The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, December 13, 1923, Image 9

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Run Out of Chalk.
“Oh!” exclaimed Brown, meeting his
dairyman at the railway station. “Got
a box of chalk under your arm,
- haven’t you? Taking it to the dairy,
eh? Now, will you be kind enough to
tell me what you do with It?”
“Certainly,” replied the dairyman.
“Your wife tells my man to chalk it
down so often that he has run out of
crayons, and I’m laying in a fresh
supply. If you’ll come to the farm I’ll
show you your account on the side
of the cow barn.”
Harmless Laxative for a Bilious,
Constipated Baby or Child.
Constipated, bil
ious, feverish, or
sick, colic Babies
and Children love
to take genuine
“California Fig
Syrup.” No other
laxative regulates i
the tender little
bowels so nicely.
It sweetens the
stomach and
starts tne nver ana Doweis acting wu. 11
out griping. Contains no narcotics or
soothing drugs. Say “California” to
your druggist and avoid counterfeits!
Insist upon genuine “California Fig
Syrup” which contains directions.—
Argument for Industry.
Old Hen—I’ll give you a piece of 1
good advice.
Young Hen—What Is It?
Old Hen—An egg a day keeps the
butcher away!—Progressive Grocer.
' .. ''
Tho Cutloura Toilet Trio.
Having cleared your skin keep it clear
by making Cuticura your everyday
toilet preparations. The Soap to cleanse
nnd purify, the Ointment to soothe and
heal, the Talcum to powder and per
fume. No toilet table Is complete
without them.—Advertisement.
Popularity Is more^ than a reward
for not displeasing people than for
pleasing them.
There Is no grief which time does
not lessen and soften.
Sure Relief
Hot water
Sure Relief
Radio Set. Complete. *«—1,600-mlle ranee.
Order your eet today; ask for agency proposi
tion; you can make rood money. Mitchell
Radio, 1203 W. Lake St., Minneapolis, Minn.
SIOUX CITY PTG. CO., NO. 50-1923.
“Forecast” of President’*
Speech Sent Out Before
Official Release
Universal Service Correspondent i
Washington, Dec. 3.—President
Coolidge's future message to con*
gress and official utterances will be^
most guarded and secret until he
actually begins to talk, the White
House let it be known Sunday.
This is the result of a situation
that gives promise to developing into
a scandal, in no way reflecting upon
the president, but upon those in
whom he reposed confidence.
On Thanksgiving day, November
29, the president’s message to con
gress, delivered on December 6, was
distributed in booklet form to be
held for publication until he should
begin to speak to the joiht session
of congress. A reason for doing this
was that it could be sent to news
paper offices by mail and save tele
graph tolls ns well'as congestion of
the wires.
“Forecast” Sent Out
The following day the leading
brokerage houses In Washington sent
out over their ticker tapes what was
“said by experts to be a forecast of
what the president would say." It
was not only absolutely accurate, but
private telegrams assured investors
It was copied from the text. Tile
next day, November 30, and not when
the president went before congress,
the stock market reacted very ma
terially , This was noted particularly
in the railroad securities.
This, however, is just the begin
ning, the White House indicates. The
message was distributed liberally to
persona who are politically oppfVea
to the president. One reason why
his message is said to have caused
so little excitement In congress Is
that there were few men on the floor
Who had not been acquainted witn
its context, or read it In full. Thai
portion of It was expected to excite
applause merely brought forth a
knowing nod between members as
one who would observe, ‘“I told you
Newspapers Not Blamed
The newspapers kept the faith, the
White House la sure, but there is
another element about which there
is not so much certainty. It is the
financial journals, the representa
tives of various industries and stock
markets whose publications are read
on stock markets or in exclusive
circles of the stock speculator.
Representatives of these interests,
unlike dally newspapers, seeking the
hones purpose of distributing the
news, obtained copies at the same
time. They went, of course, into the
hands of persons most vitally Inter
ested in what the president would
say and more directly Into the hands
of market manipulators, the White
House let it be known.
The White House Itself was unduly
liberal, reposing confidence In those
who called upon the president. But
among those were several persons or
high industrial status, who, although
denying having talked over matters
of importance with the president,
were seen to have one of the coveted
booklets in their hand or pocket.
The president. It Is learned, wished
to discuss with many of his callers
the provisions In his wlrtten word
and obtain their reactions, a result
that could only be obtained after
"mature consideration,” which re
quired the possession of the docu>
Brownings Freed of
Confessed Murder
Salt Lake, Utah, Dec. 8.—The
shadow of punishment for first de
gree murder which for the last nine
monthB has been hanging over the
heads of John Browning, son of John
M. Browning, famous firearms in
ventor and Marriner A. Browning,
the inventor’s nephew was lifted
Friday night when after but, one
hour and 20 minutes deliberation
the Jury returned a verdict of not
guilty. Only one ballot was taken.
The Browning cousins were tried
on a first degree murder charge for
the slaying of Benjamin F. Ballan
tyne, husband of John Browning’s
sister, last April 9. The actual slay
ing was done by Marriner A. Brown
ing, according to the defense brought
out in the trial. Marriner fired the
fatal shot to prevent Ballantyne
from keeping hi* oath to kill John
Browning, the defense maintained.
New York, Dec. 6.—Rellglout
"modernism” as opposed to "funda
mentalism” will be publicly debated
soon, it was announced last night
when Dr. John Roach Straton, pas
tor of Calvery Baptist church where
fundamentalists are holding a ser
ies of meetings, accepted the public
challenge of Rev. Charles F. Potter,
pastor of the West Side Unitarian
New York, Dec. 8.—Cotton broke $4
a bale in the market today upon pub
lication of the government's ginning
Naponee, Neb., Dec. 8.—Mrs.
Margaret Stover, 80 years old, died
here late yesterday from burrs re
ceived when her clothing caught
fire from a bonfire. Mrs. Stover
lived alone. Neighbors heard her
screams but were unable to save
her from the flames.
Says Poor Colors
Cause Divorces
Ht rf Afina*
“Over half the divorces In the
United States are caused by inhar
monious color combinations in 'the
dining room,1’ declared Miss Agnes
McKenna, nationally known art ex
pert, of Chicago,- speaKJng at a fur
niture convention in San Francisco.
Miss McKenna has made a life study
of colors and their effects on per
sonalities. She says It is her ambition
to untwist the rainbow and bring
down color in harmonious combing
tionst so that every home will have
a perfect setting.
Democrats Will Attempt to
Force Election of Presi
dent Pro Tem
Universal Service
Washington, Dec. 9.—The fight of
the democrats to test the right of
Senator Cummins, Iowa, to continue
as president pro tem of the senate
and at the same time retain the
chairmanship of the important In
terstate Commerce committee is due
to break Monday.
Senator Robinson, democratic floor
- leader, is expected to move, when the
senate reconvenes at noon, that the
body proceed to the election of a
president pro tem. Senator' Lodge,
republican, it is lhdicated, will im
meditely move to lay the Robinson
motion on the table. A vote on this
motion will be the first test of
The democrats cannot hope to force
an election unless they have the sup
port of the two farmer-labor senators.
Magnus Johnson and Shipstead, and
enough of the LaFoyette group of in
surgent republicans to override the
regular republican majority.
Whatever the outcome, however,
the democrats by this move will have
forced the republicans to establish a
precedent to govern future situations
like that now existing. It will settle
the right of the president pro tem not
only to succeed to the presiding of
fice of the senate upon the advance
ment of a vice president to the presi
dency, or In case of the death of a
vice president, but will settle the
Question of his right to the $12,009
vice presidential salary and use of the
vice presidential automobile and his
authority to designate a presiding of
ficer of the senate in his absence. The
democrats contend that without an
election at this time the president
pro tem Is without authority to des
ignate any one to sit in his place.
The democrats also will force a
decision on the president pro terns to
serve as a committee chairman or
hold a committee, assignment while
serving as the president of the senate
Universal Service.
Muskegon, Mich., Dec. 16.—Finding
of the bodies of Harry B. Proctor, a
real estate dealer of Grand Ilaxen.
and Edna Fullager, 14 year-old
school girl, In a bayou near Spring
Lake, late Saturday ends a nation
wide search which has lasted since
they dlssappeared together last Oct
ober SO.
Circumstance indicate that the
girl was unable to atop the car In
which they were riding as it ap
proached the street end at the docks.
Proctor leaves a widow and two
Former Iowa Newspaper
Man Dies in Horneli, N. Y.
Cedar Rapids, la., Dec. 9.—(Special)
—Frederick Benseinger, w’ho estab
lished a society newspaper here
several years ago and who was con
nected with newspapers at Omaha.
Lincoln, and Des Moines, is dead at
Horneli, N. Y., according word re
ceived here. Mr. Benseinger also
worked on newspapers in Chicago
and tfew York. He was born In 1885
Don Moore Honored by
International Fair Men
Chicago, Dec. 8.—The International
Association of Fairs and Expositions
Friday at the closing session of it <
33rd annual meeting elected Tihonia*
H. Canfield, of Harnline. M«nn., pri
Ident. Don V. Moore, of Bioux C.
Ia„ was elected secretar
George Harvey to Have
\ctive Management of
Race for President
Universal Service
Washington. Dec. 9.—President
Coolidge’s candidacy for the presi
dential nomination .was formally
launched Sunday afternoon.
The announcement was made In the
form of an official statement from
Coolldge managers that William M.
Butler, national committeeman front,
Massachusetts, will be the president’^
“personal representative" and will ap
point assistants In other states.
Preceding the announcement, there
was a conference at the White House
In which Mr. Butler, Frank W.
Stearns, George Harvey and James
B Reynolds, who was Coolldge’s man
ager in 1920, participated.
While the public was barred from
the conference, It is understood that
the president's friends succeeded in
convincing him that he should not
delay longer In announcing himself
as a candidate for the nomination.
Brief Announcement.
The only announcement made was
In a brief typewritten statement,
which was given out by Reynolds. It
was as follows:
“In answer to a question, Frank W.
Stearns stated that the friends of
President Coolldge are organizing
under the guidance , of William M.
Butler, tho Massachusetts member of
the national comniitteo and a friend
of Mr. Coolidge of many years stand
ing, who will act as tho president's
personal representative.
"As ho perfects the organization he
will, from time to time, make known
those who, in various parts of tho
country, who will co-operate with
him In the organization.”
It is understood that white the
president will have Mr. Butler as his
personal representative in the cam
paign, the active management will be
entrusted to George Harvey,
President Silent.
It was characteristic of the presi
dent that he refrained from making
any personal comment on the confer
ence. The president has maintained
from the start that he would trust
the selection of the nominee entirely
to his friends, that he would not "cam
paign” for the place, nor make
speeches in support of his own can
didacy. It was In accordance with
this understanding that ho permitted
Reynolds to speak for him In making
the formal announcement that he Is
in the race.
Ever since Senator Johnson an
nounced his candidacy, supporter* of
the president have been urging him to
come out with a statement that
would show he Intends to seek the
nomination and at the same time give
sonic encouragement to those who
would like to get Into the fight for
Platform Announced.
The president refused steadfastly
to discuss the matter at all until his
message to congress had been deliver
ed. When the South Dakota proposal
convention gave him an endorsement
for tho nomination White House
statements indicated that the presi
dent was pleased with the endorse
ment and would make an announce
ment not only accepting It, but giving
notice to the country at large that
he Is in the race for the nominalon.
The message delivered by the presi
dent to congress last Thursday is
generally regarded as the platform of
policies upon which he will stand in
his campaign. Ratification of the
World Court proposal, adoption of
the Mellon tax reduction plan and
defeat of the soldier bonus were the
principal issues adopted by the presi
dent In the message.
Senator Johnson will make his cam
paign ol' opposition to the country on
the Issue of rejection of the World
Court, adoption of the bonus and tax
Iowa and S. Dakota Stock
Are Among Prize Winners
Chicago, Dec. 8.—With judging
completed in the cattle divisions,
activi^es during the closing days of
the International Livestock show
were devoted to horses and ponies.
Thousands of children took advan
tage of free admission today.
Miss "Gentle, of L. F., owned by the
Lincoln ranches of Aberdeen, S. D..
was named grand champion Gallo
way, cow. The champion boar was
exhibited by Taylor and Taylor of
What Cheer, Iowa.
H. F. Davidson Menlo. la., annexed
all prizes in the Yorkshire division
of the swins department. The best
exhibit of Corriedale sheep was that
of King Brothers of Laramie, Wyo.
Washington, Dec. 8.—Consolidation
of railroads as proposed by present
statutes but with measures to ex
pedlte the process which do not exist
at present, is urged in the forthcom
ing annual report of Secretary Hoov
— ».■*>■» — --
German People Pleased
With British Elections
Universal Service
Beviin, Dec. 7.—The results of the
English election dominates the (itten
tion of the German pr>'ss and govern
ment circles. Both agree that th»
apparent defeat of Baldwin and th<
vlotorjf of Lloyd George is of th<
greatest Consequence in detern.inin
the fate of Europe and will prohnb'
result in the inauguration of a nr
SAY “BAYER” when you buy-^w^ie
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Aspirin to the trade mark of Barer Manufacture of MouoaeeUcactdester of Salic?llcacld
Largest Sandstone Quarry.
The world's largest sandstone quar
ries are located in Ohio, u few miles
to the south of Lake Erie, in the vi
cinity of the towns of North Amherst
and Berea. From these quarries come
also vast quantities of whetstones and
grindstones and there is much that is
of interest with respect to the industry.
One of the quarries has been mined
to a depth of 105 feet in places and
the distance around It is a mile
and a half Looking Jnlo this pit
from one edge, one is reminded of the
ruins of the Coliseum, for the walls
are cut in shallow terraces, which are
not unlike the seats of the open-air
theater of the ancients. In cutting a
block of standalone wedges are driven
in sideways at the base of the block,
while steam drills bore holes from the
top to meet the openings made by the
wedges. A machine called a clutn
neler cuts the block away.
You may not get nil that is coining
to you in tlds world- but look out for
tlve next.
When some people attempt to show
their knowledge they display their
American Popcorn in Spain.
Old Spanish customs and tastes are
succumbing to the assaults of Yankee
salesmen. Flivvers have unhorsed the
caballero and the rattling through
Seville and over the highest peaks of
the Pyrenees. The Castiillan now sits
down to a breakfast of American corn
flukes, and soon people at the street
corners of ^punish cities and the
crowded throngs at the hull fights will
be treated to popcorn. That is, if the
plans of n prominent business man in
Vigo succeeds. He has Jus' received an
American popcorn vending machine,
without doubt the first one to lx* seen
in Spain, says Consul Henry T. Wilcox.
The'machine arrived without any pop
corn, which Is unknown in Spain, and
the merchant now wants to buy a email
trial order of corn with which to start
Value of Experience.
Mother—Are you really sujp that
you love him?
Daughter—Don’t he so naive, moth
er. When n girl has had the experience
of three engagements, as I have, she
should know the symptoms.—Boston
Children Cry for “Castoria”
A Harmless Substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
and Soothing Syrups — No Narcotics!
Mother! Fletcher’s Castorla has
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Flatulency, Wind Colic and Diarrhea;
allaying Feverishness arising there
from, and, by regulating the Stomach
and Bowels, aids the assimilation of
Food; giving natural sleep without
opiates. The genuine bears signature oi
-- m0 - — —■—- - -
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Your doctor advises
internal cleanliness
HE will tell you that the first results of consti
pation-headache, sleepless nights, bilious
ness, backache, etc.—warn that the body is flooded
with intestinal poisons. In time, these poisons
may cause the breakdown of health and lead to
serious disease. In constipation, say intestinal —
specialists, lies the primary cause of more than VS
three-quarters of all illness including the gravest
diseases of life. A
Hence, doctor# urge internal cleanliness—
regular and thorough removal of food
waste from the body.
Laxatives Aggravate Constipation
Laxatives and cathartics do not overcome
constipation, says a noted authority, but by
their continued use tend only to aggravate
‘Keep Clean Ineidm"
Say Phytidani.
the condition and often lead to permanent mjuty.
Why Physicians Favor Lubrication
Medical science, through knowledge of the intesti
nal tract gained by X-ray observation, has found at
last in lubrieatbn a means of overcoming constipa
tion. The gentle lubricant, Nujol, penetrates and
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ternal cleanliness.
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Disordered Stomach
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