The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, March 13, 1924, Image 4

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    1924 Durant and Star Models
||||||(|||||,||W|||||||pw|(|m,[irfMinil|-iflTrwrril|r iail|ll| | , .. !>■ i.m nr?. . r
A new addition to the Star line of closed models.
This new model has two doors, one on each side,
exceptionally wide, permitting easy entrance to the
very attractive interior.
In the Star Coupe the arrangement has been
refined to such a degree as to eliminate all the little
inconveniences which heretofore have been the only
objection to this kind of a car.
Star cars are now the lowest priced standard
fully equipped cars on the market. Stop and think.
Can you name any car on the market near the Star
price that has—
A Red Seal Continental Motor.
A Dry Disc Clutch.
Floating Rear Axlej
Timken Bearings. •
Positive Oil and Water Pump
Stewart Speedometer and Vacuum System.
Gas Tank in Rear.
Spicer Universal Joints.
Warner Transmission and Steering Gear.
These mentioned units are found in such cars as
the Packard and Cadallac, as well as on the Star.
There are many minds and there are many au
tomobiles of many characters—a piece of machinery,
like man, has character. Each thing made repre
sents the ideas—honesty and purpose of those mak
ing the article.
Durant and Star Cars represent a high purpose
in conception and execution.
The Star Sedan has all the power and the refine
ment of the high priced cars and with its low under
slung springs gives you all the pleasure and comfort
that are experienced in cars costing twice as much.
Just a Real Good Car. Cars That All Can Own.
We have given our customers the Best Service
Possible in the sale of cars. We always take a per
sonal interest in their automobiles.
Call around to our garage. We will gladly
show you 1924 Star Tourings at $490.00 f.o.b.factory
and the rest of our cars are priced accordingly.
Arthur G. Wyant
O’Neill, Nebr.
The Durant car is not well known in this vicinity,
but they are giving perfect satisfaction every where
that they are in operation.
Durant owners in nearby towns have driven
their cars nearly 30,000 miles and their appearance
and operation would indicate that they are good for
100,000 miles more.
Ask any owner!
An O’Neill car owner who recently bought a new
Star car said he not only wanted the best performing,
but the best looking and most economical car on the
market—that’s why he bought the new Star Special
Touring Car.
To appreciate this car you must see one.
The Frontier
D. H. CR0NIN, Publi8her.
Editor and Buisnesa Manager.
Entered at the post office at O’Neill,
Nebraska, as second-class matter.
Display advertising on Pages 4, 5
and 8 are charged for on a basis of
25 cents an inch (one column wide)
per week; on Page 1 the charge is
40 cents an inch per week. Local ad
vertisments, 10 cents per line first
insertion, subsequent insertions 6
cents per line.
Every subscription is regarded as
an open account. The names of sub
scribers will be instantly removed
from our mailing list at expiration of
time paid for, if publisher shall be
notified; otherwise the subscription
remains in force at the designated
subscription price. Every subscriber
must understand that these conditions
are made a part of the contract be
tween publisher and subscriber.
t u\
Invariably correct in styling and
high in quality. Fisk Hats are
favored everywhere by discriminat
ing buyers of milinery.
We have a display of the latest
Spring models now ready for your
Holt county filings for the primary
include: Judge Robert R. Dickson, of
O Neill, and J. H. Berryman, of Bas
sett, for judge of the Fifteenth judi
cial district.
County Judge—C. J. Malone, of
0 Neill and S. E. Kelley, of Atkinson.
Clerk of the District Court—Ira H.
Moss, O’Neill, republican.
County Assessor—L. W. Arnold
and John J. Melvin, both of O’Neill,
Senator, Twenty-second District—
Ross Amspoker, of Sprngview and W.
E. Philley, of Ewing, republicans;
John A. Robertson, of Joy, democrat.
Representative, Sixty-fourth Dist
rict—J. M. Hunter, O’Neill: Lloyd G.
Gillespie, O’Neill; M{rs. Rachael E.
McCauley, Atkinson, republicans;
Frank Harrington, O’Neill, democrat.
Supervisor, Second District—L. C.
McKim, Opportunity; Fourth District,
L. E. Skidmore, Ewing; Sixth Dist
rict, C. B. Nellis, Atkinson. All are
Bonnie Jean Arline, little daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Dougherty
of this city, died Wednesday evening,
March 12, 1924, at the home of her
parents, after an illness of pneumonia
followed by an attack of measles. She
was four and one5half years of ago.
The funeral will be Friday afternoon
at 2 o’clock from the Methodist church,
the Reverend J. A. Hutchins officiat
ing. Burial will be in Prospect Hill
George Lawrence, of Emmet, one of
the early settlers of Nebraska and for
twenty-one years a resident of Holt
county, died at his home in Emmet
Sunday, March 9th, aged 86 years and
24 days. He was born at Magor, Eng
land, February 15, 1838. Mr. Law
rence is survived by his wife and ten
children. He was a veteran of the
civil war and also possessed of an
enviable record as a member of the
Nebraska Volunteers, organized at the
close of the civil war to fight Indians,
and with that organization engaged
in warfare with the Indians over what
is now Holt county as early as 1865,
at which time an Indian engagement
was fought on the Elkhom river be
tweeri the present sites of O’Neill and
Emmet. Mr. Lawrence, who came to
Holt county from Columbus. Nebraska,1
had been a resident of Nebraska for
sixty-four years. The funeral was
held Wednesday from the Methodist
church at Emmet, the Reverend Ras
mussen officiating and burial was in
Prospect Hill cemetery this city.
Royal Theatre
" “HOME "of *GOOd"pICTURES” "
A master story teller tears aside
the veil of secrecy that surrounds the
life of a screen star. With 35 Stars.
All the stars you’ve heard about.
Don’t miss it.
Comedy, Friday
Saturday, Comedy, Fables and
“The Way of a Man”
With Lewis Stone, Cleo Madison.
Edith Roberts, Ruth Clifford, Myrtle j
Stedman and James Morrison. The
biggest, boldest thing John M. Stahl,
ever made. Because it isn’t afraid to
be honest. It makes thousands honest j
in their tears and smiles! A picture
full of thrills, horse racing and auto
racing. Try and be in your seats
early, it’s too big to be spoiled by]
coming in late.
Comedy and News Reel
With Jack Mulhall, Alice Lake,
Kate Lester and Vera Lewis.
Yale’s Chronicles of America.
Listed by all critics as one of the
best pictures of 1923. Featuring
Clara Bow, Raymond McKeenad, Mar
kuerite Courtot.
The Supreme Thrill of Motion Pic-;
ture History!
A frail boat and its six occupants
towed at express-train speed toward
three thousand miles of open water,1
through a sea'lashed into foam by a
maddened whale.
A sudden turn; a shout, “Look out,
he’s heading for us!” The oars are
splintered along one side of the whale
boat; before the startled crew can
back-water, the monster of the deep is
upon them!
A flip of its death-dealing “flukes,”
and both craft and its occupants are
tossed high in the air. The boat falls
back into the sea a battered wreck, its
crew floundering about in shark-in
fested wathers.
Such is the climax of the most as
tounding piece of realism ever photo
graphed—a motion picture made in the
hi ad reaches of mid-Atlantic, with a
!)0-ton sperm whale as the principal
actor, and the hand of chance direct- i
ing as fierce a battle between man and;
mammel as the long history of whal
ing has ever known.
See it and you will agree that it is
V i
the most astounding sensation of the
- Coming -
“Slaves of Desire.”
“Drivin’ Fool.”
“Ragged Edge.”
“Going Up”
“literary" entertAinment.
Miss Katherine A. Henncssy of Al
bany, N. Y., will give a literary en
tertainment at St. Mary's Academy on
Tuesday, March 25th, at 8 p. m. Miss
Hennessy is widely known as a
lecturer of marked ability, whose
pleasing personality, ease of manner
and attractive presentation never fail
to imprss her hearers.
_Drink More Milk
Children need all the milk they can drink.
Our dairy herd is all T. B. tested.
We deliver every day.
Sanitary Dairy
Phone 84. F. H. Lancaster
New Dod£e Deader
-' -**** iimhumm
I have discontinued handling the Chevrolet cars in O’Neill and have taken over the
Dodge agency. I would be pleased to show you the Dodge line of ears.
Call at the Dodge headquarters in the building formerly accupied by me.
J. M. Seybold
O’Neill, Neb.