The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, March 20, 1924, Image 1

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The Toggery
Will Cronin returned Saturday from
a short sojourn in Omaha.
James F. O'Donnell went down to
Omaha on business the first of the
C. P, Hancock returned Monday
of last week from a week’s* visit in
Miss Ida Chapman left Saturday
morning for Omaha for a visit with
her brother, Lawrence.
Petitions have been placed in circu
lation for Tom Brennan for council
man from the Second ward.
George Brandi, residing four miles
northeast of this city, moved to Hum
phrey, Nebraska, last Saturday.
A son was born Wednesday to Mr.
and Mrs. BIa*e Benson, who reside
seventeen miles northwest of O’Neill.
Miss Loretta Sullivan and Miss
Helen Donohoe returned Sunday even,
ing from a week end visit at Omaha.
Miss Demaris Stout went down to
Lincoln Saturday morning for a visit
with sorority sisters at the state uni
Mrs. Margaret Allen went to Mil
ford Saturday, also Pleasant Dale and
Havelock, Nebraska, to visit with her
R. J. McGinnis of the Northwestern
and former owner of the creamery
and light plant, was circulating among
O’Neill friends Saturday.
A petition has been circulated dur
ing the past week asking the city
council to submit the proposition of
voting municipal electric light bonds.
Con Keys returned last Wednesday
from Omaha, where be has been un
dergoing treatment at St. Catherine’s
hospital for some time. He is much
improved In health.
Petitions for the submission of a
bond issue for the erection of a muni
cipal electric lighting and power plant,
to be voted upon this spring, are in
circulation and a large number of
signers already have been secured.
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Losher, of Los
Angeles, California, arrived last
Thursday for a visit with Mr. Losh
er’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Losher. They made the trip overland
in their car in seventeen days, com
ing by the southern route.
Mr. Carl Oppen, of Creighton, di
vision manager of the Minnesota Elec
tric Distribution company, accom
panied by the company’s engineers, ar
rived in the city Monday evening for
the purpose of completing arrange
ments for the construction of a 16,
000 volt high line between this point
and Creighton. Construction is to
begin in the near future. The high
line will run between the two points
and the line from Inman will be built
north to connect with it. Mr. Oppen
on his arrival announced a reduction
in local rates, varying from 1 cent to
small users of current to four cents
for large consumers. Also a reduc
tion of the minimum charge from $1.88
to $1.60, as shown elsewhere in the
company’s advertisement in this issue.
Miss Amelia Boettcher came up
from Wayne Friday and spent the
week-end with her friend, Miss Nana
Some of the unregenerate of At
kinson are attempting to divert the
attention of O’Neill sportsmen from
crow shooting by the issuance of a
challenge for a blue rock shoot be
tween the* two towns. When the
O’Neill challenge for a team crow shoot
was issued last week it applied only
to shooters in the eastern half of Holt
county. However Captain E. O’Don
nell has extended the limits of the ter.
ritcry challenged to include Atkinson,
if any of the sports up there would
like to shoot crows. But until the
crow war, which lasts until April 30,
is over it is needless for Atkinson to
attempt to entice O’Neill into any
other kind of a contest. “After April
30,” says Captain O’Donnell, “if At
kinson still is in a sporty mood O’Neill
is not only willing, but anxious to meet
them in a blue rock shoot, mah jong,
pinnochle, solo, golf or any other con
test of skill at which the Atkinson
men consider themselves most profi
cient, and for any sized purse desired
by Atkinson, with the sky the limit.
Until April 30, however, the slogan is
'Get That Crow’.”
Academy Team For Northeast Ne
braska Declamatory Contest At
Clearwater Next Friday Selected.
Miss Geraldine Cronin was the win
ner-in the oratorical division, Miss
Joyce Kent in the dramatic division
and Miss Mildred Timlin in the humor
ous division of the declamatory con
test at St. Mary's academy last Friday
and will attend the Northeast) Nebr.
disrict declamatory contest to be held
at Clearwater, at which a team to rep
resent the district in the state con
test will be selected. Following is the
program rendered at St. Mary’s Fri
day evening:
Gettysburg Address—Abraham Lin.
coin—Geraldine Cronin.
The House With Nobody In It—
Joyce Kilmer—Joyce Kent.
Home — Edgar Guest — Eileen
Dave Lily—Joyce Kilmer—Helen
A Pleasant Half Hour On the Beach
—Helen Ryan.
The Debutante Plays Bridge—Mir
iam Golden.
Penrod—Elsie Petsel.
How Gentlemen Are Made—Mildred
Inmates of the Nebraska state peni
tentiary have presented Walter Sim
mons $225 with which to help defray
expenses to hunt evidence in his ef
fort to clear himself of a murder
Simmons is sentenced to die in the
electric chair on May 23 for the mur
der of Frank Pahl of Spencer. Sim
mons continues to plead his innocence
and says new evidence will be pre
sented to the circuit court of appeals.
The 225 given to Simmons was ac
companied by the following note:
“Feeling as we do as to your in
nocence, we consider it our place to
help you in the only way we are able.
Enclosed you will find $225 to help
you in proving what we think is the
truth. Our best wishes for you are
included and our motto is “Help the
man that is down.”
E. H. Whelan, formerly of O'Neill,
and now resident of San Diego, Calif
ornia, had a narrow escape Sunday,
March 9th, from catching a big bass.
He already had the big fish landed and
in the boat, but it jumped out of a
I water can and got away. Following
1 is a communication from Mr. Whelan
to M. H. Horiskey, relating the de
tails of the sad event:
438-9 McNeece Bldg, San Diego, Calif.
Dear Mike: I was bass fishing last
Sunday at Sweetwater Lake, ten miles
from here. Caught only four, as they
weren’t striking bassareno very well.
Fellows that used minnows (alive)
did better. Funny thing happened.
The biggest one (no fooling) jumped
out of a water can three-fourths full
of water and over the side of the boat
which was eight inches higher than the
top of the can and escaped, the very
first try! Wisest bass I ever saw. Of
course he doesn’t compare with Frank
Barret's “Scar-Faced Billy," who, you
can tell Peters (or Shack) made the
first page of the San IMego Sun.
(newspaper.) Am interested in Sdar
Faced Billy, because 1 knew his father,
viz., Jim Davis’ “Billy the Trout." “I
haint seen Billy today."
Wish you and Griffin were out here.
Sweetwater Lakp is as large as Lake
Andes. Mrs. W. and all the family
send best regards.
- ' * '.
To Our
C to ers & Friends
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March 24 and 31
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March 27
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March 26
We will sell Men’s Shirts, both Dress and Wo rk at 20% Discount.
March 21 and 28
We will sell all Underwear both Mens’ and Women’s at 20% Discount.
March 35
We will sell Ladies’ Coats and Dresses, Sweaters for Ladies and Men, Leather Vests and Coats
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