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    At the National Capital n
Gossip of People and Events
Gathered in Washington
Rapid Strides of Capital in Population
WASHINGTON. Tho census taken
recently by tho police force of
tho District of Columbia indicates
that the national capital Is growing
in population at an exceptional rate.
Tho Increase in inhabitants for the
last year Is reported as !,8I2, which
would mean a growth, If steadily main
talnod, of almost 100,000 for the cur
rent decade.
Of course such a rate of growth has
not boon maintained since 1900. Ac
cording to the federal census of that
year, Washington's population was
Former Blacksmith a
BKFORB Jim Tmvney got Into poli
tics up in Minnesota he was a
blacksmith. Ho was so rough that
thoy had to throw him down to put
him into a boiled shirt, somo of his
warmest admirers say.
That blacksmith training proved
mighty good experienco for him, and,
applying blacksmith methods to his
congressional career, he has forged
to the front bo rapidly that- they do
Bay down here in Washington that
If Speakor Cannon doesn't look out
some day he will get run over, be
cause Jim Tawney Is coming with
wonderful HtrldcB.
Tawney is tho man who would bo
picked- out at a glance n the real
ward politician of the house. Ho is
Just the Tdnd of a man the voter al
ways finds ready to toll him how to
vote at tho primary; tho type of man
who always leads the revolt in a cut-
Senators Knox and
UNITED States senators often bo
come good friends, but somehow
they aro not prone to becom
ing real chummy with oho another.
Exceptions occur from time to tlmo
to prove tho rulo. One of these oxcop
lions applies to Senntor Philander C.
Knox of Pennsylvania and Senator W
Murray Crane of Massachusetts. If
tho aftornobn wanes without their
mooting, one is likely to start out to
boo whore tho other Is and to learn
what has happened.
Often tho Knox automobile and tho
Crano automobile exchange honks In
tho morning. Not lnfroquontly tho
senators ride to tho cnpitol in tho
same car. "When tho luncheon hour
comes, Senator Crane may descend to
the committeo on rules, perhaps herald
his advent by turning out tho lights
ln tho vestibule, and then load his
War Department Seeking a Legal Drink
THE war dopartment is looking for a
bovorago to take tho placo of
beer and whisky at army posts. Tho
bovorago must not bo of tho class of
drinks prohibited by tho antiennteen
Tho fedoral courts havo novor
passed upon tho question of tho per
centage of alcohol which will rondor
a bovorago an intoxicant. Tho stato
courts also havo boon chary of docld
lng tho question. Iu certain cases tho
authorities havo spoken, howovor.
Thus, In Rhodo Island, it has boon
held, that whero boor contained 2.S9
por cent, of alcohol no ovidenco was
nocossary to show it was intoxicating.
Iu Texas, a tonic containing from 3
to 4 per cent, of alcohol haa boon
held to be intoxicating liquor. By
278,718. The population reported by
the police In 1908 is .",:!0,40:i, so that
the increase in eight years has been
00,085. Hy 1010 Washington may be
expected to gain at least 15,000 more
inhabitants and its population to rise
to about 355,000.
In its physical aspect Washington
has gained enormously In attractive
ness In tho last eight or ten years. It
Is an Ideal residence city, and its
charms appeal most potently to Amer
icans with leisure enough to enjoy
them. It has become the winter home
of fnmllles of wealth and refinement
from all parts of the union, and its
quiet, order and beauty make living
within Its borders constant, satisfac
tion. It still has great potentialities
In the way of architectural develop
ment, and Its material prosperity Is se
cured by ever-broadening activities of
the great governmental machine.
Power in Congress
aud-dried convention In short, tho
practical politician who gets out tho
Tawney, when he came to congress,
wasn't welcomed within the big tent.
Ho had to wait around on tho outside.
Then tho blacksmith got busy. He
Just walked off the reservation, taking
enough insurgent Republicans with
him to spill the beuns for the big
five. And so it came to pass that
the big follows reckoned with Taw
ney, and now ho is chairman of the
most important committeo in the
house appropriations. Hon. Jim is a
fighter from Pightersvlllo. But he is
that kind of a fighter who knows when
to fight, nnd when to let the other fel
low do tho fighting.
Only once has Tawney been
whipped. That once came from Con
gressman Goebel of Cincinnati, when
ho got tho mail carriers' pay increased,
In Bplto of Tawnoy and Chairman
Ovorstreet. The whipping didn't
tickle Tawney. So, when the fight
to hold down the appropriation on the
agricultural bill came up Tawney
quit guarding the treasury and let
Scott of KansaB tackle tho Job. Taw
noy went to his committee room. The
farmers wiped up the lloor with Scott.
Crane Real Chummy
crony off to tho senate restaurant.
Tho fondness that Senators Crane
nnd Knox evince for eating together
Is reminiscent of tho fondness that
formor Senator Edmunds of Vermont
and tho lato Senator Allen G. Thur
man of Ohio used to have for drinking
together. That was in tho earlier
days, when drinking at tho capltol was
not frowned upon.
All tho oldsters in political Wash
ington aro fond of recalling that story,
how tho two senators kept a black bot
tlo in tho room of tho committeo on
Judiciary. They were certain to ad
journ thoro twice or thrico every aftor
noon that tho senate held a long bos
slon. It was at first a marvel why tho
two mon seemed to havo tho same
thought at tho samo moment, and bo
gan to make tracks simultaneously
irom uitreront parts of tho senate
chamber one bolng a Democrat and
tho other a Republican toward that
committeo room.
It turned out that thoy had prear
ranged signals. Tho "Old Roman's'
signal was to pull out that famous red
bandanna handkerchief and to blow
his nose with clarion loudness
tho laws of Massachusetts It Is held
that a beverage containing more than
ono por cent, of alcohol at GO Fahren
holt 1b lntoxlcntlng.
Tho law In rogard to tho nonsalo of
Intoxicants In post oxchangos, must, of
course, bo followed good faith by
tho army. In tho absenco of any fed
oral decision as to tho question at is
suo, tho authorities must fall back on
tho decision of tho stato courts. TIiobo
vary materially, and, therefore, tho
dopartmont may seek tho solution In
a practical way by ascertaining tho
view taken In prohibition statos as to
tho salo of any glvon drink.
Whoro post oxchangos aro sltuatod
ill a prohibition stato it is considered
ontlroly safo to prohibit tho salo in
such oxchangos of preparations not al
lowed to bo aold undor tho prohibition
lawB of tho state. Whoro such ox
changes aro situated In nonprohlbl
tlon statos It would bo Bafo to ascer
.aln whothor any specific drink is al
lowed sold 'In any prohibition state
and lot tho oxchango bo guided accordingly.
A lawsuit had been tried on tho !
veranda of tho crossroads store, and
when it had been settled Limuel Juck
If n, who had watched the proceedings,
took tho home made chair, vacated by
tho Justice, leaned baok against tho
wall and rermkaed: "Rather bad, this
thing of goln' to law. And ain't It a
peculiar stato of society that educates
men to stimulate quarrels? We may
say that they ain't trained for that
purpoBo, but, unless there are misun
derstanding the lawyer's work is cut
off, and he's got a llttlo too much of
Old Adorn in him not to look out for
his own interest."
"You take a wrong view of the mat
ter, replied a young lawyer.
"That is Just about what I expected
you to say. But grantln' to the lawyer
all ho can claim for himself, it must
after all be allowed that tho blckorln's
and shortsightedness of the human
family give him the most of his excuse
for A perfect stato of civiliza
tion would argue perfect honesty, and
if such wore the case tho lawyers
would bo powerful scarce. There Is
no denyln' of the fact that somo of tho
greatest mon have been lawyers and
that tho most of our presidents havo
practiced law. And so have some of
the immortal geniuses been soldiers,
but if man had been Just and peace
able thoro never would havo been
any need for tho soldier."
"According to your view, then," said
tho lawyer, "there Is no real need for
anybody that"
"That doesn't build up," Limuel
broke in, winking at his formor
friends. "Every man ought to produce
somethln. If -ho don't he's llvin' on
somebody that does. Tho only real
occupation is the one that makes the
world bettor. Understand, now, I
have nothln' against anybody's callin'.
I'm Just expressin' my opinion and it
must bo taken for what it is worth.
But the lawyer Bhows us one thing if
nothln more how keen a man's mind
may be whotted. I recollect onco that
a fellow sued me. We had swapped
horses "
"And you had got the better of him,
eh?" said the lawyer.
"Well, that's tho way It looked to
him. The horse I let him havo died
that night. Ho asked me if tho horse
was sound and I said I never had
heard any complaint, and I hadn't. He
had novor boon under the care of a
doctor so far as I know. His appetite
was good and he'd bat his eye when
you motioned at him. I might have
seen him fall down have seen men
fall, but I didn't think that they wore
goln' to die. I told him a ohild could
drive him. A child did drive him out
of the garden that day. Well, wo
swapped, and, as I say, his horse was
taken sick in the night and died bo
fore day. He came back to me and
sworo that I had swopped him ahorso
that I know'd was goln to die. I told
him that if ho'd show mo a horso that
wa'n't goln' to die I'd give hlra my
farm. I felt that ho had tho worst of
it and I would havo evened it up the
best way I could, but before I got
through bavin' fun with him ho got
mad and wont away and hired a law
yer to prove that I was a liar and al
together the worst man in tho com
munity. "I never got such a scorln' in my
life. I felt sorry for my wife and chil
dren. I didn't think that anybody
would ever speak to mo again, and I
loid tho lawyer that I would make It a
personal matter between mo and him.
I expected tho Justico to decldo dead
against me, but he didn't. Ho had
been a horso trader himself.
"Well, after tho thing was over with
I took tho horso I got from tho feller
and wont over to his house about ton
miles away and turned the nag loose
In his lot. I did it not because I was
sorry for him, but because I was
afraid of myself afraid that I couldn't
sleep, and I was workln' hard aud
needed rest. Well, sir, that night
the nag that I'd turned into tho lot
ups and dies, and tho follor sworo that
I had hauled him thoro nftor ho was
dead, and hanged if ho didn't buo mo
again. Ho got tho samo lawyer and
ho mado mo out a worse man than I
was before. Mado it appear that I had
poisoned tho horso and dragged him
over thoro. Then I sworo that tho
wholo county couldn't hold me back
from tnkln' It out of his hide.
"So tho first chance I got I went to
town to see tho lawyor. I wont ovor
to tho courthouse and ho was makln'
a speech, nnd I wish I may dio dead if
the feller ho was a sklnnln' this tlmo
wan't tho very man that had sued mo.
I nevor beam anything like it. Tip
toed and called him all sorts of n
scoundrel; said that ho had, defrauded
mo, as honost a man as lived in tho
stnto. I couldn't stand that, I walked
on out and aftor a whtlo ho camo
along aud held out his hand and called
mo 'Undo Llm,' Just as If I was his
mother's brothor. Then ho clapped
mo on tho Bhouldor and you could
have heard him laugh moro than a
pa J
mile. He said ho was a com In out to
go a flshin' with me.
wnii r int Mm ntt nnd nttnr xvfl
had got to bo right good friends, 1
asked him how ho happened to be en-
gaged against my enemy, and this la
what he Bald: 'Oh. I wasn't. Somo
of tho boys told mo you wore comin
into the houso and I know that you
wero troublesome when you set your
head to it, so as court wasn't in bo
slon I started In to makln' a speech
against the fellow so you could hear
mc, and ho cmpped me on the Bhoul-
der and you could havo beam him
laugh more than two miles this time,
"Get a lawyer with run in mm and
ho s all right. Once I had somo Dual-
nous mi hand Mn Hntllnmnnt nf mv
lu-nMior'a nclsitn nnH I wnnr in nil!
Tnm rwwoii nmi nakn.i him Wv
much ho would charge me, and ho al-
mosttook my breath with the amount
ho named. I knew ho was a man of a
good deal of ability liked fun, and I
says to him like this: 'Tell you what
arrangoment to make, colonel. 1'vo
got a mighty fine chicken out at my
houso and if you can fetch out one to
whip him I'll engage you and pay your dross! Unfortunately, there is a fash
price, but if my chicken whlp3 yourn, Ion in art and a fashion In liter
why you do tho work for nothln'.' Ho ature as changeable as the style of
was a man of ability and ho agreed, hats and gowns, and often as absurd.
Ah, me, thoro ain't such lawyers about
hero those days. I recollect onco
"But did tho fight come off?" some
one Inquired.
"Olf, that fight? Yos, hold tallow
carfdles for It one night, and you'd
havo thought It was a snowln', the
air was so full of feathers. My wlfo
keot on a callin' out: 'Limuel. what
are you a doin' there in tho smoke-
house.' and I nlwavs answered: 'I'm
dlEEln' un a rat. Go on to bed. I've
most got him now.'
"I don't know how lone thov fit
other roosters wero crowln all around
the neighborhood when thoy got
through. But my chicken crowed last,
and the colonel gave me his hand with
feathers a stickln' to it, and says, says
he: 'Lira, you've got me and I'll take
caro of your business.'
"Best settlement I ever made. He
took care of the business right up to
tho handle, and when he had got
through ho 'lowed, he did, that he could
find a bird that could whip mine for
the estate Bald ho'd put up his law
books and his houso and lot against it,
but it looked too much like gamblin',
so I backed down. Oh, he would hare
done it. Ablest lawyer in the county.
It's a pity all lawsuits couldn't be set
tled somewhat In that way ag fairly,
I moan.
"I was Just a thinkln'," ho added aft
er a few momonts of silence, "how
much trouble the old world has been
put to tryln' to govern man. Every
year or so tho legislatures meet and
make laws and unmake them, always
exporlmontin' with man. The trouble
with him is ho don't know what he
wants and don't know what to do with
It after ho gets It, And the lawyer Is
tho outgrowth of his restlessness and
his ignorance."
"Think there will ever come a time
when there aro no lawyers?" tho young
advocato inquired, and the old man
scratched his head.
"Oh, yes, that time will come, but
it will be the time when thoro isn't
anything. Tho lawyor has come to stay
as long as tho rest of us do. Ho's a
smart man and a good follor for tho
most part, and is nearly always wlllin'
to forgive you when he has doneyou
a wrong, and I want to remark right
hero that this argues tho extremest of
(Copyright, by Oplo Read
Copper Mines Most Valuable.
"Mining is an uncertain business
even at best," said George A. Walker
at tho Republican. "Tho mo3t you
can say of It is that you aro investing
your money In a hole in tho ground or
on tho prospects of somo ono olso'a
idoaa being correct. Even when you
Invest In an established mine which
seems to be paying largo dividends,
you aro running the chanco of tho
vein's coming to an end and your
stock going down to almost nothing.
Of course, this is rathor an unusual
occurrence and sclenco nowadays crtu
protty accurately toll what is to bo ex
pected from any mine aftor it has been
worked a short time. Tho most profit-
, , , , . . , .
ablo mines, howovor, aro not, as might
bo surmised, tho gold mines. Tho one
mine In the United States which
pays tho largest dividends to-day Is a
copper mlno. Copper Is easier and
cheaper to mlno than gold, there is
generally a much greater output, and
less loss from wasto or carolossnoss."
Milwaukee Sentinel.
On Terra Flrma.
"What does becomo of all tho pins?"
crlcfd Mrs. X, as sho vainly sought for
ono on her dressing tablo.
"I know, mamma," cried hor llttlo
sop, who had Just begun to study
Iatin, "Thoy fall to tho earth and be
qonift tovranins." Harper's Wqekly.
First "Dreaa Suit' In Kansas.
The first dross suit that over came
to Kansas camo with the "aid" from
Boston during tho dry summer of
I860. Some rich man In tho east con
tributed It, having outgrown It, and a
farmer named Paswell, In Kaploma
towiiBhlp, In this county, plowed corn
in It all summer. Atchison Globo.
Work Done In Time's Fractions.
All our great men who attained their
ambition early realised tho value of
time; to them the minutes wore the
stepping stonos on which they croised
the river of life to the embankment
of success. They never Ho nbod
when they should be up and doing.
Durlnu a divorce caso. recently tried
in Syracuse, tho pretty plaintiff, after
shedding copious tears on tho wlt-
ncBS Btand, was later detected In an
attempt to pass her two tear-soaked
handkerchiefs into the Jury room.
illustrated Sunday Magailne.
The Firefly.
The light is phosphoric, and is sup-
PBed b.e displayed or w thheld at
the w111 of J6 insoct- n I . , ?'
ma,ea are Phosphorescent. Scientist
tel1 thRt ts 8le PrpoB It to at-
tract the malo.-Now York American.
Chanoeableness of Fashion.
If fashion were only limited to
Gaulols, Paris
First Subscription Library.
In 1731 Benjamin Franklin founded
the Library Company of Philadelphia,
which he called "the mother of all
North American subscription li
braries." When Beauty Speaks
What a strange illusion it is
supposo that beauty is goodness.
beautiful woman utters absurdities;
we listen, and, we near not tno an
surdities, but wise thoughts. Tolstoi.
Eternal Vanity
a man has an awful hard time try
jng to make himself believe that all
tho girls aro not crazy about him.
Philadelphia Evening Telegraph.
The Worth of Gold.
Writes one to the Times: "Gold
regulateB the price of everything
what regulates the price of gold?"
Why, everything, of course.
Better Than Mere Wealth.
A man who gives his children hab
its of industry provides for them bet
ter than by giving them a fortune.
Lost Confidence.
Other people have generally beaten
him to it when a man loses confidence
in himself.
The Main Trouble.
Most people would be satisfied with
the kind of living they are making If
other people were not living better.
To Thine Ownself Be True.
A mind conscious of Integrity
scorns to say more than it moans to
Distinction of French Capital.
Paris possesses the largest public
gardens and tho largest hospital.
Lincoln Directory
Highest Price
For Cream
Call at Our Receiving Station
Beatrice Creamery
To paint your poultry Hhed. It will provont
lico. ProHorvo your fence po.sts by ii'dutlng
thorn with tar paint boforo boUIiik. Dip your
shinies in tar paint-it iroHpryos thorn. Hold
In fiO-Kullon barrels for 85 PKH HA11KICL.
gold Tn r,.Rnllon cuns for 1.5U por can. Tnr to
cheaper than paint la inoio oftootlvo and lasts
longer. Best In tho world for eornitfiitod iron
drain, Provision, Stocks, and Cotton,
ruin Office, aos Fraternity Blag.
Lincoln, Nebraska.
Bell Phono B12 Auto Phono 2tV!)
Largost Ilouao in Stato
On account of taking iu so vend innclilnoi
cheap, wo can BULL THEM AT BARGAINS.
"Writo for list this weok. LINCOLN AUTO
MOUILB CO., Lincoln, Neb.