The Nebraska advertiser. (Nemaha City, Neb.) 18??-1909, June 24, 1892, Image 5

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The Nebraska Advertiser
M. 1I V.f.Vlv'r.v, fuUll'litr.
For President of the United States,
vor Vice President,
WIIITELAW 111311).
For Governor,
Tho Beatrice chautuuqua begins next
Sioux City will not build a corn pal
ace thitt year. It is too expenslvu a
P'fsidont Harrison and David Swing
the celebrated Chicago preaclior, were
classmates at, Miami university.
m m
Tho republican national committee
will meet next Monday, at Washington,
to effect a permanent organization.
Tho Omaha World Herald grieves
over tin1 xact that "tho same old, ugly
New York light confronts tho Chicago
Tom Majors has been acting gover
nor this week, while Goy. Eoyd hm
been attending the democratic eouven-
tlon at Chicago,
Emmons Blaine, son of the ox-secretary
of state, djed last Saturday foie-
noun, from blood poisoning, the result
of inflammation of the bowels.
All tho prominent democratic leaders
and newspaiers ad.uit that Harrison
was the strongest mint that could have
been nominated by tho republicans,
Bryan was renominated by acclamu
t on at Nebraska City last Monday
night, by the democratic convention,
for congressman fiom tho Fhst dis
trict. Judge Bright Morgan, of Mississippi,
was shot dead Saturday morning, on
tho tiain, near Memphis, Tenn., while
on his way to Chicago to attend tho
national democratic convention, to
which ho was a delegate.
The St. Lonis Globe Democrat says
it doe. not matter wnat the democrats
say in their platform. They will have
to go before tho people on tho record ol
the piescnt House, and it is unquei
tianably tho worst one that has been
known for the last twenty years.
Nebraska City News: The republi
cans of Lancaster, Richardson and
Pawnee counties have united upon
Allen W. Field as their candidate for
congress, and he will most likoly bo
nominated on the first ballot. Otoe
and Cass counties will vote for Judgo
Chapman, while Nemaha may support
Chuich Howe.
Beatrice Express: In 1SS2 Great
Britain made 8,403 ,287 tons of pig iron,
Germany made 3,380,803 tons, and tho
United Suites 4,023,323 tons, In 1891
Great Britain made 7,228,41)0 tons, Ger
many 1,452,010 tons, and the United
States 8,270,733 tons. This is a decrease
for the free trade country of 14 per
cent, and an increase of 33 per cent and
SO per cent respectively for the two
protectionist countries. That is the
kind of "victories" Cobdeniani is win
ning these days.
We rospectfully refer the following,
clipped from the Lincoln Call, to a few
of our citizens: Over in Iowa a church
society has been organized on aii on
tlrely new scheme. The members
who join can dance, play cards, drink,
and bet on horse races if they want to,
and the one who gains most fame and
widest repute in these diversions, is
accounted the ono who is nearest tho
kingdom all the time. When tho devil
learned of tho birth of this denomina
tion, he "knocked off". work himself
and gave his hands a half holiday in
which to celebrate.
Western Normal College, Lincoln
Neb. Tho leading noroial of tho west.
Other medicines might help but to
make assurance doubly sure use Do
Witt's Sarsap.irilla to enrich, purify
an d renew the blood. Taylor Bros and
The democratic patty has more sec
ond class candidates for tlrst class po
sitions than any other political oiluiiI
zulion in 1 1. 1- woild.
After h.tving undergone several 10
visions and le-rovlsions, the "llnul ami
conclusive'' figures of the population tf
tho country in 1S00 aie put at 02,070,700.
The total now must be in the nelghboi
liood of 00,000,000. It Is a great coun
try. Twenty-eight years ago, at Chicago,
tho democratic party declared In favor
of peace at any pi ice; and now, at the
same place, it has a little war of its
own which promises to bo equally as
disastrous to it as was the great one
which it then opposed.
Tho democratic leaders generally
confess that Harrison Is the strongest
man who could have been nominated
at Minneapolis, and they will have
abundant confirmation of this yiow as
tho campaign progresses.
The heart of tho whole country will
go out in tender sympathy to Mr.Blalne
in his latest domestic aillictlon. Fate
has dealt most, unkindly with hii.i in
his family relations during the last few
years, and his accumulated sorrows
have probably dono much to undermine
his health and cloud his spirits.
The piesent British parliament, at
the time it steps down, will have ex
isted in tho neighborhood of six yoavs.
This is over a year more than tho aver
age of the parliaments of this century.
Tho six year mark has been exceeded
only twice by tho parliaments of tho
past ninety years, and then only by a
few days.
The situation of Hill in this emer
gency is peeuliaily humiliating and
embarrassing. If Cleveland tails to
carry Now York on November S next
Hiil will bo accused of "knillng" him,
while if he carries that state Hill's in
fluence in state politics will bo belittled
and his pretensions to leadership will
bo repudiated. In either case Hill is
near tho end of his political rope.
When he steps down from the senate
at the cud of his term ho will bo as
dead and discredited as Aaron Burr.
Tho people of Franco have always
been regarded as thrifty and temperate,
It is painful therefore, says tho Now
York Pi ess, to learn, in the Paris cor
respondence of a London newspaper,
that "drunkenness has so much in
creased in France cf lato years that
this country, once so sober, is now
sorely puzzled to know what to do with
its habitual topers." The same writer
adds that "the quantity of spirits con
sumed in France has increased enor
mously. Tho cheap bars for tho work
ing classes which have sprung up in all
parts of P&is during tho last year or
bo are undoubtedly doing much to in
crease the evil hero. They are gener
ally crowded, and tho quantity of ab
sinthe that is drunk in these places at
all hours of the day is quite sutliciont
to explain the alarming increase of al
coholic madness."
From this it appears that Paris, too,
is menaced by tlio biiIooh question, and
.that Hie country of cheap wine is rap
idly becoming demoralized by cheap
bars. All of which ought to bo of in
terest to those social reformers who
would promote sobriety by introducing
a mild form of inebriety.
Lincoln Journal: A largo forco of
men began work last week on tho now
tin plate mill which Is boing erected it
Norrislown, near Philadelphia, by the
representative of W. II. Edwards, own
er of a number of tin pJato mills in tho
Swansea valley, Wales. Ho frankly
admitted that the tariff had brought
ono mill over here and thought that it
would bo only a question of time until
the entire company camo oyer, and
with it a largo number of Its neighbors
from the district which has been male
ing the tin plato of the world for gen
orations. This particular factory will
begin operations in about five wooks,
and will turn out 140 boxos per week
at the start.
A groat school Western Normal
College, Lincoln, Neb.
Some of the Grand Army boys may
be interested in the following from
Alex. B. Pope, A D C, Commander
Dep'fc Tonn and Ga. Ho says: "We
have had an epidemic of whooping
cough here, (Stewart, Tenn,) and
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has been
the only medicine that has done any
pood." There is no danger from whoop
ing cough, when this remedy is freely
given. It completely controls the di
sease, no cent bottles for sale by Tay
lor Bros.
Wo aro Informed of tno publication
or a novelty in the book line which la
certain of an enormous salu. This
book 19 "Glimpses of tho World. A
Portfolio of l'hotogiaphs" prcpaicd
under the supervision of the great
traveler and lecturer John L. Slod
daid. It contains photographic views
of famous scones and places in all parts
of the world. Every view Is fully do
scribed. As an educator It Is Invalua
b'e. It contain 550 pagea, and nearly
275 viows, and Is sold by subscription
at popular prices. The R. S. I'ealo Co ,
Chicago, are tlio publishers, and thov
desiro an agent In this locality. They
will gladly mail descrlptlvo circulars,
sample views and terms to all, on ap
plication. Your railroad faro paid to Western
Normal College, Lincoln, Neb. Write
for particulars
On the occasion of the National Ed
ucational Association's annual convon .
tlon at Saratoga, N. Y July 12-15, the
Burlington Route, from July 3d to July
0th, inclusive, will sell round trip tick
ets from all stations in Nebraska to
Saiatogaat one lowest first class laro,
plus two dollars (membeiship fee N.
Tickets are good for return passage
from July 15th to 21st, but an exten
sion of timocan bo had, if requested.
Apply to local B- & M. agent for
full particulars, or writo to J. Fraud.-.
General Passenger and Ticket Agent,
Omaha, for folder.
Write foi catalogue and circulars to
Western Normal College, Lincoln,
If dill!, spiritless and stupid; if your
blood is thick and sluggish; if your ap
petite is capricious and uncertain, you
need a Sarsapari'la. For best results
take Do Witt's. Bourno and Taylor
I: tit Lien's Arnica Salvo
The best salvo in tho world for cuts
bruises, sores, ulceis. salt rheum, fover
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains
corns and all skin eruptions and posi
Ivoly cures piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give satisfaction,
or money refunded. For sale Ly
rAYLon Hros.
Largest, cheapest and best Western
Normal College, Lincoln, Nob.
It will cost you nothing and will
surely do you good, If you have a cough
cold, or anv trouble with throat, chest
or lungs. Dr. King's New Discovery,
tor consumption, cougns and corns is
guaranteed to give relief, or money will
be paid back. Sufferers from la grippe
found it just tho thing and under its
uso had a speedy and perfect recovery.
Try a sample bottle at our expense and
learn for vourself just how good a
thing it is.' Trial bottles free at J. W.
Taylor & Bro's drug store. Largo sizo
50c" and $1.00.
Tho TWIOE-A-WEEK St-Louis Ropublio
Will be mailed every Tuesday nnd Friday,
from now until NovomhorSO, 1S02, for ONLY
FORTY CENTS. It 1h n Kieut Reml.wackly
paper, nud will bo lndlspeiiMlhlo during the
campaign. An oxtra copy will to sont free,
for thosamo length of tlino. to tlio Hondnr of
eiicli club of live, with Two Dollars. Send
for a pncknuo of Hnmplo copies, ntnl raise a
club. Address TilK Hki'UM.ic, St. I.ouls.Mo.
We have just received a big lot of
them, and remember we furnish you a
harp and
Guarantee to Learn You
to Play, all for $5.
Call and seo our fino window display
when in Auburn.
SEAvey Co.
First NationsBank All U U r n , N 6 D
'In tlio county court of Nemaha county,
Vohraska. In ttie matter of allowing the
dual administration account or Mary J.
llonelleld, administratrix of tho eHtato of
r.ovl Iioucfleld, deceased Notice Is hereby
lven that July 2. A. D. 1892. at 10 o'clock a.
in., at the olllco of tho county Judgo of Nenm
ha county, Nebraska, ln Auburn, Nebraska,
uas boen ilxed by the court ns tho tlmo and
place for examining and allowing suld itc
"otint, when and whore ell person, interest
ed may appear and contest tho same,
Dated Juno 3d, 181)2.
0 30 JAHVIS S. CHUItCII, Co. Judgo.
Presidential Campaign, 1892,
Grand Inducement to Headers of
tonal'l' u.VrMlM0nl,wl p"?lBn of 1802 will, without doubt, be tho most In
SLytiV.iT8tl1!8 aml. oxoH,,MB ln -' "'"story of the United States, and country
!?S 1. L r?Jctro,me,y nnxl0U8 t0,lmvn u tl10 General and political news and
i, m, ?. i ?. V10 (,uy ,"3 PfMO'rtecl in a National Journal, ln addition to that
contract wlththo" mV' T 'nCCt th,B W"Mt W hnyo onturc(1 ,Ilt0 a
Misleading Republican Paper of the United States,
,!? v.1,,,"!1!1 w,Vi ?t i xTff",,t,,,ilt.,8i),0".l,1(1 jmmml (rcwliir subscription prlco $1.00
per year) and THE NEBRASKA ADVERTISER one year
For only $1,50,
. ..u.uvk-nii. ji.u v xm j. loi-j it,
Total, .... $or,0
W o furnish both papers one year for S1.50!
,, . , , Subscriptions may begin at any tliuo.
nils is tho most liberal combination offer over mado in the United States, and
ovo.y reader of THE ADVERTISER should take advantage of It at once
Address all orders to
The Apvertisek, Nemaha City, Neb.
All Hinds of Lumber
sin cl Onildliiio. Material.
Hard, Soft and Norway Pine. Hard and Soft Coal. Give mo n call.
M9 TUCELiiie, .llanugev, Jfowe, Nebr.
nikJt fucultX,rinUl h Amt'rica
A Prac
Sell for
40 Courses, Departments and Colleges,
Including almost anything and eyorythlng you may want at the least exnenso
and shortest time. '
Zealously moral and christian, but nonssectariun. No vacation. Expenses
low. Members of tho Faculty specialists and experienced in Normal School
work. Faculty and students of an old Normal unite with this ono and continue
right along without a break. Two great schools in elegant now (inartorH Lo
cated in the beautiful suburb of TSJ01-?.NT A T . r.wn nr.,i m,.i,if' ,..ii
southeast of Lincoln. Connected with electric street car lino and lino boulevard
Aggregato length of buildings, 400 foot, covoring more ground with moro
floor area than any othor Normal.
Forty acre campus, massive main building, largo dining hall, conservatory
of music, large pipe organ, lino equipments, llbrarv, power house, water plant
heating p'ant and electric light plant. '
Send thirty names and addresses of young men and women, and wo will
send you ono year free our "Educational Journal." Pall term opens in Septem
ber. Send for free catalogue and circulars to
F. F. Roose, Manager and Owner, Lincoln, Nebr.
TJiiclci'talccx'j9 3roocl5 etc.
We make
rnrrvf tirr t,i cii inr
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Gold Coin, Superior, Peninsular and Acorn
As well as a full stock of the latest Improved
Call and seo us. You will bo pleased with goods and prices.
South of Court House Square, Auburn, Neb.
II W, HIIUIIKltT, 1'res
A. McGKCHIK.V-l'res.,
BHUlti'jlir, ISUJSKAMvA,
A.iitliorized Capital S50,000.
Does a general Banking, '.Zoiui and Exchange Business
DIRECTORS : II W Slmlierr. Ali.Yinwli.r i.n,.ni.ii i n r.'i..., t c i... ,...
Lt,M ,Wem,,,, G w Lewis, W W James, E Lundy, G V A rgiilu ighi.
NOI Ain PUBLIC at tho bank during business hours, from i) a. in. until 4 p tut
Cash in Advance!
reu,nr l'rlco l'er year,
wlth lll fl,,Mt bulld'HSB. best equipments
- J. a
a specialty of-
lt.i 1 1 ffV,.'i.t ,i1.r,
O. V.'AlHlAimKJIIT.Cas
r ,