The Nebraska advertiser. (Nemaha City, Neb.) 18??-1909, June 05, 1908, Image 7

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You won't tell your family doctor
the whole story about your private
illness you are too modest. You
need not be afraid to tell Mrs. Pink
ham, at Lynn, Mass., the things you
could not explain totho doctor. Your
letter will bo held in the strictest con
fidence. From her vast correspond
ence with sick women during the
past thirty years she may have
gained the very knowledge that will
help your case. Such letters as the fol
lowing, from grateful women, es
tablish beyond a doubt the power of
to conquer all female diseases.
Mrs. Norman R. Barndt, of Allen
town, Pa., writes :
"Ever since I was sixteen years of
ape I had Buffered from an organic do
rangement and fcmalo weakness; in
consequence I had dreadful headaches
end was extremely nervouB. My physi
cian said I must go through an opera
tion to get well. A friend told mo
about Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound, and I took it and wrote you
for advice, following your directions
carefully, and thanks to you I am to
day a well woman, and I am telling
all my friends of my experience."
For thirty years Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, made
from roots and herbs, has been the
standard remedy for female ills,
and has positively cured thousands or
women who have been troubled with
displacements, inflammation, ulcera
tion, fibroid tumors, irregularities,
periodic pains, backache, that bearing-down
feeling, flatulency, indiges-tion,dizziness,ornervousprostration.
Dispenser of Kisses.
A Frenchman, who apparently has
been amusing himself by reckoning
up the number of kisses he has given
his wife during the first 20 years of
his married life.
He finds that in the first year ho
dispensed about 100 kisses a day, or,
say, allowing for birthdays and legal
and church holidays, about 36,700 in
the year.
In the second year this number was
reduced by half, and in the third
year to ten a day, while in the fifth
year his better half had to be content
with two a day, one in the morning
and one In the evening.
What happened after the fifth year
Is "wrapped in mystery," but at the
same rate of "progression" he prob
ably arrived eventually at one kiss on
the first of January every leap year.
Chicago American.
Important to Mothers.
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA a safe and sure remedy for
infants and children, and see that it
Tlpnro tha
Signature olC&AyA&SjtZ
In Use For Over 30 Years.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Youth th Time to Build Wisely.
Youth is the best time for the
building of character and the forming
of principle, and the future depends
on the decisions and actions of the
present. Rev. G. Denton
Lewis' Single Binder Cigar has a rich
taste. Your dealer or Lewis' Factory.
Peoria, 111. "
People never help a man blow his
horn because they like the music.
Mr. Wlnslow'n Hoothlng Syrup.
For children tcctbluK, eoftn tho Ktiros, reduces ln
(lamination, allays pain, cures wind colic. 25c a bottla,
GentlenesB is Invincible. Marcua
aaaaaaaaaaHH H
Statistics Do Not Bear Out Statement
That Man Is Deteriorating.
A German scientist, Dr. Emll Kontg,
has lately undertaken to prove that
In highly civilized countries man has
abused his constitutional strength,
and consequently Is more susceptlblo
to disease than he was in earlier
times. There Is obviously something
to bo said for this averment, but, con
sidered as a whole, the fucts do not
bear It out.
It is unquestionably true that as
civilization advances human life be
comes more complex, and the pres
sure upon a man's physical resources
tends to become more Intense. It is
also true that certain forms of disease,
such, for Instance, as cancer and heart
weakness, appear .to be more preva
lent than thoy were a century ago
wo say "appear," because only in a
comparatively recent period have the
statistics of mortality and its causes
been trustworthy and exhaustive.
The olllcial records of Geneva, which
havo been kept carefully for a long
period, prove that the average dura
tion of human life Is materially great
er than It was 150 or 100 years ago.
Not only the average length of human
existonce, but the retention of physical
and Intellectual vigor, or what Is
called the prime of life, tends to be
prolonged. The ago limit of useful
ness has In practice been pushed for
ward. The fruitful activity of men over GO,
and oven 70, years of age Is a phe
nomenon far more frequently observed
to-day than it was 100 years ago. Na
poleon's career was over at 4G; Von
Moltke's can scarcely be said to havo
begun, so far ns great achievements
were concerned, till he was nearly 70.
What Is true of war is true of diplo
macy, of law, of medicine, of every
field of work In which mental and
physical energy is indispensable.
When, In a word, we examine impar
tially all the data, weighing accurate
ly all the evidence pro and con, wo
seem Justified In taking an optimistic
rather than Dr. Konlg's pessimistic
view of the effect of civilization on tho
bodily well-being and longevity of
Some Fast-Day Superstitions.
In Armenia, fasts, both of necessity
and of choice, are very general, and
strictly observed. The most common
length of time for abstinenco from
food is seven days.
Throughout thiB long period the Ar
menians, imbued with religious fever,
partake of no food. Only In the caso
of tho young unmarried woman is
any concession allowed.
The young men, on the seventh day
of their fast, are allowed, by old and
sacred custom, to eat a little cake, free
ly mixed with salt
By this meanB dreams of pure,
sparkling, fresh water will be certain
to visit the young man.
A strange superstition is connected
with these visions. The dreamer will
see a maiden approach the stream,
and she will carry him a jug, filled
to the brim with sparkling water.
Tho dream maiden will be the girl
whom Fate has decreed ho shall
This strange superstition Is found In
Armenia wherever the habit of fast
ing is observed, and it Is believed In
with the utmost faith by the unmar
ried men.
Drink from Spring in House.
A spring bubbles up through tho
cement floor In the basement of the
new home of Hook and Ladder 35 In
West Sixty-third street. The contrac
tor who put up tho building could
not control the spring. He did tho
next best thing and built a basin for
It in tho basement of the building
with an overflow pipe leading to the
pewer. Now the members of the
truck company have good spring wa
ter for drinking purposes and if they
feel like It they can get it In tho old
country Avay of lying flat on their
stomachs and sticking their faces Into
the bubbling water. New York Sun.
Education in India.
Education as now understood in
India is an exotic and arouBes no
where any real enthusiasm. Tho In
dian trader, banker or money lender
has accumulated his wealth without
any very obvious aid from English ed
ucation, and ho probably therefore
does not see why he should help oth
ers to what he has himself dispensed
with. Calcutta Englishman.
Solace for the Many.
"What a misfortune it is that the
public encourages so much trashy lit
erature!" remarked the man with
blnck-rinimed eye-glasses.
"It isn't a misfortune," answered
tho practical person. "It Is a bless
ing. It enables people whoso books
won't sell to imagine they have writ
ten classics."
Not Altogether.
"So your wife made a sharp retort
when you took her to task, did she?"
"I don't know that you could call
It a sharp retort exactly."
"What was it?"
"A flat, iron."
That . Will Interest All Suffering
Mrs. Delia Moanos, 32S E. Front
St., Maysvllle, Ky., says: "Sovon years
ago I began to notice
sharp pain in tho
kidneys and a bear
ing down sonsatlon
through tho hips,
dull hendncho and
dizzy spells. Dropsy
appeared, and my
foot and a n k 1 o s
swelled so I could
not got my shoes on.
I was in misery, and had despaired of
ever getting cured when I decided to
try Doan's Kidney Pills. One box helped
mo so' much that I kept on until en
tirely cured."
Sold by all doalors, CO cents a box.
Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Heavy Lady Algy, for four years 1
havo waited for this chance. Ho mine,
and have all the comforts of a home.
Limbs Below the Knees Were Raw
Feet Swollen Sleep Broken
Cured In 2 Days by Cuticura.
"Some two months ago I had a hu
mor break out on my limbs below my
knees. Thoy camo to look like raw
beefsteak, all red, and no ono knows
how they itched and burned. They
were so swollen that I could not get
my shoes on for a week or more. I
used five or six different remedies and
got no help, only when applying them
the burning was worse and the Itching
less. For two or three weeks tho suf
fering was intense and during that
tlmo 1 did not sleep an hour at a time.
Then one morning I tried a bit of
Cuticura. From tho moment It touched
mo the itching was gono and I have
not telt a bit of it since. The swelling
went down and in two days I had my
shoes on and was about as usual.
George B. Farley, 50 South State St.,
Concord, N. H.f May 14, 1907."
That Woman's Fault.
"That woman next door is really
dreadful, John," said a young married
woman to her htiBband. "She does
nothing but talk thq whole day long.
She cannot get any work dono, I'm
"Oh," remarked tho husband. "I
thought Bho was a chatterbox. And to
whom docs sho talk?"
"Why, my dear, to mo, of courso,"
was tho roply. "Sho talks to mo over
the fenco."
Send for FREE copy of big illus
trated Magazine- tolling about tho
Great West, its fino climate, cheap
lands, bountiful and never-falling
crops. 3 Months for 10 cents. Address
Bldg., Denver, Colo.
Spikes In It.
Tommy Rott Huh, It's nil right for
you to laugh when I got spanked, but
your ma doesn't use a barrel stave.
Eddie Fye Well, it's just as bad.
She uses pa's shoo, and he's a baso
ball player.
Chocolate Pic Is Healthful,
Choeolnto Is hoaltliful and nutritions nnd
chocolate pies nro becoming very popular.
Tlicy are easy to innko If you iiho "OUll
PIl'V' Chocolate Mavor. nircellonHonpnck
tiRo. Contains all Ingredients ready for In
"lmt up by D-Kcrtu Co., Rochester, N.Y."
The Highest Reward.
The praises of men, and all that
gold can give, aro not worthy to be
named against right living and calm
contentment. Tuppor.
It Cures While You Walk.
Allen's Foot-Kafo is a certain cure for
hot, sweating, callous, and swollen, aching
feet. Sold by all Druggists. Price 25c. Don't
accept any tuibstttulc. Trial package KR1W!.
Address Allen S. Olmsted. Lo Roy, N. Y.
The winner is ho who gives him
self to his work, body and mind
Chas. Buxton.
How He Got It.
"Had comp'ny fo' dlnnah ylstl'dy.
Mah husban' stopped at Mr. Green's
store Saturd'y ebenln' an' done got a
fine spring chicken."
"Yaas?" replied tho jealous neigh
bor. "Dat MlBtah Green sho' is do'
mos keerless, onsuspectin' man!"
Philadelphia Press.
It takes a conceited man to make
a continuous hit with himself.
Lewis' Single Binder straight. 6e. You
pay 10c for cigars not so good. Your deal
er or Lewis' Factory, Peoria, 111.
As a rule tho world doesn't pay
much attention to a man whoso wife
claims to have made him what he Is.
KITS, St. Vitus Dntico nnd Nervous DlnrnMis per
itmnmitly cured by Ur. Kami's Orenl Nurvo Hostorpr.
Horn! for KHKUS fc.OO trial Iiotlln unil trrnllftn. Dr.
II. II. Kllnu. 101 Arch Btri-ot, Philadelphia, l'a.
A pretty womnn's smile often wrin
kles n man's purse.
A Poor System.
Eustace Miles, tho noted English
athloto and food expert, said at a re
cent vegetarian dinner in Chicago:
"They who, with rich naiicou nrid ex
citing mcnts, .weaken tfielr digestion
In tho effort to strengthen their bodies,
practlco a very poor aystom Indeed.
"Such peoplo nro llko tho em
barrassed motorist who pawned his
autoniobllo in older to raise $250 for a
new get of tiros."
Cleanses tlwStcm Effect
tidily; Dispels holds aiuli'lcact
unites duo to Constipation;
Acts nature Uy, acts truly as
a .Laxative .
Best jtorMtmMmton and Chili
rep-youiuj and Old.
To $ its BcnefWalEffaA
.Always buvjne aenuuie vv ucli
tins lue Jail name of The I
Jio Syrup Co.
by whom it i& manufactured, printed on iltc
Jroni of evtry pnclui'V'.
one Hizv only, regular prico 50f pr boltle.
Positively cured by
these Little Pills.
Thoy Hi ho relieve Dla
trcsHfrom Dj'npnpHln.In
digestion nnilToollt'iirty
Kitting. A perfect rem
oOy for Dlzxliiumi, Nnu
ncn, DrowalneHH, Iltid
TnHto In the. Montli, Ount
nl Tongue, Piiln In the
They regulate tho Uoweln. Purely Vegetable.
Genuine Must Bear
Fac-Similo Signature
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Excelsior Springs Mineral Water
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mm: -tear v
II w
y pallor
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m. m
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tight, wind-tight fire-resisting proof against sun, sleet,
hail, snow everything that rots or eats a roof. It outwears
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