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MttiM Ethel P. Maxwell Mid
Maybelle P. Hoever Graduate
All who DarticiDatedin the
commencement exerciaea of the
Nemaha hiffh school, held at the
opera house Friday nig fcpf last
week, acquitted themselves
The program was opened with
an instrumental solo by Miss
Grace Jarvis. which was finely
rendered. Rev. G. W. Ayers
delivered the invocation. The
solo. "Where the Souther Roses
Grow," by the male quartette,
Messrs. Georore Hmrtwio. Eddie
Maxwell, Ralph Ritchey and Ned la
Maxwell, was thoroughly appre-
ciated by the audience, who were!
surprised that we had such a fine I
male auartette. Then followed I
a drill by sixteen little girls that
was almost perfect It elicited
prolonged applause. Miss Daisy
Clark gave a recitation in her
usual manner. We always ex-
pect a treat from Miss Daisy and
never disappointed. She is al-
ways rood. Misses Bessie Dress-
lerand Lockie Roberts gave an
instrumental solo that was fine,
Helan Gilbert recited "White Or-1
candy" in a manner that reflect-1
ed credit on the little miss and!
the one training her. Little Vel-1
ma Hoover gave a solo and pray-
er that was superb. Nothing!
better was ever heard in Nema-I
ha. I
The orations by the graduates,
Miss Ethel P. Maxwell and Miss
MaybeHe P. Hoover, were well
delivered, showing earnest study
and careful preparation. Miss
Maxwell's subject was "Home. "I
After a song entitled Light at
Home," finely rendered by a
mixed quartette consisting of E.
G. Maxwell, Bessie Dressier, I
Grace Jarvis and R. C. Ritchey,
-m mm mm m m
miss Hoover delivered ner ora
tion on "School Days a Prepara
tion for Life."
A trio composed of Grace Jar-
vis, Liocme Kooerts ana Mrs. u.
my m m m I
H. Kindig then gave a selection
entitled "Dtant Chimes," in a
charming manner. Rev. J. W.
tSapp gave the class address, his
. ,7 m,! JJnuu,Ui AW 7
vice. The address was a fine
one, every sentence appropriate
ana ine iioini, empnasizing
-1 A - 1 I
xne irutn iiax me training tney
naa receivea m scnooi ana so iar
in life was merely a preparation
" 1 j m 1
ior service in me worm, inemmei
quartette gave another selection,
jonn 1. uressier preseniea xne
-r v 1 1 a 1 I
uipionw to me gnauiw,
uw oeneaicuon wo pronouncea
oynev. Ayers.
rm.- j I
inuwim rewiveu uum-
the stage was piled with beauti-
IU1 nOWeiV. I
ijiwuc neieu uu ahw
Chambers made fine flower girls.
mi 1 1 l
Xne opera nouse was XUU DUC
me oesi oioroerwasmainiainea,
1 1 . 1 a m A m
although the evening was warm
anu tnc vcuuiviun 01 me worn
wa Tcrj pwr.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Cummings,
sr.. and son.T. J.
came in from Crab Orchard
Wednesday to attend the funeral
of theeldar Mr. Cummings' sis-
ter, Mrs. Rider. T. J. jr. (Jeff)
returnad home Thursday after-
noon . His Darents will visit
their son, G. W. Cummings of
Howe, and the elder Mr. Cum-
mings' sister, Mrs. John P. Flack,
The County Commissioners of
Nemaha count. Nebraska, will
meet as a board of Equalization
. June 9, 1908, as'provided by the
statutes of the State of Nebras
. . . . m 1
ka. W. A. Doolittle,
L Chairman.
Death of Mm. W. H. Rider
Mrs. Lydia Rider, wife of Wil
Ham H. TIM or. Hind at her home
southwest of Nemaha at 11,30 a.
m., Tuesday, June 2, 1908, aged
58 years, 1 month and 16 days.
Mrs. Rider had been suf
fering for several years from
heart disease and dropsy, and
was gradually growing worse, al-
though she was able to be up and
iook airer ner nousenoiu auair.
Only a few minutes before her
death she was out in the yard
with her husband tending to
some chickens. She then went
in the house, sat down in a rock-
er and bezan reading a book. In
few minutes her daughter,
Edith, who was in the room,
heard her mother make a slight
noise and spoke to her. Receiv
insr no answer she went over to
her and saw that she was dying,
Edith screamed and Mr. Rider,
who was at the well only a few
steps from the house, ran in and
tried to do something for his wife
but she breathed only three times
after he got to her. She had ta
ken off her classes, laid them
land her book down, leaned back
in her chair, closed her eyes and
died without a struggle.
Lydia Cummings was born in
Kosciusko county, Indiana, April
16. 1850. She was married to
Wiiliam H. Rider Oct 28, 1865.
September 3, 1868, she arrived in
Nebraska and has made this her
home ever since. She leaves a
(devoted husband and five chil
dren to mourn the loss of a faith-
f ul and loving wife and mother.
Four of the children are married.
Charles lives at Howe. G.Frank
Rider, Mrs. Lydia Rhiheshart,
land Mrs. Mamie Smith all live
from a half mile to two miles
If rem the home farm. Miss Edith
has been an invalid from child-
.The funeral services, conduct
ed by Rev. G. W. Ayers, were
held at the Methodist church at
111 o'clock a. m. Thursday. The
. . .
interment was in the Nemaha
City cemetery.
Card of Thanks
We desire to express our thanks
to the friends and neighbors for
the kindness and sympathy
Huown us :n OUP herAavempnt.
God's riche8t blessing be
w:.u .11
w H Rider and children.
Qo,,qq1 Viara a0
Utroved the Titua stnw mom anil
the Odd Fellows hall overhead.
Immediately a two story brick
thA Mme siM 0f th nlrl from
' ' "
me after .lmrtIM. nA nftrv
Thrpft VAftwl arn lnHf Mflw,i, ,1,.
fama klllldinfva mam Vvil vi nA nnil
fnrw, hrinlf a rAnliinpH Hn
tnfi 12fn nf lftRf mnh wn afnrex
I --- .........
hnilfliinrfl ft wrrnnm nnrl o nor-
I o, WW... v wa
nnn wak. wi-pV and an.
other building, the meat market,
VoJi. Qmn rru T n
frflm hniWimrfl Oha nf h
store buildings, that' belonging to
the Edwards & Bradford Lumber
Co. , has been rebuilt but in much
better shape than it was before.
The other buildings will be re
placed with five nice brick build-
ings. Earle Gilbert has rebuilt
the end of his brick storeroom
that was damaged by the storm.
Invariably of recent years the
frame buildings in Nemaha that
are destroyed by fire er storm
are replaced by bricks.
As we go to press we hear
that R. I. Smith's farm house,
near Bracken, was struck by
M' .1 i... ml
lightning Thursday afternoon
We did not learn the extent 0
the damage.
Happenings in Brownville
Strawberry picking has begun.
Mrs. Zook still continues very
Mr. Bunger was in Auburn
Several from here went to
Peru Friday afternoon.
QH. Bell from Auburn visited at
J. Bunger's Saturday.
Decoration day was observed
very fittingly here this year.
Miss Elsie Roberts returned
from Langdon, Mo., last Sunday.
Mrs. D. E. Vandeventer is en
joying a visit from her parents.
Mrs. C. P. Barker of Nemaha
was in town on business Monday.
Rev. J. T. Smith gave the ad
dress to the old soldiers last Sat
urday. Mrs. P. Cook and Miss Helen
Sherbourne drove to Auburn last
Mr. and Mrs. P. Mooney left
Monday for a short visit in
E)r. Wiseman of Grand Island
was seen on our streets again
Joe Bunger is getting his mer
ry-go-round put up right west of
Mr. McLaughlin's office.
Mrs. J. W. Wright and children
spent a few days in Auburn, re
turning home Monday afternoon.
Mr. Bridgewater was stung in
several places by the bees last
week and has not yet entirely re
covered. A .number of young people
from here attended the com
mencement exercises at Nemaha
last Friday.
Misses Nevada and Vesta Lewis
visited cousins in Auburn a few
days last week, returning home
Friday evening.
Miss Marion Steuteville. who
has been teaching school inStrat-1
ton the past year, returned home
Saturday evening.
John Boice bought a ticket to
Nebraska City Thursday morn-1
ing. He has bid farewell to
Brownville for the present, at
The trains were delayed some
Thursday forenoon of last week,
owing to the fact that two large
rocks blocked the track about, a
quarter of a mile north of town.
The Auburn and Nemaha section
men were summoned to assist
the Brownville men in removing
the rock from the track.
F. M. King of Holton, Kansas,
visited Nemaha friends a few
hours Saturday forenoon. Mr.
King in early days taught school
in Nemaha and Aspinwall. Nat
Titus, Pres and Hank Barker and
other of our citizens were his
pupils. He was afterward in
business in Aspinwall and Shu
bert A. L. P. Thompson of Shenan
doah, Iowa, stepped off the train
Wednesday forenoon long enough
to greet a few of his friends.
He was on his way to Auburn
to attend the trial of John Ack-
erman, accused of hiring men to
set fire to the livery barn in
Brownville owned by him in or
der to get the insurance.
"Health Coffee" is really the closest
coffee imitation ever yet produced. This
clever coffee substitute was recently
produced by Dr. Shoop of Racine, Wis.
Not a grain of real coffee in it either
Dr. Shoop's Health Coffee is made
from pure toasted grains, with malt
nuts, etc. Really it would fool an ex
pert who might drink it for coffee.
No 20 or SO minutes tedious
'Made in a minute" says the
Sold by all dealers.
Often Til KMieji Are
Weakened Ij Orer-Werk.
Unkcalthj Kidacys Make Impure Blood.
It used to be considered that only
urinary and bladder troubles were to be
traced to the kidneys,
but now modern
science proves that
nearly all diseases
have their beginning
in the disorder of
these most important
The kidneys filter
and purify the blood
that Is their work.
Therefore, when your kidneys are weak
or out of order, you can understand how
quickly your entire body is affected and
now every organ seems to fail to do its
If you are sick or " feel badly," begin
taking the great kidney remedy, Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root, because as soon
as your kidneys are well they will help
all the other organs to health. A trial
will convince anyone.
If you are sick you can make no mis
take by first doctoring vour kidneys.
The mild and the extraordinary effect of
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the great
kidney remedy, is soon realized. It
stands the highest for its wonderful cures
of the most distressing cases, and in sold
on its merits Dy au
druggists in fifty-cent
and one-dollar size
bottles. Yon may
have a sample bottle BotMotBwunp-Koot.
by mail free, also a pamphlet telling you
how to find out if you have kiduey or
bladder trouble. Mention this paper
when writing to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bing
kamton , N. Y. Don't make any mistake,
but remember the name, Swamp-Root,
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and the ad
dress, Binghamton, N. Y. , on every bottle.
Land For Sale.
800 acres located in Lincoln county, 8
miles southeast of North Platte, 2 1-2
miles from Bignell, the new town on
the prospective line of the B. & M.
This land ia all fended and in pasture,
70 acres broke and fenced separate and
in crop; five room house, good cellar,
water in the housa, good well, cistern
and tanks, water in the barn; barn for
12 horses, cow sheds for 50 head of cat
tle. The land is selling, and is as good
land as any in the state of Nebraska.
A bargain at $15 per acre. This land
will sell for $35 per acre in the nex
5 years.
W. T. Banks,
North Platte, Nebr
If one feels dull and spiritless, in the
spring or early summer, they call it
'Spring Fever. " But there is no fever
usually. It is the after effects of our
winter habits. The nerves are mostly
at fault. Tired, worn-out nerves leave
Ji'Ste sJK
Restorative will absolutely and quickly
change all of these depressing symp
toms. The Restorative of course won't
bring you back to full health in a day
or two, but it will do enough in 48
hours to satisfy you that the remedy is
reaching that ' 'tired spot. ' ' Druggists
everywhere are advising its use as
splendid and prompt general tonic. It
gives more vim and more spirit to the
spoonful than any other known nerve
or constitutional tonic. It sharpens
failing appetite, aids digestion, frees
sluggish livers and kidneys, and brings
new life, strength and ambitiou. Test
it a few days and be convinced. Dr.
W. W. Keeling.
Dealer la
Highest market price paid for Hides,
Lard, Tallow, etc.
Physician and Surgeon
Nemaha, Nebr.
All calls promptly attended
Phone 28
C. A. Curtis
Repair work m Speo ialty
Independent Phone No. 57,
Nemaha Nebraska
WM.'OA.Mt'BHLL, Pre. F.'E. ALLEN,Vico.rres.
"ELMERE. ALLEN; Cashier FRANKTITU8, Aib'i Cash ;
Capital, $5,000
With Ample Facilities
To stop any pain, anywhere in 20
minutes, simply take just one of Dr.
Shoop'B Pink Pain Tablets. Pain means
congestion blood pressure that is all.
Dr. Snoop's Headache-or Pink Pain
Tablets will quickly coax blood pres
sure away from pain centers. After
that, pain is gone. Headache, neural
gia, painful periods with women, etc.
get instant help. 20 tablets 26c. Sold
by Dr. W. W. Keeling.
In the District Court of the First Jidlcial Dis
trict In and for Nemaha county, State of Nebraska
Blanche Farices, plaintiff,
Walter H. Varices, defendant
To Walter H. Parkes:
You are hereby notified that on tne I6tn day or
March. A. D. 1906, Blanche Parker flledla'.petition
against you In the district Court of Nemab&xoun-
ty. MebrasKa, tne oojeet ana prayer ox wntcais to
obtain a divorce from you on the around thaf-you
willfully, wantonly, and cruely deserted -.the.:gaid
plaintiff, and that you have willfully ancLcroelly
neglected and refused to support said? plaintiff
without any just cause wnataoever. . . -u
You are reaulred to answer said Detltionlon or
before the 29th day of June, A- D. 1908, .' ts
HuutcHi! rAHus, ruunmi.
By Stull & Hawxby, her attorneys. .,
Notice for Hearing Claims
In the County Court of Nemaha ceunty.Ne-
In the matter of the estate of Almlra George, do-
NoUoe Is hereby sriven that the court haa made
an order limiting: the time for creditors to. file
claims against said deceased to six months from
the atth day ox June, vx, ana tnauuiy utn.
August 29th and December 19th, 1908, at 10 o'clock
a. m. of each day. at the office of the county Judge
of Nemaha county, Nebraska, in Auburn, Nebras
ka, has been fixed by the court as the times anj
place when and where all persons who have claims
and demands against said deceased can have the
same examined, adjusted and allowed, and all
claims not presented at the last mentioned da
will be forever barred, Dy an oruer oi ine court. ,
Seal W. C. PARRIOTT, County Judge.
Dated May 14, lwa.
Weak women should try Dr. Shoopla
Night cure. These soothing, healing,
antiseptic suppositories go direct to the
seat of these weaknesses. My book
"No. 4 For Women" contains many
valuable hints to women, and it is free.
Ask Dr. Shoop, Racine; Wis. to mail it.
Ask the Doctor in strictest confidence,
any question you wish answered. Dr.
Shoop's night Cure is sold by Dr. W.
W. Keeling.
Proprietors of the
Livery&r Feed Stable
Grcod Dray in connection withLivery
Satisfaction guarantied.
Very low round trip rates
commencing June 1st for
attractive Coast tours, only
$60.00; slightly higher via
Shasta Route and Puget
Republican Convention ex
cursion tickets at low rates
in June; also summer excur
sion rates in connection with
Convention and Summer
Tourist rates to eastern re
Daily excursion rates com
mencing June 1st to v Colo
rado, Utah, Wyoming, Black
Hills, Yellowstone Park;
great Democratic Conven
tion at Denver in July.
Firstland third Tuesdays to the
West, including the famous Big
Horn Basin and YellowstoneValley
where large tracts of rich irrigat
ed lands are being opened for 'set
tlement by the government and by
private companies Write D. Clem
- Deaver, Burlington Landseekers'
Information Bureau, Omaha;, ex
cellent business openings in new
growing towns.
Write a brief description of
your proposed trip, and let us ad
vise you how to make it the best
way at the least cost. ;
0- V. GLENN. Ticket A.ent at Nemaha.
u. W. WAKELEY. Q. P. AMOmaba,
Surplus, $1)000
for handling j
Business entrusterj s