The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, September 18, 1919, Image 3

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    Sac?' Given Out?
Houbewc.'k is too hard for a woman
who is half sick, nervous and always
tired, but it keeps piling up. and gives
weak kidneys no turn* to recover. If
’/our back is lame and achy and your
Kidneys irregular; if you nave “blue
spells,” sick headaches, nervousness,
dizziness and rheumatic pains, use
Doan's Kidney Pills. They have done
wi nders for thousands of worn out
A South Dakota Case
Mr*. Matt ltenle, .
fit:: Nesmith Ave.,
Sioux Falls, 6. D.,
Ruye: “I had lum
bago and suffered
with tf ull pains In
the small of tny back
uini in my loins. I
had frequent head-.
It aches and was hotli
ore<3 w 1th dizzy
.spH's I didn’t fee)
3blc to do tny W’ork
and at times could
hardly keep going. 1
often bad to stop
t»r.4i re: i. I used
r>f> '.rv’s Kidney lalli __„
and they tvero just what I needed. I
feu#)** free front the aches and
pains in my bai'k and my- I^iane’ye
were in fine shape."
Get Doan’s at Any Store, 60c a Box
- - — --
Made to your order without extra
charge. With jour first order we
giro you a 60.00 pair of gauntlet
gloves Betul us your hides, wo
guarantee all work.
1629 S. E. Fifth St., NlmuyaUs, mnn,
• ------ - -
Skin Tortured
IPrm Babies Sleep
[ A!' •Jnatf jiflta; Scop 'iS. Ointment 25and BO, TideunaSB,
|&m:pir each free of *'Cuttc*?a, D#pt. E, Patton.’’
Means Pler&ty ILggs
and Healthy CHicKs
GIB KENTUCKY MI G. CO .Ioc, P»du«J>. Kg.
Spectator at Moving Picture Show
Saw Trouble Ahead and Didn't
Want to Witness It.
"I saw you at the moving picture
/ show hut evening,” sulci the fut
plumber, ■•tint when I looked tor you
3i little •later T missed you.”
"Yes. 1 got up und went home.”
""When was tlmf?”
”1 left when (he villain began to lay
w snare for the wife of the man who
had to stay at his office on account
•of business.”
“Did yon see any more of the pie
tn re?” »
"And you left, at the most interest
ing part?”
“1 knew if tilings kept on as they
vverc headed there would be a fuss
pretty soon between the. two men. or
between the1 man and his wife, and
I made up my mind I wouldn’t be
i u...-ted up in anybody’s domestic
Have to Piece Out the Truth.
You can draw your own conclusion
Trout the fact that there isn’t enough
Truth in existence to keep tongues of
gossip constantly wagging.
The Poor Birds Fed Him.
"What tie you know of Elijah?"
"He went on a cruise with a
Mr. Gloom Seems to Hs.'e Definite
Opinion of Deniren3 of Certain
Karras City Locality.
"If I were a scnsnftmral preacher.
‘ and wanted mure notoriety than I was
1 getting." y t’rille grimly slid .1. Fuller
i Gloom. "I would not waste my time
infesting hox’ng matches, rewdydotv
dunces and the like. Instead, I would
i array uiyself in a guileless count on*
j ance and n set of false neck whiskers.
lit my rigid hand I would wear a unite
• of weeping willow with a hook on one
( end and a thimble on the other. With
i my left hand I would clutch by the
; ears such a gripsack as vva seldom see
jin real life. of course, I would wear
’ other and equally appropriate gnr
atents. And tints arrayed I would ram
: Me around In the vicinity of tin* yni
i mi stfttlou, a ad let I he dFuizens of
'■ that locality play with me. I fancy
] that hi a short spoil 1 would gecyniu
f Vate* more novel experiences than I
j could otherwise acquire in a year's
: time.”— Kansas City Star.
! __
Had a Reason.
“I stopped in at the drug store to
! buy ti cigar." said a College avenue
! man. "Behind me rushed In a lad
i about live years old. Bight up to the
j clerk he went, .veiling' ‘Mister, you
gave me a penny too much change a
while ago!’
"The clerk looked at him a minute
and said: ‘That’s your good luck, and
for being honest enough to tel! me, you
may keep tin1 penny.’
"The lad still had a troubled look
on his face and soon explained it by
saying: ‘But I bought a penny balloon
with it and I wanted to know If you
w^ould take il hack. They are selling
larger ones down at tile next drug
store for a penny.’”—Indianapolis
Always Have the "Dough."
Ways of the llopi Indians of north
ern New Mexico, their food and re
I iigious customs, was the subject of an
i address in Kansas City. Mo., the other
i night by Miss Ethel Byan, for years
a Baptist missionary on Hie Hop!
i reservation.
"The Hop! women delight in decornt
1 ing their shoes with 10-cent pieces,"
I Miss Myall said. "The shoes, which
resemble moccasins, often have as
j many as five dimes on each.
! “They have a way of sewing quar
ters to their dresses and using them
as buttons. When they go to market
j and find themselves short of money
i they simply cut off a button.”
| And they’re never broke! Glory be!
“Amen" All Alone.
I have sung soprano for years in a
church choir. One Sunday morning,
while in a service, the minister an
nounced a hymn, which was on the
bottom of I he page, the third verse
being on the opposite page, at the top.
At the end of the second verse (not
seeing, the third verse)- f sang “Amen !”
all alone. Every cue, even the min
ister laughed, the orguuist went on
pTaying the third verse. When time to
sing the amen I let the rest of ilie
choir sing amen. People were still
laughing, and it was the most embar
rassing moment in my life.—Chicago
Good Advice.
A school teacher was visiting the
boy scout camp at Kinueuiunpooee a
few weeks back. The boys were feed
ing her with blackberries and In every
way trying to make her enjoy her vis
it. One little fellow, more interested
Ilian the others, gave her the follow
ing advice: ‘And, say, while you’re
here you want to get good and tanned.
You won’t have to wash your neck and
ears then, for the dirt doesn't show.”
—Indianapolis News.
Peanuts in Mesopotamia.
Successful experiments in growing
peanuts have been conducted in Meso
potamia by Englishmen.
I At the Beginning |
I and the End j
ip1 i
Iof the Day |
Tnere?s health and comfort
-in the truly All-American |
table beverage— |
THe Original 1
Postom Cereal I
Bid your coffee troubles
good-bye by joining the
gr^at army who cow drink
Postum instead of coffee.
Two usually stf.d at 15c and 25c. |
Everywhere at Grocers. I -
^aaeBBu: asaaBBESBBraaa^EgBBnrTO^iHBB^BMrgsiBa
444 + 44444 4 44444444*
+ +
4 4
4 From the Christian Science Monitor. 4
4 Somebody lues. been rending 4
4- Wordsworth's "Peter Bell/’ and 4
4 has made the delightful discovery ♦
4 that the English poet, away back 4
4 in 179S, antic 5; atod CotnrnunUer ♦
4 Read’s fiight across the Atlantic 4
4 aboard tin* MM. 4
4 There's something in a flying X
horse, +
4 wrote Wordsworth, +
4 +
4 There's something in a huge 4
4 balloon: • +
4- But through the clouds ill 4
4 never float +
4 Until I have u little boat 4
^ Shaped like the orescent moon. 4
+ And then* imagining himself in 4
4 possession fcf the aoth century craft. 4
•4 the poet continued: 4J
4 Up goes my boat among the ♦*
4 m - #tars, +
4 Through many a breattiUwus field 4
4 of light. t 4
4 , Through many a long, blue f old 4
4 or ether. 4
<4 leaving ten thousand stars be- 4
+ neatli h^r; +
4 Up goes my little boat so bright 4
4 ♦
4 Very likely Commander Read 4
4 hadn't thought of the N(M as a 4
4 "little boat mo bright," but. ton- 4
4 sidering that Wordsworth had no 4
4 opportunity to master modern tech- ♦
4 nlcu: let ms of aviation, the "little 4
4 boat so br.'glit" W'tis near euough. 4
♦ ♦
Hunters and the ftr.scn.
From the Seattle Times.
After the Spa nish-A meric an w&r, env
baimed beef. After the grout war. what?
Such was the mental attitude of tho
great, gossiping, fault finding, pack hunN
| ing (though Intangible) American public
I 24 hours after the arinist'oe wan signc-l.
j Pack hunting, because, though utterly ter
rible once- we are on our victim’s trail, wa
never follow the spoor unless we know tho
gang is coming. Intang ible, been ns*? th|
hunt is always finished before individual)
can bo identified; even then, few admit
participation. Terrible? Look what wu
did to Dewey and Sampson!
Til’s time the hunt was on arid tho pad:
in full cry before game was identified,
aye. even before it was descried. We didn't
know just what or who we wort alter
but believe us, we were on our way!
First, we bad a division shot to piece.1*
by our own artillery because of the '.neflY
deucy of our officers. But the naii
petered out when the war department met
our attacks with cold facts. Then, after a
few aim less dashes hi different directions,
we took after the Y. M. C. A. This held
us longer, but again the scent- tailed i<J
keep our attention.
Then began the pursuit of the horrors
of Brest” and the “iniquities of the army
court martial.’’ Began, wc say. tor thero
has been no middle and no end.
Today wt find It hard to fix our atten
tion upon the stories of brutalities to pris
oners in France. Ii. C. L. and labor un
rest hold the stage. But Heaven help tlia
army if the public starts for it again!
Should juat one trail hold, the puck will
And no man can foretell the names tho
mason will carve.
Old VFashioned Politics.
From the New York Post.
Six candidates for the same seat in con
gress, touring a district together anc
speaking from the same platforms, must
bo an awesome spectacle, but it may b*
witnessed in two districts in South Caro
line during the rest of this month. The
campaigns, of course, are really for the
democratic nomination, which will decide
the elections.
They May Be Sorry.
From Bryan's Com mo nor.
By the time the Republicans dispose o!
the League of Nations, the labor question,
the railroad problem and the profiteer
they may be sorry they arc in control oi
congress. Being in control they have tc
show their hand in constructive legisla
tion—ltt-vi year they c-ouid spend their tirm
finding fault.
So, Don’t Get Discouraged.
From the Detroit News.
Does this sound natural?
“Congress is rent party * • * mud
business of a trifling nature and persona
concernment withdraws their atteritior
from matters of great national moment.’
George Washington wrote it in 1771
about tiie continental congress.
Borrowing the Tableware.
From the Wall Street Journal.
A chain of restaurants in New York has
to purchase more than 1,000,000 spoons
forks and knives every year, others tel
the same story. Some of the help, •ac
cording to the management of a Wal
street restaurant, must t>e reckoned or
as furnishing their homes with “bor
rowed” tableware, and many patrons tak*
it for souvenirs as unbltfphingly as the)
would appropriate an umbrella on a rainj
war nara on Glass.
From the Nation’s Business-.
Glas* was not made for the concussions
of war. The glass factories uf Belgiun
can run for many months on the job o
replacing broken window’ ixines, am
France looks to Belgium to .help in mend
ing its own windows. Italy's one factor)
will have a long period of work if it is t<
replace the destroyed windows in the in
vaded district.
Steel and Rail Workers Pay.
From Financial Letter, tlie National Cit)
Batik of Chicago
The country has been afflicted with ai
epidemic of strikes which unquestionably
Impede production. A large volume o:
trade is being done In the immense terri
tory served by the Chicago market, but
labor troubles have caused no Jittb
anxiety concerning the ability of pro
ducers *and manufacturers to supply the
constantly growing European demand foi
American products. The unrest of laboi
1* virtually worldwide, but there would
seem to be less reason fur this in the
United States than anywhere else in tlit
* world. This is because the official figure*
that In the 11 years from 190S, the
anirtiar^wagOH-of the steel worker hathh
country has increased from $728 to $1,900, a
gain of ISO per cent, while theyyay of th<
| railroad worker has-been raised _ in tlv$
I same'"interval from 1n2l a’y^r'to $1,6QS
■ a gain of 110 per ctnt. Suyli an lp«rca$€
| would seem to be sufficient to more thar
| cover the upward trend in living expense*
which both federal and state authorities
are striving hard to combat.
Doesn't Miss Anything.
From the Sun Francisco Clin-.delft
They were seeing San Francisco T»ie>
bed done Chii -town, the seals, a coup!’
of in iseums a. 1 the spagh tti tun.'el o?
Bay vt rce. The even I »g found them i.,
Peacock Al.ey watcHi ? *he F.igiparu
pa ade. Finally c "e o* then, had an ’ ■»
I pi at*or.. St.e tur od „ her companl
"1 o yo*j lUc art ’ she q’i'iW.
•< ti, ,pv y •. Whi'nevc ’ lilt n Mg
city wlti - n artei*y *..i it 1 i .wayj blo.v
in." ^
*i re tbrrtty H'*ila»>»U,r* lire licgi?: .1 to
con ibln ubcut tlv "e-jrpr'»kh'c foiclgner
.a AiKi-or.gc " ivnow* 't h.*4 -nst llol- n I
iOjLiO to guard *o far.
^_ ■
Lift off Corns!
Doesn’t hurt a bit and Freezone
costs only a few cents.
WJth your fingers! Ton can lift off i
*hy hard corn, soft corn, or corn be* 1
tween the toes, and the hard skin cal
luses from bottom of fleet.
A tiny bottle of "Freexone" costs
little at any drug store; apply a few
dropo upon the corn or callus. In
stantly It stops hurting, then shortly
you lift that bothersome corn or callus
right off. root and nil, without one bit
of pain or soreness. Truly! No hum
bug !—Adr.
‘deserved to be pardoned
_ j
Q'jick-W.ttcd Youngster Must Have
Heard of Boast the Surgeon
Wae Fond of Making.
_ I
Tills Indianapolis physician boasts
(bat In- would rather do surgical work
than cat. Even the children In the
neighborhood know of this, as is prov
en by tho following story:
Recently some of the neighboring
boys were playing bull In front of Iris
office. Suddenly the ball went wild j
went to work to rewrite the duet. To ,
clan’s [date glass windows. Of course i
the doctor was furious and he ex
pressed his feelings to the wee fellow
who had thrown it. “Haven’t I told
yon fellows that this would happen
some day?” lie demanded.
The little follow nodded his head.
“Then what have you to say for your
self?’’ was the next thrust.
The little fellow gulped, swallowed
and finally sobbed out: "Well, 1
thought maybe 1 wohld Hit one of your
Smallsst Penknife.
A gold-handled penknife that is so
small It could pass through the eye of
an ordinary darning needle Is on dis
play In the window of Its maker, Solo
mon L. Baxter, Jeweler, Wellesley,
Mass. Baxter claims It is the smallest
penknife In the world. The little knife 1
has two steel blades measuring three
thirty-seconds of an Inch. Three tiny
steel rivets hold the sides and blades
. In position.
Alternate Insomnia.
Admiral Sims suid at a dinner in
“And another frequent cause of di
vorce is alternate insomnia.”
“Alternate insomnia!” said a nerve
specialist Incredulously. “Pshaw, ad
miral, what the deuce.Is that?”
“Alternate Insomnia.” the admiral
explained, "is a Complaint common to
a great many husbands and wives.
Whichever goes to sleep first keeps the
other awake ail night snoring.”
Didn't Disturb Him.
Mrs. Grngon—Wake oop, ye foghorn '
Oi can’t shlnpe a wink on account nv
yure shnorin’.
Grogan—Ye must tltry an’ get used
to it, the same as Oi hov. OI uiver
notice It mosilf, at all, at till.—fkiston
Evening Transcript.
Mill III 1—IIKM — I — ■■■Hi ■ ■ M—a——M ■ III !■■ }
mmmmmmmmmmamm—ummmmmmmmmmmasmmmmnmmm mmmmmmm i-1 mmn-Tri
■VVV ' ’ '
Experts or Theorists—
* Which?
The packing industry is intri
cate, complex—far more so than
the railroads or the telegraph.
Every day multiplying needs
of society increase its problems
and multiplying responsibilities
demand more of it
Highly trained experts, spec
ialists of years’ experience,
thinkers and creative men, de
vote their lives, their energies,
their activities, to solving the
problems of the packing industry
and meeting its widening duties.
Swift & Company is not a few
dozen packing plants, a few
hundred branch houses, a few
thousand refrigerator cars, and
a few million 'dollars of capi
tal, but an organization of such
men. It is the experience, in
telligence, initiative and activity
which operates this physical
Can this intelligence, this ex
perience, this initiative and cre
Iative effort which handles this
business at a profit^ of only a
fraction of a cent per pound from
all sources, be fostered through
the intervention of political
theorists, however pure their
purposes? Or be replaced by
legislation ? Does Congress really
think that it can ?
Let us send you a Swift “Dollar".
It will interest you.
Address Swift & Company,
Union Stock Yards, Chicago, HI.
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
Landed on Him.
The Diner—How did 1 order m.v
The Waitress—Well, you wasn’t any
too polite about it.
It is not so much what you earn as
what you spend (hat counts.
Manhood is above hII riches, over
tops nil title#; character la greater
then any career.
Illicit Music.
“Pretty dry time ut the elub dinner,
last night, eh, old man?” “Well, tin*
orchestra gave us a lot of Mnyer-beer.”
Children Cry For
# ■*»:!! j
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor OH, Paregoric, Drops
and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains neither Opium,
Morphine nor'Other narcotic substance. Its age is its guarantee.
For more than thirty years it has been in constant use for the
relief of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic and Diarrhoea;
allaying Feverishness arising therefrom, and by regulating the
Stomach and Bowels, aids the assimilation .of Food; giving
healthy and natural sleep. ' The Children’s Panacea—The
Mother’s Friend.
Bears the Signature of
| So Iks For Over 30 Years
Tho Mind You Have Alw&;*«s Bought
2£x*ct Copy of Wrapper# ^ ri centaur com.miiy nkwvo. city,