The Nebraska advertiser. (Nemaha City, Neb.) 18??-1909, June 24, 1892, Image 1

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NO. 4Y
Corrected ovory Thursday by Titus &
lings, 84.504.05.
Corn, oa3G cents per bushel,
Wheat, i")U55 cents por bushel.
Butter, 08 cents por lb.
Eggs, 10 cents por dozen.
4M IjOcjOj .votes 4P
DistiesAingly dry and hot.
Additional local on hist page.
Mrs. Maxwell visited Auburn Moris
Dick Morton drove up from Shubort
One week from next Monday is the
T. G. Furgeson, the alliance leader,
was in town Tuesday.
Ftof. Veeder visited
sevoral days this week.
Peru friends
Miss Josle York, of I'eru, is visiting
friends in Nemaha City.
Miss Blanch Sargent went to Auburn
Tuesday, to visit fi lends.
Annual school meeting next Monday
night, ut the opera house.
The village trustees are having some
good stone crossings put in.
Carl Sanders, of Shubert, visited Ne
maha City frionds Sunday.
D. C. Miller went lo Glen Rock Tues
day, to do soaio carpenter work.
Geo. Lewis attended the democratic
convention 't Auburn last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Taylor went to
Stella Tuesday, returning Wednesday .
Ed Bourne visited the northwestern
part of the state the first of this week .
Birl Hoover is walking with a crutch
and cane, on account of a badly sprained
S. Gilbert is having an addition built
to his house south of where he is
Frank Woodward, Dave Morton and
Minor Taylor were Auburn visitors
W. II. Rodabaugh, editor of the Peru
Gazette, gayo us a pleasant call last
Jus. A.Titus and Jerry Marlatt drove
over to Stella Tuesday morning.return
ing in the afternoon.
Grandpa Prall, who Is now stopping
with his son, Rodney, at Barada, was
in town over Sunday.
Robt. Frost has completed the job
of tearing down the old school house
and piling up the brick.
The Methodist and Christian Sunday
schools will celebrate the Fourth by a
union picnic in the park.
G. W, Fair-brother, sr.. and his grand
son, Master Frank Ilulburdere down
from Brownvillo Monday.
The independents held their prima
ries Saturday, but we failed to learn
who wero the delegates elected.
Mrs. T. B. Finch Is acting as director
of the school board now. She has been
engaged this woek in taking the school
Mrs. Ed Weisenrcder, who has been
visiting friends in Nemaha county for
several weeks, started for her home in
Broken Bow Tuesday.
Wo omitted last week to mention
the return homo of Ed Maxwell from
Lincoln, where he has been attending
the Wesleyan university. He went to
Liberty Tuesday, to soo about a posi
tion iu Tom Fisher's drug store.
Nat Titus informs usitlmt the hot
dry weather has played havoc with his
strawberries this year. Ho Intonds to
have things arranged so ho can irrlgato
next year.
There will be no preaching at the
Methodist church Sunday evening, on
account of the quarterly meeting ut
W. V. Seid oullini in Thursday and
said io had new potatoes for dinner
that day, But we beat him, as wo had
them for dinner Tuesday.
The third quarterly meeting of the
M. E. church fur Brownville and Ne
maha City will be held at Brownville
Saturday and Sunday next.
T. J. Illtto came down from Lincoln
Thursday evening, returning Friday
morning. His mother, who lias been
visiting here for some time, returned
witn him.
The school board has had the school
seats taken out of the Methodist church
and after scrubbing and cleaning out
the building the church seats have
been put back.
Willis B. Minick and family returned
to their homo in the western part of
the county Wednesday, after sevoral
days' visit in Nemaha. Cyrus Minick
went out with them.
Rev. Mr. Youtzy will preach at the
Christian church Saturday evening
and Sunday morning. Sunday even
ing the Sunday school will hold their
children's day exercises,
A party was given at the residence
of 11. D. Waterman Tuesday night, in
honor of J, II. Veeder. The houso was
filled with young people, and a most
enjoyable time was had.
The F. C. Burton Lyceum Theatre
Co. played at the opera house Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday nights. The
actors, with two exceptions, are better
than the usual companies coming
through hero.
Jim Titus a short time ago bought a
ticket to a theatrical performance, then
closed up the store and went homo
never thinking of the entertainment
again until almost home. That ticket
is for sale cheap.
Two dozen now baby bonnets, silk
and embroidered ones, just received by
Mrs. Hill.
Send us your fine watch work and
engraving. Also your jewelry for re
pairs and you will bo sure to get value
eceived. S. II. Avi:y a Co.
Titus & Williams pay highest prices
for hogs and corn.
The Now York Tribune and Tin:
Advertiser both one year for only
Sl.50, the price of this paper alone.
See our special offer.
Soldiers' childiou and children of
members of tho G. A. R. are given
special rates at tho Western Normal
College, Lincoln, Neb.
Now Goods at Lowest Prices.
Latest styles Best assortment
Lowest prices Neatest designs Call
and see. J. W. Taylor a Bro.
Phina Drinto Latest patterns, at
lilliria riinib Titus & Williams'.
For Sale or Rent.
The Shook land. If a reasonable
payment is made, I will give time on
balance to suit purchaser, and will sell
in large or small tracts, For full par
ticulars apply to F. L. Woodward,
agent, Nemaha City.
Hats at cost at
Fairrank & Sheen's.
J us. A. Titus returned from Omaha
Saturday night, in time for the Wood-
moii supper. Jim always manages to
get around on time when there is any
thing good to oat.
Mr. Porter, Brownvlllo's marshal,
and m. Rossell drove down to Ne
maha Thursday, after a darkey who
had assaulted a colored girl. Tlio feN
low was caught near Bonnett's mill.
Tho Shubort Dramatic Club will pre
sent tho comedy drama, "To Oblige
Benson," at the McGechio opera houso
on Saturday evening, July 10th. It Is
probablo tho company will also be here
in a short liino.
Stephen Cooper staited for Oregon
Tuesday, and will spend somo time
running arouud looking at tho country
and if ho likes it will aottlo there.
Stovo Is a good steady boy, and wo wisli
him success whorovor ho may cortcludo
to locate.
Mrs. T. A. Lorance wont to Brown
vllle last Saturday and visitod friends
until Thursday. Sho returned to her
home In Beatrice Friday. Wiilio and
Nellie went with her, and will visit
Grandpa and Grandma Berger for two
or three weeks.
Regular services nt St. John's Epis
copal church next Sunday afternoon,
Juno 20th, at !1 o'clock, with tho bub
Usui of children. Will all those hav
ing children ready for baptism bring
them at that time.
It. C. Talhot, Pastor.
Clearing Out Sale of Hats at Mrs.
Last Monday afternoon Geo. Ring
ling and Will Sully were driving to
ward .Shubort, ar-d overtook another
couulo going tho same way, and chal
lenged them for a race to Shubert. As
it afterward turned out, thoy had all
read tho advertisement in The Adver
tiser that a first class photograph gal
lory had been opened In Shubert by J.
A. LeRoy, and all who desired first
class work in tho photographic line
suould give him a call, as only first
class work is made and satisfaction is
guaranteed, and thoy wero going to
have their pictures taken. The gallery
is well equipped with fine back grounds
and accessories, Opon all week, and
on Sunday afternoon for the accommo
dation of those who cannot coino (lur
ing tho week, Copies made from old
photographs, etc., and also fine largo
tin typos are made if you are in a hur
ONLY. Samples at tho postolllce.
The school for the MASSES. West
orn Normal School, Lincoln, Neb.
Wall Paper 2i?S55K8't
at Taylor Bros.
Wo will sell lor the next :50 Days
I our entire stock of flints at Cost. 5
Straw hats at Titus & Williams.'
Buy your P ornate oE TltUB &
Williams. Nob alJ Bib waste in
cutting, uig line ot samples to seiect
from, Call and see.
Notice is hereby given that tho firm
of Chambers & Klttell has been dis
solved by mutual consent, Wes II.
Clark buying Geo. Klttell's interest.
All accounts due the firm of Chambers
& Kittell aro payable to the now firm.
Geo. Kittell,
Wes. II. Clark.
Biggest Qffei'
By special arrangements wo aro enabled to offer to all our subscrlbero when
pay one year in advance
The New York Weekly Tribune,
probably the ablest edited paper in the United States. If you aro delinquent,
pay up your subscription to date and and a year in advance, and we will sentli
you tho weekly Tribune tor one yeai, free of coat.
To New or Old Subscribers.
Mrs. Snow wont to Shubort Monday
J. 1). Poe, formerly B. & M. Agent nt
Peru, has been transferred to Bennett,
twenty miles oast of Lincoln. Mr.
Bramble, of
f, of Tecumseh, took charge
J. . Hoberg was-.transferm
from Bennett to Hardy, near Red
Johns Hoover and Jim Bennett aro
losing hogs with cholera. During tho
high water Bennett took hit hogs to
Iloovor's farm, but did not put thorn
in with tho hitter's hogs. Sinco Ben
nett took his hogs away they have been
dying at both places.
Mrs. Wykes and children, of Syra.
ciiHo, who havo boon visiting friends in
Nemaha for the past ten days, went to
Auburn Thursday, where thoy stopped
with friends until Friday, and then
went on to Lincoln, where they will
visit for a day or two before returning
Olive Camp No. 14, Woodmen of tho
World, gave a supper last Saturday
night, at tho opera house, to the mem
bers and their families and invited
guests. About one hundred and fifty
partook of one of tho best suppers ever
served in Nomuha City, and thero was.
an abundance left.
Last Sunday night a largo dog be
longing to I. N. Cooper was left in tho
church, and was not discovered until
about noon tho next day Tho dog had
scratched and chowed tho outside doors
considerably, and also several of the
window sashes, and broke four of tho
window paues, in Ills endeavors to get
Gilbert has just received a large in
voice of seasonable goods. They will
be sold cheap.
Send us all your jewelry if you want
it made to look like new and without
any coat. Remember wo clean it free
of charge. S. II. Avey & Co.
Real Estate foi; Sale.
A half section of land in Greoloy
county, Kansas. It corners with Hor
aco, a division town on tho Mo. Pacific
11. R. Also one mile from Tribune,
the county seat. Prico,Sl,000. Terms:
Purchaser either pay off or assume a
mortgage of S500. Balance cash, or
will take $300 in good mares fom years
old or under. This is a bargain. Lays
well and is finely located in tho banner
wheat county In western Kansas, hav
ing never had a failure in wheat in six
years. Some parties paid for their
land with last year's crop. Speak quick
If you want this land, as it will not
stand long. I will pay your railroad
faro from Nemaha county to Horace
and back If you buj. For particulars
call on or address
Casner Barnes, Howe, Neb.
David Jauk, Julian, Neb., or
I. B. Barnes, Coolidge, Kas.
Yet Made!
Tho celebrated school,8uit4haB' at lhsf
bsen decided by tho supreme court, and
the decision la in favor of the school1
t,boimlf rtlld rover?tt3 JudR0 Jromly W
ci8on( whlch yfM , f(lvor o Taylm..
Wo clip the following from the Lincoln'
Journal of the 14th:
"Bourne vs. Tho State, error from1
Nemaha county, lovorsed-and action
dismissed. "The board of trustees of a high
school has power to atlopt and enforce1
appropriate and reasonable rules and
regulations for tho government and
maniigemtnt of the schools under tholt
2. A rule which makes it tho duty of
a teacher to keep a record of the stand
ing of each pupil in the studies peruaed't
by him. of his nMnndnnco nud depoft
niont,. to send each month by the pupiK
a written report of tho same to hLs pa
ront or guardian, and which requires
said parent or guardian to sign and re
turn tho same to the teacher, la a reasonable-one..
About two weeks ago V. V. Peabo
dy'a right knee began to trouble him,
and in a short time the log -became
badly swollen. lib came in town and
saw Dr. Keeling about it, who' said he
had boon bittonrprobably by a snake.
For soTeral flays Mr, Peabody could
not bear- his woight on tho leg, and
symptoms of blood poisoning developed,,
but he is now much bottor.
To exchange carriage forstock.buggy'
for lumber wagon, at tho livery barn.'
Ladles, go to- Mrs. Hill's for good'.
goode, latost styles and lowest prices.
Clearing Out Sale of Huts at Mrs;
Sub3crIbo'for This Advertiser and
New York. Tribune. Only 81.50 per
Native Lumber f b?' Sale,
Ihavoforaalo at Nernaha Oity u
lot of firnt class, native lunibor. Givo
mo a call whan you ueod lumber.
J. ?, Hoover.
Take your blackstnlthing and tin
1 work l0 tl10 ew blacksmith Huu-
tlngton's shop.
Go to Head's reetuurant, north of I
First Nutioual bank,. Auburn, for a
good moul.
Wo sell 20 pounds of best granulated '
sugar for SI.
Remember, we uive-a dlscount-of 10
per cent on all goods purchased except
groceries. Highest prices paid i-or butter, eggs,,
etc. Titus' & Williams.
Farmors, Schardt & Taylor, proprieV.
tors of tho Auburn millsrone milo east',
of Auburn, make a specialty of the oxy?
change business. Take your giihts tot
them. Satisfaction guaranteed. AW
An old school in a new
Western Normal College,