pressure from Job holders
as In South Dakota. Kven to the
most Insignificant cross roads poot
mnster, he said, the screws were ap
plied. Civil service was a by-word,
lie alleged.
“I have no Illusions.’’ the aoaator
added, after recounting his experi
ences with the “steam roller'’ Mid
the gumbo roads. “I know what a
terrific giant I am attacking. But so
long as 1 have the strength I shod
not desist In ray fight on this un
holy inVialble government and to tha
end that both country and party may
be saved.”
Text of Statement
The senator’s formal statement fal
“The manner of the diamlae*! of
Daugherty demonstrates that the ad
ministration Is actuated in the pres
ent crisis, cot by a desire to eleaa
up the nasty mesa at Washington, but
wholly by political expediency.
“Daugherty la declared, in affect,
by the provident to be free from taint,
and obviously hla dismissal waa a
yielding to pressure dictated by poli
tics. Denby’s resignation was of like
“If these men had done no wrong,
if the president did not believe in
‘lynching.’ if, as he once asserted,
they were entitled to trial and de
fense, then their dismissal, under the
circumstances, was unjust and un
“Many of us believed the situa
tion otherwise, but the president’s
position was at variance with ours,
and now political expediency rules.
“There can be no honest clean up,
no triumph of right or justification
of principles upon the sole theory of
the senatorial advisers jof the presi
dent, now accepted by him. of politi
cal expediency.
Voters Revere* Politicians
“Contributing to the result was the
South Dakota primary. Here iu the
proposal convention, ruled by politi
cians, Mr. Coolldge was overwhelm
ingly successful. For three months
the Interest press had boasted of Mr.
Coolidge’s strength and how he would
easily win.
“The contest was the first clean
cut fight. Hired oratora, national
figures, a cabinet officer, postofflee
inspectors. Indian agents, were im
ported into the state; full page ad
vertisements, all the machinery or
the government, was utilised with
unlimited sums of money.
“But while politicians Controlled a
convention by two to one for Mr.
Coolldge, people decisively defeated
"Immediately thereafter Mr. Cool
ldge’s mind changed iri regard to Mr.
“Mere breaking a single indi
Lord and Lady Astor Plan
Tour Through Palestine
Universal Service.
London, March 80.—Lord and Lady
Astor, accompanied t.., *>•.;!* chil
dren, will leave England Thursdij
tor an extended trip through Pales
tine They are spending tbs week
end at their home tn Plymouth pilot
to returning Monday to London,
where Ln.f'y Astor will spend most
of her r V.« in the house of common'*
tn.i.U the notate l of her depart ore
Chicago. March 30—A man and a
woman, both bystanders, were shot
down by bandits Saturday in two
hold upa In different parts of Chi
cago at about the same time.
Mrs. George Smith fell from a stray
shot during a revolver battle outside
the Boulevard State Savings bank,
while employes were battling si*
bands who robbed th e bank of
$6,000. The bandits escaped In a car.
Lawrence W, Sllverechlog chauf
feur for the Revere Electric company,
who walked Into the offices of Hub
bard and company, while an attempt
ed payroll robbory was In progress
was shot by the bandits, nngered
when they were unsuccessful In their
attempt to get $4,000.
vldual, sending a few men to Jail
where they belong, will not do what
Is requisite. Behind the individuals
and the whole sordid mess is the
system, the old unholy alliance of
crooked big business and crooked
politics. It is this system, this alli
ance, we must smash.”
League of Nations Proposal
Will Be Presented to
U. S. Soon
Universal Service.
Washington, March 80—-The pli
of tha League of Nations to per fact
a convention restricting international
traffic In arms which would meet
the approval of the United States,
will be considered here soon.
Joseph C. Orew, formerly United
States minister of Swttserland, will
outline the plan to Secretary of State
: Hughes when he arrives here next
month to assume hts new duties as
! under secretary of state.
Orew, acting as unofficial observer
for this government, attended tha
conference of the league’s subcom
mittee on arms which drew up the
plan. Whether the United States will
subscribe to the proposal will depend
largely on his recommendation, it was
The new plan la understood to oou
taln provisions designed to meet the
objections of this government to tha
treaty of St. Germain In which this
government refused to participate.
Secretary Hughes' nyinclpal objec
tion to the conveaitfbn of St. Oer
maia was that It prohibited signs
tcwp powers from selling arms or
ammunition to states not party to the
•eaventlon. On the other hand, traf
fi« in arms between signatory powers
was practically unrestricted.
■ ■ » ♦ «
$100,ClJ Dimples
Are Seen In N. Y.
L Kta? ctiAJ^om; nash [
Miss Charlotte Nash. the "Mias
St. Louts," who won second prize
In last year’s beauty contest In At
lantic City, has reached New York
on her spring shopping tour. Her
dimples, famous In beauty circles,
have been Insured -for $100,000
against any blemish before this
year's contest In Atlantic City, In
which she will again represent St.
Army Appropriation Bill
Is Passed by Lower Home
Washington, March 80.— (U. P.)—
The House Saturday passed the army
appropriation bill, carrying a total of
The bill authorizes an army of
I 125,000 men. Its present strength.
The total appropriated is $16,000,000
ie«s than last year and over $3,000,000
more than Iho budget estimate.
An amendment offered by Repre
sentative Moore, Virginia, democrat,
requesting the president to call a land
armament limitations conference, was
thrown out on a point of order.
Senate Oil Committee
To Rest Until Tuesday
Universal Bet vice
Waxhlngton, March 23.—The y«u
ate o.l committee wae to recess to
day until Tuesday, when It plans to
question William Boyce Thompson,
former chairman of the finance com
mittee of the republican national
committee, about liquidation of the
republican deficit Incurred In thy
132* campaign.
Pittsburgh District Hardest
Hit—Railroad Bridges
Washed Away
Universal 8ervice Correspondent
t’hlcaRO, March 30.--Floods men
aced the eastern part of the country
Sunday night while the west shivered.
The flood and cold followed In the
wake of the storm that swept from
west to rest across the country from
the Rocky mountains to the Atlantic
seaboard during the lust three days.
Report* from throughout the coun
try show approximately 30 lives were
lost. 850 Injured and millions of dol
lars damage suffered.
The Pittsburgh district of Pennsyl
vania was hard hit. according to
dunday night'* dispatches.
In the «Ity of Pittsburgh street.**
ware converted Into canals, and train
service was crippled. The steel mills
were compelled to close. All streams
In the Appalachian mountains are out
of their banks. In some districts the
flood carried away buildings. II was
feared lose of life would lx* Increased.
Trams Marooned
In the mountain districts of Mary
land and West Virginia, according to
dispatches from Cumberland, Mil.,
condition* were particularly bad. A
passenger train bound for Chicago
was marooned by washed out bridges.
It aarried more il.ttn 100 passenger*.
The Capitol Limited, cruck train of
th* Baltimore arid Ohio, which left
Chicago Per Washington at one
• Block Raturrtay afternoon, was
(taught by the flood and mulled for
nieay hour*
la CMeage snow fell for 24 hours
but a«ly *» Inch or two lav on tht*
greuad. Sunday night the tempera
tare *u below freezing
Farther t* the norths *st great
damage bad resulted from the hlix
y.*rvl. Telegraph and telephone com
Msaatmtis* wa« crippled over Wls
•on*ia, Mksaeaola, and parts of Ne
braska and Dakota.
Deaths Increased
Snaw drift* 1ft feet deep tied up
railroad traffic in Booth Dakota and
Id the ssuth vest where hurricanes
swept over tho country, conditions
ware wr.prsvsd Clout ing weather had
set ia.
lee In tbs Mississippi river was
breaking up. The water was ri»u>g
rapidly but reports indicated ice
gorges would not he serious.
The 28 deaths growing out of tho
storm, reported Saturday night )n
oreased by four drowning;; in the east
and three additional deaths by drown
ing as vet unconfirmed.
Washington, M %-eh 30.- Thousands
at automobilUts and hikers went out
for a sight of the turbulent, murky
Potomac which has risen seven feet Saturday, due to heavy rains
above and tho collapse of the dam
at Stony Klver, Md. The warm
weather brought out the biggest
erowd of sightseers of the year.
Gangs of men and boys worked all
day to save boats, boat houses, floats
and barges Above Washington
mostly at Georgetown, are located
numerous boathouses. Included are
the establishments which serve
Georgetown university canoeists, the
Corinthian Yacht club and others
Many boats have been sunk or swept
The current at Georgetown was
about 10 miles and hour. At noon
the. water was rising at the rule of
five Inches an hour, and this rise con
tinued until 4 o'clock, when the rise
diminished, and by 6 o’clock was at
the rate of two Inches an hour.
Several members of congress went
to the lower docks to see the flood.
If the water continues $o Dse through)
midnight, parts of Potomac park, near
the Lincoln memorial will be flooded.
Joseph B. Duryee, 33 year old, treas
ury department law clerk, was drown
ed In the Potomac flood. II* was try
ing to push driftwood away from a
v.harf when he lost his balance. In
the swift current lie was swept away
before any effort could be made ia
rescue him.
Universal Service
Washington, March 30.— An indict
ment against Harry IT. Sinclair,
charging contempt of the Senate is
expected to he returned Monday hy
the federal grand Jury, to whom was
prevented (he citation charging re
fusal to give testimony in the oil in
Col. ,f. W. Zevely, of counsel for
Sinclair, said that in the event an in
dictment la brought out hy the jury
against his client, Mr. Sinclair will
he notified and he will then como
it ere and present the necessary ball.
Colonel Zevely was not sure where
Mr. Sinclair is now, but presumed lie
is in New York/
Doctors Say La Foliette
Practically Out of Danger
Universal Service
Washington, March BO.—Senator
LaFotletta was reported by attend
ing physicians Sunday to have spent
the most comfortable day lie had bed
since the attack of pneumonia iast
Thursday. Ha rested well oil day
and was said to be practically out of
danger. His condition was greatly
improved by the change of weather
which brought the first teuuh of
New J
should be made'
artistic, sanitary
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These walls should be Alabastincd in the latest,
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Instead of kalsomine or wallpaper
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Alabastine it a dry powde., put up in five-pound package*, white and beau
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1 cam WATtn I
lions on caui
Alabastint ha* cross and circle printed in red.
Better write ui for hand-made color de
fiant and special «iage»tioni. Give us your decor
ative problem* and let ut help you work them out.
Alabastine Company
1633 GrandvUU Ave. Grand Rapids. Mich.
I lilt ONIY TOOill
Fur a Faacinate Women
From the earliest times furs have
had a remarkable fascination for
women. The women of ancient Greece,
Rome and Assyria all made lavish use
of fufs.
Largest Sato in the World
The largest saw In the world meas
uring 108 inches in circumference and
weighing 7t)fi pounds, has been In
stalled in a lumber mill at Hoqulam,
Will Your
Family Be Happy This Spring?
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Will Chevrolet Advance Prices?
Ten makes of automobiles have
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spite of increased costs of raa
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