The Nebraska advertiser. (Nemaha City, Neb.) 18??-1909, June 12, 1908, Image 1

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Valley Lily flour at Gilbert's.
Criley, photographer, Auburn.
Cottonwood lumber for sale by
A. J. Strain.
People wouldn't kick on dusty
roads for a few days.
The trains are nearly all from
one to two hours late.
Lots of fish have been caught
during the high water.
For sale Five nice shoats.
C. A. Curtis; phone 57.
The editor had new potatoes
Monday, raised in his own gar
den. George Yackly had a good calf
die from clover bloat Monday afternoon.
Fish have been plentiful
Nemaha for some time.
W. H. Hay, cashier of the First
National bank, and P. C. Tank
ersley, fruit dealer, were in Ne
maha Thursday. They were out
Glass! Glass!!
For all sizes call on Edwards & looking at the fruit prospects.
Bradford Lbr. Co.
Sam Gillespie visited his par
ents, living near Falls City, from danghter,
evening until Monday
Mrs. Chas. A. Curtis is now
stopping at the home of her
Mrs. G, F. Larimore,
If you want an up-to-date job
of painting or paper hanging see
J. S. Hadlock. Leave orders at
Miss Hazel
rom AUDurn
stopping with
Alf Rowen.
John M. Clark drove in from
Glen Rock precinct Tuesday afternoon.
John I. Dressier is having the
front of the Ritchey store room
Farmers are putting in the
time when the ground is dry
enough to plow.
unerries are now neing mar
keted. There are lots of them
and they are fine.
A fine line of Red Cross Ox
fordstan and black just
ceived at Earle Gilbert's.
Kindig & Peabody write cy
clone, tornado, and windstorm
insurance at, lowest rates.
Pat Hoover has been making
good use of his automobile lately
but took it to Auburn Thursday.
Miss Bessie Washburn went to
Peru Monday afternoon and will
attend the summer school at the
The trains were well filled the
first of the week with students
going to Peru to attend the sum
mer school.
W. W. Seid went to Lincoln
Monday morning and from there
to Omaha to attend Masonic
grand lodge.
Miss Bea Seabury, who had
been visiting Nemaha relatives
and friends, returned to Peru
Monday morning.
Parker came in
Tuesday and is
her cousin, Mrs.
living near Stella. It is thought
the higher altitude is better for
Mrs. W. W. Keeling returned
home last Saturday, after a few
days' visit with Mrs. Lizzie Keel
ing at Stanberry, Mo. Her
granddaughter Ruth came home
with her.
Jno. W. Ritchey is having sev
eral of the larflre trees in front of
On account of the stormy w hnnRt rnt fiown Thev are
weather Rev. J. W. Sapp did not L,d timerSf having been planted
fill his appointment at anuoerc by John g .Minick thirty or forty
ast Sunday. years aaro.
. . . . , - i I
It didn't rain faster ounaay If want tobuv wall paper.
but it has rained lor seven aun- eitveP mAe or iow Driced.
days since then-and almost ev- on j g Hadlock. Sample
ery other day. books furnished on request. Pri
mi ,;n l Qn ahunffenpA of ces of wall paper from 3 cents
r w i iic an amaawa ww
peaches around Nemaha, ai-per rou up.
though some orchards naveni c A gmiiey came up from
any on tne trees. Shubert Wednesday morning
Hnnormmtof hiirh water the and will help his brother Wm.
rural carriers did not get very far in rebuilding the house wrecked
fa Tnocdnv. hut did by the cyclone. His son Church
VII Illicit, iwuiw """""i' r - - .
better Wednesday.
Misses Jennie and Marie Bell Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Roberts
Came m irom AUDurn oaiuiuaj came up iiuiu xvanoas iou
and visited their sister, Mrs. Ned Sunday and are visiting Clyde's
Crother, until Monday forenoon, parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
, . r, limtm Roberts, and his brother, Ule tr.
Chet Sedons, who has been , ' ,
n rmw 3ta in ur .
held here Ipr some time as a wit- re.
ness in the Ackerman case, start- The district conference of the
ed for Morrill, Nebr., Wednes- Uj. e. church for the Nebraska
That we have a nice
mer Dress Goods.
line of Sum-
Our Groceries
and up-to-date.
are always fresh
Try our Coffee at 15, 20 and 25c.
Bring Us YourjButter, Eggs
and Poultry.
Both Phones No. 20 NEMAHA, NEB
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Lowe came
to Nemaha Saturday evening
and visited relatives until Mon
dav forenoon, when they went
to DeWitt.
City district meets at Falls City
next week. Rev. G. W. Ayers
expects to attend and others from
Nemaha will also probably go.
D. T. Smiley had not quit the
meat market, as we were m-
F. L. Woodward and Elmer E. formed last week but had only
Allonare tearing down the old "lu 44 Ac.w .u w "lo
store building on the corner son Wm. on his house He w
north of the Odd Fellows build- U1 uu
ing, preparatory to putting up a ay J
brick. Last Saturday evening Mrs. C.
T. F. Woods, who has the old
Seymour Howe farm rented, has
had all the experience he wants
with high water. The entire
farm has been covered with wa
ter, and it raised in the house,
but did not get over quite all the
lower floor.
Mrs. M. W. Knapp returned
home Saturday evening after a
few days' visit with her daugh
ter, Mrs. Shellenberger, living
six miles west of Stella. Mr.
and Mrs. Shellenberger brought
her over and remained until Sun
day afternoon.
Rev. Geo. I. Wright, district
superintendent, held quarterly
conference at the Methodist
church in Nemaha Monday after
noon. The conference was to
have been held at Howe but on
t xi t hii w,notlv denied P. Scovill went out to Jim Shive
, i j .a. .. ,vMm;c lev's to SDent Sundav. Charley
wMnwonai QTin uttwl l:ijiu juio "
MB Ilisi. " . . . i.U 1 l. 1 J t T lnnf
sioner. The village board of u..x
i.-..4.M u ar?nfpa Chas. P. aungni, anu ne am uy kuihk
UUBlCtO I , , j OCT
Scovill marshal and Fuller Burns "u mviuK
street commissioner,
We have been told by a num
of parties who saw it that a
$ cyclone or tornado passed over
Nemaha about 9; 30 Sunday night.
M. I XL WHO bUU IUK11 W UU ailjr Ulll'
age but touched the tops of trees
in places.
We understand 0. E. Houtz
has bought a restaurant at Stella.
That town is to be congratulated
on getting as good a business
man as Mr. Houtz. He thor
oughly understands the restau
rant business.
All the favors shown us by our Patron and
Friends in aiding us during the recent dis
aiter, in moving our Hardware and Furni
ture stock, and Promptness and Faithful
Service rendered while erecting our new
store. We thank you for all favors shown
us in the past, and kindly invite you to call
and see our new store and stock which we
hope to replace by Ju
Edwards & Bradford Lbr, Co,
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tiding of
Clarinda, Iowa, arrived in Nema
ha Friday of last week, on a visit
to Mrs. Tieling's uncle, Walter
Hadlock, and her cousin, Orville
Holdinge. They returned home
Wednesday afternoon.
Eor Sale One 7-horse-power
Foos gasoline engine; one 4-hole
John Deere corn sheller; one
wood saw; one black mare weight
about 1250; one gray horse weight
about 1100. All in good running
order. Call on or phone W. E
Seid, Nemaha, Nebr.
Prof. Simpson, superintendent
of the Auburn schools, died
Wednesday morning at a hospital
in Omaha. He was taken sick
several days ago with appendici
tus and was taken to Omaha,
where an operation was per
formed, from the effects of
which he died. His body was
brought to Auburn for burial.
He leaves a wife and two chil
dren. John Ackerman, who was tried
in the district court at Auburn,
charged with hiring a man to set
fire to a barn owned by him in
BrownviMe in order to get the
insurance, was acquitted by the
jury Tuesday, although the evi
dence was quite strong against
him. Young Mason, who plead
guilty to setting fire to the barn
and .claimed he was hired to do
account of the high water on the ( g0 by Ackerman) ia he,d in jai,
iNemana river waa ciutugeu w
this place.
Prot. G. E. Sanders of London
precinct, who recently completed
his second successful year as
principal of the school at Harris-
A new society has been organ
ized in Nemaha and it aas a
large and active list of members.
No admission fee is charged.
Members can be told by a pecul
iar twist of the neck and turn of
burg, county seat of Banner
county, Nebr., visited Nemaha fllA hftaA fl if fhv w.rA lftnWmr
upward, with an anxious look on
friends a few hours Monday. He
will attend the normal school at
Peru next year.
Fred Hoover and Ed Knapp
were riding around town in an
automobile Monday evening, and
we suppose Fred will soon have
one to deliver fruit with and Ed
will be carrying mail in one.
The main thing that bothers Ed
is to find one that will go through
water, wade mud, climb steep
hills, and never balk or get out
of fix.
It is hard enough to haye your
home swept away by a cyclona
without having the few things
that are left stolen afterward.
Mrs. M. C. Scott informs us that
she had collected a table, tub
and some other things and left
them on the site of her wrecked
home, but some one has carried
off what little was left. Parties
living in Nemaha have been seen
carrying away stuff belonging to
others, as they sustained no dam
age from the storm. If they are
caught at this hereafter they
may be severely handled.
Old papers for sale at this
the countenance. The signs in
crease in frequency and intensity
if clouds are seen, especially at
night. They are called Cave
A gang of wild dogs are again
bothering stock in the vicinity of
Nemaha. Sherman Merrit saw
seven of them about 6 o'clock
Wednesday morning. They came
up the railroad track and started
to run his horses. He shot at
them a couple of times with a
target gun and they ran on up
the track. He came to town and
got some shells for his rifle and
will be ready for them if they
put in an appearance again.
Rex Oliver of Falls City, a son
of County Superintendent T. J.
Oliver, was a Nemaha visitor
several days, starting homeTues
day afternoon. He drove up and
on account of the high water on
the Big Nemaha and Muddy bot
toms was afraid he could not; set
home, but finally decided to try
it and go as far as he could in
the buggy and then take a boat
for the remainder of the way, if