The frontier. (O'Neill City, Holt County, Neb.) 1880-1965, October 10, 1901, Image 5

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For sail HIM. LYONS,. Emmet, Neb.
w sw 14 25 9
ne 14 25 9
w1/* 25 20 9
se so 10 s nw; nw sw
11 20 9
s*4 nw nH sw 13 27 9
ne 15 27 9
e sw, w se 22 27 9
se. w ne 35 27 9
n n 24 28 9
e se 26 28 9
sw 3 29 9
nw 8 29 9
nw 14 29 9
n ne, n nw 6 30 9
nw 8 30 9
ne 12 30 9
e ne, sw ne, nw se 14
30 9
nw 16 30 9
ne 32 30 9
se 24 30 9
se 7 31 9
sw 18 31 9
one20, nw nw 21 21 9
m w se 25 31 9
.M n ne* sw ne 27 31 9
< 'sw 20 32 9
ne 25 32 9
s sw, nw sw, sw nw
26 32 9
Ji s ne, n ne 31 32 9
n se, sw ne 19, nw sw
2025 10
lots 12 3, ne sw 80 25
ne 26 27 10 •
se 17 28 10
sw 1 29 10
se 2 29 10
sw 7 29 10
nw 11 29 10
nw 3 30 10
se 3 30 10
sw 3 30 10
ww 8 30 10
86 9 30 10
ne 10 3010
sw 7 30 10
se 13 30 10
nw 17 30 10
nw 24 30 10
ne 27 30 10
se 23 30 10
nw 31 30 10
ne 31 30 10
sw 29 30 10
nw 32 30 10
sw 32 30 10
n w 33 30 10
ne 35 30 10
e sw & se nw 1, ne nw
12 3110
se 7 31 10
sw 25 31 10
e ne 27 32 10
ul/t nw sw nw s nw
sw 13 32 10
e se & n w se 35 32 10
ne 5 25 11
sw 7 25 11
e e 11 25 11
sw 12 25 11
e w 13 25 11
sw 14 25 11
sw 24 25 11
ne 13 26 11
~. ne 18 26 11
sw 34 26 11
n se & n sw 3 27 11
se 7 28 11
nw 32 2811
n n 3 29 11
ne 25 29 11
sw 2 30 ll
^ sw 22 30 11
nw 33 30 11
e sw 29 31 11
nl2 nw of 23 & se*4
of 8W*/4 & 8W?4 of se
V4 14 32 11
n sc, sw ne & ne sw
23 32 11
se 17 25 12
nw 29 25 12
sw 21 25 12
sw 12 12 25 12
se 10 20 12
w‘4 of w sw 11, n nw
14 20 12
8 se 15 26 12
nw 21 20 12
se 22 20 12
s sw 23 20 12
ne 2320 12
s se 29 20 12
e ne 33 26 12
no 14 27 12
8e 20 27 12
nw 17 27 12
n n 27 27 12
86 8 28 12
n 20 28 12
n w 19 29 12
ne 20 29 12
80 22 29 12
se 10 30 12
lie 15 39 12
e sw 2; e nw 11 31 12
8 w 9 31 12
ne 9 31 12
sw 13 31 12
Be 14 31 12
s ne & VV se 20 31 11
w nw & nw sw 21 32 12
e ne & e se 27 32 12
nw 34 33 12
ne 30 32 12
se 11 25 13 sV4 n*4 11 25
13. nw 10 23 13
sw 12 25 13, 8w 21 25 13
s*4 sw ne sw sw ne 35
25 13
sw 28 20 13
Bisbee ranch In 22 27
28 26 13
s ne & s nw 29 27 13
5w 2 20 13
se 12 29 13
ii w 12 29 13
8 w 27 29 13
8 w 28 29 13
ne 32 29 13
se 34 29 13
se 35 29 13
e ne & nw ne 2 30 13
so 19 30 13
w ne 20 30 13
n w 28 39 13
w nw & w sw 2 31 13
e nw &w ne 2 31 13
nw 5 3113
86 6 31 13
ne 931 13
n sw & 8w sw 15 31 13
nw 15 31 13
so 17 31 13
ne 17 31 13
se 18 31 13
nw 19 31 13
nw 20 31 13
86 29 31 13
8 sw 20 31 13
ne 27 31 13
ne 29 31 13
ne 30 31 13
se 30 31 13
sw 32 31 13
se se 35 31 13
n sw & w se 4 32 13
ne 5 32 13
8 sw 7 32 13
se 9 28 13
n sw & w se 15 32 13
n e 18 32 13
e nw 18 32 13
SW 23 32 13
sw sw 25, e se & ne 20
32 13
w 8 w 20 & e se 27 32 13
s sw 27 32 13
sw 28 32 13
[ ne 30 32 13
e sw &w se 31 32 13
sw 32 32 13
e ne, sw ne & se nw
32 32 13
ne 33 32 13
nw 34 32 13
e ne & s nw 35 32 13
s ne & n se 24 33 13
s nw, ne sw & nw se
26 33 13
e ne & n se 36 33 13
vv n w 7 26 14
s nw & e sw 10 26 14
n w 11 28 14
sw 2 29 14
nw 20 29 14
n w 21 29 14
sw 3") 29 14
SW 8 30 13
se 1130 14
8W 15 30 14
ne 21 30 14
se 22 3U 14
nw 34 30 14
w se 35 30 14
se 2 31 14
nw 5 31 14
se 5 3114
sw 6 31 14
se « 31 14
se 7 31 14
sw 8 31 14
ne 8 31 14
sw 10 31 14
ne 10 31 14
ne 10 31 14
nw 11 31 14
nw 14 31 (4
s II 31 i4
sw 18 31 14
ne 18 31 14
sw 19 31 14
se 22 3! 14
nw 23 31 14
e'/a 25 31 14
SW 26 31 14
nw 27 3l 14
ne 29 31 14
nw 30 81 14
se 31 31 14
sw 34 31 14
s ne & ne se 11 32 14
s nw, n sw & ne se 12
32 14
se 18 32 14
SW 30 32 14
ne 31 32 14
nw 32 32 14
se 32 32 14
sw 33 32 14
ne 33 32 14
se sw, w se & sw ne
34 32 H
se 3 33 14
nnw 4 33 l4 J
se 6 33 u
sw 29 33 14
s SW 33 34 14
s nw & n sw 34 34 14
n e 27 25 15
nw 31 25 15
e ne 12 2615
n ne 21. n sw 22 26 15
ne 19 28 15
sw 20 28 15
nw 8 29 15
sw 8 29 15
se 24 29 15
ne 1 30 15
w 1 30 15
II w 3 30 15
sw 12 31) 15
nw 12 30 15
ne 14 30 15
nw 24 30 15
se 24 30 15
w nw, ne nw & nw ne
27 30 15
se 2 31 15
ne 31 15
sw 8 31 J5
se 10 31 15
© ne & sw ne 15 31 15
sw 15 31 15
w w 26 31 15
e sw «!fc so nw 26, ne
nw 35 31 15
ee 35 31 15
s nw & nw nw 35 31 15
nw 1 32 15
nw sw & fw nw 2, ne
se & so ne 3 32 15
ne 15 acres of nw 4 32
w ne & w se 14 32 15
ne 25 32 15
sw nw 17, s ne & Lot
i, 18 & Lot 1, 7 33 15
w nw & ne nw 18 33 15
sw se IS. w ne & se
n w 19 23 15
e sw & s nw 21 33 15
ne 22 33 15, except 10
w nw, se nw & nw sw
25 33 15
nw 26 33 15
e e 35 33 15
e se 31 34 15
s n 14 25 16
sw 13 27 16, wH 18 27 16
se 12 27 16
s 8 3 28 16
nw 10 28 16
s se, nw so & ne sw 2
29 16
eM 3 2916
n 9 29 16
n 10 29 16
sw 83 29 16
se 20 30 16
nw 28 30 16
ne 33 30 16
ne 1 31 16
e nw & n ne 7 3116
se 13 31 16
sw 34 31 16
nw 35 31 16
e sw, nw ne & ne sw
11 32 16
e sw. nw ne sw 11 32 16
w sw, ne sw & sw nw
22 32 16
w se 14, n ne 23 33 16
se 23 33 16
sw 22 33 16
ne 25 33 16
se 26 33 16
se 29 33 16
e sw & sw sw 26, & se
se 27 33 16
sue 29 33 16
e sw & se nw 29 & ne
nw 32 33 16
ne 32 33 16
s nw & n sw 32 33 16
ne 35 33 16 *
Loti, Sec. 23, Lot 1.
Sec. 24. Lot 1. Sec. 26
& nw nw 25 34 16
e sw, nw se & Lot 2,
26 M 16
Lot l&sw nw 28 &
Lot 1 se ne 29 M 16
s sw 3 & s se 4 31 17
ne .8 32 17
e nw & e sw 7 3119
sw 6 33 14
sw 15 27 9
sw ne & se nw & ne
8W & nw se 26 28 13
sw 4 30 10
s nw & e sw & sw sw
11 & e se & se ne 10 32
se 24 32 15 nw 24 3215
ne 23 32 15 ne 26 32 14
se 7 32 9
8 ne & nw ne 14 31 10
s se & nw se 9 28 10
sw 33 30 10
1 Chicago Lumber Yard j
Headquarters for . .
Slumber and|
1 COAL •> 1
J O. O. SNYDER & CO. |
^ . O'NEILL ® ^ ALLEN ^ |
The BEST Cheapest
If you want to buy the best Buggy, Carriage, Farm Wag
on, Spring Wagon, Road Wagon, Farm Truck, Cart, Wind
mill, Feedmill, hand or power Corn Sheller, Plow, Disc Cul
V tivator, Sweeps, Stackers, Rakes, Mowers, Binders, Headers,
Threshers, Steam or Gasoline powers, call and see
Prop. Elkhorn Valley Blacksmith, Wagon,
Carriage, Shoeing & Machine Shop.
P. S.—Just received another car ot Rushford wagons, complete stock
. sizes: they are the best wagons made.
Ray Bits.
Mrs. Charles Bigler is on the sick list
this week
Mrs. Louis Steavner made Mrs 'I'wy
ford a pleasant call.
Miss Manlier Gordon visited Estella
Ross Saturday afternoon.
Mrs William Clevish and Miss Stine
visitea Mr. and Mrs. Dodgs one dav last
U. Sterns and G. A. Palmer had husi
ness at the county seat on Tuesday.
Norris Bowen has lately sold the main
part of his house which was moved
away the first of the week.
llarry and Jim Palmer went to O'Neill
the Utter expecting to purchase a bran
new wagon..
Mis. John S. Twyford went to Pender
^^*Ahe first of last week to visit her son
It does not 'natter so much about your
pocket-book these nights, but be careful
and put your potatoes under vour pillow
Mr. Cam Tinsley and Miss Ethel
Parker of Spencer took a pleasent drive
to Holt county last Sunday, the guests
of Mr. Deyaruiaus folks of this place.
Miss Millie Stearns went Ashing ou
the Eagle one clowdy day, accompanied
by Miss Boh me of Atkinson.
The Eastern people visited the IlBy
Union S. S. the last Sunday. The lesson
was a general review and ttie school was
dosed by singing “Rock of Ages.”
October binds her golden sheaves,
With scarlet glory tints the leaves,
The Harvest moon prolongs her stay.
Enticed for once to brief delay.
Cash for Live Poultry.
I will have a poultry oar at O'Neill on
Friday and Saturday, October 11 and 12.
Spring chickens, 6c per lb; old bens,
41clb; ducks, 4Jelb; old roosters, 2clb;
pigeons, 40c dozen.—C. II. Folsom. 14-2
1 *> £0CQl.... I
For dental work go to Dr. McLeran
42-tf __
A span of mules for sale, Elkborn
Valiev Bank. 13-tf
Mrs. S. A. Page, formerly of Page, is
stopping in the city.
Dr. McLeran, dentist, office over
Corrigan’s drng store. 42-tf
For furnishd room and board enquire
of Mrs. M. M. Sullivan. 6—tf
The Chambers mail route sports a new
ball-bearing stage wagon.
Have your teeth examined by Dr.
McLeran; he can save them 42-tf
Teeth or photographs at Corbett’s,
10th to 30th of each month, 39tf.
A. C. King went to Orchard Tuesday
to get hie bank there opened up.
For farm loans, on reasonable terms
call on Elkhorn Valley Bauk. 13-tf
Smoke the Shamrock, the best 5c cigar
in town. For sale by all dealers. 8-tf
Sheriff Stewart has had his residence
repainted and a few other improvements
J. P. Hancock of Inman was a plea
sant callar Tuesday, renewing for The
Call for the Shamrock; little, but O,
my! Best value for your niokle. For
sale by all dealers. 8-tf
Billy Haynes returned from the Black
Hills Monday owing to the serious
illness of his father
Baggageman Dunbar of the Short
Line and family expects to move next
week to Minnesota, Mr. Dunbar having
been transferred to a run in that state.
Dr. Flynn returned this week to
O'Neill after a few months stay in
Atkinson. His friends here are glad to
see him resume practice among us again.
Those owing us on subscripation re
requested to call and pay up. We have
several hundred dollars on our books
which we desire to collect during this
month. Call in and pay up
There will be a camp fire held at
Knoxville on October 10 under the
auspicies of George Washington post,
Grand Array of the Republic, of Dorsey.
A general invitation is extended to the
public to attend. Bring your baskets.
Mrs. Charles Petijohn went to Sioux
City this morning to have an opperation
performed by sergeons in that city for
relief from an ailment that has been
the source of much suffering for a year
or more.
The members of the fire department
have been at work the past week getting
their new headquarters in condition to
occupy. The city has bought the old
electric light house near the pumping
station and given it to the department,
which has put in new floors and made
some other improvements.
Mrs. J. P. Mullen was in the city
yesterday for medical aid. She met
with a serious and painful accident
while dining the day previous. Mrs
Mullen was holding a little child upon
her lap at the table when the little one
grabbed a fork and suddenly raised it
up striking Mrs. Mullen square on the
eyebai.. It may result in the loss of
the eye.
The Frontier is in recei pt of the cam
paign card of Will McNichols, who is
the democratic nominee for county
treasurer in Pitkin county, Colo. Will si
a brother of the McNichols boys of this
city, was reared in O’Neill and it will be
remembered was here on a visit this
summer. The worst thing about Will
is that he is a democrat. Neverthless
we can’t help recommending him to the
people of Pitkin county as he is a first
class fellow and will do to “tie to”
That’s a good name for
Scott’s Emulsion.' Children
are like young plants. Some
will grow in ordinary soil.
Others need fertilizers.
The nature of some children
prevents them from thriving
on ordinary food Such chil
dren grow right if treated right.
All they need is a little fer
tilizer—a little extra richness.
Scott’s Emulsion is the right
Fertilizers make thingsgrow.
That’s just what Scott’s Emul
sion does. It makes children
grow in flesh, grow in strength,
grow rich blood, grow in mind,
grow happy. That’s what we
make it for.
Send for free sample.
SCOTT Si BOWNF., Chemists, <00 Pearl St., N. V.
50H and $1.00; all druggists.
Mrs. J. H. Riggs of Waterloo, Neb.,
stopped with relatives and friends in the
city from Friday last until Tuesday
while on her way home from Boyd
I)r. and Mrs. J. P, udligan wont to
Sioux City Tuesday morning where on
Wednesday Mrs. Gilligan submitted to
a surgical operation. The operation
was successful and the patient is re
covering rapidly.
Frank Pixley left for Omaha this
morning where he will attend school
the coming year. Frank is an energetic,
progressive young fellow who is bound
to win if perseverance counts for
faught. He expects to return to O’Neil)
after his school year is over.
Governor Savage lias issued the official
proclamation calling an election on
November 5. Stale offices to be filled
this year are one judge of the supreme
court, and two regents of the university;
the Twenty-fourth senatorial district
will elect a state senator to fill vacancy,
the Eight Tenth and Twenty-seventh
representative districts will elect repre
sentatives to fill vacancies and one dis
trict judge will be elected in the
Eleventh judicial district.
Mr. Frank Howard and Miss Pearl
Warner of this city were married at
Basset Sunday evening. We understand
they went on west to Chadron and will
return to O’Neill in about a week. Both
young people are quite well known here.
The groom has grown to manhood in
this city and the hiide has lived here for
a number of years. They expect to
commence keeping house in the Sniggs
residence property in the western part
of the town which Mr. Howard has
William Lovlollette returned home
Monday night after a protracted visit
at the Buffalo exposition and his old
home in Canada. It does one good to
visit the scenes of their childhood and
that Bill thoroughly enjoyed his visit
his improved appearance attests lie
fished for Salomon in the great waters
and stalked the moose in his favorite
lair in the Canadian forests aud the
stories he springs about his adventures
upon the briney deep and in the jungles
are in teresting and realastic. Notwith
standing his good time he was as happy
as a boy with a new pair of “red top”
boots when he landed in O’Neill.
Judge Kinkaid tells us that on his re
cent professional trip to Alaska he met
several former Holt county citizens who
are all flourisning. At Yuoon the
judge metC. J. Skuce, formerly b home
steader in the Dustin country and later
county judge of Boyd countv. He also
met at Kitchiham Neil Mclllravier, son
in-law of E. H. Thompson of this city.
Fred Dashley, formerly of Atkinson,
is at Nome and besides owning two
butcher shops is interested in some
valuable mining property and is making
money fast. The judge says he was
somewhat surprised upon re
turning home to find that
rumor had got out that he had gone to
Alaska to accept an official position and
retpiests us to state that his business
there was of purely professional nature.
The judge went to Ainsworth the first
of the week to attend the Brown county
district court, where cases in which he
is attorney will be tried.
The Markets.
South Omaha Oct. 9 —Receipt of
cattle only moderate,about half as many
as week ago. This is due partly to the
decline in prices of last week and partly
to rough weather in the west. Western
range cattle constitute the bulk of the
offerings and cornfed beeves are scarce.
What are coming are in active demand
at strong to higher prices. Cow stuff
in fair supply, demand good, market
active 15 to 25c higher than close of last
week. Stockers and feeders were well
cleaned up last week. This week owing
to light supply and good demand market
is from 25 to 40c higher than last week.
Heavy feeders have the preference but
all grades are in demand at strong prices
Hog receipts liberal and packers have
been pounding market every day for a
week. Today with about 6500 on sale
market is nearly 20c lower. Range $6.00
to $6.25, bulk $0.10 to $6.15. The
market averages half a dollar lower than
a week ago. It is a problem to tell
when they will stop. Sheep receipts
are heavy and market active and strong.
Nye & Buchanan Co.
Charles Cole brings to town a story of
the finding of the bones of a man, horse
and dog buried in cedar canyon between
Brush creek and the Niobrara river.
A man living in the neighborhood of
the canyon made the discovery and in
company with Buck Berry of Paddock
and Charles Cole of this city the bones
were taken from the earth. They were
buried deep and in the grave were found
besides the bones, decayed pieces of
cloth, a number of cartridges, broken
pieces of earthenware, the handle of a
knife and also a handle of a silver spoon .
In connection with the discovery Mr.
Berry relates an incident that occurred
twenty five years ago which gives him
reasons to believe that the grewsome
skeletons are the remains of a man
named Edwards and those of his horse
and dog. Twentv-five years ago this
coming spring Edwards stayed at Mr.
Berry’s place for three weeks. He drove
a team and wagon, had a dog and rifle
which shot the same cartridge as found
among the bones. Borne weeks after
the man had left a party of men stopped
at Mr. Berry's with the wagon, harness
and one of the horses which Edwards
had while stopping with him. The
party said they had met Edwards and
they had left him going west riding the
other horse. They had shot the dog for
fear it would attract Indians. Mr. Berry
thinks it probable the bones that have
been found are those of this man who
was thus disposed of by this party of
men, and his horse, harness and wagon
taken. He has notified relatives of the
man Edwards who live at Fairbury.
Former O’Neill Girl Weds.
Lincoln Journal: A very pretty wed
ding took place in this city Tuesday
evening at 1025 South Fifteenth street,
when Mr Charles L, Hoover and Miss
Helene E. Lowrie were united in mar
The bride is the daughter of liev. and
Mrs. N. 8. Lowrie of Lincoln, and for
several years a student in the state uni
versity .
The groom is the son of ltev. Dr.
Hoover, former dean of tho Cotner uni
versity, and now occupying the chair of
science at Warrensburg, Mo. Mr.
Hoover is a graduate of the state uni
versity of Missouri, and is now engaged
in the government postal service. The
bride and groom are well kuown in uni
versity and Lincoln circles.
An elegant wedding supper was served
at (1 o’clock to the immediate relatives
nnd a few friends of the bride and groom
The house was very tastefully dec
orated with palm, ferns nnd choice
(lowers, nud many lights shed their sub
dued radiance through the rooms and
on the faces of the guests. At the ap
pointed hour the bride and groom en
tered the room to the strain of Men
delssohn’s wedding march played by
Miss Anna Lowrie of Chicago. The
btide and groom stood under an arch
way of white lace drapery surrounded
by an exquisite display of palms and
ferns. The ceremony was impressive
as well as unique, being performed by
the father of the bride, assisted by the
father of the groom, with the approving
presence of the ltev. Drs. Hindman,
Hullhorat, Elliot, and.C. W. Lowrie,
brother of the bride.
The bride was handsomely dressed
in while Swiss, trimmed with satin and
rare lace and carried a large bouquet of
white roses. The groom wore the ac
customed conventional suit.
Following the ceremony the guests,
to the number of fifty, were treated to
a dainty repast, gracefully served by
Miss Maud llullhorst, assisted by Miss
Carrie Reed. Mr. and Mrs Hoover re
ceived many beautiful and oostly pres
ents, the gifts of friends in Lincoln and
The newly wedded couple left ill half
past ten o’clock for Kansas City. St.
Louis and other points in Missouri.
They were escorted to the train by a
large company of friends, and departed
amid showers of rice and hosts of well
wishes. After November 1 they will be
at home in their pretty cottage at 2926
Q street.
The following were the guests pres
ent: Ilev. Dr. C. A. Hoover, Rev. Dr*
VV. M. Hindman and wife, Rev Dr. O.
A. Elliot and wife, of Beatrice, Rev. Dr.
C. G. A. Uullhorst and wife, Dr. H. B.
Lowry, Mrs. J. T. Nevill, Springfield,
Mo., Mr. and Mrs. Barrett, Seward; Mr.
and Mrs. Sherrer, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper,
Mr. and Mrs. Yates, Mrs. Eresman, Mrs.
Julia Lowry-Keifer, Miss Maud Hull
horst, Miss Harriet Spaulding, Miss
Grace Uullhorst, Miss Mury Uullhorst,
Miss Mable Roper, Miss Mable West,
Mr. H. Stcckelberg and wife, John
Reed aud wife, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson,
Miss Irene Flint, Mr. T. J. Hewett,
Purnell Golden, Miss Mable Sears, H.
Emerick, Miss Geneva Eresman, George
Smith, F. J, Kelly, Beatrice; FreJ
Hunter, George W. Roy, F. G. Getten
ger, Misses Agnes and Carry Reed,
Newel J. Elliot, R. C. Roper, Miss
For Sale—Twenty head of heavy
draft horses—mars and geldings—Nor
man bred. Prices and term right.—F.
M. Harrison, O'Neill. 12-tf
State of Nebraska f In the District Court
-as Thereof of 15th Ju
Hoit County ) dlcial District.
County of Holt, Plaintiff,
Alice Gilbert,-Gilbert, her husband,
first name to plaintiff unknown, Nebraska
Loan & Trust Company, and Minnie
Thompson, Defendants.
The above named defendant Eliee M.
Gilbert, minor child of Alice Gilbert deceas
ed is hereby notified that the Nebraska
Loan & Trust Company and James N. Clark.
Receiver thereof, defendants, to the above
entitled action have in said action tiled an
answer on cross petition the object and
prayer of which are to foreclose a mortage of
$1,000, due April 1st, 1893, with ten per cent
interest on said mortgage from October 1st,
1800, against the southwest quarter of sec
tion eight (8) township thirty-one (ill) north
and range fourteen (14) west of the tith I*. M.
The said Elise M. Gilbert is further notified
that she Is required to appear and answer
said petition on or before Monday the 21st
day of October, 1001.
Nebraska Loan and Trust company,
dames N. Clark, Receiver Thereof.
Ry R. R. Dickson and John M. Ragan, their
attorneys, 11-4
In the matter of the estate of WILLIAM A.
HOES, deceased.
Notice is hereby givon that in pursuance
of an order of .1. F. Loyd, judge of the dis
trict court of Fierce county, Nebraska, made
on the 24th day of September, lOul, for the
sale of the real estate herein after described,
there will ho sold at the office of The Fron
tier at O’Neill, Nebraska, on the 20th day of
October, at 10 o’clock a. m., at public sale to
the highest bidder for cash, or one-half cash
and balance on not to exceed two years’
time, secured by mortgage on land at 7 per
cent interest, the following real estate, to
The northeast quarter of section 32, town
ship ;>2, range 15, Holt county, Nebraska.
Said sale will remain open one hour.
Dated October il, 1001.
Administratrix of the Estate of William A.
Hoes, deceased. 15—
11 1 mil HI—II ■■■ mu i y
Department of tbo Interior.
Land Oflico at O'Neill, Nebr.
Sept. 23, IDOL—Notice is hereby given that
the following named settler has Hlsd notice
ol’ his intention to make liual proof In support
of his claim, and that said proof will be made
before register and receive at O'Neill, Nebr..
on November 14, 190!. viz:
for tbo N tv1*. Sec. 31, T. 38, N„ H. 11 W.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz: Michael Slattery,
D. J. Sparks, Fred Vilt, Frank I'rlbel all of
O'Neill Neb.
14-iinp8. J. WEEKES, Register.
James R Moorman. Ell S Moorman and
Moorman Brothors, defendants, will take
notice that on tne 2fith day of August, 1901,
George F. Schmid, plaintiff, filed bis petition
and alHdovit in attachment, in the District
ourt of Holt county, Nebraska: against
you, allegelng thrt you and each of you are
lndbeted to tbo plaintiff in the sum of 818.158
20 on a Judgment rendered against yeu in
ills favor in the Court of Common 1’leas of
Wyondot county, Ohio, on or about the3d
day of June, 1901. That an order of attach
ment for the sum and amount, last foresald
was Issued out of the said District Court in
said cause and the sheriff of said Holt county
has levied the same upon, and attached the
southwest quarter of section two (2), town
sbip twenty-eight (28). north, range fifteen
(15), west. In said Holt county, as the pro
perty of ttio said defendant James It. Moor
man .
You are required to answer said petition on
or before the 14th day of Ootober, 1901.
Dated VugustBl, 1901.
George F. Solimld, Plaintiff,
Ily H. K. Dickson and J. L. Kaley, his
attorneys. 10-4
Department of the Interior.
Land Office at O’Neill, Nebraska,
.. , , Aug. 13, 1901.
Notice Is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice ol his inten
tion to make final proof in support of hla
claim, and that said proof willue made be
fore register and receiver at O'Neill, Neb., on
October 10,1901, viz:
Mary formerly 11111s heir of Charles
D. Hills, deceased, H. E. No. 14033, for the
bW’i sec 8, twp 33 north, range 12 west.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz:
Christ. Christenson of Phoenix, Neb., Sher
ry Leslie and Clause Storejohann of Turner,
Neb., and John H. Richards of Verdel, Neb.
'-«»P S. J. WEEKES, Register.
Globe Investment Company, a corporation,
and Henry A. Wyman. Receiver of the Globe
Investment Company, defendants, will take
notice that William Gillies, plaintiff, hss
mod a petition in the district court of Holt
county, Nebraska, against you. Impleaded
with Jeremiah II. H. VVison, and Mary A.
Wilson. defendants, the object and prayer
of which Is to foreclose a certain mortage
dated the first day of January, 1891, for
$400, and lutorest, upon the North y% of the
northeast 34 of section 33 and the east % of
the southeast 3* of section 28, all In township
20, north of range 11 west of the flthl'. SI.
in Holt couuty, Nebraska, given by Jeremiah
1. Wilson and Mary A. Wilson to the Globe
Investment Company, and assigned to the
Plaintiff, wit loti mortgage was recorded in
Hook r>il page 2 of mortgage records of said
county, and to have same decreed to be a
a first lieu and the said lands sold to satisfy
the same
You are required to answer said petition
on or boforo the llth day of November, 1801.
Dated October 2nd, 1901,
William Gillies, Plaintiff.
Department of the Interior, United States
Land Office.
„ , , O’Neill, Neb., Sept. Jl, 1901.
Notice Is hereby given that the following
named settlers have filed notice of Intention
to submit final proof in support of the'r
respective entries and that said proof will
be made before the register and receiver, at
O’Neill. Nebraska, on November9,1901. viz:
LUCY It. JOHNSON, formerly Lucy It.
Slothower, T. 0. E. No. 6623, for 8W>4lsec.
17. twp 30 north range U west.
°eorJ5e Shellhart, Page, Ne,b.;
Walter Trullenger. Page, Neb.; Eli i rulleng
er. Bondmont, la.; George Tomlinson, Page,
9561, for NE)4 sec 19, twp 30 north, range 9 w
W itnesses: George Shellhart, Page, Neb.:
Walter Trullenger, Page, Neb.; Eli Trulieng
er, Bondmont, lo.; George Tomlinson, Page,
N«b. S. J. WEEKB8, '
l.l-finp Register.
By virtue of an order of sale, direoted to
mo from the clerk of the district court of
Holt county, Nebraska, on a decree obtain
ed before the district court of Holt county.
Nebraska, on the 23rd day of
August, 1901, lu favor of tlioCountv of Holt
as plaintiff and against Charles E. Ludrigson,
Jane Ludrigson,real name unknown, William
D. Mathews. Smith Bros, Loan & Trust
company, a corporation and the unknown
owners of the south-west quarter of section
23. township 31.north of range 13. west of the
(>th p. in., in Holt county. Nebraska, as
defendants for the sum of one hundred
twenty-seven dollars and seven cents,!$127,071
as a first lien against said premises and a
decree for *641.00 obtained by Smith Broa.
Loan & Trust company, as a second lien
against said premises, and costs taxed at
*53.06 and accruing costs, 1 have lleved upon
the following Real Estate taken as the
porperty of said defendants, to satisfy said
order ot of sale, to-wit:
The north-east quarter of *he south-west
quarter, tile north-west quarter of the south
west quarter, the south-west quarter of the
south-west quarter and the south-east
quarter of the south-west quarter of section
twenty-three (23), in township thirty one (31).
north of range thrteen (13). west of the «th
Principal Nlerridlau, lu Holt oounty, Ne
Sabi land will be sold in separate tracts as
cescribe above.
Ami will offer tlie same for sale to the highest
bidder, for cash in baud, on the 21st day of
October A. d. 1901, In front of the Court
House in O’Neill, Holt county, Nebraska,
that being the building wherein the last
term of Court was held, at the hour of 10
o clock a. in. of said day, when and where
due attendance will be given by the under
Dated at O’Neill, Nebraska, this 17th day
ofSeytember 1901. y
John M. Stewart.
12“4 Sheriff of said County
JOHN BEAU, Plaintiff,
Max Bald and wife, Victor Babl, William
l\ rotter & Company and the unknown
belrs of Harriet D. Bastedo, decesased
Ueorge T. Bastedo, Defendants.
The above named defendants and each of
them will take notice that on the 91st day of
Sept. ltIUI, tlie above named plaintiff filed his
petition lu tho district court of Holt county
Nebraska, against them and each of them’
the object and prayer of which are to fore
close a certain mortgage executed by the
defendants Max llalil ane wife to the plaint
iff, upon the following described real estate
situated in llolteouuty,Nebraska, to-wit
Beginning at the southwest corner of the
southwest quarter of the northwest quarter
of section li, lu township 39 north, of range 16
west of the (ith p. m„ running ther.ce north
on township Hue forty-eight rods, thence
east sixteen rods at right angles, thence east
and four degrees south twelve rods and two
links to an elm tree twenty-one Inches in
diameter, lliouee due south to intersection of
quarter line, thence west seven teeu rods and
thirteen links to place or beginning, said
mortgago being given to secure the payment
of two certain promissory notes dated May
*J, 1‘JOO, one for *940 and the other for *400. due
six months after date and on the 1st day of
July, 1001, respectively. Plaintiff alleges
that there is now due on said notes and
mortgage the sum of *040 with interest at 10
percent from May 1), 1900, for which sum,
wiili interest, plaintiff prays for a decree
that the defendants be required to pay the
same or that said premises may be sold to
satisfy tiie amount found due, and that said
mortgage he decreed to be a first Jlea on said
premises. Plaintiff further prays that tha
heirs of Harriet D. Bastedo be decreed to
have no claim, right, title nor interest lu and
to skid properly, aud that a certain mortgage
given by J. A.Jaquesto Harriet D. Bastedo
on said properly during her lifetime for WOO
and recorded in book a of mortgages at page
451, be decreed to be fully paid and satisfied.
\ ou are required to answer said petition on
or bofore the 4th day of November, 1901.
Dated this 91st day of September, 1901.
■* Attorney for Plaintiff.